August 31, 2017

Show Me The Money: The Link Between Health And Finances

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According to the saying, money makes the world go wrong, and it isn’t hard to see why. From the house a person lives into the friends they make, money affects every aspect of an individual’s life. Yes, that includes health, too. 

Most people don’t know that a link between a person’s well-being and finances exist, but it is there for all to see. Basic figures from an Associated Press study show that 27% of high-stress debtors had health issues, such as ulcers. 

The simple fact is, the more money you have, the better your health. So, how does someone with a low-income battle the inevitable? Take a look at the following for more. 

High-Stress Levels 

You might not know it, but there is such a thing as positive stress. It is the type of stress which pushes a person to work harder, faster, and longer when the pressure is on. Unfortunately, the majority of tension is negative as it revolves around emotions such as worry and panic. For instance, you are frightened because the credit card bill is due and the money isn’t in the account. The key is to tackle debts to lower stress levels, which sounds easier to say than do. However, it is possible with advice from Consolidating debts will help to reduce the monthly payments and prevent panic at the beginning of each month.


As a direct knock-on effect of high-stress levels, people lose the ability to sleep. A study by Harvard Nurses’ Health found this can lead to increased risk of colon cancer, breast cancer, and heart disease to name but three. To go further, a lack of sleep also contributes to obesity, moodiness, and short-term memory loss. In simple terms, a person who doesn’t get 7 hours a night, because they are worried about their finances, is vulnerable to health issues. Again, reducing stress by paying off your debts is the key, but that isn’t easy. So, a doctor might be able to prescribe pills which help you get plenty of Zs per night. 

Heart Disease 

People with lower incomes tend to be less educated. No one is saying these people are stupid, but they are less aware of the facts. As a result, a low-income can affect their diet as they might not understand the consequences. On the flip side, they might understand perfectly yet don’t have the means to buy healthy food. Either way, a study on shows this makes poorer people more at risk. One way to eat healthier on a small budget is to learn more about cooking. That way, you will know which foodstuffs are the healthiest and have the most nutritional value. Even on a budget, it is possible to cut the cost of groceries by a significant amount. Of course, less junk food and more omega-3 and antioxidants will lower the chances of heart disease. 

As you can see, the link is apparent. Now that you know, it is your duty to try and avoid the connection as best you can.
August 30, 2017

Shrug Off The Black Cat So Financial Creditors Don't Sidestep You

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Image is everything when it comes to credibility. Too many banks and businesses, you’re just a name and a sort code on a piece of paper. That is until when they search up your financial profile, and the fine details about your history become apparent to them. If you want to move forward in your life and a brief and unfortunate spell of debt, it can feel like you’re climbing up a mountain side. Everyone at one time or another will fall on hard times and their finances become embroiled in a whirlwind of mounting debt, increasing interest rates, late payments, and sometimes, collateral terminations being activated. So how can you go back onto the road of recovery and fix damaged relationships, to the point where you’re seen as trustworthy again by financial systems? There are certainly a few golden rules you can follow. 

A subtle rebuild 

Having a tarnished image is something that can make you feel ashamed. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you. You can subtly build back up the trust of banks and other financial companies like loan specialists, simply by staying under the radar. Make sure all your payments are made on time, and any late payments are relayed to those you owe, well ahead of time. You can also find solace by writing to anyone or entity with a computer-typed or handwritten letter, explaining why you may be late with a particular payment, whether it be for your mortgage, a loan or even just a monthly phone contract payment. 

Have respect speak for you 

Sometimes it can take years and years to finally get back up the ladder, on the lists of lenders and banks before they can trust you again. Even if you’re running a clean sheet, and are in a much better place financially, so you can make payments to anyone you owe on time, and without fail, your relativity is still in question. To smash away any reason for hesitation, look at something like the On such a website, you can flip through all the credit restore specialists, that can, on your behalf speak directly to creditors. They can write letters of good faith, and use their expert knowledge of the financial law to bring your image out of the dark and into the light. They can find any legal loopholes, and bring your credit score back up to health for you. 
August 30, 2017

Everything You'll Need In Your Startup's First 24 Hours

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So, you’ve had your idea for a startup for a long time now, and you have finally finished bringing this idea into the reality. And now the big day has come - it’s time to put your new business out there into the big wide world! 

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Even if you have been meticulously planning this launch for some time, you probably haven’t taken too much time to consider those all-important 24 hours. Thought you could simply launch the business and then return to it whenever you want? I’m afraid not! You need to be there in its first 24 hours to ensure the launch goes as smoothly as possible. Here are some things that will also aid those first initial hours. 

Nerves Of Steel 

Now is the time you have been building up to for quite a while. So, it’s important that it all goes to plan. This will be a very nerve wracking time, so it is important that you have nerves of steel to get through this first day. If you are super nervous, you will be quite likely to rush some parts of your launch and might even be more likely to make some very misjudged decisions. Keep a cool head and remember to take plenty of deep breaths, so you don’t start to stress out and panic! 

Plenty Of Capital 

Even though you might have already had to spend quite a bit of cash on setting up your company, you might still need to dig deep on your first day of business. So, it’s a good idea to source some extra investment from the likes of Capital Alliance or ensure you have plenty of savings in your bank account to fund any last minute purchases. 

August 30, 2017

3 Ways to Protect Your Horse from Boredom

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Owning a horse is a tremendous responsibility. Not only do these animals live very long lives, they also require a considerable amount of care and upkeep. Anyone thinking about horse ownership should be aware that grooming, feeding and exercising these animals can eat up a substantial chunk of time. In addition to keeping your horse groomed and nourished, you’ll also need to keep it entertained. When faced with boredom, horses become temperamental and lethargic, so it behooves caregivers to provide them with sufficient stimulation. 

1. Provide Grazing Material

Horses are natural grazers. This means that in addition to their daily grain, they should be given hay or pasture grass to chew on throughout the day. This is particularly important for horses who spend most of their time in stables. Not only will this go a long way in preventing boredom, it will also ensure that your animal is consistently nourished. 

2. Exercise Your Horse 

Like any animal, horses require regular exercise. Unsurprisingly, spending one’s days in a stable can quickly become boring and tedious. Furthermore, remaining stationary all day isn’t good for your horse’s demeanor or physical well being. With this in mind, make sure your horse is exercised on a daily basis. Whether this means riding it, taking it for walks – or both – it’s imperative that the animal engage in some form of physical activity each day.By extension, purchasing comprehensive horse insurance is another great way to ensure your horse’s physical well being. 

3. Change up Your Routine

If you ride your horse on a consistent basis, it pays to occasionally change up your routine. Traversing the same path again and again can become tedious for horses. Like humans, they require the occasional shakeup in their standard routine in order to keep things fresh. For this reason, it’s recommended that owners regularly ride their horses down different paths. This will enable them to enjoy new sights and sounds while engaging in daily exercise. 

Horse care is not something that should be taken lightly. Shirking these responsibilities can lead to health problems and consistent unease in your animal, thus diminishing its quality of life. Since horses are far more prone to boredom than other animals, the task of keeping them entertained falls squarely on owners. In the quest to keep your horse happy and stimulated, take care to provide adequate grazing material, give your horse plenty of exercise and periodically change up your regular routine.
August 29, 2017

Finding Peace Of Mind During Money Troubles

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One of the biggest things that people find hard to cope with during financial crises and times of money worries is that they get incredibly stressed out. They lose their peace of mind, and this starts to cloud their judgment. In some cases, this clouded judgment often leads them to make some bad decisions which can make their financial situation a lot worse than what it already is. So, how do you keep your peace of mind while your finances are in a mess? It isn’t as big a challenge as you might think. In fact, following these tips will be able to help you. 

Accept All Your Responsibilities 

It is important that you accept that you alone are responsible for your money and financial situation. Once you do accept your responsibilities, you can then accept that you have a situation that needs dealing with. It is also necessary to accept that your money problems won’t simply disappear. But it is also important to accept that there will sometimes be factors outside our control that we need to adapt to. For example, if some of your investments aren’t doing particularly well, it is your responsibility to move the money into some better performing investments rather than leave it to slump. 

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Face Any Problems Head On 

Now that you understand you have some problems that need quickly dealing with, it is time to tackle them. There is no time like the present! If you have various sources of debt, you might want to think about contacting the likes of so that you can consolidate all the debt into one monthly payment. You might also find it useful to move your money and savings into a different bank account that has a higher interest rate. Ultimately, make sure you come up with an action plan for all of your problems so that they don’t become issues that are too big to deal with. 

Get Professional Help 

If you aren’t exactly sure how to solve your problems, or you should seek professional help immediately. If the financial problems are rooted in your own business, then your accountant should be able to help you come up with an action plan. You might also like to talk to an accountant about your private finances. It might also be worth seeking help and advice from a financial advisor such as Even though their consultation fees are quite expensive, they often offer the best advice when it comes to money and investments. 

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Practice Self Care 

Of course, there are some ways you can get peace of mind that don’t always involve solving your financial troubles. Practicing self-care can help you reduce your stress and anxiety levels. This will help you clear your thoughts so that you have a clear mind to logically think about your financial problems. For example, spending one afternoon on your own reading, watching Netflix, or doing something that can distract you from worrying about your money can really help you find peace of mind. 

At the end of the day, don’t worry - everything will work out!
August 24, 2017

Follow These Steps When You've Come Up With A Business Idea

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You may be tricked into thinking that coming up with an idea is the hardest part of running a business. On the contrary, it might just be the easiest. It’s the steps that follow the inception of an idea that is incredibly important and must be thought through properly. 

It’s surprising how many people don’t know the proper things to do when they’ve got an idea. As a result, I’ve made a note of a few steps you need to follow if you want to ensure your idea is a success: 
Protect Your Idea 

The first thing you want to do is protect your business idea. You will see in the following steps that you need to tell people about your idea. However, if you haven’t protected it, there’s nothing stopping someone from stealing the idea and making it theirs. Thankfully, as it shows here, there are plenty of ways you can protect your idea and ensure it doesn’t get stolen. 

August 24, 2017

Understanding And Debugging Your Family Crisis In 3 Steps

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Nobody is safe of a family crisis situation. Unfortunately, even if you’ve got a happy family, troubles can still occur and pull you apart. In this trial and error process, it’s good to know that there are ways to help you to deal with the outside and inside factors that are against you. From working with a family attorney to teaching your child about the dangers of crossing the road, there are a lot of resources available to new parents to make the most of their families. But when you’re facing a crisis situation you might feel too overwhelmed to take the right decision. What is right for your family may not be the same than what is right for your neighbors’. But more importantly, how can you keep a cool head to go through a crisis and make it still work? That’s exactly why you need a three-step method to guide you to the right solution. 

Financial: The family growth and comfort 

Financial matters are stressful, but they often present the easiest kind of crisis. When the family grows or needs additional comfort, you are faced with one simple issue: You need to buy more. Your options are varied, depending on your needs. If you are looking for a family car, offers a list of accessible loans to purchase a bigger vehicle. For home renovation project, you can divide your budget between DIY works, which will take time but reduce costs, and getting a discounted home improvement loan from governmental authorities and councils. When it comes to getting the home ready for a baby, you will be surprised by the number of charities that are designed to provide quality second-hand equipment. 
August 24, 2017

The Metrics Every Business Needs to Track

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As an entrepreneur, if you want to take your business to the next level, the one thing that you must do is collect and analyze a wider range of data that you and your customers generate, specifically these metrics: 

Sales Revenue 

It’s obvious, but as a business owner, you need to keep track of the money you make and where you make it. It only by doing this that you can determine what is working for your business, in terms of products, commercials, marketing campaigns and sales, and what isn’t benefiting your bottom line, so that you can make any necessary changes to boost your profits.

Customer Retention and Loyalty 

Using surveys and business analytics trackers to keep track of your customer retention and loyalty levels is a great way of pinpointing what you’re doing right and what needs to improve. Surveys, in particular, are great for finding out what your customers really think and what they would like to see from you so that you can make changes to keep them coming back for more. 

The Cost of Acquiring Customers 

Measuring the total cost of bringing a customer to you by adding up your marketing and sales costs and dividing that by the number of customers you’ve acquired over a given period is important if you want to be able to keep track of your budget and spend your money on the right things that really matter. You might find that your investments aren’t really paying off for you, and you might need to try new techniques to bring people in. 

August 23, 2017

Be Sure You Know How To Deal With A Family Crisis

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It’s a myth that good families don’t have any troubles. It’s also a myth that life will be perfect once you settle down. We have our ups and downs, but sometimes that downs can be a lot more serious than usual. What do we do when the going gets really rough? 

It’s a trial and error process usually, and we all have our own ways of coping. But if you have no clue where to start, here are a few tips on coping with family crises that can be both in and out of your control. 

When the outside world works against you 

Where you come from is a big influence on whether or not you and your family will have a privileged life. Knowing how laws can affect people, one big way the outside world can work against the safety and security of a family unit is through the threat of deportation. Even when the law works against you, it can also work in your favour. An immigration attorney can help your family if it comes to drastic measures necessary to keep your family together. 

August 23, 2017

From Hobby To Career: Taking That Leap of Faith

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More than ever, people are starting their own businesses and working from home. But it turns out that around half of the people that work for themselves, started out with something as a hobby, that they then pursued to make it their career. Having the flexibility of your time and finances is a dream for many people. But if you’re thinking of taking the leap from hobby to career, here are some things to think about. Will it be worth it for you? 

Learn How To Run a Business 

Even if you know your hobby inside out, there are still many things about running a business that you will need to learn. Do you know how to file a tax return or what business expenses can be tax deductible? Do you know what insurance your business might need or are there any plans in place if you need to offer a refund to a customer? Taking the leap will be a big learning curve. So start early to learn all that you can. 

August 22, 2017

Serious About Photography? Top Tips To Think About

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Photography has grown in popularity in recent years. There have been many reasons why but with the introduction of social media, especially visual platforms like Instagram, it’s now more potent than ever to take fantastic pictures of your life and your daily activities. From the food, you are eating in a restaurant to tag them into a review to sharing snaps of your family. However, many people are loving taking pictures and hoping to improve. It might be for personal use, or maybe professional with a business or a blog that you have. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the top tips to help you improve your photography skills. 

Take a course to build on your current skill levels 

We all will have different and varying skills when it comes to taking pictures. Some of us will have an eye for the detail, others will be a little unsure on the best lighting or how to capture the perfect shot. Others are patient and will snap away for ages, some people just try their luck with the one snap and hope for the best. But one thing every budding photographer has in common is the eagerness to improve the skills you have. That’s why a photography course for beginners could be the perfect step to taking your photography very seriously. Many of these courses cover things like using the camera on a manual setting, and the details we could all be a little more knowledgeable about. The truth is, there is so much more to taking a picture. The light, the angle, the aperture, the contract, they are all things that help to create the perfect snapshot you have envisioned in your mind. 

August 18, 2017

Beyond Netflix: 5 Alternative Platforms For Next Gen TV Binges

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Despite being dealt the blow of Disney’s decision to go solo, the success of Netflix is simply incredible. Millions of viewers now use the platform on a daily basis, and there’s no question that it’s better than being stuck to the schedules.

Still, it doesn’t have to boast a monopoly on your viewing experiences. Here are five other options the satisfy the needs of a modern viewer.

man watching tv show

#1. On Demand Services 

Many broadcasters now make their shows available for streaming and downloads. This means you can watch your favorite shows at a time to suit you. However, these services aren’t limited to normal TV channels. Sports fans can sign up for products like the UFC Pass, which essentially offers access to premium content for a monthly fee. If you’re into live events rather than films, it can be a far better option than Netflix. In most cases, those broadcasts can be viewed across multiple devices. 


Netflix is simply brilliant in many different genres. Then again, it is catered towards universal audiences rather than niche markets. Frankly, animated comedies are one of the areas where it is a little lacking. offers shows like One Punch Man, which will feed your thirst for animated comedies that come at the genre from a unique angle. Better still, you’ll be discovering programming that can then be introduced to friends and family. Let’s face it; when you ask if they’ve seen the latest Netflix show, the answer is always yes. 

#3. Next Up 

Watching TV is ultimately a way to keep yourself entertained when you can’t enjoy nights out and fun activities. However, you can at least replicate the atmosphere of being at a live event, and stand up shows are one of the best ways to do it. Next Up is a platform dedicated solely to showing comedy. From global stars to the icons of tomorrow, the volume of stand up is far greater than Netflix’s. If you’re looking for affordable laughs that also directly help out the artists, this is the perfect solution.


#4. YouTube 

It’s almost possible to find someone that doesn’t know about YouTube, but it’s not all about DIY tutorials and cat videos. If paying a monthly subscription doesn’t appeal, YouTube allows you to rent individual films and TV shows. Alternatively, you could stick to the free uploads provided by the extensive community that keeps the website growing. There is YouTube Red to remove the advertizing too. In reality, though, most people will happily sit through 15 seconds of advertising in return for free viewing. 

#5. Smart TV Boxes 

The internet has changed our viewing habits forever. Still, television still has a key role to play. In addition to the online streaming from broadcasters, many TV providers offer hardware that allows you to record or even pause live TV. For those who desire the shared experience with friends and family, sitting around this hub remains the key. Connect it to the internet to embrace some of those above aspects too, and your viewing experience will be better than ever.
August 09, 2017

Living Luxe: Here's How To Get The Home Of Your Dreams

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Home is the most important place in the world, and a beautiful place to live can benefit your life in so many ways. Whether you have a bit more to spend or just want to make the most of your current place, here are a few ways you can enjoy a more luxurious abode. 

sala, relaxing home

Find a Beautiful Home 

While you can kit out any home to make it luxurious, if you really want a taste of luxury living then it makes sense to find a beautiful home, to begin with. Apartment complexes like Crystal Lake Living are like little communities, whether you want to live lakefront, by the beach or in a city these kinds of gated communities offer stunning little sanctuaries to live,

Think About Structure and Layout 

Even the loveliest home in the world might not be exactly right for you inside. Thankfully there are plenty of ways you can transform a property to be exactly what you want. Pulling down internal walls downstairs, for example, will not only give you a more luxurious, modern open plan space but could also fit better with your lifestyle. If you entertain guests a lot, it means you can cook and carry on the conversation without being stuck in the kitchen all night. You could add an extension, renovate the loft or basement or rejig some of the walls upstairs to create a walk in wardrobe, en-suite, create more bedrooms or reduce the number of bedrooms but make them bigger in the process. Renovating can add a lot of value to your property and also means it can be fully customized to your life and what you want. 

Add New Flooring

One thing that will make any home look beautiful is luxurious flooring. Materials like solid wooden floors and stone tiles like marble and granite all look stunning. On top of this, they’re easy to clean and last for a long time. So while they might cost a lot to fit up front, they will last you for many years and can work out cheaper than fitting new carpets, laminate or vinyl every few years. 

home entertainment

Invest in Fixtures and Fittings 

Your fixtures and fittings might seem tiny and irrelevant compared to other areas in the home, but they can definitely help to tie everything together. Door handles, switches, sockets, drawer pulls, curtain poles, taps. Even things like shower screens instead of shower curtains. These things don’t go unnoticed, spend the time and effort picking these things out to tie everything together and give you a far more luxurious looking home. Lighting is another area to get right. Your fixtures should be the right size (neither too large or small) and go for more luxurious options where you can. They will look smart and last for a long time, and bring a little something extra to the space. 

What tips would you give to someone wanting to upgrade their home or live in a more luxurious space?

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August 08, 2017

Distracted Employees: A Guide To Getting Things In Focus

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For the average employee, there’s a lot going on when they get to their desks. 

Once upon a time, desks might have been simple affairs with a typewriter, somewhere to rest their coffee, and pretty much nothing else. The modern business world offers quite the opposite. Not only do employees have access to a variety of different devices and technology to work with, but they’re all connected to the greatest distraction in human history: the internet. 

The problems this can cause you, as a business owner, are overwhelming. You’re faced with the reality of constantly having to drag your employees’ attention back to where you need it to be, at a time in history when there are so many other things for them to do. From office gossip to the general call of the internet, if you want to get things focused, then you’re going to have to go the extra mile to keep them on task. 

1) Think Physical 

The biggest distraction is undoubtedly pain. Repetitive Strain Injury - better known as RSI - is a constant threat for today’s office workers, and think about it: how well can you focus when you’re in some sort of pain? The answer is probably not very well, and the same is true of your employees. 

It’s worth your time to engage with a facility services group who can help you put together the best office furniture you can manage. This will keep employees happy in their seats, meaning they’re less likely to need to take a break constantly to ease their aching bodies. It’ll pay off in the long run. 

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