December 28, 2009

Xoom Problems

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I just learned today that I am the only one who has not yet received the salary to which it was sent through Xoom. It is just so unfortunate and it frustrates me so much. I have waited for 8 days and counting. Why, oh why Xoom? I could have used the said money for Christmas and up to now; my salary is not yet ready for cash pick-up.

And hey, New Year is fast approaching. Please don't break my heart even more.

Xoom Problems, Xoom Transfer, Xoom, Money Transfer
still payment processing

It was sent last December 20 and I got the notification of the Xoom Money Transfer Receipt. But even if I have the tracking number, I still couldn't get the money if I will not have a go signal that it is ready for cash pick-up. So we waited... and days passed where I tracked the transaction everyday by visiting their site. Hoping and praying that it is finally ready. Before, it didn't take that much long. When our Accountant sent the money we will immediately received it on the said day.

So I thought, maybe it is because of the Holidays. I know there are a lot of people who are sending money to their loved ones this Holidays that's why it somehow caused traffic on their system and besides the last day of the Estimated Availability will still be on Dec. 25.

December 27, 2009

Who is the Real Winner of Survivor Samoa? Natalie White or Russel Hantz?

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Survivor (US TV series), a famous reality television game show has already produced 19 seasons starting from 2000-2009. And of all these seasons, it is Survivor Samoa which I've never failed to watch every episode. And take note, I didn't watch this on a marathon where I bought a DVD or something but on everytime the episode has ended.

Each week, I waited and was always looking forward to its new episodes. You know the feeling? Where you just can't get enough of it and you really want to know what's next...especially on what will Russel Hantz' next strategic move. Gossshhh... He was so entertaining and amazing. Imagine, who would have thought of getting the immunity idols without clues and it happened not only once but many times. I am just so sad that the jury preferred Natalie White to win. He really played the hardest and was so close to grabbing the title of Sole Survivor. The jury should have based it on who really OUTWITTED, OUTLASTED, AND OUTPLAYED the GAME and not on personal issues or any.

Russel Hantz, Survivor

But on a second thought, Survivor is created to have a jury. For you to be declared as the SOLE SURVIVOR, you should win the hearts of the jury who were the eliminated players. Unfortunately, Russel was the mastermind behind most of the eliminations. That's why they were so bitter to him.

So in the end, it was Natalie's maintaining of low profile and being a shadow of Russel which made her won the game. She even got more votes with the remarkable final speech of Erik. Congrats Natalie! I am still happy that the final 3 members were from the Foa Foa Tribe.

Survivor Samoa is just the best season that they have ever aired (so far). And Russel Hantz contributed the greatest factor of it. He is my favorite player, next to Rupert Boneham of Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: All Stars. And I am soooooooo looking forward to the 20th season of Survivor whose players will be the Heroes and the Villains. I've learned that he will be the wildcard player. This is definitely an interesting game considering how brilliant and strategic Russel is. YAY!

Short Trivia:
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains has already started taping and everyone has no idea of who Russel Hantz is. The logo for the upcoming season will no longer be Outwit, Outlast and Outplay but Return, Revenge and Redemption.

And for everyone who still haven't watched Survivor Samoa, you better grab a copy of there full episodes now! This a good TV series for marathon this Holidays. Hehehehee... Don't forget to drop by here and let me know on your thoughts on who really deserves to be the winner okay?

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December 25, 2009

Memorable Christmas Party

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My Christmas Party experience with JairoSolutions.

It was our Christmas Party and at the same time despidida/farewell party for Vicsante Aseniero or simply called "Bing", our former Regional Chief Solution officer.
At around 6:00 in the evening, we went to Buffet Palace - our venue for the party. We satisfied first our enormous appetites with great food such as lechon kawali, fresh salads, kinilaw, chicken pork adobo, shrimps, squids, Halo-halo, mango float, cakes, leche plan and others. Name it! Hmmnn...The money you have paid is really worth it when you are served with these kind of delicious food in an eat all you can resto. Hehehehe..

Afterwards, the party has officially started. We had games and a showcase of talents. Noel, the representative from the trainees was the first presentor. His cute and unique way of entertaining us was really an ice breaker. I don't know if he really knows how to play the guitar or he knows the tune of the song but we were really entertained. Just the thought of trying to do something when you are not good was so sweet of him. (Oh I just hope I have described it well for the benefit of those who are not present).

Next was the singing prowess of Aloha and her group. It is with no doubt, Aloha is such a performer. It is just so amazing to see a woman plucking a guitar with such a nice voice. I know there are still many out there in the team, they are just shy for now to show such talent. Hehehehee...

The "Love team" had prepared something also. A blooper of one of the famous Filipino soaps/drama the local showbiz industry has produced - "Maging Sino ka Man". Remember the scene where JB says, "I never said that I love you...". Joie took the role of Sam Milby and I (yours truly) for the role of Anne Curtis with a love triangle to Fritz. It was Joie choosing Fritz over me. Hehehee..(Hope you get the idea)
There was also a special number before “Bing” had to say his parting message and before our exchange gifts. UIC girls (Me, Yvon and Rose) prepared a lip synch of Last Christmas. To be honest, we chose that kind of presentation because we were afraid we might get out of tune if we sing live while dancing. Heheheeeh…
December 25, 2009

Because of No Internet Connection

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I was organizing my files in my computer when I found these pictures of ours (Jairo Ladies). We had some picture taking while there was no internet connection that time. Grabbing the opportunity and have to zone out from our work for a while guys, so please understand...heehehe..
Anyway, take a look at the beautiful us  -  cam whoring with our stuffed toys. (*grin).
from left to right (Yvon, Rose, Aloha, Jhona)
Oh did I say our? I was not even in the picture and I don't have stuffed toy also in the office. How sad, they only had me as their photographer. (Huhuhuhuhu....)But seriously, do you think I would allow that? Find it out after the jump.
December 24, 2009


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Few minutes to go and it will be Christmas! YAY! Happy Happy Birthday to you our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you very much for everything!

The Filipino people have went through a lot this year but we must not surrender. Our Bro is always here. There's recovery, hope and joy after all these pains. He is not only the Star of Christmas but also in everyday of our lives.

Here's a beautiful song for all of us. Let us celebrate LOVE and PEACE! MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!

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