January 14, 2006

another step to love my course!

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I think my bestfriend is really right. I'm beginning to love the course that I am into. hahahahha..

"When it rain, it really pours..." - this is absolutely true!

Last night, my heart was really jumping with joy when my fave teacher asked me to be part of the Programming Team. I know for a fact that I am not really that much good in that subject but I like it. He said that the training will start this 1st week of February. I need to practice daw kasi I'm good naman in Mathematics. Magaling ba tlaga???? hehehe...that's my fave subject when I started college. But back then in high school, I was never that good. I don't know those subjects that I hate in high school were now my loved subjects like Chemistry, Physics and all that relates to Mathematics but if you ask me about the "English" ...ehheheheh, Im just average.

I hope it would be really true now because I was once asked also to be part of the Quiz Bowlers but di pla ....

hayy...I hope ito na talga. I won't be pretending to anybody else but my my heart is really jumping with joy. I will do my best!

Good luck to me...everything start and turns out good for this year!

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