5 HR Tasks Worth Outsourcing

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One of the most time-consuming areas of admin when running a business is Human Resources. While many large companies end up hiring HR staff to take over this area, the majority of small business owners cannot afford to designate employees for this role. Fortunately, there is still the option of outsourcing. Outsourcing HR tasks allows you to delegate these tasks to experts at a much cheaper rate than you would if you were hiring in-house employees. It can even provide other added benefits that you don’t get when hiring in-house. Below are just 5 of the HR tasks that could be worth outsourcing and how to outsource them. 


Recruitment is one of the most popular HR tasks that employers outsource. In many cases, it involves paying a professional recruiter commission for helping you to find a suitable candidate. Recruitment agencies can be useful when trying to seek out niche talent for unique positions - there are specialist agencies that can headhunt the right talent for you. You may also benefit from recruitment agencies when having to fill multiple basic-level positions quickly - recruitment agencies know how to reach out to more applicants and can dedicate time to sifting through them. 

Payroll solutions 

Paying staff is something that has to be done accurately and on time without fail. When paying lots of different staff members, many employers find it convenient to outsource this task. This can avoid errors and free up time spent calculating and sending employee pay. This guide explains more about how to outsource your payroll solutions

Benefits programs 

A great benefits program can attract better-quality applicants and help you retain your best employees. Creating and managing a benefits package can be a lot of work, which is why many employers find it beneficial to outsource it. There are benefits package companies that can help you provide discounts to multiple services and others that can help when tracking holiday pay and sick pay. This could help you to provide the best benefits package that you can. 

Contract/handbook writing 

It can be worth outsourcing legal writers to help you write your employment contract. This can help to keep your contract legally tight so that no terms or conditions can be misconstrued or exploited. Another writing task that could be worth outsourcing is writing an employee handbook - particularly a lengthy one. Doing this could save you time and make sure that your handbook is well written. 

Mental health counselling 

Depression and anxiety from work-related stress are very common and are not good for your company. Being able to offer mental health support could help you to retain employees and get the best out of them. Of course, many employees are not qualified to provide good quality mental health support - especially to employees who may have existing mental health problems. By outsourcing mental health support, you can give employees someone free to talk to if they need it. Outsourcing mental health support could also make employees more open when it comes to personal issues or complaints that they may not feel comfortable talking to their boss about.

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