January 24, 2018

Giving Your Wedding a Vintage Feel… on a Budget

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Everybody loves a bit of vintage, right? And everybody loves saving money where and when they can, yes? Well, if you are currently in the midst of planning your wedding (and are stuck for ideas on its theme and seem to be going overboard with your spending at every turn) then you can suffice your love for all things vintage and your need to save some money by giving your wedding a vintage feel… on a budget. 

To see exactly how this is achieved, make sure to read on. 

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Start with the invitations 

As with any weddings theme, yours must be set and started by the invitations that you send out. So, what this means for you, first and foremost, is that you are going to have to send out vintage wedding invitations. Whether this means asking a low-cost bespoke stationery designer to create them for you, or whether this means creating them yourself in order to save a bit of cash, just make sure that they set your vintage tone. 

Lace decorations are your friend 

When it comes to giving your ceremony hall and your reception party room that vintage feel you crave for, make sure to remember that lace is very much your friend. Yes, lace decor instantly makes any area look far more vintage than it actually is, so make sure you have plenty of it. 

As are classic pearls

Classic pearls are also very much your friend when it comes to your quest to inducing as vintage a feel as possible in your wedding. By draping strings of classic pearls wherever and whenever you see fit over your wedding centres and tables, you and your guests will instantly be transported back to the Roaring Twenties, a time synonymous for glitz and glamour. And, what this will mean is that your wedding will well and truly feel vintage. 

Rustic signs are always a hit 

Rustic and vintage go hand in hand, and rustic signs can be found on the cheap, so putting up as many rustic signs as you can around your wedding ceremony and reception area will always prove to be a win-win. These could be wooden rustic signs that direct your guests to a certain area, or just signs with quotes on to make your guests smile. Whatever their purpose, just know that they will always prove to be a hit. 

Storage jars fit the bill perfectly 

If you have made little things like sweets and candy available to your guests then you’re going to need something to store them in, and vintage style storage jars will fit this bill perfectly. They will do so, especially when they come with a worn, pastel-coloured look, because they always look incredibly vintage and can either be picked up on the cheap in the shops or online or picked up free in your grandparents’ kitchen! 

As you can see, giving your wedding the vintage look doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. To find more fanatic wedding theme ideas, make sure to head here.
January 19, 2018

How Music Will Make You Happier

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woman listening to music

It seems like the topic of happiness is getting more popular by the year. This leads to more and more people trying to find ways to increase their happiness wherever they can. Some people read books, some turn to exercise, while some use relationships. However, there is one common thread that a majority of us use to improve our emotions – music! 

Music has been used as a healing tool for millennia and the benefits of music are still being discovered today. Scientists are using brain-imaging technology to peer inside the minds of those both listening and creating music. Unsurprisingly, the results have been astonishing. 

Music is now being shown to touch many areas of our lives that we never thought possible. Thus, it’s no surprise that a correlation between music and happiness has been discovered. 

If you’re interested in learning about the science behind music check out this article below. I’ve dug through mountains of scientific literature to pull out the best studies relating music to happiness. What you find may surprise you!

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