June 30, 2012

Luxurious Jewels of Swarovski Elements

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Swarovski Elements, the brand behind the finest crystals, wholesale beads and other jewelry pieces was created to signify a good branding which would mark the products from the same brand. The company is known for manufacturing cut crystal components as it bears the high quality seal of Swarovski elements.

The reason the brand was launched was mainly to project a more appealing trade name to the consumers. Also, this brand launch aims to give help sustain the manufacturers who use Swarovski elements in producing their own jewelry pieces. It is also in this way that consumers can easily differentiate the genuine pieces from the fake ones.

Swarovski Accessories, Swarovski Jewelries

Manufacturers who got the license from Swarovski are allowed to place MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on their products. Aside from that, only these manufacturers can integrate the Swarovski logo and brand on their advertisements and other promotional materials.

Those manufacturers whose products bear Swarovski trademark also avail of the internationally-acclaimed brand name. The brand’s presence across the world would help generate more profit for the manufacturers through the marketing campaigns and other events which are regularly staged.

As the company values the partners in the business, such parties will be given tailor-fit communication packages, trend advisories and trainings.
June 28, 2012

Sam Pinto is 2012 FHM Philippines' number 1 Sexiest Women in the World

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It's official! Sam Pinto is still the sexiest woman in the land. Wohooo! Congratulations Sam Pinto! Wow! It's back to back! You deserve it and keep it up! FHM Philippines has not yet published the complete list but I saw this Top 10 result in their forum.

June 24, 2012

Miss World Philippines 2012 Winners (Results)

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Just watched Miss World Philippines 2012 on TV 5 and I'm a disappointed with the production and some hosts. It was not as grand as I thought it to be also. It feels like an ordinary beauty contest. But anyway, below are the list of winners. Congratulations to all of you and best of luck to Queenierich Rehman.

Miss World Philippines 2012 Winner: Queenierich Rehman

June 03, 2012

Our Dayang Beach Resort Summer Getaway

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I will never forget our summer getaway last month because of a couple of "now we know" experiences.

First off, the waiting of 2 hours at Sta. Ana wharf. I really thought that the boat would leave at 8am that's why as early as 4am we were already awake preparing for our food and things. Only to find out, that we still need to wait for the boat to be fully occupied. LOL!

Next, since we were there during Sunday. The boat didn't take us directly to Dayang Beach Resort, Talicud Island. So we stopped near Isla Reta. The only vehicle available to take us to Dayang Beach Resort is through Habal- habal (a motorcyle that will carry 2-5 persons, you can see pic here).

It's not my first time to ride in this vehicle but the experience that we had was just nerve wracking. The road going to Dayang Beach Resort was so bumpy and we were going up and down. Imagine that and we were carrying a lot of things! The first time, the motorcycle went up - my heart was beating so fast already and just when we thought that it’s over the road gets more challenging. There were small and big rocks, holes and the way up and down is not short distance. Whew! Good thing, the driver is an expert as we arrived safely. How I wished I have turn the camera on that time so you can picture out what exactly I am talking about.

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