October 21, 2011

Jay-z: New York Street Born Rapper

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From the dark streets of New York, Shawn Corey Carte aka Jay-Z rose from the independent music rap music industry to the main stream back in 1996. The street rapper turned professional recording artist was never discouraged to pursue his dream despite the fact that he was raised only by his mother soon after his father left. He started his career in the alleys of the Big Apple together with his friends, but before that, he was involved in drug-peddling and street gang activities.

He treated each of his projects in a different manner and said that the best style is not really a style. Jay-z just went on by saying that he takes the form of water; in short, he takes any shape, takes any style as long as it suits his genre. This explains why his albums hit the billboard several times.

October 20, 2011

Garage del Parco, Continuing the Business Legacy and its Values

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Parents through the ages have made it a must to leave a legacy to their children. Some hand down their wealth, money, fame and position in the society. To some it could be quality education, as the best inheritance for parents to pass on to their children. But more than the education, like any parent, Aldo Antonio wanted to pass on to his next generation, the business values of efficiency, competence and meticulousness in providing quality service to the customers of his simple car repair and selling shop way back in the 1960s in Milan, Italy.

A son who was entitled to a birthright never ignored the legacy and took on the challenge of continuing the legacy. He also went on a car selling and service enterprise. Alexander was next on the line and since his younger years, he already had in his mind that he would soon continue his father's business, but in his own way.

used cars for sale, Garage del Parco, cars

Because of the exposure to the business, he grew a passion for the cars. But before he modified the old workshop of his father, Alexander already had the love for the car dealership business. This led him to pursue an innovation and thus, www.Garagedelparco.com came into being as an online dealership site of used cars Milan (auto usate milano) which carried the same business values his father practiced in his old business, still in line with cars.

The site features used cars for sale (vendita auto usate) which are guaranteed to be in good condition. Interested buyers can go to the garage and inspect the car if ever it has a damage. The company practices complete transparency with regards to the transactions made between the buyer and vendor.

Worry not for the car's efficiency. The product has been fully checked and it is as good as new. The machine was given great priority as to the conditioning of the vehicle. Also, we dwell on the principle that the real soul of the car is on the inside, not the outside appearance. This justifies the reason why you should not have hesitate to buy used cars (compro auto usate).  
October 19, 2011

Shop, Connect and Win Iphone 4, Ipad 2 or even 1 Million at AyosDito!

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Once I had the problem of looking for a gift for my dad's birthday, but had no time to go for a walk around the local stores. So I opted to browse the net and found this new site for online shopping and was enticed to purchase some products because it was a Filipino-made online store. I had in mind of buying items and was excited to get hold of it in a short period of time because the shipping would just take a few days. 

On the site, I saw some gift items like shirts to mobile phones, cameras, laptops and iphones. The gifts I saw on AyosDito could be a good way to surprise my my dad if I give it as a birthday present. 
Ayos Dito App
AyosDito App in my Facebook account

AyosDito does not only offer comfort to our shopping needs but it also gives us customers the chance to win prizes through their AyosDito Connect & Win promo. The promo runs from August 29 to November 6, 2011. 

It's easy to join. I browsed the site and clicked on the icon “Login using Facebook” which took me to a Facebook Login window. Then, I logged on to my Facebook account by entering my email address and password. Upon logging in, I clicked on the “Allow” button and it led me to the profile page of AyosDito Connect Profile Page and it has entitled me an entry to the weekly draws and to the grand raffle draws. 
Ayos Dito, Ayos Dito Connect and Win Promo

What made me more excited after joining the promo were the prizes at stake. For the weekly draws, 3 winners can have ipad 2 and 2 winners can have in hand 2 iphones 4. On the grand draw, the prize truly rings a bell and those who joined, which includes me, can grab a Million Pesos. 
Ayos Dito, Ayos Dito Connect and Win Promo

At AyosDito, it's easy to get hold of prizes, you can shop, then connect and win! So what are you waiting for? Join the AyosDito Connect & Win Promo NOW!
October 18, 2011

Apl.de.Ap of Black Eyed Peas Tires Not to Give Back

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Apl de Ap, Black Eyed Peas

Filipino American singer Allan Pineda aka Apl.de.Ap promotes “We Can Be Anything” educational campaign. Later this month, Allan will be joined by co-hip hop artists of the Black Eyed Peas band for the grand launch of the project which aims to address the problem of classroom shortage in the country.

In line with this, Allan wrote a song entitled “We Can Be Anything” and it expresses his support to empower today’s Filipino young people, and encourage them to fulfill their dreams. He wants to share the word that any young person can achieve even the most impossible of their dreams and one sure way to attain a dream is to acquire a formal education. The song’s MTV is already shown on MYX.

Proof to this, the Pampanga-grown artist confesses his genuine love for the Filipino youth as he made mention of donating a music room and a computer room in his hometown’s public high school. Allan also advocates on raising the academic prowess of students in the Philippines. With regards to the high dropout rates in the most schools as of the present, most especially for the Aeta children in his home province, he also has in mind several project ideas to be materialized in order to address the problems.

He also stressed on his willing support to any project that would help uplift the educational system and the Filipino youth, as a whole. Allan does not tire to look back where he came from and he is eager to extend a hand, as he shares his talent and time.

Aside from these, the Grammy Award winning band member also has his own projects such as scholarship programs for the poor but deserving students.

Mini-concerts will soon be held by the international artist to help generate funds to be used in building public school classrooms and learning centers. The education-oriented campaign is a joint project of the Apl.de.Ap Foundation and the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation.

Allan Pineda Lindo Jr. indeed loves his home, the Philippines though America gave him all: the fame, the money and the luxury. In spite of his great success, he does not forget to take a look back where he came from. He has a big heart for the Filipino youth and he believes in the power of the “Noypi” youngsters being as one of those proofs of it.

October 15, 2011

Larry Martin - Pinoy Biggest Loser's Life-Changing Experience

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Ex-policeman Larry Martin's motivation in joining Pinoy Biggest Loser reality show was mainly to get back to the service. But he acquired more than what he had expected. He wins the vie for the title by losing 101 lbs. from his weight of 255 pounds. Aside from that, he has gained self-confidence, got hold of new ways to live a healthier life and above all, he sees life now in a different way- a more positive look.

The 125 days coupled with life-changing experiences inside the camp made him and his other companions view life in a better way- away from the hurting judgments of the society who used to name them as pigs, abnormal, jumbo, and the like. But more than the hurt that they once felt, they wanted to avail of a longer life as it is an open truth that obesity lessens the life span of a person. As they get through the challenges, it is as if the Filipino audience also journeyed with them.

October 15, 2011


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Levis is in the head of leading an American apparel firm, corporately known as Levi Strauss & Co., the forerunner in the denim jeans industry. It started its operations in 1869 when Levi Strauss arrived in San Francisco, California to open a merchandising store. Starting off with the release of overalls, it was only in the year 1920 when they started creating the Contemporary jeans. Marketing in more than sixty countries worldwide, Levis is indeed enormously rampaging sales charts at the top.

Levis, Levis Philippines
The youth of today clamps to its name associating them to one that is strong, modest and original. From the vast line of products, like jeans, shirts, shoes and so on, Levis continues to make skyrocketing sales. Accredited for its perfectly tailored jeans, Levis draws its inspiration from the people. How they live, what they do and how they progress. In each design that they create, they always try to incorporate the various desires and motivations of the wearer. Integrating these motivations with style is a different thing. In a world where people are stimulated by what they see, fashion is always a social orientation that can’t be missed.

So when a Levis model ramps up, one thing is definite only Levis can do that. Pioneering in authentic and stylish designs, Levis innovations are geared towards a hipper fashion. Where trending competitors tend to mark the market line, Levis is genuinely showing what it can offer. With something that is uniquely designed, uniquely different and outrageously stylish, Levis always never fail to give a good fight. So innovation is still a cup of tea going ahead with the plans and not looking back where we need to lead. As a symbol of an era and independence, Levis is a trademark that participates in the molding of the clothing history.
October 14, 2011

Girls Sweaters

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Girls Sweaters, Outerwear, Aeropostale
Groups of young female adolescents love to look the same by wearing close to similar garments as a part of their fashion play. Though they want to achieve the identical look as a group with what they wear but still, each individual maintains the uniqueness as a person by picking the same type of clothes but with a different design and color.

Fashion for them is also a way of expressing the group's existence in a non-verbal manner. If one joins into the group's sense of fashion, it is a profound gesture suggesting that sense of belonging, which almost all individuals are in search.

But on the other hand, comfort jives with fashion. So, when these fashionable individuals go for a stroll inside the mall or go for a walk at the park during cold and windy afternoons, they would avail of the comfy feel and warmth that only girl sweaters can bring.

But looking for several kinds of high-quality and fashionable sweaters can be hard in local markets as business merchandisers often order a few number of stocks. This has not kept young girls from going with the trend as online stores have put a solution to their fashion concerns. Try looking at www.aeropostale.com, where a wide variety of girls sweaters are made available to complete a teenage girl's fashion package.
October 14, 2011

Hayden Kho and Vicky Belo's Wedding, All Set?

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After the waves of struggle and tribulation, Hayden Kho and celebrity doctor Vicky Belo finally announces some details of their wedding set next year in America.

In retrospect, Hayden had been confronted by his sex scandal issue last 2009 which put him in hot water when actress Katrina Halili filed a case against him. The scenario even went worst when his license as a doctor was revoked by the Professional Regulations Commission.

The most recent of problems encountered by the controversial couple was the Quark Henares, Vicky's son from business ex-husband Atom Henares, uttered his disapproval on the engagement. He also posed a threat to Hayden if ever he causes hurt again to his mother and this attests his love for a mother. But gladly, before Quark left for further study to the States, all went well and fixed. Hayden also understood why Quark has said such statements.

October 09, 2011

Celebrity: Equal to Role Model? The Line Drawn between Expression(through the Arts) and Advocacy

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Showbiz icons cannot escape criticisms and while they are still in the business, it is inevitable. Issues sometimes make or break their careers. Some even say that if you are talked about, you are assured of your continued existence in the arena.

Just recently, when Nora Aunor made her steps for her comeback to the show business, got some thumbs down from anti-smoking advocates. This was due to her vogue-like pose in the cover photo of YES Magazine with the superstar holding a cigar. She has captured the limelight yet in the wrong way as a Catholic priest commented. Philippine Medical Association (PMA) has also spoken their piece regarding artists to act as role models and not project bad values and vices, like the hazardous smoking.

The group has been disappointed for the act but I think this draws the line between art and advocacy. Though art could be an effective means for advocacy, still the freedom to express prevails, from which art is a perfect avenue to express. With this the magazine’s editor-in-chief defended the cover photo and pointed that it only depicts who Nora is as of the present: a free-spirited and more liberated artist as she breaks her silence on issues regarding her sexuality, her children and a lot more. But in the end, the editor attested full support to the no-smoking campaign. As of the latest, Nora also promised to quit her smoking in due time, as it has caused her health to breakdown and she confirmed to be one of the advocates for the smoke free Philippines campaign as soon as she quits.

October 08, 2011

Phil and Angel: Keeping Status a Secret?

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Angel Locsin, Phil Younghusband
Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband

The rumored couple Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband (Azkals Team) had been seen together for months, in public. Even in the games Phil played outside the country, Angel never failed to give some moral support. The last time the rumored “in a relationship status” couple was spotted in a Magazine launching event held at The Peninsula Manila, they were not able to escape some speculations from the press people.

All the more the media was intrigued when Angel answered the questions in brief yet meaty answers on how their relationship was going. Prior to this event, Angel has already made a statement that they are more than friends but on the detail, she preferred not to elaborate, just kept on smiling and said that they are both happy with each other.

She also said that it could be more complicated to explain because people have different assumptions and understandings on how things go. Angel just in a more recent interview also mentioned “No anniversary date yet,” which connotes that the relationship has gone another step but still she uttered in defense that she could not define the status of the relationship she shares with the Azkals player.

Keeping their affair’s status a secret could be a healthier move to preserve whatever these celebrities do have for each other. People from the show business have learned the lesson of keeping in private their love affairs to save it from being ruined by unjust controversies.

Though they are considered public figures, these personalities deserve a private life, something ordinary people enjoy. Private matters, such as relationships must be kept for a secret, and that is what showbiz people are slowly practicing as they are already tired of media people feasting upon their private lives.

Angel and Phil had chosen not to expose their private matters to the public but as they say action speaks louder than words, their affection for each other radiates the glow of a healthy relationship, of whatever kind it maybe. It is more than obvious that both of them enjoy each other’s company and they help each other grow for the better.

By keeping the status a secret, Angel and Phil feels comfortable appearing in public gatherings as a couple. Even though Angel said it was undefined, but they are “more than friends” and her “We are happy” response, what else could we think of?

Bang! It must be an open secret.

Photo taken from the Andronico Website
October 02, 2011

Getting the Best of Website Hosting

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Technological advancements are inevitable and one of the innovations that computers have brought into this modern age is website hosting. In a simpler sense, it is an online service which provides users some space to store the website contents: HTML files or web pages, CSS files, image files, Javascripts and the like. Such internet information would need a storage situated in a fully-secured place with a permanent connection to the web through high speed data lines. 

For the user’s convenience, the server must be linked round the clock to the internet. A specific IP address is assigned to the server so that it could be connected to any other computer online. Server space is another term for web site hosting. If there was no such thing as web site hosting, you could not see even a single page available on the web. It is highly required to keep functional and make stable the web connection, so that the server could be accessed anytime. 

But it could be a hassle when you chose a web site host which in the end failed your expectations. So better be more intricate in picking one and be sure it is effective. Find a web hosting service that fits your needs and by browsing WebHostingFan.com, you get to choose the best service from hundreds of available top rated web hosting providers. No need to worry because these providers have been well-reviewed, proven and tested to be the best out of the thousands that are available online. 

October 02, 2011


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Established in the year 1924 Adidas was named from its incorporators, brothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler. Like most of the top supplier of shoes in the world, Adidas expanded its line of products to bags, clothing apparel, watches, athletic goods and eyewear. Considered as the biggest distributor of sporting materials in Europe and second globally for more than 80 years, Adidas is still growing and innovating.

Adidas, Adidas Shoes
Trending with the most effective clothing and goods, Adidas continues to animate the challenges. It is revered by athletes all over the world because of its quality, efficiency and strength. The Adidas logo is enliven by three stripes, which was also an idea of Adi Dassler, and was first availed in the year 1967. It portrays stylishness, durability and marksmanship. That is why its mainstream slogan, “Impossible is Nothing”, marks up to its reputation.

Following the line of products they market, Adidas watches are among the favorites because its long long-term strength. The most in demand product is the Adidas trainers, which had grown to a long line of models and designs. Its new innovations in making their shoes lighter and easier to handle contributing to one of the leading distributor with high loyalty mark.

It has also been said that a lot of football players favor Adidas that any other footwear. That it helps progress performance and helps them maintain their stamina. Another reason would be is that they want to participate in the charitable events sponsored by the company as it launches a yearly event helping indigent and poor countries by contributing clothes, shelter, money, food and even their own products to athletes, wishful players and members of football team. Participating in making others dreams come true is indeed something that we can look forward to and that is why Adidas is here to help you.

October 02, 2011

True Love Prevails in the End for “No Other Woman” movie

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Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, Derek Ramsay

Like any other movie-goer, one could get the idea of the main theme upon reading the title. “No other Woman” would suggest another infidelity story, a common cancer in all relationships since the past. But after watching the movie, you would not get the feel of regret as you have watched another Filipino film, well-crafted and it’s more than what you have thought and greater than you have expected.

The movie shows a modern tale of true love put into test between Sharmaine (Cristine Reyes), an almost perfect wife and Ram (Derek Ramsey), a faithful husband who later gives in to a temptation. The eve-like personality of Cara, played by no less than Anne Curtis, is the tempter, who is a happy-go-lucky New York schooled playgirl. Cara does not believe in true love for in her lifetime, she has not found one. For her, a relationship is like a game and boys are not worth a fight. But things changed when she found affection which later on develops into passion and love for Ram.

Sharmaine and Cara, the two main female characters in the story have their own share of turning points. The good housewife changes her outlook and decides to project a stronger personality after she has finally caught her husband who broke his promise of having no other woman aside from her. She finally sets her feet into her stilettos and gets herself ready to defend her marriage. On the other hand, the mistress in denial, Cara also in the end realizes that she is truly in love with Derek. She had to accept in that she was just a part of the dark past of a man who wanted to satisfy his wild fantasies.

Ram does not escape emotional struggles as with his dad, whom he hates most. The root of his hate was when his father left their home for another woman during his college days. The hate feeling later led him to imitate his father by engaging in a third party, and it was too late when he realized.

Yet in the end as they say, true love prevails. A mistress’ love for the married man, made her to realize that love was not a game and was not made just for fun. The wife also shows her unconditional love for her husband as she gave up her pride and went to the hospital after his husband caught a vehicular accident.

No Other Woman also shows the acting prowess of Anne and Christine who played their roles in precision and both deserve an acting award.

Photo taken from the Paborito TV Website

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