April 24, 2020

My 2019 Year-end Review (A Long Overdue Post)

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Wow! It's been 8 months since my last blog post. I've been really busy. I was working two jobs and at the same time studying. I subscribed to LinkedIn Learning courses for 6 months and have also purchased a one year subscription to Code with Mosh courses. So that's my life basically. Char! Hehe. 

But since my contract has just ended for my part-time job, I can now give time to update to this blog. For the past few days I have been working on changing its look, updating categories and fixing some issues. I intend to keep this blog till the end of time. Charot! :) 

Anyway for today, I'll be sharing my 2019 Year-End Review which is a long overdue post. Hehe. 

January - March 2019 - Managed to update this blog at that time. There were unexpected things that had happened. You can check them out here and here.  Last March was also my real birthday. Thank you Lord for another year of my life! More birthdays to come! Sana matupad na iyong pinakawish ko. Hehe :) 

April 2019 

Dumanlas Elementary School Alumni Homecoming, Dumanlas Elementary School

I attended the Dumanlas Elementary School Alumni HomecomingI think it's the first Alumni Homecoming of our school and I'm happy that I was able to attend it. It is really good to see my classmates again after soooo many years and reminisce our memories together. Fun times! Almost everyone is now married. Hehe. 

Verzosa-Esencia Clan Reunion

My family had also attended the Verzosa-Esencia clan reunion at Maraymaray, Don Carlos, Bukidnon. It was my first time to go there and see our relatives from Bukidnon. We also had relatives who travel all the way from Cotabato. 

It was just a day trip. Bitin masyado. We hope we could tour around and had swimming in the river and experience life at the province even for just a week. :) 

May - June 2019 

I have started looking for a part-time job to augment my income and thankfully, a recruiter found me in Upwork and I passed the two-week training process at Datafox (by Oracle). It's my first time to be working for a company as big as this and I'm just soooooo thankful for this wonderful opportunity.

Datafox, Data Operations Annotator
Our picture together during one of our All Hands Meeting. There was a time when the auditors count is 200+

July 2019
My request to go back working from home was finally approved. Yay! It was just the perfect timing. 
We also celebrated the 62nd birthday of my father dear. :) 

fathers birthday

August 2019

I was promoted at Datafox. I became part of the QA/Reviewer Team and was recognized as the Rising Star of the month during our All Hands Meeting. So thankful to PM Nicole for the trust and opportunity and of course the inspiration :) Ang galing niya talagang leader. Nakaka-amaze!

I was also transferred to another team. We were working on Level 3 projects.
Achievement Unlocked! :) 

Datafox, Data Operations Annotator

September 2019

My brother celebrated his 33rd birthday. Happy that our cousin from Iligan (whom we don't get to see often) was there to celebrate with us. And of course, the Merin family from Davao were also present.  

I'm hoping we could have our Merin Clan Reunion by next year. 
brother's birthday

October 2019

Received a wonderful news on the beautiful morning of October 8, 2019. I was proposed to become a Supervisor. :) 

After I passed the training, I supervised a team of 3-5 people from different countries. It was quite a challenge especially that I'm not an eloquent speaker. So that's the time that I really decided to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium Learning courses. I have to improve myself, my communication and leadership skills. 

So thankful for this opportunity! My new Project Manager (PM Yuri) was also as inspiring as PM Nicole. I really admire and love them both. They are young Project Managers who are just so freakin' awesome! They keep me on my toes. :) 
Team, Datafox
My teammates: June, Maasa and Ryan. Insert: Dayeon and Yee Hshin (Hehe)

November 2019
Nothing much for this month I think. I don't remember any events that I attended to or something. 

December 2019
As always, December is full of events. Hehe. 

Lunch with Teammates, Tong Yang Plus SM Ecoland, Tong Yang Plus
Lunch at Tong Yang Plus, SM Ecoland. We won in the contest (games organized by Illumedia Team) so this is our prize. Hehe. Happy tummy! :) 

Christmas Party, Illumedia Christmas Party
Illumedia Christmas Party - lots of gifts! Hehe. 

Dinner with some of my high school friends :) 

Christmas dinner with family. Of course, hindi mawawala ang lechon. Hehe. :) 

With some of my teammates: TL Jonathan, Chuckie, Cristina, Josh, Jhusteen, Princess
(Insert: Beldeck, Analyn, Stephanie and Mart)

And last but not the least for my work at Datafox + Oracle, I was transferred to Alpha Team to supervise a bigger team (4-10 people). This time all my teammates are Filipinos. No more nosebleed everytime we have our weekly meeting. :)

But before that also, I underwent another training and I got a 100% rating. It's another achievement unlocked! Super stoked!

Overall, 2019 turns out to be a great year. Thank you Lord for all the blessings. :) I also managed to buy something for myself like the new guitar and our dream of having our own videoke because we all love to sing. :) 

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