DECA Homes Pre-Qualification Requirements for Pag-ibig Homeowners

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Last August 26, I received a wondeful news. My Pag-ibig Housing Loan is finally approved and our house in DECA Homes is already finished. Yay! I just need to find money and work on the application for water and electricity  including our hollow block fench and gate so we can finally transfer there. We've been renting for more than 20 years already and we never have our own house here in Davao. I'm just so happy that I've been able to do this. Getting a housing loan is a good alternative than renting for like years without having the chance of owning it.

Anyway, if you are interested to invest or to apply in DECA Homes, here are the requirements for Employed, Self-Employed, OFW and In-House Financing. I believe almost the same requirements apply to other subdivisons also.

    1. MSVS or Membership Status Verification Slip - you need to attend the Pag-ibig seminar to get this. This is every Friday 8:30am-11:30am and 2:00-5:00pm at Pag-ibig Office in LandCo bldg. You will  definitely learn a lot of things.
    2. At least 24 months of monthly contribution to Pag-ibig. (For my case, I paid the 2 years contribution so I can qualify right away. Minimum contribution is P200/month)
    3. photocopy of Residence Certificate (husband and wife - if married)
    4. Marriage Contract (if married), birth certificate (if single)
    5. 3 pcs 1x1 ID picture (husband and wife - if married)
    6. photocopy of Cedula (get this from your Barangay office)
    7. Certificate of Employment and Compensation
    8. Latest Income Tax Return or Form 2316
    9. Latest 1 month pay slip 
    10. Checking account to cover 2 years of monthly deposit amortization (I've issued 26 post dated checks for this. The other 2 checks are for the payment on the equity. After 2 years, the payment will be made to Pag-ibig.)
    11. Proof of Billing Address (mails, water and light bills - my name is not written on the water and light bills since we are just renting. So I've included my telephone and internet bills)
    12. photocopy of TIN Card, SSS Card or two valid ID's

    1. 2 photocopies of each requirement in 1-4 (employed section)
     2. photocopy of Job Contract with Visa and Passport
     3. 3 pcs 1x1 ID picture (husband and wife - if married)
     4. checking account (26 post dated checks)

     1. 2 photocopies of each requirement in 1-4 (employed section)
     2.  3 pcs 1x1 ID picture (husband and wife - if married)
     3. Business Permit
     4. DTI and SEC Registration
      5. Checking Account (26 post dated checks)

     1. 2 pcs 1x1 ID picture
     2. Residence Certificate
     3. Marriage Contract (if married), birth certificate (if single)
     4. 2 valid ID photocopy
     5. Checking Account (26 post dated checks)

I'll update you with the expenses I've incurred on the next post and some tips. In the meantime, work on the requirements while waiting okay? If you have any questions, feel free contact me.


  1. weee! deca homes sa my mintal dba ate ritchel?

    weee! congrats te. hehe

    duol2 natag balay...weee!

    calinan amo. hehe

    god bless!

  2. yes, sa Mintal mi... silingan na diay tah..ehhehehe...Thanks!

  3. May tanong po if ever approved ni Deca may chance pa po ba na madecline ni Pagibig?

    1. sorry po sa late reply. ngayon ko lng nakita, marami pala awaiting moderation na comments. si pag-ibig talaga ang mag-aapprove po ata basta ifollow mo lng iyong requirements at makita nila na may capacity ka makabayad sa housing amortization.

  4. Naa pay available house deca sabang Danao


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