Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Practical Guidelines For Securing Your Child's Financial Future

Ask any American parent about the most important thing in their life, and they will all give you the same reply - their kids. However, ask the same people about the steps they are taking to give their children a stable financial future, and the chances are that only a minority will be taking action. It’s a sad state of affairs, to be honest, but one that is easily solved. If you want your children to grow up with no concerns about finances, read on - these practical tips will help you secure their future. 

Teach them about finances 

First of all, the best thing you can give your kids is a sound education in personal finances. Sadly, they won’t learn about this stuff in school, so your children are wholly reliant on you and your partner to teach them everything you know. According to yourmoney.com, there are many different ways of teaching your offspring about finances, and you can start at a surprisingly early age. Everyday experiences such as your weekly shopping trip, or putting away a small percentage of their pocket money can help you get started. 

Provide the best education possible 

Let’s not beat around the bush - college fees are expensive. And unless your kids are lucky enough to win scholarships, you are going to have to foot that bill if you want them to be university educated. So, consider setting up a college fund, which you contribute towards every month for their entire lives. By the time they hit their college years, you will be able to give them money to cover tuition, coursebooks, and even a little contribution to rent and living expenses. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Things To Know About Clearing Your Debt

If you’ve decided to pay off your debts, then you’re already making a positive change that will change your life and put secure a better financial future. Putting a plan in place is a wise move to help you reach your target. There are some things that could help you pay off your debts quicker and in a more manageable way. Read the advice below to learn more about clearing your debts. 

Start with the highest interest rate 

After making a list of all your debts and balances, you should rank them by the highest interest rate. Rather than spreading your payments over your various credit sources and taking longer to pay them off, start with the highest interest rate to clear your overall debt quicker. Make sure to pay the minimums on your other balances to avoid late payment fees and increases in your interest rate. 

A debt management plan could help you manage your repayments 

If you’re struggling to pay off your debts, or your repayments are causing you to struggle with your other outgoings, you should consider getting a debt management plan from a trusted debt relief source. You can find more information about debt management plans from Debtrelief.xyz, who can offer you some advice on how to cut your debts in a way that suits your circumstances. You may be able to form agreements with your lenders to reduce the interest or freeze payments for a short period while you get back on track. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Buying A Business - What You Need To Know

Starting a business is hard. Perhaps it is made harder by the fact there is so much competition out there. More people are trying their hand at entrepreneurship these days. The internet certainly makes it possible. But it means that there are a large number of people clamoring to make their business viable in the same way. Why not buy a business that is already established? You’ll be walking into a company with a history of success and the goodwill of a customer base thrown in. Be wary though - make sure you’ve done your homework: 


Many businesses that come up for sale in the local area are up for grabs because the owner wants to retire. That means, for whatever reason, the family of that owner doesn't want the business. Why? That’s for you to find out. Potentially, the owner or their family are taking the customers to a new business for a fresh start without the hassle of the work! Make sure you genuinely have the customer base and a no competition clause in your contract. 


If the business has been around for a while, you may have a lot of legacy documents to get through. This is the last thing you want to be spending time on when you’re trying to relaunch a business as your own. It might be a good idea to find document storage services in your area that can index the files for you. This will help you identify what you have, and give you the means to access it quickly and effectively if you need to. 

Investing In Insurance: Which Policies Should You Prioritize?

To some people, the expense can be one of the most frustrating of all, while to others, investing in insurance is a necessary expense that they couldn’t be without. Regardless of the camp you’re in; you will have to admit, that there is a range of insurances that you have to take out in life - whether you want to in life. But how are you able to work out which ones you need the most? Because sometimes, having emergency savings just isn’t enough, you need to have to have a fallback protection policy in place too. So let’s consider some of the policies that you could prioritize. 


The first insurance policy is likely to be one that you already own, but that doesn’t mean we can skim over it. Because owning the right level of health insurance is super important. Should you need medical attention or assistance at any point in life, you need to ensure that you have the right cover. If you’re unable to get treatment because you scrimped on the policy, you may regret it. So make sure you shop around to find the right policy for your needs, rather than just the cheapest options available to you. 


Coming in a close second is the insurance that you need for your car. Cars are often one of the biggest expenses that we have in life, so it’s important to be able to keep yours protected. Should you get into an accident, or have a break-in, you will want to ensure that you have the right cover. But make sure you shop around on a site such as cheapautoinsurance.co so that you can get the best deal. Because you don’t want to pay over the odds if you don’t have to. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Stuff You Never Knew You Could Do On Steam

Steam is the world’s most popular gaming platform. But despite its ubiquity, only a small subset of people actually know how to use it properly. And that’s a shame because Steam offers a level of functionality that you never even dreamed of. Here’s what you can do with it. 

Manage Your Games In Bulk 

If you’re anything like most Steam users, you’ve probably got hundreds of games on your account. This is especially true for gamers out there who have been lured in by a legendary Steam sale. It’s easy to pick up a dozen games or more in a single value bundle. 

But there’s a downside to all this abundance: managing your games. Most of us in the gaming community have pretty large hard drives, but no so big that we can store all of our games on a single disk. Sometimes, games that we don’t play need to be uninstalled. 

Clicking on all the games, you want to get rid of individually can be a chore. So Steam decided to implement a feature that allows gamers to get around that. All you need to do is hold control while you’re in the app, and the program will select multiple games for you. Then you can tell Steam what to do with your selection, including installing or uninstalling them. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Top 5 Reasons For Having Emergency Savings

Almost everyone plans correctly for the worst, but there are those out there that don’t squirrel cash away every month for the sole purpose of saving money. This isn’t usually due to ignorance about emergencies, but purely because there just isn’t enough surplus cash every month to warrant getting any put away in the bank.

Having an emergency savings account when you are a family is an absolute must. An emergency fund is best referred to as a stash to cover those horrible moments that life throws at you. Expecting the unexpected is a must in the world we live in now, with the financial markets being unstable and job losses at an all-time high! Stress is something you have to cope with when the unexpected happens, but if you can avoid the stress altogether, you would, wouldn’t you? We’ve put together five of the best reasons for having an emergency savings account, so take note all you out there who as yet have no money put aside for the worst!

  1. Job Loss. There’s nothing more stressful than losing a job when it’s the sole source of income that you rely on. It’s recommended that you have between three and six months of expenses tucked away in the event that the company that you work for goes bust. This can give you a cushion for your expenses while you search for more work. Without it? You’ll likely have to take the first job that comes along. 

  2. Car Repairs. Cars are expensive to own, even beyond the initial outlay of buying. You have to consider that at any moment, you could be taking your car for repairs if something goes bang. Looking up how much it should cost with www.autoco.com.au/scratch-repairs-canberra/ can help you effectively plan your car fund. It’s not nice to have your method of freedom taken away, so make sure you can fix things fast. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Being Smart With Your Funds

Many people experience money troubles at some point during their lives. Perhaps you’ve been a little careless with your spending in the past or perhaps the bills have started to pile up and you’re struggling to keep on top of them. Some jobs do pay better than others, but if you’re smart with your spending and saving then there’s always a way to stretch your funds to ensure that you have a high quality standard of living. Here are some tips and pieces of advice which might just help you towards being smarter with your funds today and into the future. 

Plan out your spending 

The first step towards being smarter with your spending is to make a plan of action. You need to learn how to budget if you want to become better at managing your many monthly bills and payments. Things such as rent payments, the food shop, refueling your car, and electricity are all necessities. There are ways to save money in these areas, as we’ll discuss later, but they’re things you need to survive or, at least, live well in this modern world. You need to learn to keep track of them and see how you’re doing in terms of money afterwards. 

The reason you need to become better at budgeting and knowing how much you spend on necessities each month is so that you know how much of your income remains for luxuries, treats, and other non-essentials. You need to know your limits in terms of disposable income so that you don’t spend beyond your means and end up having to borrow money; that’s the path to debt if you’re not careful. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Inspiring Stories Behind The World's Greatest Guitar Legends

Few people have the ability to inspire a generation, but if anybody can, it’s history’s greatest guitar legends. Kurt Cobain, Brian May and Jimi Hendrix are all in the pantheon of the greats. But how did our heroes get their start? Here are their stories. 

Jimi Hendrix 

Jimi Hendrix is probably the most influential guitarist of all time. His ability with the instrument was so great that he has almost become a part of the popular lexicon. “Strumming like Hendrix” is just as much a part of our vocabulary as anything else. 

Hendrix began his career playing gigs on the chitlin’ circuit but quickly abandoned that when his career took off the in the 1960s. His first guitar was a second-hand, $5 acoustic which he apparently learned to play by ear. 

Here’s Why Disability Doesn’t Have To Stop A Loved One Leading An Independent Home Life

Suffering from a disability is never easy. However, it can be even more challenging when the problem surfaces in later life. Seeing a loved one in this situation can be emotionally tough too, but you can help them live life to the fullest. Giving them back their independence at home is one of the best ways to achieve it. 

Disability does establish new obstacles. Nonetheless, it needn’t stand in the way of your loved one’s independence. Here’s why. 

Defeating Outside Threats Is Easy 

Being disabled can make a person vulnerable, not least to outside threats. Burglaries are awful for everyone but are even scarier when you don’t have the ability to protect yourself in those situations. Not only is it a fear for your loved one; it’s also a fear of yours. 

Thankfully, with the ultimate guide to securing the home, your loved one’s property can become safer than ever. In addition to preventing those situations, remote monitoring and alarms can be used. This ultimately means that you can alert the authorities if a situation does occur. The safety of your loved one has never looked better, and it can enable them to use the home with far greater confidence. 

Other security measures can include getting a security dog or installing alarms to alert support teams in a crisis. One way or another, increasing that safety is key to creating that winning home atmosphere. 

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Room to Relax: Creating the Perfect Chill-Out Space

If you have a spare room that is currently not in use, instead of just leaving it to gather dust, you could transform it into a chill-out zone. Everyone needs a place where they can relax and get away from the stresses of daily life, and this could be yours. Whether you choose to do yoga, play some games or simply curl up with a good book is up to you, but here are some ways that you can create a relaxing space for yourself. 

Start with a Soothing Colour 

Creating a chill-out zone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have to go through major renovation work. A lick of paint can go a long way, so choose a colour that is going to help you unwind. Greens and blues are popular choices, while you could always go for classic whites or beiges instead. Ultimately, you don’t want anything that is going to be too overbearing as it will detract from the soothing atmosphere that you are trying to create. 

Friday, September 08, 2017

Always Aim To Fix Your Desktop Yourself

So your computer’s been crashing and you’re about ready to give up with it, especially when it’s blue screening non stop. You can send it into a store if you want, but why not choose to run maintenance on it yourself? You may think you know nothing, however, this is the perfect time to hone up on your handy skills. Let yourself in on a little technological secret and choose to fix your PC up for yourself. Here’s a few reasons why it’s better to do so. 

There’s A Huge Difference In Cost 

Sending in your computer for repairs can come with a hefty bill. If you do it yourself there won’t be any service costs, and any extras that you didn’t actually need couldn’t have been thrown in either. You know exactly what is going on, which saves both your peace of mind and your wallet. 

Costs can soar when you take in a huge tower system to a repair shop, and often prices go over the 100 mark. A lot of us can’t spare this kind of money, so it’s practical and essential we know how to run our own repairs. 

However if you need to, IT call lines are always open and usually free to use. 

Be a Gaming God with These Tech Accessories

No matter how you like to play games, you probably like to win. You might not be good at everything you play, but you do have more fun if you're eventually able to move on to the next level. You might be a casual gamer who plays with their phone when they get a break or a serious gamer who has all the latest gear, and it can still be equally frustrating when you can't get something right. Sometimes, having the right tech will help you to react faster or be more accurate. You can turn yourself into a gaming god using a few pieces of equipment. 

For Computer Gamers 

If you play games on your computer, the controls you use are likely to be mostly keyboard-based. You might also use the mouse, but keyboards are often best for multiple commands in quick succession. The mouse is reserved for slower simulations and sandbox games. If you want a keyboard upgrade, keyboardqueen.com recommends a mechanical keyboard. They're more responsive so you can react faster and with more accuracy. When you use a mechanical keyboard, you often get a much more tactile experience, making you feel more connected to your game. It's worth investing in one if you're a serious gamer. 

For Console Gamers 

Like any gamer, those who play on consoles range from casual gamers who do it to relax all the way up to serious people who take part in tournaments. Like computer games, you might be looking for more control and accuracy. One tip is to try leaving the original console controllers behind and try another brand like Kontrol Freek. There are different controllers for different types of game, including racing, shooters, and classic games. Apart from controllers, you might consider investing in multiple monitors or getting a great headset, which can be particularly good for multiplayer games. 

Adding Ease To Your Finances

Money has been a part of society for a very long time. Since the earliest civilizations, finance has been a very important part of life for a lot of people. Of course, nowadays, this resource is more important than ever, and most people can’t live without it. When it comes to managing money, though, things like school and work always get in the way. This makes it hard to focus your time on it, while also balancing the rest of your life. To help you with this, this post will be going through some of the different ways you can start working towards adding ease to your money. 

When you have money in loads of different places, it can be hard to manage everything you have. Instead of operating this way, it’s much better to have a maximum of two accessible accounts. One of these will be your normal current account, and the other will be a savings option. Of course, though, it’s not just where you store your money; you also have to think about debt. A lot of people end up with several loans when they are having money troubles. This can make it impossible to save or invest, while also making it hard to manage your debt. It’s best to consolidate debt until it can all be found in one place. This makes it easier to keep track of, cheaper to pay, and will also help you to understand exactly how much you owe. 

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Enjoy Life While Managing Your Finances

One big misconception is that you can't do the things you want to do when managing your finances responsibly, because, well, you're being responsible. But this isn't the case at all - quite the opposite in fact. The more responsible you are with your finances, the more money you'll have to go out and do whatever you like with. Girls night out? Fancy meal? New shoes? Vacation? - You got it! 

Here's how you can have all that while keeping your head above water. 

Don't get yourself in debt 

One of the most common money problems is getting yourself stuck in debt. You take out a harmless loan to cover the costs of something you deem important, only to end up moneyless and unable to pay off your outstanding credits. The best tip is to avoid getting sucked into this cycle altogether. But if it's too later, sites like debtconsolidate.company can help you fix the issue by consolidating your debt. 

You've Got a Degree. Now What?

If you are one of the many people that graduated from college over the summer, then congratulations! It is a huge milestone to achieve. But what happens next? Your life will change quite dramatically from the four years of studying that you have been used to for so long. Part of the fun now comes from different experiences you will have that can take you onto your next goal, whatever that may be. If you’re not too sure where your life is headed in the next few months, then here are some decisions that you’ll have to make. This huffingtonpost.com article could be worth a read if you’re not sure where to start. The question is, are you ready for your new stage in life? 

Which Job To Choose? 

No doubt you’ll be keen to get to work now that the summer is over. You might know exactly what kind of job you want to get into and will search for any vacancies within that. But what if you’re not too sure what you want to do? Either way, there are likely going to be job offers coming in from different roles. So which will you choose? Think about the benefits of the job for you, as well as the pay, location, and working hours. Will it get you to where you want to be next or is it just a stop gap?

Will You Go Back To Study? 

Many graduates loved studying or want to do something more specific with their career, that they then decide to do a masters and study some more. If you have a specific career or course in mind, then it can be a really beneficial for you. But if you’re just doing it for the sake of it, then it is a good idea to evaluate why you’re doing it and if it is going to be worth it for you. 

The Focus Impressed Everybody When It Launched. But Does It Pass The Test Of Time?

When you think of a small family car, what the first vehicle that comes to mind? It’s probably the Ford Focus. Ever since the car was released more than 20 years ago, it’s become a staple of our roads, proving to be exceptionally popular among working families trying to break into the middle class. In many ways, the Ford Focus was the new Mondeo of its era, as the traditional saloon declined in popularity at the end of the 1990s. Can the car still stand up in today’s much-changed market and hold its own? 


The Focus has always been a particularly good looking car. Even the original, with its relatively basic styling, beat out the competition from companies like Citroen and Renault. The Focus had a simple elegance combined with a striking design that was hard for anybody to emulate or compete against. What was more, the car looked mean and bulky. Yes, it was a hatchback, but there was somehow more to it. While you might have been pushed around on the road driving a Fiesta, people generally didn’t mess with those behind in the wheel of a Focus. It was a grown-up’s car. 

Over the years following launch, Ford did a remarkably good job at making sure that the Focus remained stylish and relevant. They didn’t want the car to go the way of the Doblo. The updated ST version of the car suddenly gave it an aesthetic many people didn’t think was possible to have on a hatch. It looked sporty and mean like it was going places. Compared to the Golf RS, the Seat Leon and the Peugeot 308, it was in its own league. 


So the looks passed the test of time. Even an original Focus from 1998 still doesn’t look out of place or particularly aged on today’s roads. But that’s not all people buy a family hatch for. They also want them to provide them with enough space for all their family activities. 

This is perhaps the biggest problem with the Focus. For all the styling and great looks, the car itself tends to lack boot space. It appears Ford was willing to sacrifice the trunk in favor of providing passengers in the cockpit with added leg and headroom. It’s a great vehicle if you want to transport five six-foot-plus men, but not particularly useful if they want to bring any luggage with them. 

Compared to competitors in the space, such as the Vauxhall Astra and the Skoda Octavia, boot space is lacking. What’s more, even though the volume of the boot is lower than rivals, the shape restricts the amount of space on offer even further. The angle of the rear seats makes it difficult to transport large, square objects, like suitcases and boxes. Of course, if you do want to open up space in the car, you can fold down the rear seats, but transporting luggage like this isn’t ideal, and not practical if you also intend to transport the entire family. 

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The Little Gifts For Spontaneous Moments Of Romance

It’s one thing to treat your partner on a special occasion, but sometimes it’s small off the cuff gestures that make the biggest impact. After all, there’s nothing like being spoilt with a surprise showing of love and affection. 

Those surprises don’t have to break the bank. Here are just five winning options that are sure to leave your significant other wondering what he did to get so lucky with you. 

A Romantic Meal 

The simple things in life are often the greatest, and they don’t come any better than a romantic meal for two. You can grab hundreds of fantastic recipes online. Meanwhile, a drop of Kikori whiskey is sure to provide the perfect accompaniment following the meal itself. 

For a truly wonderful surprise, make sure that you take care of the washing up too. Even if it means doing it the following morning. It might be one of the simplest ideas in the book, but it will have a truly brilliant impact. 

Physical Music 

We live in a world dominated by streaming services, meaning that most products we buy are digital copies. Treating your man to a physical version of his favorite album can produce a reaction that he probably hasn’t felt in years. 

Vinyl has seen a comeback in recent times, but CDs are still a great media type too. Either way, the thought behind the present will not go undervalued. If you have a little extra money, sourcing some memorabilia will take the gift to another level. 

Monday, September 04, 2017

Don't Go It Alone In The Digital World

We all know that even going it alone shouldn’t literally mean going it alone. Having a helping hand is essential if you want success without burnout. Yet, with more and more businesses focusing on ecommerce, we seem to be forgetting the importance of getting others on board. 

The internet, though fantastic for communication, can be a lonely place. When you’re on the computer, it may seem like you against the world. As such, you can easily fall into the trap of taking too much on your shoulders. As well as being a risk for you, this could damage your business. After all, the people you know can be the key to success. But, who is good to know online? Who can help you get a foot up? Read on to find out! 

In the website world 

For most businesses, their website is their first port of call online. So, it makes sense to consider what help is available here. The need for assistance starts straight away. Before you get going, you need a hosting company through which to operate. You won’t get far without one of these. Hosting companies like Gatorhost provide the platform on which your website operates. And, you can compare Gatorhost with other hosting companies here, to ensure you know your options. It’s worth taking your time over this choice. The hosting company will have a significant impact on the ease of your website operations. 

In a more literal sense, help could involve enlisting other companies. Getting a mention on a more popular site, for example, could bring a real boost for business. Often, mentions like these work on a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ basis. So, start doing favors for others, and see where it gets you. Bear in mind that you don’t want to link to competitors. But, linking to companies which go alongside yours could work wonders. 

Income Sources And Budget Boosters You Should Be Exploring

We could all do with some money in our lives. After all, money doesn’t make you happy, but it can certainly make life easier and provide you with opportunities. There is no denying that. But yet so many of us are just stuck in the rut of working the one job, earning the one wage that remains the same month in month out, and never see any opportunity to make the change necessary to boost your income and have more money. 

But there are opportunities all around us that can become income sources and chances of boosting your disposable income and they should be explored. After all, whether they seem big or small, they all add up and can definitely improve your financial circumstances in some way. So I thought I would share with you some of the incomes sources and budget boosters you could be exploring right now. 

Small online ventures 

There are plenty of things that you could be doing in your spare time that help add to your current income. Often these are the sort of things that you could be doing in the evening, outside of working hours or even during the weekend. Here are two of the most popular ways you can do it and often the smaller amounts that you begin with build up to be a regular and resourceful income stream. 

Online surveys and mystery shopping 

There are companies, universities, and individuals who are always looking for participants to take part in online surveys about an array of subjects. You get paid for your time and what can be just ten minutes of your time regularly can build up to increase your income. Mystery shopping is another way you can add to your income. By shopping or eating in a restaurant you can have your time reimbursed as well as your receipt, giving you a double saving and income opportunity. Mystery shopping can vary and be more available in city centers, but it is definitely worth exploring online. 

Friday, September 01, 2017

You've Got Twenty Days Before You Go Bankrupt: What Do You Do?

In the West, we’ve gotten used to the idea of constantly being in debt. It wasn't always this way, but thanks to a lack of savings, low-interest rates and the pressure to keep up with the neighbors, it’s how things have turned out. 

Being in debt can put downward pressure on your credit score. But going bankrupt can be even worse. In fact, bankruptcy is equivalent to putting your hands up and saying to your creditors that you probably can’t ever pay them back - as good a reason as any for them to refuse to lend to you. 

The good news is that even if you’ve only got 20 days before you go bankrupt, there’s a lot that you can do to dig yourself out of a hole and protect your credit score. 

Reach Out To Friends And Family 

Borrowing from friends and family is usually considered a bad idea. But going bankrupt is often worse, thanks to the fact that it puts so many restrictions on your life - like not being allowed to get a mortgage or start a company. Your friends will want to know how you plan to repay them in the future, so instead of just asking, it’s a good idea to have a sort of “business plan” to show them. Give them the raw data and get them to make up their minds as to whether or not to bail you out. If you’re pursuing something that really could make you a lot of money in the future, many people will give you the benefit of the doubt. 

Negotiate With Creditors 

Believe it or not, considering bankruptcy actually gives you a lot of negotiating power with your creditors. If you declare bankruptcy, creditors will not get any of the money they’re owed, and so it’s something they want to avoid at all costs. Often they’re willing to accept partial payments if it’s clear to them that you’re not calling their bluff. 

The advice site Repair.Credit says that it’s always best to be honest about your hardship. Show your creditors that, given your current circumstances, it’s impossible for you to pay back all the money you owe. Often you’re able to negotiate lower interest rates or a reduction in the principal. Some creditors may even write off a loan if you’ve paid sufficient money back in interest.