January 20, 2010

Got my funds from PayPal Wishlist on Facebook!

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This morning, I checked my PayPal Account to see if my salary has been deposited but I was surprised to find out that a different fund has arrived amounting to $25. YAY!

It is from the Facebook PayPal Wishlist promotion where I have invited 25 friends to register and help me achieved my wishes which are Apple Iphone 3Gs, Canon Digital Camera, Washing Machine, Apple Macbook and Home Theater.

January 03, 2010

My 2009 Recap

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1. January 2009 - I was so sick, had a lot of health problems.

2. February 2009 - still so in love with my boyfriend and I even dedicated the Make you feel my Love song to him. Gosssshhh....

3. March 2009 - attended a lot of parties (for some, I wasn't able to blog about them)
- This was also the time where I got a surprising amount in my EON Bank Account

4. April 2009 - promoted from work. I handled two positions (Technical Project Coordinator and Business Development Representative).

5. May 2009 - so dedicated with my work - not getting enough sleep and each day is getting busier.
- handled multiple projects, tough times! So busy!

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