True Love Prevails in the End for “No Other Woman” movie

Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, Derek Ramsay

Like any other movie-goer, one could get the idea of the main theme upon reading the title. “No other Woman” would suggest another infidelity story, a common cancer in all relationships since the past. But after watching the movie, you would not get the feel of regret as you have watched another Filipino film, well-crafted and it’s more than what you have thought and greater than you have expected.

The movie shows a modern tale of true love put into test between Sharmaine (Cristine Reyes), an almost perfect wife and Ram (Derek Ramsey), a faithful husband who later gives in to a temptation. The eve-like personality of Cara, played by no less than Anne Curtis, is the tempter, who is a happy-go-lucky New York schooled playgirl. Cara does not believe in true love for in her lifetime, she has not found one. For her, a relationship is like a game and boys are not worth a fight. But things changed when she found affection which later on develops into passion and love for Ram.

Sharmaine and Cara, the two main female characters in the story have their own share of turning points. The good housewife changes her outlook and decides to project a stronger personality after she has finally caught her husband who broke his promise of having no other woman aside from her. She finally sets her feet into her stilettos and gets herself ready to defend her marriage. On the other hand, the mistress in denial, Cara also in the end realizes that she is truly in love with Derek. She had to accept in that she was just a part of the dark past of a man who wanted to satisfy his wild fantasies.

Ram does not escape emotional struggles as with his dad, whom he hates most. The root of his hate was when his father left their home for another woman during his college days. The hate feeling later led him to imitate his father by engaging in a third party, and it was too late when he realized.

Yet in the end as they say, true love prevails. A mistress’ love for the married man, made her to realize that love was not a game and was not made just for fun. The wife also shows her unconditional love for her husband as she gave up her pride and went to the hospital after his husband caught a vehicular accident.

No Other Woman also shows the acting prowess of Anne and Christine who played their roles in precision and both deserve an acting award.

Photo taken from the Paborito TV Website


  1. Ganda nito parang The unfaithful film lang sa hollywood. Remake? hehe

  2. Tama. Pinoy talaga. ehehe


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