December 27, 2012

Make the Best Crafts with Katia Triana Yarn

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Women since the olden days have been fond of hand-made crafts with the use of needle and thread as part of their work or just a plain pastime when they have nothing to attend to like the usual home chores.

As an example, some women prefer to design and make blouses by means of crocheting. Every now and then, fashion trends come and go yet part of it are those blouses made of yarn. Some have thought of coming up with some designs to produce hand gloves, handbags and even a scarf.

With the coming of the new technology, only a few women are engaged in such kind of handmade crafts. They prefer to sit in front of their own computers, gadgets, or simply play with their own mobile phones.

Katia Triana yarn, Fiber Art Inc.
But there are those who still love to make their own pillowcases, handbags and many kinds of garments which could be of use in their own homes and also for their own use as fashion embellishments. This is why during these times it could be hard to find the best materials for knitting, weaving, crocheting and embellishments. Here, technology and the internet could be of great use. Materials can now be found and purchased through the World Wide Web.

Out of the many online shops selling the best of luxury and premium yarns, Fiber Art, Inc is noted to offer great buys for people who love to make crafts out of Katia Triana yarn. These handmade crafts produced are not only good for self consumption and usage within your home. Some people even opt to sell the products online and thus, get some extra income out of a hobby. So, at the comforts of your home, you can now earn from a pastime.

So what’s the wait for? You’ve got to purchase some Katia Triana yarn to create the best crafts you can make use or earn from.
December 21, 2012

Promenade Gowns from Dress Therapy

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Promenades are part of a young man and woman’s life. It is an occasion likened to a metamorphosis of a butterfly for teenagers who would embrace maturity – a ceremony of coming out like butterflies from cocoons. Since the olden times, dances and balls were a venue to present the new young lads in the community.

Through the years, promenades have evolved into a modernized event. Parents on the other hand are more anxious than their children in preparing for this coming event of their children. One of the main concerns of parents is how their children will look on that special day. So, an ample preparation must be made beforehand. For girls, the preparation is more strenuous. Before choosing a gown or any dress, she must consult one who is more like an expert on fashion.

Gowns are to be made months before the event. It takes more time for the gowns to be made especially if it has intricate designs like beads and other accents which could make the gown more attractive and beautiful to look at. At some instances, wearing a very attractive gown could make a girl, a head turner during the prom.

But if you plan to do away with the hassles of preparing for your daughter’s gown, you can consult an online retailer of formal wears which has been known across the nation. Dress Therapy can assist by providing a pool of stylists and customer service representatives through a call or through the internet. They have an array of gown called night moves coming in unique designs.

You can now be stress free as you help prepare for your daughter’s special night. Dress Therapy also has la femme gowns. The selection is comprised of gowns for young women who would want to go out of their way and project themselves as unique individuals.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your promenade gowns from Dress Therapy.
December 20, 2012

Janine Tugonon wins Miss Universe 2012 1st runner up

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With Janine Tugonon's beautiful and excellent answer (see below) to the Twitter question "Should speaking English be a prerequisite to being Miss Universe as an international ambassador?" I really thought she would be crown the Miss Universe 2012. But unfortunately, Miss USA won the said title. It's like a Home Court Advantage. :(

I am dissatisfied but the results are final and the judges have their reasons. So sad to say, we will just have to accept it. Janine wanted to win to give it to Filipinos as a Christmas gift. But it is still okay Janine because for us you are still our winner. We thank you for representing our country and for showing the universe how truly beautiful the Filipinas are. Imagine out of the 89 countries, you are the first runner-up. That's a huge achievement already and we are very proud of you.  A big congratulations to you!
December 20, 2012

Janine Tugonon makes it to Miss Universe Top 10

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Woohoo! Janne Tugonon, Miss Phlippines' contestant to the 61st Miss Universe held at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas makes it to Top 10. Congrats Janine! We are very proud of you!

Top 10 Miss Universe 2012 results:

Australia - Renae Ayris
Russia - Elizabeth Golovanova
Brazil - Gabriela Markus
France - Marie Payet
Venezuela- Irene Esser
USA - Olivia Culpo
Hungary -- Agnes Konkoly
South Africa - Melinda Bam
Mexico - Karina Gonzalez
Philippines - Janine Tugonon

December 03, 2012

Luxurious yet Comfy Condos at Seaside Properties Group

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Home is where you want to stay and get to feel a natural calmness and tranquility when inside its abodes. In these modern times, home may not be the conventional type- it could be an apartment unit, a pad or a condominium unit as long as you feel comfortable while staying in the place. 

Luxury Oceanfront Condos, Seaside Properties Group, Luxury Real Estate

Who dared not to dream of comfy home just near the beach fronts of Florida? Imagine the sight of blue and pristine waters while watching a majestic sunrise every single morning after you wake up from a sound sleep. That’s just a few of the many rewards when you’ve got to stay on luxury oceanfront condos on Golden Beach, Florida

When on search for such of kind of condo units, you can trust a real estate company that of Seaside Properties Group at Douglas Elliman. Their website features a variety of condo units which no one could resist but admire the units itself.

Apart from that, the company’s site also has made available some luxury oceanfront condos at The Palms in Fort Lauderdale. You can choose from an array of units varying in sizes, locations, features and prices. The units maybe labeled as a luxury but thinking of the comfort that it brings to you, the price is just worth. 

So what now? It’s time to pick your luxurious yet comfy condos at Seaside Properties Group. Try to check some luxury oceanfront condominiums in Miami which you can found on the company’s site also.

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