January 31, 2013

Dry Ice Blasting: Best Method to Maintain Industrial Equipment

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Dry Ice Blasting
In most industrial companies, proper maintenance of equipment is a top priority. In order to keep the equipment in good condition, dirt, production residues and the like must not be allowed to stay even at the surface. 

Look closely at this scenario: the maintenance may cost a reasonable price, but if the machine experiences a break down, it could be a heavy financial burden for the company. The machine may undergo repairs or worse, a replacement must be purchased. 

For that one simple problem which could lead to a worse situation, dry ice blasting is the method you can use to clean all the industrial grease on the machinery. Check it out on the web today by doing some research. You will find that this method is a non-flammable and environmentally friendly cleaning process to clean your industrial equipment. 

If you are worried about the equipment, you will not be causing too much burden on your budget for maintenance, because there are many small businesses who now offer dry ice blasting rental. Here, you are assured that you are not only obtaining the equipment but they can also train people in your own company on how to use the machine. 

January 30, 2013

Own a House and Lot in Bulacan

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So you decided to settle in Philippines and buy a property here because of the many tourism attractions that the country offers. But now you are weighing your options as to which province you want to settle down. You have come to the right place. This article will help you decide which of the many provinces in Philippines is best to buy a property.

Central Luzon is the home of the top tourist destinations of the country. All of these destinations are accessible. Some of them can be reached in just a day tour from the Metro while others will require you 1 to 2 days. Central Luzon or Region 3 includes the seven great provinces of Tarlac, Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan, Zambales, Aurora and Nueva Ecija. Region 3 is known as the main rice producing region of the country. Half of region 3's land is used for agriculture.

Over 8 million people lives in the Central Luzon. From Manila, Central Luzon is highly accessible through the North Luzon Expressway or NLEX. Diosdado Macapagal Airport is also located in Region 3 in Angeles City, Pampanga. Angeles is one of the main cities here in the region.

When it comes to Philippines literature, Bulacan stands out as having the richest historical heritage. Province of Bulacan is located north of Manila. It is the home of the many great men and women in history like Francisco Baltazar, Guillermo Tolentino, Nicanor Abelardo, Gregorio del Pilar and Marcelo H. del Pilar. Aside from Bulacan's full-bodied past, it is considered as a popular travel destination. It does not end in that as Bulacan is also a good option when buying properties in the Philippines. Bulacan is less than an hour drive from Manila. There are many astonishing attractions in Bulacan that made it the best option for travelers.
January 28, 2013

Don't Make These Small Business Website Mistakes

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Small businesses can reach people in a variety of ways--through print and/or radio ads, through television commercials, through phone books, Groupons or other social media sites, and through their very own website.

A business website should reinforce the notion of professionalism, but, unfortunately, some small businesses' websites leave much to be desired and can actual turn away customers. If you own a small business, make sure you are not making these mistakes:

1. Navigation is difficult. Your business website should be easy to navigate through. If it is not, you are likely to cause frustrated consumers to leave your site and take their money with them. As you are designing the site, have several people try it out and give their feedback. While the site might make perfect sense to you or the designer, if others can't make sense of the site's design, you'll lose potential customers.

2. Hosting service is inadequate. Of course, you want to be concerned about price when selecting a hosting company, but that shouldn't be your only consideration. You also want to know what type of volume your hosting service can handle. As your business grows, you will expect increased volume and need a hosting service like Intechnology that can handle the demand.

3. Site is slow. Your site should be fairly fast. Remember, many people will be using older computers to access your site, and they don't want to wait a long time to just load the homepage.

4. Site is too busy. Nothing turns off a potential customer faster than a site that is too busy. Keep the side bars and multiple pitches to a minimum. Focus on a clean website that is welcoming and engaging, not overwhelming.

5. Difficult check out process. Lastly, make the check out process as simple as possible. I recently spent 30 minutes picking out products on a website when I was called away from my computer. When I returned two hours later and tried to check out, all of my products disappeared from my cart. I left the site and don't plan to buy from the company.

As a small business owner, take the steps needed to have an engaging, easy to navigate website to retain and grow your customer base.
January 27, 2013

Deca Homes Resort and Residences now a Wifi Hotspot

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Deca Homes Resort and Residences Wifi Hotspot, Globe Tattoo
It shows Mintal Davao as one of their Hotspot Areas

Everytime I set-up an Adhoc Network using my connection from Globe Tattoo superstick or use Intel's Wifi Technology, I always see this Tattoo Wifi network.

I didn't care much about it since I already have my own internet connection. I thought it was just the WAN that we Globe Tattoo Superstick subscribers get signal or the signal the towers give here in Deca Homes. But when my friend James asked me a favor yesterday about connecting to this wifi network I was so schocked upon learning that Deca Homes Resort and Residences is actually a wifi hotspot and you can connect to that network.

It gives me more relief knowing that I have this back-up connection everytime I reached 800mb limit in my Globe Tattoo prepaid superstick connection. (updated: I am now a Globe Postpaid user) I am already a happy subscriber because the speed that I get is unbelievably fast compared to the previous ISP I have tried before but this one is another reason to be happy. It seems like my appeal for good ISP has been answered. :)

January 25, 2013

Greenwich Special Overload Pizza and Crispy Glazed Chicken

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I just finished organizing my files on my netbook and found these pics from the Greenwich Bloggers Pizza blow-out event that I attended. I was looking for these pics the whole time when I first published about the New Greenwich Cripsy Glazed Chicken :( I could have used these pictures.

But anyway, since this is a food blog also - these mouthwatering pics deserve a big space in this blog.

Greenwich Special Overload Pizza
This Greenwich Special Overload pizza has 13 mouth-watering toppings such as beef, bacon, pepperoni, salami, mushroom, olives, red and green pepper, onion, minced garlic and two different kinds of cheese

Greenwich Cheese Pizza Fries

Greenwich Cheese Pizza Fries

Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken
Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken - have you tried this? One piece of chicken and a steaming cup of rice is available for only P79. Watching these pics makes me crave for pizzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
January 24, 2013

4 Top Reasons to Lazada’s Quick Rise in the Philippine Electronic Market

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In less than a year since its official launch last March 2012, Lazada Philippines, an online local shopping avenue, has outgrown other local online E-commerce sites in such a short span of time.

You may wonder how Lazada did a quick rise to popularity. There are but many reasons aside from the online traffic due to the ads in all forms of media. These reasons of course are not being hid or like secrets and anyone who has experienced purchasing even a single item at Lazada can attest to such truths.

Convenient Mode of Payment

Before Lazada came, it is a known fact that purchasing items online here in the country is a hassle because this would require the use of a credit card. Credit cards have negative implications that is why only a few Filipinos prioritize to acquire such.
To solve that simple problem with regards to the Filipino market, Lazada has made use of an alternate payment means using Dragonpay. This mode does not involve the use of a credit card. You will be depositing payments through some selected banks, SM Bayad Centers and through LBC, which is operating in most localities. Aside from that, if you feel like paying for the products when it reaches your doorstep, it’s alright. This online store also allows cash on delivery system- a very convenient means to pay for the items.

Care for Customer’s Opinion

If your concern is on the store’s credibility, on its schedule for the delivery of goods or if the goods delivered at your doorstep were really the ones you have ordered, Lazada has allotted a certain place in the site where customers can read of what other past customers experienced when availing of their products. After your transaction, you are free to express either your positive or negative opinions.

January 22, 2013

Looking Beyond the Entertainment that TV Shows Bring

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Watching TV shows is fun but there are more reasons why we should continue to catch our favorite shows whether on our TV sets or through our computers, iPods or phones. We often do not notice what good things our usual hobby has turned into like a therapy, a stress-reliever and above it all, a beneficial routine.

Escape from Boredom

While at work, it cannot be denied that workers often get bored and that is why a means of entertainment is made available in most workplaces. This is the reason that during breaks, these workers tend to get a quick escape from the pressures at work and focus on the TV and watch some good shows.

You have the choice as where to watch your favorite programs: on the TV sets or on your internet-connected iPods, phones or computers. If you prefer to view programs on the alternate devices like those connected to the World-Wide-Web, it could be best if you use xfinity internet to watch shows as this provider has made available a variety of channels for you to choose from.

January 20, 2013

Unique Fashion from Korea to the World through the Web

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In today’s fashion world, a great recognition has been given to a specific Asian country known for setting the new trend and for introducing a unique style in dressing up especially for young men and women.

Korean Fashion, CleoCat Fashion
Korean fashion is well appreciated in the international scene and in fact, several fashion designers from Korea are now working in the fashion centers of Paris and New York. They have given so much of their time, talent and effort in order for their fashion style to be recognized.

In the recent top fashion shows, a variety of unique Korean fashion styles were featured. It could not be denied that the style of fashion which Korean designers have introduced has now occupied a place in our own countries proven by the availability of such kind of fashion items in local stores.

The medium that helped the quick rise to popularity of Korean fashion is the internet and it is also in this way which interested parties can easily buy some Korean fashion items and wholesale accessories.

In 2007, before Korean fashion had its full-blown rise to popularity, Cleocat-fashion, an online store which offer wholesale fashion was launched. Cleocat-fashion is a leader in selling affordable Korean fashion items in the internet today with target countries namely: Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Through dropship, the business has continued to flourish with a wide range of customers wanting to avail of Korean fashion clothing.

Online stores like Cleocat-fashion made it possible for Korean designers to popularize their craft to the world. So if you decide to purchase Korean fashion items, don’t be hesitant to browse their site and see for yourself the products they take pride in selling.
January 17, 2013

Facts About the Trendy Tungsten Engagement Rings

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For the last decade, Tungsten World tungsten rings have become more popular in being used to symbolize lifelong engagements. Yes, you have heard it right. Several men in this generation preferred to pick engagement rings made of tungsten - which has the highest melting point of all metals at 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit. This certain metal and element is officially named Wolfram and was discovered by Peter Woulfe in 1779. The word Tungsten means “heavy stone” in Danish and Swedish.

Tungsten Rings, Tungsten Engagement Rings
Tungsten alone is not really a kind of material highly recommended in making jewelries because it could be easily damaged like that of dents and scratches. But when combined with carbon alloy, it will become tungsten carbide: a strong metal equally hard with steel and four times harder than titanium. Now if a jewelry piece is produced as a result of the mix, it is now scratch resistant.

The best suggested element or metal which could finish and bind the engagement ring made of tungsten carbide is Nickel. It is not advisable to use Cobalt as it is prone to oxidation when in contact with the natural oil from the human skin. The advantage of mixing with Nickel is to make the ring more hypoallergenic so to avoid skin irritation. Be sure that your jeweler made use of nickel to bind your customized tungsten carbide ring.

As a piece of advice, you must get beforehand the exact size of the ring you have ordered as tungsten carbide rings cannot be re-sized for that simple and plain reason that it is extremely hard. But the downside of this kind of mixture is that engraving could not be as pleasing to the eyes. You can also improve your customized engagement ring by mixing with gold, silver or platinum. As a result of the combination, the ring appears to be more shiny and attractive.

Choosing an engagement ring made of tungsten is still the best decision and the right choice you have made regardless of what kind of metal mix you would prefer. The reason behind this is that you could pass the ring to the next generations of your future descendants.
January 16, 2013

Awesome Globe Tattoo

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Globe Tattoo
Globe Tattoo speed - just click image to enlarge 
I've never been this so happy with my internet service provider. Thanks to Globe

Look at the download speed, its 7.19Mbps even though it is just Prepaid. How much more with Postpaid? Whoah! Globe Tattoo is just awesome!

I'm already back to watching my fave TV series. Thanks to their system upgrade. It's really GENIUS. 
January 16, 2013

Online Gaming and the Pros and Cons of Technology and RecreationCombined

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At the start of the 21st century, online gaming rose to its popularity. One of these sites which offer online games is PartyBingo.com.

Since online gaming sites were launched, many young people have been interested to play because for them it was trendy, exciting and fast paced. Added to that, they are also attracted to the graphics, the action brought about by the game and of course the big prizes at stake. Who would not be enticed to play with only a few pennies and yet there is a big possibility to win a larger jackpot prize.

Not only young people get to love online gaming but also men who aspire to hit the jackpot. Men are getting interested with online games because they can meet women through the chat rooms that are within the sites.

A good example of an online game is the ordinary bingo turned online craze. The online bingo has become the favorite of many people regardless of age and gender. Such a very entertaining online bingo game can help someone to unwind and socialize which could surely become one of your most enjoyable online gaming experiences.

Pros and Cons of Online Gaming

At this current age, online gaming is deemed beneficial for professionals who are often confronted with stress at work. It has been found out in some psychological studies that online games can help manage stress loads and are proven to be quick escapes of busy professionals. By just sitting in front of the computer to play some online games, a worker with a hectic schedule can de-stress and thus, make one’s brain be at rest even just for an hour or less.

There is also that disadvantage on online games. One of which is the addiction made by the younger generation especially kids who prefer not to study their subjects. In some cases, it has even led to children quitting at school. But nonetheless, the responsibility still lies on how parents would discipline their children in playing games online.

In order to answer this problem on children, some game developers have thought of making educational online games. Probably, if you hear the word Physics it could mean a more serious thing because some games online are modified from concepts in the said subject as being mentioned in this article

But despite the disadvantages of online games, it still gained popularity and is being patronized by people from all ages. There is but one thing that made this innovation a hit: the fun factor which no one could deny aside from the prizes at stake.
January 15, 2013

Enjoy Music on Iphone 5

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Music always tends to play an important role in everyone’s life. Starting from old era, music has always been taken care of in terms of movies, albums, award shows, occasions, and also in the field of art. The art of music increased rapidly with the enhancement of technologies and music players. Instruments like guitar, sitar, mouth organ, keyboard, drums etc. are used as the source of playing good music. The taste of music varies from person to person. It depends upon the mood, environment, place and kind of people around. Some people also look forward towards owning the best and rare instruments. There is no scarcity of musical instruments, but some extra ordinary versions or models of instruments like guitar and drums are launched very rarely and the quantity of such collection is very limited.

Music lovers can be happy now as they can now enjoy their favourite music on their gadgets such as iPhone 5. IPhone 5 plays a devastating role in terms of music. The latest technology and fantastic sound quality provides the ease of getting instant music. One can listen to any song at any time and any place. The quality of sound compels one to hear the music. IPhone 5 also allows one to browse the net rapidly. One can download tracks at any point of time. One can also download the different music based applications and make use of it. IPhone 5 provides the facility of playing virtual guitars, keyboards and drums. Downloading of song lyrics or guitar nodes are some of its various exciting features. The ease of learning to play an instrument is also provided by the features of iPhone 5. Music can be considered as a form of hobby in multiple ways and aspects. Some people like to listen to different music, some likes to dance on certain kind of songs, some use it as a kind of relaxation, some people learns and plays music for their own happiness and others use it as a field of profession in order to earn.

January 14, 2013

Beauty Tips on Iphone

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Women are incomplete without makeup. Women are given the right to look good and beautiful, the ways may vary. Some likes to stay naturally beautiful and some likes to use makeup and accessories in order to look good and attractive. There are three main parts of maintaining beauty. To look completely beautiful, a woman needs to take care of hair, skin and makeup. Healthy, soft and shiny hair makes one look effectively attractive and one does not need to put extra makeup to look good. Healthy hair works completely towards giving a beauty touch to a woman. A healthy looking skin provides natural beauty to woman. No matter how much makeup is applied, if the skin is not healthy then the makeup would be of no use as well.

There are a number of hair problems that a woman relates to. Problems such as dry hair, rough hair, split ends, hair colour, growth, hair fall, dry scalp and dandruff are some of the very common issues. All the above mentioned hair issues can be taken care of with a bit of attention. One needs to understand the type of hair the woman has. Depending upon the type of hair and the problem faced, one can choose the hair product accordingly. There are products available online and even the hair experts are ready to help their clients online. One can simply contact the hair experts or go through the online products and their details and hence chose the best suitable product. One can also look for various salon treatments for getting fast and best results for extra damaged hair quality. Different products work for different aspects of hair problem. There are products for controlling hair fall, providing lengthy hair, volume increment, quality etc.

iPhone is a great gadget helping today’s women to look for beauty tips sitting at home. Today, women can easily search for beauty tips, look for treatments, solve their hair problems, and look for nearby salons and all this can be done on iPhone sitting at home. Gone are the days when you need to struggle looking here and there asking different people so as to get the right solution for your problems. Today with just few touches on your iPhone you can get answers to all your questions and even look for required places. Enhancing your beauty is really easy in today’s time. It is often seen that many women struggle to find the right product for their skin so as to enhance their beauty but now with the help of iPhone you can get the right tips and the best products that will suit your skin.

Insurance Quotes for Iphone
Skin care products are helpful for making the skin softand glowing. Beauty of a woman depends upon the skin she is in. Healthy skin comes initially from healthy eating. A healthy and nutritious diet provides a glowing skin. A little application of natural products can make the skin look glamorous. Make up is essential for a woman in case of attending ceremonies and different occasions. Makeup is not meant for making a woman artificially beautiful, it is just meant for giving a little touch to the natural beauty. The products related to hair, skin and makeup can be found offline and online. One just needs to choose the correct product depending upon and skin type and tone.

Purchasing the beauty products online has increased rapidly. The new launched products and their details are available and one can choose accordingly. Using an iPhone enhances such purchasing. IPhone provides one with the ease of staying connected to the latest products. It also includes applications that provide healthy diet and beauty tips that are effective. In case some skin problem occurs, one can simply use the iPhone at any time to know about the best possible remedy. IPhone also allows the access of tracking nearby salon and beauty care centres for required products. Getting your iPhone insured is always a wise idea as you are using your gadget every now and then for numerous purposes. Cheap insurance quotes for iPhone can easily be found online and you can get your iPhone insured without any hassle. Use your iPhone for getting some best beauty tips and enhance your beauty so as to look pretty.
January 13, 2013

Uses and Craze of iPad

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Evolutions have resulted in the invention of products which not only cater to the basic necessities of life but also offer comfort and luxury to you. In contrast to it, the technical innovations these days provide convenience and comfort through technical skills and breakthrough inventions. Smartphones and iPads so far have been quite successful in replacing desktops and Personal Computer. It has promoted global mobility and connectivity. Everyone seeks for a technical gadget which is mobile and has user friendly interface. This is the basic reason for the craze of iPads.

Whether it is a college going student, a professional or a businessman, everybody desires to possess a smart gadget to flaunt besides adequate usage. IPads have certainly topped the list and bagged the highest number of votes.

Best for Gadget Fastidious People

The launch of iPads has led to the best mode of networking. The touch screen forms the most fascinating things; you can use several applications with just a few touches. You cannot decide the worth of iPad. From streaming videos to playing great games available in the Apple App store, iPad will surprise you with its many other features.

Surf from anywhere

The most obvious use of iPad is that you can use it anywhere at any point of time. No matter you are travelling, on your bed, in a theatre watching a movie, you can simply use it. Having Wikipedia and IMDB always with you, helps in easing many of your problems.


IPad is a great gaming gadget and with its ability to use accelerometer it has taken the level of portable games to another level. Gaming has led to a great popularity and demand of iPad. The Retina Display makes visual effects and graphics all the more interesting.


The iPad provides you with most amazing reading facilities of the world. The amazing display of iPad provides you with the best reading experience which you can’t find anywhere. The portability and size of the iPad makes it a great option to be taken anywhere. You can use it to look for your recipes in the kitchen.

Home Stereo and TV

If you enable home stereo on your iPad, you can play any and every song on your iPad without loading them on it. The digital adapter allows you to hook the device in your television. You can easily stream the HD videos or play high graphics games on the big screen. Just hook your iPad into your HDTV and experience the full HD version.

Thus, iPad provides you time for your leisure activities as well as business. It is that device which rejoices connecting you social mobility without moving anywhere. It also offers your full privacy along with your individuality. So what do you think about this new, amazing invention of Apple? Hasn’t it eased our lives and made us more active. Isn’t the features are praiseworthy? Yes! This gadget deserves all applauds. It makes you independent, becomes your helping hand in terms of memory, mental calculation and networking. So if you are still not having this superb gadget, then go for it today and enjoy it.

Also, get your iPad insured so that you can use it without any worries. In this busy and fast life, it is very common that we use our gadgets a bit carelessly and thus, getting them insured is always a wise idea. Insurance quote for IPads can easily be found online. You just have to research a bit so as to get cheap and affordable insurance quotes for your iPads. The use and craze of iPads is increasing day by day and with it the risks involved such as theft, damages, accidents, etc. are also increasing. Thus, get your iPad insured today and enjoy it to its fullest without any worries.

January 11, 2013

How to Look for Rare Guitars

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There is nothing more soothing than the sound of guitar and those who like to collect or play rare guitars know that how difficult it is to find those models that have been discontinued and rare. There are various models that are popular because of many technical reasons and many collectors are always on the lookout for such models, but finding and buying one is not always easy as not many who already possess such artifacts would willingly part with them. Here are some tips for those who are looking to get their hands on one such rare guitar.

First thing is to be on constant vigilance, the availability of these guitars is unpredictable and if not careful about keeping an eye out then one may miss a valuable opportunity of buying one as and when it becomes available for sale. Contact a few people who are in this business and leave the details where you can be contacted if there is a possibility that one of the rare pieces becomes available. Apart from these people there are online businesses that deal in rare guitars and keeping in touch with them is a good idea. Second and most important part is the authenticity of the guitar that you are looking to purchase. Finding a reliable source and business or buying first hand from the seller is a good idea when it comes to buying rare guitar pieces.

January 05, 2013

Shoes Help Boost Confidence of Most Women

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Shoes, Creatures of Comfort
The very reason why the ever famous fairy tale Cinderella made mention of a shoe being left by the girl who wore it and later went away is mainly to show that women are less confident without wearing their footwear of choice.

Such mentality still exists today. Several women feel more confident and hip when wearing the Acne Pistol Boots. This kind of pretty ankle boots makes those who wear this would appear so stylish. In fact, many fashion bloggers would love to wear this kind of footwear. Added to that, these specific types of shoes are the most coveted ones.

Another specific kind of shoe which could help girls stand so high is the Repetto Zizi. Taking the form like that of a jazz shoe, adds to the unique look which girls love to look at. With a 1” heel, any woman could be confident enough to carry herself using these shoes. As with the materials, this is completely made of leather. There’s also no need to worry if you want to grab this shoe, sizes run from small to other big sizes.

More women in the past have confessed for themselves that what they wear on both their feet is not mainly an accessory but are instruments which could boost their self-confidence as they face the real world.

Though most women often suffer from shoe-caused injuries yet many continue to wear high stilettos and boots due to their mindset that they can conquer this world when they are wearing such kind of shoes.

Added to the facts given, most of the women usually own at least four pairs of shoes which they could match up with the clothes they wear.

Such facts lead us to the conclusion that more women are fascinated with shoes as these things give them the confidence they need.

Picture Source from Creatures of Comfort website
January 02, 2013

How to set-up a Wireless Connection without using a Router

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If you have a mobile broadband such as Globe Tattoo or Smart Bro, you can actually share your internet without using a router or buying another software. This is by using Wireless Adhoc  network. It  is a temporary network used for sharing files, presentations, or an Internet connection among multiple computers and devices. Computers and devices in ad hoc networks must be within 30 feet of each other.

The steps are just very easy. See them below.

1.  Go to your Network and Sharing Center. You can access this by going to your Control Panel or simply click the Network Icon found at the task bar.

2. On the Network Settings options, click Set-up a New Connection or Network. A new window will pop-up then scroll down and click Set-up Wireless Adhoc (computer-to-computer network)

A new window will then appear explaining to you what is an Adhoc Network. After that just click on Next button....
January 01, 2013

My 2012 Year in Review

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Happy New Year everyone! 

How I miss writing on this blog. This is supposed to be an online diary but what happened is, it's no longer updated and the blog posts are sometimes out of nowhere. Hehe

Anyway, its the time of the year where I do my Year in Review for 2012. I have started blogging about this last  2009 and 2010 but have not make a post for 2011. Hmmnn...Where was I that time? I guess I was just too lazy to blog or not in the mood. 

So, let's start. I will just have this by quarter since there's not much happenings for every month. 

1. January-March 2012 - The most memorable was the Sugod Kapatid sa Davao TV 5 event I attended. I met Lorna Tolentino, Alex Gonzaga and Zoren Legaspi. :) 

2. April - June 2012 - House Project. Consume all my funds and made salary loan because of this. I was not  expecting it would costs me that much amount. But at least my family is safer now. For 2013, no more house project muna. Save, save, save and update my contributions to SSS and PhilHealth. 

We also had a beach getaway with my friends. We went to Dayang Beach Resort

3. July - September 2012 - I was invited by former colleagues at JairoSolutions for their outing. We went to Lake Agco, Kidapawan City. 

I miss team building. When I was working in the office, we always have this. 

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