September 09, 2014

Debunked: Check Out These Surprising Myths About Gas Mileage

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One of the most talked-about topics in the car world is gas mileage. Car makers around the world are often coming up with ways to introduce fuel-efficient vehicles to the market. Many of the world’s governments are also putting pressure on those car makers to do so.

Scores of nations around the world are keen to lower car tailpipe emissions. And one of the ways that can make this happen is to use less gas.

Some folks don’t have the money to buy new cars, and so they have to keep driving their gas guzzlers. They will have got told some gas mileage facts by various people at some point. But did you know that some of those “facts” are nothing more than a fallacy?

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Today I will share with you some surprising myths about gas mileage. Check them out below:

Myth: only small cars offer good gas mileage

Anyone that has listened to their physics teacher at high school will know about drag. Heavier cars place more load on engines, and so those engines will use more gas.

Small cars have always been lighter than bigger ones. But these days, car makers are using lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber in larger cars. In fact, many of the top-ten fuel-efficient cars of 2014 are medium-size to large cars!

September 03, 2014

Starting A Small Business? Make Sure You Get The Right Car

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It’s easier than ever to start up a business in today’s economy. Maybe that’s why more and more people are doing it. Running your own business is a fun and challenging way to make money. It’s also a way to give yourself freedom from office 9-5 shifts and horrible bosses. You can run a business from your desk with your laptop. If you wanted, you could even run a business from your bed with your iPad!

That sort of life isn’t always possible, of course. It is easy for even the most technophobic individual to run a business today with modern software. That doesn’t mean that you can do everything from home. Modern startups tend to revolve around homemade goods and the personal touch. That’s what sets them apart from big businesses. You can’t always run an operation like that just from your home. You’ll have to get out there in the real world. That means getting the right car for your business.

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