Thursday, November 23, 2006

sakit akong buot

Nakuha na nako tanan, except lang sa timer nga dili modagan. Gibali-bali na nako ang code saVisual Basic kung nganong dili siya modagan jud pag ipaplay. Gihatagan ko ni sir ug 75 para sa quiz nato.

Pagkabalo nako nga INTERVAL lang diay ang akong kulang, nagsakit jud akong buot. Mao ra diay toh? Katanga ba nako. Wala na nako napungngan ang akong kaugalingon nga mohilak. Sa first quiz, wala ko kay nalakan mi nga mga beyond 15 minutes late. Sayon unta kaayo toh nga quiz pero unsaon man, ana man jud ang balaod mao ng dawaton nalang namo nga 60 ang among grado.

Dah oi, nagsakit jud akong buot. Kasayang ba gayud oi. Karon? Medyo nahuwasan nako.

***Lain pa ato, I saw SIGNS about Mystery Guy again.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

extras and in the darkroom experienced

Darn! I am suffering from a snaillike internet connection. It is taking me 48 years before a page can be finally loaded. "Pagdial-up talaga".

By the way, this will just be short. I know everyone has been talking about Pacman kaya nga Pacman Craze eh. At ayoko ring magpahuli, gusto ko rin siyang batiin sa blog ko rito.

Congratulations, Manny Pacquiao for a job well done! Thanks for bringing such an honor to the Philippines once again. You truly made us Filipinos proud. Stay humble and continue to have faith in HIM. Nakakatuwa. Di napigilan ni inay ang pagsisigaw sa laban ninyo ni Morales, nagsindi pa siya ng kandila para sa iyo. Grabe ka talaga. Ipagpatuloy mo iyan ha! Laban mo, laban nating lahat! Mabuhay ang Filipino!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First day Experiences

So thankful that God has been so good to me again. Another of life's equation has been solved with a huge value it gave me.

The sort of paranoia stage I referred to is now a trash. And now, here I am again always looking forward for the days to follow. And let me begin it with yesterday, my first day of school and with my encounter to a stranger as I headed home.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Ronnie Alcano, destined to win!

Ronnie Alcano, Billiards, Sports News, Worldpool Championship"It's a sign", as Alcano said when he made it into the last 64 after the 2 loses he got. And truly it is, because out of the 21 Filipinos who participated, he made it to the finals opposite Ralf Souquet who is a former World Pool Champion (1996).

He defeated the famous Efren 'Bata' Reyes with a big lead in the first 6 racks of the game which enables Efren to have a hard time in catching up. With soft break, amazing docks, jumps, push plus the fouls committed by the opponents he had pave the way for him to be the new World Pool Champion. A lot of luck and skills comes in also!

He was destined to win, I know. And it was fulfilled.

He brought home the $100,000 prize in the recently concluded 2006 Philippines Worldpool Championship and made us Filipinos be proud! Congratulations Ronnie!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh Love

I can't sleep.

Something is bothering me. I am sort of in a stage of a paranoia. I hate this. Maybe because of some discoveries with myself, with someone, and in something. 

I'm so much affected, even more affected. [ Sigh ]

I am not feeling well and I am not excited to go to school. I'm so sick.The blame is all in me.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Fake Money

10 peso coinJust few days had passed, it was reported in the local television show that a vendor in the cemetery has been a victim of a 1000 Peso bill of faked money. And now, Filipinos have to watch out of the 5 peso and 10 peso coins because they have been faked also. The nega part of using technology, you know.

How to determine the faked ones?

Ang pekeng P10 ay mas magaspang kaysa sa orihinal. Lumalampas din ang mga linya o gitling sa gilid nito. Wala sa sentro at hindi gaanong detalyado ang imprenta ng mukha at buhok nina Apolinario Mabini at Andres Bonifacio at mas makapal ang mga letra ng mga ito kaysa sa orihinal.