October 29, 2012

New Payment Policy of Blogsvertise

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Blogsvertise is one of the  many websites where I make money from blogging.  I've been a member of this site since 2008 and up to now I still receive tasks from them. Although it is not that abundant compared to the past years but at least I get to receive 1-5 tasks in a month. It still helps to pay the bills.

Blogsvertise, Payment Policy of Blogsvertise
Talking about payment, they have actually implemented a new policy. If you are not yet aware of this and already upset why you haven't received that long overdue payment on your account then read on...

According to their Facebook page:
Blogger payments will now be generated when your Payment Management reaches $50+. Your total payments due must reach a total of at least $50 in order to receive payment. This policy has been implemented in order to cut additional PayPal fees. Many companies similar to ours have a minimum of $100 before bloggers can receive payment. We wanted to be fair to our loyal members and did not want to make bloggers wait to reach that amount.
This new payment policy can also be found in the Help Page when you are logged in to your Blogvertise account. 

So what do you think? Is this fair enough?
October 27, 2012

Artista Academy Winners: Vin Abrenica as Best Actor and Sophie Albertas Best Actress

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Congratulations to Vin Abrenica for winning as Best Actor and Sophie Albert as Best Actress for the recently concluded Artista Academy competition. They automatically become "Close-up" Ambassadors and each won 10 million pesos. WOW! The biggest prize a winner has received in a TV reality show so far here in the Philippines.

Just judging from the earlier performances, they are not actually my bets. Akihiro Blanco's acting and dancing is better compared to Vin Abrenica. The same thing applies to Shaira Mae over Sophie Albert. But since the criteria for juding is 40% accumulated average for the past weeks; 40% grades for performance tonight; 20% text votes I can't say that they will win. But regarding love teams, I prefer the Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert or "SOVIN" love team. They look good together and may "KILIG FACTOR" talaga. :)

October 26, 2012

Survivor Philippines Season 25 Episode 6: "Down and Dirty"

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I've finally caught up watching Survivor Philippines Season 25. Yay! The past five episodes were not really that good. Scenes were more focused on Tribe Matsing since they never win in any immunity challenges, resulting to a tribal absorption to Denise Stapley and Malcolm Freberg.

But on its Episode 6: Down and Dirty - the show gets more interesting because the two tribes (Tandang and Kalabaw) gave up the reward challenge which is to push a large wood ball across a mud field to their goal (see photo above) for a deal. Wow! I think it's another first time in Survivor history. And guess what, the deal is to give up all the remaining rice the Kalabaw tribe has in exchange for winning the one time feast reward. A proposal made by Jonathan Penner who promised to catch fish for his tribe mates.

October 26, 2012

Fair Use Policy of Globe

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Fair Use Policy of Globe, 800mb limit
800 MB Limit Reached

I've mentioned in my recent blog post that I have chosen Globe Tattoo as my internet service provider because its speed is faster compared to PLDT net at Home. But later on, I found out that there are actually limit to our surfing, download, upload and others. This is because of their Fair Use Policy.

So even if you are registered for an unlisurf for a day, a week or a month - we have a limit of 800mb data subscription per day. Shocks! I really thought that I could make the most of their faster speed but sad to say, I will just have to use this connection for surfing, answering emails and not for downloading my favorite movies and tv series. I still can't terminate my PLDT Net at home subscription unless there is  a wired connection available now in our area. :(
October 24, 2012

Fall Wedding Theme Ideas

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Fall weddings can be breathtakingly beautiful with the lush autumn landscape accentuating the beauty of the event. There are many great ideas for fall weddings, from ceremony decor ideas to gown selections and bridal party fashion. Planning your fall wedding will be a blast when you take in all of the best that autumn has to offer.


The invitation sets the tone for the wedding and gives your guests a preview of what to expect. Dazzle them with earth-toned invites drenched in fall hues such as pumpkin, cinnamon, crimson and gold. Use neutral colored paper made from recycled fabrics to complement your fall theme. Invitation accents such as leaves, pumpkins and pine cones give your invitations an authentic feel.

Flower Girl Dresses, My Girl Dress
Bridal Party Apparel

Fall in love with your bridal party with an autumn color scheme to match your rustic theme. Outfit everyone from the bridesmaids to the flower girl in deep reds, champagnes, rose and chocolate hues that will turn heads. Sites like My Girl Dress offer a wide selection of wedding wear that will make your wedding day special and memorable. Choose from the best of wedding attire for everyone. Select accessories such as flower girl wreaths, silk florals and baskets that bring out the beauty of your fall wedding.

Ceremony Decor

The beauty of a fall wedding is that you can make a big impact with a small amount of decoration. This is especially true of outdoor weddings, where the beauty of fallen leaves in a rainbow of colors make for breathtaking scenery. Go with kissing balls, pomanders, wreaths and arches for your fall ceremony decor. Sunflowers, wildflowers and roses make for great bouquet fillers, so get back to nature when choosing your floral arrangements.

Reception Ideas

Your reception is your time to flex your creative muscle. Pine cones make for excellent seating card holders. Pine branches double as placemats, while pumpkins and squash make excellent centerpieces. Peacock feathers, manzanita branches and paper lanterns are all simple ideas that make a big impact. Go bold with your fall wedding and create an event that your guests will talk about for years.

Fall Feasts

Fall-themed menu ideas are as varies as the guests who sample them. Plain donuts with a side of warm cider make a mouth-watering fall treat. Roasted chicken, potatoes and vegetables are a menu must-have. Finish it off with a fall-themed wedding cake and you have your perfect fall wedding.

Planning your fall wedding can be simple by using what nature provides. Start planning yours today.
October 17, 2012

Mandrien Consulting

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In this modern and innovative age, companies need to generate new ideas in order to replicate efficiency and result to a greater profit. Here comes the role of business consultancy firms which offer solutions to expanding and developing companies in teaching the best practices of the business industry at present. 

Out of the many consultancy services over the web, Mandrien Consulting Compliance Experts holds a good reputation in providing effective strategic planning in all corporate settings especially with title and mortgage industries. Mandrien Consulting also assists in compliance mentoring, strategic national licensing, digital marketing and all other consultancy needs. 

October 04, 2012

More Reasons to love SM Supermarket Lanang

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We got a chance to have a  tour at SM Supermakert Lanang right before it was open to the public last September 27 and we can say it is really the best supermarket in town so far.  Shoppers will experience an all-new lifestyle with fresh trends and more choices with SM Supermarket's personalized customer assistance, exciting promos, new products and sophisticated services.

SM Lanang Supermarket

Help Button - If you need assistance while shopping. Their friendly and reliable customer assistants will attend you. All you need is press the button
SM Lanang, SM Lanang Supermarket

Speed Lane - allergic to long lines? Queue busters will come to the rescue. While you are waiting, the customer assistant will start scanning for the products that you wanted to purchase.

SM Supermarket Happy Hour

Happy Hour - must catch discounts in 60 minutes on fresh and food items. This happens twice everyday. So you should watch for it.

SM Lanang, SM Lanang Supermarket, SM Supermarket

Hydrophonics - these veggies grown without soil to reduce bacteria contamination for that cleaner, healthier and freshness

SM Lanang, SM Lanang Supermarket, SM Supermarket

Freshness - they have a process called cold chain, maintaining an ideal temperature for fresh items to preserve shelf life and prevent the thriving of bacteria, from source to display. The store has humidifiers also for vegetables and seafood to trap moisture and prevent dehydration

SM Lanang, SM Lanang Supermarket, SM Supermarket

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