December 12, 2007

Trip to Bansalan

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Our trip to Bansalan was a very memorable experience for me. A good way also to forget the very bad day I had last December 6, 2007.

It was actually my second time to visit the place. The first, we just stayed for a couple of hours to visit a nun celebrating her birthday back then when I was still working in the RVM Provincial House. Now the most recent one, we stayed for 2 days and 2 nights at Mona's House to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

my friendsANG MGA LAAGAN: May, Me and Asvi

December 10, 2007

Christmas Wishes

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December is the month we've all been waiting for. Not to mention the bonuses, the 13th month pay, the gifts, the vacation and others...

As for me, I am hoping and wishing that I will finally have these things this Christmas:

1. Computer - every IT student should have this. It has been almost 4 years where I am going to internet cafe's and to my friends and classmates' houses just to use their computer. And I tell you, its really really hard especially these days.

December 01, 2007

A bit frustrated

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I am a bit frustrated for the results of the PSITS sportsfest for our department. We lose in the different sports events and i think it was already 95%. It was an elimination/knock-out system so basically if you lose, you will never have the chance to win.

I was so determined to win because (hopefully) it will be my last semester in College. I have been playing for Track and Field, Basketball and Volleyball for a couple of years already in the ITE Department and we have never brought any "gold" for Volleyball. We had it almost (1st runner-up) during Intramurals 2006 .

What frustrates me most was the fact that, we had 3 varsity players but we still end up as losers. Yeah, its really hard to play a sport when you are with a team. That was why the word "teamwork" was invented.

I'm planning of trying other sports now. I've been doing track in field ever since I was an elementary student. Volleyball since I was in high school and basketball in college. I'm considering ping-pong, badminton, extreme sports and someday swimming.

Oh I almost forgot, freesbee also. Sway and other graduate students have always been inviting me to play this kind of sports but someone just hinders me from doing it. I don't know why I should let myself be affected by him. It still hurts.
November 26, 2007

Mona's Treat

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Last Friday, we had a belated birthday celebration of Mona. We just went to Merevillas together with some of Mona's friends. It was really, really fun! It has been a couple of months since we had this kind of party at the beach. The food and alcoholic drinks were abundant (Case, case pa)! Wahahahhaha...palaigit! With different classifications of alcohol pa! Grabe talaga ang party na iyon but I never plan to get drunk because two days before that i don't have enough sleep already.

So, I arrived at around 9pm because i still had a meeting. Ate and drank till the clock hits 12midnight then sleep. Bahala mo! At grabe ang kulit nila! They were disturbing me, trying to wake me up! But i never let myself to be convinced. They finished chatting, playing, and drinking at around 3:30am and that was the time that i woke up also. Hahahhahahaha! I had another session of tequilla drinking also. Just a little. (Joke?)

And at 5am, I already changed my clothes and went on swimming. The rest were all sleeping, "hubog naman gud" . A few minutes later, I woke some of my friends and they've joined me. It was super fan! Matagal na rin kasi akong hindi nakapagswimming. They were laughing at me because even floating, I can't do it. Geeezzz.....and I was just near the seashore. I am not a good swimmer and I can't hold my breath that long. My frustration eversince i was a kid from the time that i almost die because of drowning.

What else did Mona treat me?

She allowed me to use her computer for almost two days. Yeheey! I updated my blogs and watched NARUTO in Crunchyroll. Thanks Mon for everything! Sayang nga lang walang digi cam that time pero oks lang, enjoy naman ang lahat! Di namin malilimutan iyon. Sa susunod ha! Belated hapi birthday! :)
November 24, 2007

Samson by Regina Spektor

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From the very first time i saw her music video "Fidelity" on MYX I already admire her. I must say she's the artist that amazes me most. Perfect for my taste of music. Her songs are soothing and she has that unique and very beautiful voice. Just like the music video below, Samson.

Love to listen that you just wanna play it over and over again! Agree?
November 22, 2007

Excited for PSITS 2007

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PSITS logo
I am still excited eventhough I am not the contestant for the Programming nor to the Quiz Bowl Competition for this coming Philippine Society of Information Technology Students XI (Nov.30-Dec.8,2007) .

Though not a participant for the academic events I will still be joining two other events which are Volleyball for Women and MTV Spoof. I hope that this time around we will bring home the bacon because the performance of our school last year was not that good. I am also happy that they have required the participants/players to have a photocopy of the school id because as what I have observed there were students who participated in the different events who are not really from the IT department or any.
November 16, 2007

I got an award!

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Blog Award, Amazing Blogger
GirlOpinion gave me this kind of award, the "You're an Amazing Blogger". Im so happy that i have received it and i just hope she also wrote the reason why. Hehhehehehe....

Anyways, I'm also giving this award to my friend, Dacky.

She is amazing because she always inspire me. She has everything yet she still remains to be humble.
November 16, 2007

PERFECT by Judith McNaught

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Perfect, Judith McNaughtPerfect is the first English novel I have read.

I remember after a meeting Joy, Dacky and I went to Jo's to have our dinner and while we were waiting for our food to be served Dacky was sharing to us its story....and it was just so interesting that was why I was convince to why not read it albeit it was a nosebleed to me.

Joy finished reading the novel for just 3 days and me? It took me 6 months. Yeah, its true! I returned the book just this week. Its funny but it was actually an accomplishment to me because imagine, I've finish reading a book with that thick! First time azz in... The first few chapters of the book i read it while i had my OJT in Link2Support every idle time, when we don't have calls especially during sleeping time of our clients.

So what can I say about the novel? Great, great, great. Just in chapter 1, it already made me cry. Julie Mathison in her childhood? and you know naman that i've always love children so no need to wonder. Also, while reading the story I felt that i am as if watching a movie. Characters and scenarios were very well described and it was really amazing. Ganyan ba talaga iyan? Though the love story was quite common as what i have seen on movies it was still good especially in the romance part. Hehehehee...and i also like the happy ending. Sometime soon, I will post my favorite lines in Perfect.

Next novel to read: Paradise by Judith McNaught also. I borrowed a book already in the library and I don't know when will I finish reading it but one thing is again for sure albeit, im gradually learning to love the subject English more.

Image Source
November 13, 2007

Last semester na talaga!

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class schedule and assesstment cardGosssh....this is it! We are in the last semester of our college life. "Walang bitawan na ito, kaya natin ito guys! Konting tiis nlang tlaga. " I know nakakatamad na talaga but we have to do it, to end and begin a new chapter in our life.

I just hope and pray we will all graduate and no one will be left behind.

November 12, 2007

Shakeys V-League (Fave Players)

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Shakeys V-League, Philippine VolleyballWatching the Shakeys V-League was one of the things that made my semestral break fun! Yeah, azz in because i really love to watch TV especially about sports and movies. Maybe when i was still in the womb of my mother i am already playing different kinds of sports while my mother was enjoying her hobby also and that is, watching movies. She's a certified movie buff and she even did a lot of cutting classes. Hahahahhaa...

Anywayz, if there are mythical players in the UAAP I also have these mythical players in the field of Volleyball. Here they are:

Sherrilyn Carrillo (Lyceum
) - the captain ball, I just love the way she spikes. Whether it is a good or bad set, she can hit that ball very well! Idol talaga kita!
Rachel Ann Daquis(FEU) - ohh.. the eye catcher, the first time i saw her in the UAAP wow! she is really beautiful plus she plays well in volleyball. I know she will have a lot of endorsements.
Janet Serafica (Adamson
) - a good setter, an expert to dropping the ball. Iba talaga ang tatak Serafica compared sa ibang setters.
Stephanie Mercado (Ateneo
) - it comes in the genes, she is actually the daughter of Lydia de Vega. Ang galing, wala akong masabi!
Bangladesh Pantaleon (Colegio de San Juan de Letran) - small but terrible, very athletic talaga with high jump and powerful spikes!

Talking about guest players hindi naman pahuhuli diyan sina Suzanne Roces (UE
) and Lithawat Kesinee (Thailand) who are playing for UST and Ateneo respectively. Height palang grabe na talaga at ang galing talaga especially Kesinee who is the top scorer of the Ateneo team. Si Roces nman? astig talaga! I super like her hair style pa. Hehehhehehe..

If you still have not seen the Shakeys V-League
don't worry the 2nd conference will still be up to December 06, 2007 kaya nood na!
October 26, 2007

Keep the Faith

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It was one of my mushy nights when I received this SMS from an anonymous texter.

Let me share this beautiful text: I asked God, "how do I get the best out of life?" God answered: "Face your past without regret, handle your present with confidence, prepared for the future without fear. " Then He added: "Keep the faith and drop the fear. Don't believe your doubts and never doubt your beliefs. Life is wonderful if you know how to live". God knows, God sees and God bless you.

It was an answer to the worries of my heart. Another sign?
October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

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Wonderin' what is it?

Bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind - the environment. Every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. Our aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future. Blog Action Day is about MASS participation. That means we need you! Source

There are 3 ways to participate:
a. Post on your blog relating to the environment
b. Donate your day's earnings
c. Promote blog action day

October 02, 2007


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bITEch is the Official Publication of the Information Technology Education Program of UIC. Just had its first release(September 2007) and i'm happy to be part of the Editorial Board. Hehehehe...I wrote two articles for the September 2007 issue. The first one was the Computer Literacy Training and the OJT Experience. A good start to my blossoming writing career. Charus! Borrowed the blossoming term of Raine. Hehehehehe...

bITEch, ITE Official Publication

Editor In Chief: Mary Grace Ignacio
Associate Editor: Katherine Dacanay
Managing Editor: Alma Ritchel Merin
News Editor: Pink Cabero
Feature Editor: Catherine Remolleno
Literary Editor: Cherry Joy Abe

Writers Pool
Jeremy Acosta
Jopal Matthew Dumanig
Ace Jan Lynard Malubay
Lorelie Sabac


Photo Editor: April Rose Ann Kwong
Cartoonist: Kin Blaine Salisid
Lay-out Artist: Gerald Dumandan
Art Director: Raphael Gregor Banta

Mr. Exander Barrios, MIM
October 02, 2007

something to ponder

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Just want to share this inspiring text message sent to me by Ivan:

"It is better to cry than to be angry because anger hurts others while tears flow silently through the soul and cleanses the heart" - Pope John Paul II

I believe because there was a time in my life that I get angry to a certain person and it intensifies because I put more negative energies. It was bad because I just don't like carrying that hatred in my heart. Now, I think I can manage because I just vent out my emotions through crying than hurting others by being angry. Through crying I was able to realize and forgive. :)
September 25, 2007

Proposal Title Defense: A Success!

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At last! I am a bit relieved because our proposed title, "A Blood Bank Center Information System with SMS based Inquiries" has been approved. With a bonus, our group was among those who made it to the top with a very slight differences with regards to the score.

Our hearts were really jumping with joy especially Leiz and I upon hearing one of the panelists comments, "You have a very good docu". Also, my commendable presentation (although i talk so fast). It was such a rewarding remark considering that we had a lot of sleepless night and even that day, the two of us didn't sleep just to have some finishing touches with our docu. I also had to prepare my slides for the presentation in the morning. Cramming thing, ayt? Yeah...good thing, I was still able to make it. Somehow, I could attribute this as my special skill. Char!

Days before the defense, we just had a funny and memorable experiences.

4 groups had been gathered at Leizl's house. Sharing of Computers, Foods, Thoughts and we also had our predefense and docu checking courtesy of Sir Roy. We will not also forget the group of Joy, although they were not physically present but they have shared to us how to make a CBA. Sir Eric also for all the comments and suggestions, although he is not our official consultant but he was just so sharing, so giving and so cool. Don't know how to best describe. Hehehe...

There was electricity Interrruption that we couldn't finish the printing of our docu. It was as if playing us. Plus, no WATER! Super Init! I was a bit anxious that time because if the water won't come back i had to be in school without taking a bath. Goodness, my mother has prepared water for me.
Going back, as my title says our defense was truly a success. Although there was one group that had to make you know..still, we were glad with the overall result. I am sad about them because i have been a witnessed on how they have labored the docu and everything. Kaya niyo 'yan guys! There were side comments after with regards to this and to that but we had to respect the panelist's verdicts.

I would like to take this oppurnity to thank S. Minmin for the money she gave me for all the expenses I have incurred for our thesis. Thank you very much sister! You have truly been an instrument of God. Also, to the undying support of my mother especially her prayers which i could really feel while im doing my presentation. Salamat jud kaayo, mamang.

To my groupmates: leizl, asvi and james - thank you and congratulations to us guys! Remember, this is just the beginning ha. Mao nani firti! Pang-acknowledgement na ang drama nko. (Oist, the panelists also appreciated our acknowledgement part..hehehehehe).

Lastly to our Lord Jesus Christ let all the glory and praises be back to HIM!
September 24, 2007

so much to blog

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I have so much to blog about the things that had happened to me for this month but I just can't find time to write. Busy and No Computer to use. Besides, I don't want to spend my money going to internet cafe's just to blog.

1. Proposal Title Defense
2. Intramurals 2007. Specifically, with the events where I joined: Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, Firing Line, Folk Dance and the one event where I supposed to be the contestant also but I hesitated: Stand-up Comedian.
3. My Fruits Festival: Durian. Lanzones. Rambutan. Mangosten. Marang.
4. Birthday Celebration: Birthday of Ma'am Nelia. Birthday of my younger brother. Birthday of Gerald this coming 29th of September and my Blog Birthday also!
5. BITECH Magazine: ITE's official magazine, first release. Am one of the editors. Hehehehe...

But first things first, I have to write the most important thing that had happened: Our Proposal Title Defense.

Oh how I miss blogging and earning as well! Don't have money anymore. In dire need of sidelines. (Sighed)
August 30, 2007

I'm Joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit

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Mindanao Bloggers SummitI first read the Mindanao Bloggers Summit from the blog of my teacher.

I find it very interesting to join because I will get the chance to meet my fellow Mindanao Bloggers. Aside from that, I know I will learn so many things from the summit. The last time there was a gathering for Davao bloggers which was held in Netfront Internet Cafe, I was not able to join. Hopefully, this time around I could really go.

I want to join my different blogs in the Mindanao Blog Awards especially this blog on the personal blog category but on a second thought I said to myself "huwag at next time nalang". I have so much to learn especially in writing. There are even times that I get confused with my grammars. Like I doubted if my grammars were correct? My composition of sentences is good enough? Yeah, stuff like that.

Besides my blog will just be turning 1 year old. You know, what had happened? Remember the katangahan at maling akala?

I am now congratulating ahead Usual Suspects for organizing this event. I know the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit will be a successful one. Thank you and Congrats again guys!

1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit Sponsors:
**Updated: some websites are no longer active 
August 22, 2007

My Retreat Experience (Trip to Digos)

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It was actually my first time to experience a retreat.

rosary, St. Benedict's Retreat House, Digos CityI remember when I was still an elementary student I used to go to Betania Retreat House (now UIC Bajada) everytime there is a retreat because i would help my mother prepare the room of the retreatants, go to the kitchen and help the cook and lastly wash the dishes. I am always very happy every time I looked at the bulletin board when it will be fully book because i know for certain that sumptuous food are always prepared and we could bring home some food also. At a young age I also wonder what was happening in the sessions of the retreatants because most of the time i could see them crying.
August 12, 2007


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The event happened last June 28, 2007 and Im sorry for posting this late. I was a bit busy that's why my blog is no longer updated.

Anywayz, as Araphoenix
mentioned in her blog the ITE Acquaintance Party '07 was really a success. It would not be possible without the excellent preparations of the ITE Program officers spearheaded by Araphoenix herself.

As I've mentioned in my last post, I consider the event as the happiest Acquaintance Party I ever had in UIC. Everything was well set. From the venue, the sound system, the presentors, the Mr. and Ms. ITE contest, the games azz in everything talaga. Although the program started one hour late we were still able to manage it to the exact time it should end.

I can see that all students including the faculty did really have fun especially in the last number, where the CLAN B presented the MTV Spoof. Although I am not that contented with my performance because I was conscious with my miniskirt which my classmates forced me to use but I am still happy. It was actually my third MTV Spoof presentation.. With regards to the second spoof unfortunately no one has able to catch a video of it. Sayang! Iyon pa naman ang da best!

Anywayz, you can check out the video by visiting this link! Be sure to load it first.

August 04, 2007

What's up?

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Hi, its been ages nba? Hindi pa naman.

What's up?

Oh, my life has been very busy the moment I enter the life as a senior student.

Wow! Ang sarap talaga ng feeling! Nakikinita ko na ang mangyayari...I am marching and my mother is crying while handing to her my diploma. Kasi naman, sa hindi nakakaalam at hindi pa nakakasubaybay ng life story ko MAGNA-NINE years na ako sa College (seems like MAGNA CUM LAUDE bah?). I was 2 years in Accountancy, 1 and a half year in Medical Technology, and in my 4rth year in Information Technology (back to 1 due to my scholarship). I just counted the 1 and a half year where i stopped and worked as a full time tutor. So, getch nyo na talaga age ko? Oks lang, batang-bata nman sa personal diba? Nafeel niyo ba kung gaano kasaya at kafulfilling iyon? (Hinggang malalim...) At last!

A lot of things I realized also in my journey.

Like, it's time for me to try to make the most out of my last year in College. Before, i decline to run in any office whether in a club or in our own program but right now I am an officer of two clubs. Active parin ako sa mga sports event like Volleyball, Basketball and Track and Field. I still want to join the Folk Dance and Firing Line competition for the upcoming Intramurals. I hope sa lahat ng events na kasali ako, panalo ulit kami like last year. Champion na sana ang ITE Program sa lahat ng categories. Hmmnn...plan of joining the Ms. Intrams sana but i don't know with Sir Ex kung bakit ayaw niya akong piliin. (Kapal Muks bah?, i think meron nman ako ng mga qualitites dba? -> hehehehe)

The start of my journey was a bit rough considering the left and right responsibilities that i've had from home-school-home. When my uncle died a baton has been given to me without him, even saying it. A bit tighter with my budget because i am now sending one of my cousins' kid to school. The feeling is very rewarding, honestly. I feel like I am a practicing to be a mom now. I just really love kids. At school, I was a bit anxious with our unfinish task and I just hope we could settle it out. On a lighter side, I am extremly happy with the outcome of our Acquaintance Party last July 28, 2007. I am proud to be one of the emcees of the said event special thanks also to my very good partner, Ryan. It was the happiest Acquaintance Party that we ever had. I also felt like i should really developed my hosting career.

Thank you always to this special person who always give me appreciation and honest criticisms, my angel and my mentor. I really thank you for choosing me and for everything. I consider the event as one of the happiest moment of my life. The oppurtunity of entertaining my fellow students. Ganun nga talaga noh? Ang sarap ng pakiramdam na napasaya mo sila.

Lastly, I have opened my hearts for forgiveness. I was able to reconcile with my college bestfriend. It was again him, my angel and my mentor who pave the way to let me realize that who am I not to forgive her? I have been into those situations where she had also. Instead of criticizing her i should accept what had happened and let bygones be bygones.

Pagpasensiyahan niyo naha, unorganized ang thoughts ko. Free flowing lang iyan.
June 17, 2007

Make Money Online from Money4Blogs

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Last May 31, 2007 I received the money that I have long been waiting for from Money4blogs and it was worth 175 dollars.

It made me sad before when I realized that I could not receive the money because I don't have a Paypal account. Besides, Paypal is not fully available here in the Philippines and Money4Blogs already stop sending money through Xoom. But good thing, there are always this wonderful people around me who extended their hand so that I could receive the money. They are Sir Dennis and Ann. Thank you again guys! I also thank April for receiving the money in behalf of me.

May 27, 2007

Make Money from Blog to Profit

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Last May 24 I received my money from Blog to Profit

Blog to Profit, Make Money from BlogIt was actually my third time to receive money from them. The steps were just very easy and in less than a week you will receive your money. They can send it through your Bank Account, PayPal or through Western Union. I chose the latter because I don't have PayPal account yet.

I already received P3,400 from them with the following breakdowns: P700, P2100 and P600. They will send you certain links with a corresponding title and all you got to do is do some entry about it/them.

May 07, 2007

Four Play, a new meme

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I have been tagged by Araphoenix and Shane.

4 Jobs I've had:
1. Auxiliary (simply a helper in the RVM Provincial House)
1. Student Assistant (Pharmacy and Laboratory Aide in our school)
2. Tutor (Elementary and High School students)
3. Call Center Agent (right now in Link2Support)

4 Movies I've watched over and over:
1. The Notebook (Hollywood)
2. Sassy Girl (Korean)
3. Got to Believe in Magic (Filipino)
4. The Classic (Korean)
**They are all love story movies. I tell you they all are worth watching.

April 23, 2007

Happy to be a Link2Support CSR

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Link2Support logoWhen the result was given last Friday, I couldn't believe that I passed. I was silent for a couple of minutes trying to put into my realization that it was really true, that I make it! My heart was jumping with so much joy and at the back of my mind was the thought saying, "Prayers can really move mountain" and I almost cry.

I am just so thankful for those wonderful people who prayed for me. They are my mother and the RVM sisters who even celebrated the Holy Eucharist with the intention just for me during our call simulation day.

I was no longer expecting to tell you honestly although I did try my best.

April 14, 2007

What's bugging me?

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I don't know how will I handle this thing that is bugging in my mind.

We just finished the 1st week of training for communication skills in the call center company where I am having my OJT. The training was tough because they wanted us to have that American Accent and i feel that among the OJT's I was the worst. I know the field is never mine besides I am not a communication arts student, I am an IT student but i really like the challenge. I am very eager to develop my communication skills.

My accent is not that good. I commit mistakes and I am a bit conscious reciting infront of my classmates. I don't know why this thing is happening. In school, I am not really this kind of person because I am full of confidence but in our training room I am so quiet and shy. I don't know how will I overcome this kind of intimidation and insecurity that I am feeling. Until now that the training for technical skills have already started I still feel that i might fail in the call simulation.

What's more bugging me is the fact that this OJT of ours is 3 units and I think it should be graded. I worry about my scholarship because I might get a low grade that would result me to be out from the privilege that I am into. The head of the training department told us that in every call that we have our customer will be given a sort of surveys where they can rate the agent and if they gave us 57 that will be our grade. Gosshhh....I plan to quit but I also want to earn. I need money but I am quite shy if I will still look for other company.

I really don't know what to do. Please help me. Help me Lord.
April 05, 2007

A Way Back Into Love

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Love this song soooooooooooo much! Nakakainlove si Mr. 46 Hugh Grant! He has a good voice plus he knows how to play different musical instruments pa. Plus factor talaga pagmusically inclined ang guy diba? The story of the movie Music and Lyrics was just simple pero ang OST ang ganda talaga!

March 28, 2007

mag-fourth year najud ko!

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At last, the semester is over!

Nabreak ko narin ang sinasabi nilang may curse ako. It is because with my previous two courses (Accountancy and Medtech) i only reached the second year.

It feels good to be reaching this far because I have been through a lot of down and down.
***When we had our firing line presentation for the parents recognition and awarding I can't describe what I was feeling especially reading my line as a mother. The message that we shared was all about the sacrifices of every parent to their children. I felt so guilty because I know, at my age i should be a professional already.
Pero hindi pa huli ang lahat, babawi talaga ako sa inyo.

I am up to the challenges that are waiting as we reach our senior year. I am positive that i can do it at gagraduate na rin ako. Hopefully with flying colors.

Good luck sa ating lahat!

March 04, 2007

sleep problems, bad dreams

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The second semester is almost over but I tell you, every time it is coming to an end it always gives pressures to students because of the left and right requirements given to us by our dear teachers.

Somebody even said to me, why that strategy? Why do they always gave it on finals? Well, even if they will give it ahead of time it is useless because an ordinary student is fond of procrastinating. Fond of doing things a night before the deadlines and i admit i am one of them but not all the times because i also prepare, paminsan-minsan nga lang when i am not attacked by my laziness.

February 25, 2007

So Happy!

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11 Reasons to explain my title:

1. I was able to regain my status here in Blogger that showed i have been blogging since October 2005. Remember I deleted my 5 blogs and started from scratch because of my Katangahan at Maling Akala dated September 2006? Although profile has been changed what is important is the status. I can now transfer my entries also.

2. The article we have submitted to TCI (our school paper) was accepted and it was already published. I've got an ample copies of the school paper as a remembrance. It was my first because when i was in high school we never had this. I never thought it will be accepted because i don't have any formal trainings or have not been to any seminars in writing.

3. The ITE Department has planned to have our own magazine. We already have the editorial's board and i was elected as the Managing Editor. It makes my career as a frustrated writer become brighter. Too many articles are in due but its okay. I used to hate English before but now I'm lovin' it.

February 02, 2007

I'm back!

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Whew! Nearly a month since my last post. I am still here.

I've been sick and paranoid thinking that the illnesses that I have maybe the effect when I was bitten by the dog
. I was absent for a couple of days during the 1st week of the class. After a week, I was absent again for more than 7 days due to that illnesses.

I was suffering from a multiple health problems such as on and off fever, severe headache, colds, tonsilittis, severe joint and muscle pain, nausea and vomiting. I was thinking that I may become a dog because of those illnesses. That they were the manifestations that I was transforming into an another creature. What a weird thought?

Now, I am quite okay. I was welcomed with so much love and concern. Thank you guys, especially to those who texted me. I appreciate it a lot.

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