June 09, 2022

Best Places to Live in and Around Washington, D.C.

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There’s nothing quite like Washington D.C. This area of the country has fantastic schools, awesome businesses and career options, and incredible entertainment: while still getting to claim the southern charm so many people cherish in the south. 

If you're considering moving to Washington D.C., these are the top areas you should consider moving to. 

Why Washington D.C.? 

Washington D.C. is possibly the most well-known area in the country since it's the capital of the United States. This entire area may be expensive, but it's also one of the best paying portions of the country, with a lively economy that ensures anyone who wants to find a job can grab one in no time. 

This is also an awesome area to raise a family since the schools and education here are unparalleled. Washington D.C. should be everyone's top choice. 

 Alexandria, Virginia 

The average home in Alexandria is half a million dollars, but this is possibly the most affluent city on this list. One of the oldest cities in the country, originally a colonial city on the Potomac River, it played a huge role in shaping the country into what it is today. Living here allows you to enjoy the countless memorials and museums, even though a steep price tag comes with it. 

Frederick, Maryland 

If you want the most affordable area on this list but don't want to give up your great schools and low crime levels: it's time to move to Frederick, Maryland. Unfortunately, the one drawback of all of the fantastic things it offers is that it's a full hour outside of Washington, D.C. Many find this drive worth it to live somewhere that's safer, more visually stunning, and quieter than you could ever find living close to the nation's capital. 

Arlington, Virginia 

Although Arlington real estate is the most expensive on this list: it's worth it for how incredible this area is. The average home value sits at $700,000, which is far higher than the national average, or the state average: but you're also just five minutes outside of Washington, D.C., and so close to the beautiful Potomac River. 

There’s a deep wealth of historical properties here that you can explore and learn about, and it’s like living within a city that’s also a museum. This is an experience unlike any other. 

Rockville, Maryland 

If you want to be in an area that has the best schools available (ranked A+) and a relatively small population, you're welcome to move to Rockville! With just under seventy-thousand people, Rockville has a low crime rate and is just twenty minutes out of the nation's capital. Plenty of green spaces, gardens, and trails ensure anyone can enjoy an active lifestyle while living here. 

There’s Nothing Like Living Near the Nation’s Capital 

Living near Washington D.C. gives you the perfect mix of fun and intrigue that ensures you can enjoy getting to know the history of this country: while still being excited about how far it has to go. Consider moving to Washington D.C. and watching history as it happens.

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