May 26, 2009

File Extension PVM

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Maintaining your personal computers is a tiresome task to do. Aside from keeping it clean, it also includes virus and malware scanning, maximizing storage capacity, and fixing registry problems. And one of those registry problems that usually our Windows OS experienced is the File Extension PVM that is somehow quite difficult to fix.This is because there are only two applications that use a File Extension PVM. One of which was developed by Optical Storage Technology or commonly known as OSTA, which manages digital content including music, video and images using XML format.

The second one is used by Hewlett-Packard’s Image Zone software. When installed in your PC and activated, it generates a File Extension PVM by automatically renaming image files read from CDs or digital devices like .jpg to .pvm for viewing purposes. After such, files of PVM extension are then stored on an album in XML format that contains information about the images it stores. It mostly appears in your as “album.pvm” or “index.pvm”. It is primarily use for copying images into media devices like CDs and DVDs.

Aside from what had mentioned above, other digital devices such as printers and digital cameras can also generate PVM File Extension. In addition, you may also use Photosmart software in viewing files of PVM extension.
May 24, 2009

A fun filled company outing experience!

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I wasn't really able to sleep that much the night before we will have our outing. Aside from the fact that I have the difficulty of sleeping, the excitement I am feeling somehow adds up. Well you know, JairoSolutions is the first company I have work with and I will be experiencing my first company outing. (Whew! As in for the first time)

So I turned in late. I mean, slept only during wee hours - few hours to go for our rendezvous. (Jaaahhhh.. ) But its fine with me, I can handle it. My mom will wake me up also, she's like my alarm clock in times like this. Hehehehe..

And the day has finally arrived where we heads out to spend some time together outside the office. Hmmnphh.. It was definitely a great way to loosen up a bit and where was that again? Oh, in Km. 20 Los Amigos Tugbok where you can find  Villa Christina Orchids Garden and Resort last August 30.

JairoSolutions, Company Outing
[from L-R (front row): Alvin, Joan, JJ, Jhona, Yvon, Leslie, Aloha, Tino, Rose and Alma, at the back L-R: James, Fritz, Jeff and Bernard]
May 24, 2009

Bonding with Fellow (First Team Building)

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I know this post has been long overdue because our Team Building event was actually last October 4-5 and now we are already on the 1st week of November. (Amazing..ness???) But I believe it is still fine (at least), as the cliché goes, "Its better late than never". We may not be able to immediately translate into words (through blogging) the things that had happened on our team building but the memories remain cherished in our hearts even as time flies by. (Emote...)

Well that’s definitely because it was our first team building. It was an anticipated and long-planned event of the Admin for JairoSolutions' employees to be able to not only enjoy each others’ company (outside office) but at the same time build an organizational development through teambuilding.

It was pursued through self-assessment and group-dynamic games that started even before the said day came. We were grouped into three by our HR officer and were given tasks to do marketing for our assigned meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on a limited time with money to budget. The preparation itself was a group effort already. Not to mention the planning of what food to cook, bringing of utensils and the designation of other tasks for our two-day stay at La Rouse, a place located in Talomo and exclusively reserved only for us.
May 08, 2009

What's the best gift for Mother's day?

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Mother’s Day is near. Have you already decided a gift for your mom? Well just don’t forget to greet them and that would be enough. But to really make your mom happy and be surprise, why don’t you give them something worth to remember. I am sure there are a lot of things you can give your mom, such as art and crafts, incense, scents, perfume and many more.

If you are buying fragrances, please be aware of the meaning behind each scent. It is helpful to know these things so that you can make a precious, personal and useful gift for Mother’s Day even if it was a cheap perfume that wouldn’t matter anymore. It would be of great help also to have a variety of choices, so that you can buy the perfect perfume for your mom.

Well if you have the budget and like to impress a little on your mom, there are many available designer perfume that you could buy. Well of course, your mom will definitely love it. But then again, remembering your mom on a Mother’s Day does not always mean buying something for them. A greeting and smile perhaps is ok. But a time with your mom, being with her and giving her your full attention on Mother’s Day is best gift that you can give to her.

May 05, 2009


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tired lady, work, careerSince I got promoted, my life has been soooooooo busy - ever! Most of the time, I have to extend my hours of duty just to catch up the tasks I have. (Overtime to the highest level, take note: graveyard shift pa iyan). So I can be up from 10pm to 7pm at most. (Amazing!). Well aside from the new position I also have to attend the Business Development and Business Analysis.

May 02, 2009

File Extension PES

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Here is another concept for you on file extension. Today I will be introducing the not so famous File Extension PES. Maybe most of you have heard it for the first time here and probably don’t know about it.

Well not so many articles were written about File Extension PES on computer books and computer magazines. Only a few can be found over the Internet and most of them were just short write-ups. PES is an Embrid Emroidery File Format. It actually contains codes and instructions for creating embroideries with a sewing machine.

The File Extension PES was created by PE-Design software. It was initially used by a Brother sewing machine and later used by Babylock and Bernina embroidery machines. So what programs can open PES files? Some of which includes StudioPlus, Embird Suite and BuzzXplore or BuzzEdit.

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