December 17, 2011

Annebisyosa No Other Concert

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Anne Curtis has evolved through the years from a teenage icon turned host, then became a recording artist and just recently, she became blockbuster actress for “No Other Woman” and now, she steps up to become a concert artist as she stages her first major concert on January 28, 2012 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

The concert title is inspired by her recent movie hit and is called: “Annebisyosa No Other Concert World Tour.” Her album turned platinum in a span of less than three months after release. The “Showtime” host was overwhelmed by the support given by the “madlang pipol” - as they fondly called the audience of this Kapamilya noontime show.

Anne Curtis, Annebisyosa Concert

Anne developed her confidence to sing on stage because of the daily sample segments held in “Showtime.” It was her dream to have an album and also to have a concert, and it seems that all things are slowly unfolding.

She said in a recent press release that people must expect the best with regards to the production. She then reveals that she has her brains on with the concept of all the production numbers and the designs for her costumes.

Basta ginagamitan ko na talaga ng bongga yung imagination ko dito just to give the best kasi kung ano nga yung kakulangan ng boses ko, ibibigay ko na lang sa lahat ng production number at outfits ko. Kaya abangan nyo yan!” This was Anne’s statement as she admits the limitations on her voice but she promises to make it up with her vivacious numbers and her grandiose costume changes.

The people who would be behind her concert will be Rico Gutierrez as the Director with Marvin Querido as musical director; and is produced by Viva Concerts as Anne is under the management of Viva.

Georcelle Dapat, the ASAP Rocks choreographer will also work for her concert. Georcelle said in that TV Patrol interview that she knew this time would come that Anne would soon be given the chance to do her solo concert in Araneta. She also said that Anne is no longer just a goddess on TV but she is now also a concert goddess.

Anne Curtis will be joined on stage by “Showtime” co-host and real life close friend, Vice Ganda with ASAP colleague and Popstar princess, Sarah Geronimo. Anne assures the concert goers that the show will cause them to smile and be entertained through the best she can do. She then adds: “ngayon ay handa na raw siyang lumipad, tumiwarik, magsayaw, at siyempre kumanta.”

But with all these success that she has now gained, she still looks back to the “madlang pipol” who made her step up to the best she can be.

Photo taken from the Chill 'N Chillax
December 10, 2011

RJ Rosales dies in Australia

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Former ABS-CBN talent, RJ Rosales died at the age of 37 in Sydney, Australia last Sunday, December 4, 2011. Born in the Philippines to a Filipino and Australian parents, Roseo Jose Rosales (aka RJ Rosales) was successful in his career here in the Philippines, Australia and in Singapore. His family migrated to Sydney when he was thirteen.

He was part of the Australian production of Miss Saigon in 1996 and from there; he then made a decision to go for higher grounds in Singapore, where he gained success as he pursued his theater career and added to it, was a new venture as a television personality. "Chang and Eng," "The Student Prince," "Man of Letter" and "Cabaret" are just a few of the musicals he did in Singapore.

December 06, 2011

5 Festive Fashion Gifts for the Holiday Season - Cafe LA Moda's Picks

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The Christmas countdown is on and it’s time to treat the trendy Wendys (and Waynes) in your life to something that will have them strutting their stuff, but keep you out of your overdraft.

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Here’s our guide to the best budget fashionable gifts for everyone this season!

1. For the girly girl

These faux leather gloves from Yours clothing should satisfy even the most pink-obsessed girls and for just £12.

2. For the sophisticated lady

A clutch bag is the ultimate in chic accessories and this blue oversized number from Miss Selfridge ought to please all the classy ladies and is currently in the sale at £12.

December 02, 2011

American Artist produces an all-OPM hits album for Jose Mari Chan

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Jose Mari Chan

Another milestone for Original Pilipino Music (OPM) is the American production of an album containing twelve hits of the timeless singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan. The album is called The Manhattan Connection: The Songs of Jose Mari Chan.

It can be remembered that Chan’s hits were revived locally through the years and the most recent of which is that of Christian Bautista. The album earned quadruple platinum award in a span of few months after the release and that only means Filipinos really love the voice and the melody of no less than Jose Mari Chan.

The eternal hits like “Beautiful Girl,” “Constant Change,” “Can We Just Stop and Talk a While" and "Please Be Careful With My Heart" would always remind us of his mellow and soothing voice that he considers a gift from God. He even confessed in a recent interview that since the beginning of his career, he did not have a voice coach.

His passion for his art catapulted him into this stature at present that after so many decades, his songs would always be remembered especially as the yuletide season hastens. “Christmas in our Hearts” and”Perfect Christmas” would always make us sing to it whenever we hear of it being played over the radio.

But who could have known that after so many years, an American producer would take some interest in his compositions and make it into an album, released in a musically liberated nation that of America. It only means Filipino music is captivating for the foreigners and with that Chan was so thankful to Janis Siegel, current member of the Manhattan Transfer, an American vocal group, for producing the album.

All of the twelve songs will be performed by budding American singers of this age and this comes out like a tribute album to a non-American artist- a rare happening as they call it.

Chan said during the album press launch:"I was pleasantly surprised with the result of the album. I felt honored and challenged," and he added that this is an achievement for the Philippine Music Industry.

The story behind album production began a few years ago when Renen De Guia of Ovation Productions met with Siegel, the solo-Grammy Music Award recipient, and introduced him to Jose Mari Chan. Siegel soon found interest in Chan’s compositions upon hearing some of it which resulted to this tribute album.

Chan’s album only proves that OPM can cross cultural boundaries and is a big achievement for the music industry which would serve as an inspiration for Filipino musicians to keep on playing and creating songs from the heart. I think this is the edge of Filipino artists: the heart for music, the heart which is inside every OPM song, the message that it brings into our sub-conscious which seem to remain there forever and are even be part of our own lives.

Photo taken from the My Music Store Website

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