Thursday, August 18, 2011

Madayaw Davao, Madayaw Coca-Cola!

When it comes to festivals and merrymaking, Davao never falls far from the list of places to go to. The annual Kadayawan festival has been a phenomenon in itself, drawing crowds of people who want to see and experience how to party – the Davaoeno way.

If you stroll the main streets of the city and even wander as far as the immediate town outskirts and you will feel the boundless energy of everyone you meet. The people here are known for the warm hospitality, engaging smiles and the ongoing love affair with food. The ultimate foodie, Davaoenos have always been known to serve food regardless the occasion – birthdays, valentines, the holidays, job promotions, graduations….even the ‘just because’ days – because as you know the family is together a reason enough to celebrate. And where food and family is, Coca Cola can’t be far behind which we truly love from the start.

And as Davaoeno’s, we share the same values as Coca Cola – happiness, pure, simple and unadulterated. This sentiment is aptly covered in Buildex Pagales’ song, ‘Madayaw Davao’…’Lahi ra gyud kung magka uban uban. (Nothing beats togetherness.) See video below and lyrics after the jump (provided in English and Bisaya translation)

Incidentally, the famous Kadayawan festival of Davao takes its roots from the word dayaw which means that which is good, valuable, superior and beautiful. Nothing could be closer to the truth because Davao is known for its good and noble locals, impeccable and valuable principles, superior culture and way of living as well as the natural beauty of the land and the people themselves. That’s why our family has never moved to a new place because we really love it here and we always look forward the celebration of the King of Festival – Kadayawan.  

But don’t just read about the festival. Hop into a plane and mingle and join the revelry. The Davaoeno way always have a glass of ice cold Coca Colas with the local delicacy – the Durian or pair it up with their wide array of delicacies. This is just my favorite!

Now there’s something you don’t see everyday! Just like the song that was composed for the festival - ‘Madayaw Davao! ….Where my pride will always lie, where my love will never die.’ Singer Buildex’ words ring out with truth and sincerity.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Davao in time for the Kadayawan festival and see firsthand the how the locals party. Party hard the Davaoeno way – it’s that simple. Engage in the festivity and try the following activities:

Aug20, 8pm onwards – Buildex Pagales Live concert together with Evee (local Davaoeno  band)

Aug21, 7am to 3pm – Float Parade, Come and see heartthrobs Buildex and Enchong Dee live and in the flesh!

Aug21, 6pm onwards – Join the back to back concert with guest bands Callalily, 6Cyclemind and Freestyle

Get the taste of true Davao happiness. The happiness in this land, much like happiness what Coca Cola brings is superior and incomparable. Madayaw, Davao! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Go Promos

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The beauty about personalizing your giveaways is that it acts as a subtle form of reminder for patrons to keep coming back to you while also serving as a token of appreciation for continued support. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

When choosing items to personalize, it is best to think about their daily use like gopromos promotional keychains Almost everybody needs them - whether for utility or aesthetic purposes, keychains can prove to be very handy.

But in this age of computers and technical innovations, personalized USBs can serve just as well as keychains. If you are looking for more popular and usable tokens, try USBs – your clients will be sure to use them and will thank you silently upon doing so.

When it comes to promotions, stick with the people who know branding best – Go Promos. Advertizing should always be more than just ads or fliers. Go to Go Promos for advertizing that cost like fliers -but last much longer than fliers.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fashionable Scrub Suits

Blue Sky Scrubs, Scrubs for Women
When you think next of Scrub Suits, think Blue Sky They have an endless palette of colors to choose from – from warm hues to earth tones and even sunshiny pastels. Blue Sky Scrub Suits has a wide array of scrub suits designed especially for the medical professional that wants to combine style and comfort with the monotony of a uniform.

Who says uniforms have to be uniform? No pun intended, Blue Sky carries Scrub Suits that fit every individual. Select the style that fits you best. Boot leg? Straight cut? Flared with tapered waist or square fit? Say good bye to the days when scrub suits were just a one-size –fits –all uniform. Blue SkyScrub Suits ensure that when you wear your scrub suits, you look good.

Add a touch of individuality to your uniform. Inject some of your personality in your scrub suitwithout sacrificing quality and comfort. Uniforms need not be boring. To top it all off, Blue Sky ScrubSuits provides fine woven nursing scrubs, scrub tops and scrub pants for less the price you wouldexpect. Just imagine, luxurious but cheap scrub suits! Find the nursing scrubs you need at the onlystore where choices abound - Blue Sky.

IT Asset and Disposal

IT Asset and Disposal for any company can be a nightmare task. In today’s modern times, competition is tougher than ever and one slight mistake, your corporate secrets, blueprints or intellectual property could get leaked to the public. This is why, certified data destruction is as important as project development. With proper and confidential IT asset and disposal, you can heave a sigh of relief that your company secrets remain just that – a secret.

At Round 2, they understand the need to guard company secrets. They are committed to the service of managing your overall IT Asset Disposition just so you can direct your energies on more pressing needs of the business. Cease worrying about logistics and focus more towards building company horizons. Leave the rest to us, we will ensure that all unused hard disks are destroyed appropriately.