September 29, 2012

Jodi Sta. Maria says “I am Ready” to Open My Heart Again

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Kapamilya actress Jodi Sta. Maria is rumored nowadays for having some romantic relationships with young actor Jolo Revilla, Bong and Lani Revilla’s son.

Weeks ago, the two celebrities were said to be spotted in Hong Kong and Jodi was able to confirm she was there at that time but opted not to mention if Jolo was truly with her. Jodi was asked during a press conference of her current Kapamilya show Be Careful With My Heart where she is the lead star together with famed Richard Yap (Papa Chen of the defunct show My Binondo Girl).

There was that hanging question among the media and the public regarding Jolo and Jodi’s relationship status until, Sen. Bong and Rep. Lani thanked Jodi for inspiring Jolo to get on the political bid next year. Jolo Revilla is set to follow his family’s path of politics for he will run as vice-governor of his home province, Cavite for next year’s polls.

September 29, 2012

I Choose Globe Tattoo as my ISP in Deca Homes

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Wow! I'm so happy. First time ko ginamit ang Globe Tattoo na binili ko lng kanina. And guess what, ang bilis ng speed! Impressive talaga. Sa almost 2 years ko na subscription sa PLDT net at home, hindi pa ako nakatry ng speed na ganito kabilis. I hope magtuloy-tuloy ito para okay na ang working at home career ko. 

Globe Tattoo, Bandwidth Cap, Globe Tattoo Speed
Globe Tattoo 
PLDT Net at Home, PLDT Net at Home Speed
PLDT Net at Home

Shocks! Bakit pa ako inabot ng 2 years? Sana nagtry na kaagad ako ng Globe para hindi umabot sa ganito. Pero sabagay nakacontract din kasi ang PLDT. Buti at matatapos na this October. Hanggang ngayon kasi wala paring wired connection dito sa phase namin kaya nakaya kong tiisin ito. Imagine, from the start ang bagal talaga ng speed ng PLDT net at Home at mas malala pa ang Smart Bro. See my old blog post here 

So para sa mga Deca Homes homeowners, kung wala pa kayong wired connection. I believe ito ang mas bagay na internet service provider para sa inyo. Mas nicer pa ngayon kasi Globe is upgrading their network also to give us better speed. Yay!

P.S. Please read my blog post about Fair Use Policy of Globe also.
September 27, 2012

Trend-Setters Love Engraved Jewelry For Its Sentimental Value

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Engraved Jewelry, Lauren Klein, Custom Engraved Gifts
Hot trends come and go, but a few become mainstays such as initial jewelry. Many famous pop singers, like Britney Spears, are wearing initial necklaces similar to those found on the Lauren Klein jewelry website. Here, you will find the latest fads, like the sumptuous one-big-stone bracelets and necklaces that are so popular today.

Style magazines show celebrities wearing both of these types of jewelry in silver and gold. However, they rarely show the customized engraved messages, which adorn the backs of their most precious pieces.

What Do Celebrities Have Personally Engraved On Their Jewelry?

Special love messages are commonly engraved on gift pieces, as well as dates, mentions of momentous occasions, and the giver and receiver’s names. Like everyone else, celebrities love to see their own name in print. It provides an instant ego-boost to look in a mirror and see your own sparkling initials embedded on glistening gold or silver. Engraved jewelry, most commonly necklaces, bracelets and rings carry the same kind of instant gratification when the wearer flips over their beloved piece to read a heart-felt message.

Kris Humphries chose two Bible quotes for engraving on the engagement band that he presented to Kim Kardashian. Unfortunately, their marriage barely lasted a few weeks. Never the less, it was a thoughtful thing to do.

Gorgeous Hilary Duff is a new mother who likes to wear her baby's initial on a pendant, rather than her own monogram. Additionally, beautiful and talented actress Sandra Bullock occasionally sports a necklace charm with her initial as the focal point. Charlize Theron also wears gold and silver initial jewelry when out and about.

Several Hollywood stars have mentioned in celebrity articles that they have had inspiring messages engraved on jewelry for themselves. The Show Must Go On is a popular message engraved on many star performers’ jewelry. Customized jewelry is great for everyday wear or for special occasions like an anniversary. Engravings can signify or acknowledge anything that is personally meaningful to the wearer.

How Do You Get Jewelry Engraved?

Luckily, engraving jewelry costs very little. While highly affordable, engraving adds huge sentimental value to jewelry. Online jewelry shops, such as, carry tantalizing jewelry designed to carry a personal message or monogram. Engraved jewelry made specially for babies and children are wonderful gifts that are cherished for a lifetime. Check out the Lauren Klein jewelry website for pages full of trendy necklaces, bracelets, rings and other inspired jewelry items if you want to see the latest styles.
September 19, 2012

3 Tips to Improve Your Link Prospecting

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An important part of increasing online traffic to a company website or blog involves building links with other related sites. This is an ongoing process that helps a site rank higher in Google and also ensures a steady stream of organic traffic. Link prospecting is the first main step leading to link building. The primary question that must be answered in order to move forward with the crucial process of link building relates to how to find these invaluable links. Below are some tips for improving your link prospecting results.

Utilize advanced search queries to generate more prospects

Getting started with a basic Google search is not going to generate enough link prospects to take full advantage of all the relevant links available for traffic promotion. For this reason, it is helpful to use advanced search queries for identifying numerous linking opportunities.

For example, if an Australian boating blog is what is being promoted, then a URL search is called for and it would look like this: (Boating inurl:blog/Boating blog This search will return boating blogs in Australia.

An exact phrase search represents another advanced search method. This type of search is perfect for identifying websites that are actively seeking guest bloggers. An exact phrase search using the boating example above would look like this: (Boating "Guest post"/Boating "write for us").

A wildcard search employs a filter requiring that the exact words specified in quotes with a second optional word in the position of the * are contained in the title or text of a prospective blog link. For example, searching with (boating"guest*blog) will identify any blogs using the word boating couple with any other word. For example, any blog containing the words boating equipment or boating locales would show up on a wildcard search.

September 17, 2012

New Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken

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Greenwich, my no.1 pizza chain in the Philippines is now offering an all-new delicious and extraordinary chicken. It is the Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken that is set to satisfy your craving with an extraordinary fried chicken packed with extraordinary goodness. See photo below. 
Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken
Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken
It is available for only P79 and served with a steaming cup of rice to complete a filling meal. 

I've tasted this during Blogger's Pizza blow-out last September 14 and I can say it is really extra juicy and bursting with flavor at every bite. If you are looking for a new taste of chicken, then you should try this. 
September 14, 2012

Go Nuts Donuts, Proudly Filipino Made and more than just Great Donuts!

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Go Nuts Donuts, Go Nuts Donuts Bloggers Event
Last August 2, 2012 we attended the Donuts Blogger Event at Go Nuts Donuts in Abreeza Ayala Mall. It was our first time to be there and it was only that time also that we learned that Go Nuts Donuts is the only major brand donut that is Proudly Filipino. Wow! Nakakaproud talaga at lumelevel-up pa ang sarap! A clearly good reason why customers (especially Pinoys) should patronize Go Nuts Donuts.

We've tasted a lot of their yummylicious donuts but what my partner and I really loved the most are the pizza donuts. Yes, you read it right because they are more than just donuts! Pizza donuts look like a donut but are 100% pizza. Each pizza donuts only costs P36. So good, so affordable and will surely satisfy you!  Available variants below:

 1. Barbeque Pizza - topped with smoky barbeque sauce, caramelized onions, roasted bell peppers and chunks of chicken barbeque.

 2.  Garlic and Cheese - topped with tomato sauce, garlic bits and mozzarella cheese

3. Hawaiian - topped with tomato sauce, pineapple chunks, ham slices and mozzarella cheese.

4. Pepperoni – topped with tomato sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese

September 06, 2012

Private Apartments for rent in Moscow, Russia

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apartments for rent in Moscow Russia
Russia’s capital, Moscow is a modern city yet its historic past has been preserved with the presence of old architectural structures and sites. To mention a few of the most visited places is St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Red Square, Lenin’s Mausoleum and the State History Museum. 

Several destinations and sights to see at the capital of Russia make tourists at any age long to visit where history once unfolded.

As with the arts, Moscow is an artist’s hub over the past centuries. The Tretyakov Gallery, which was named one of the greatest museums the whole world, is also located in Moscow. 

After a long day in tour, visitors normally need a place to sleep and take some rest for them to be ready for the next day’s itinerary. For visitors who would want to stay for a week or two and enjoy Moscow’s best, it could be good a good place to stay at Private Apartments for rent in Moscow, Russia than to avail of hotel services which could be more costly. Aside from the comforts a home-like location and space, these apartments are just a few meters away from the tourist destinations. 

September 02, 2012

Custom–Fit Explainer Videos

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Illustrate it Video, Explanier videos, Explanatory Videos
Websites of all kinds flood the internet from time to time yet only a few draw sales from customers. This points the reason that visitors often are not willing to browse through the pages of a website and they are not fond of spending time and see through the sections of a site. It could be very beneficial to the site owner if one places an explainer video which contains the actual business of the site.

Often, the customers who are attracted to very informative and creative explainer videos would later be interested to scan through the site and thus, conversion or sales is close at hand.

There are several kinds of explanatory videos which can be seen in the sites over the internet yet, all of that aims to attract and convince people to engage and avail of their products and services. The current trend is by using the innovative animation techniques in producing explanatory videos.

Like the product ads seen on television, the most effective videos are the ones which are uniquely presented, concise, simple and entertaining. Get to have of the best video production services from The company offers what your website really needs. Get to have of a custom-fit video for your website which could be of big help to produce sales.

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