October 19, 2009

Yummy Ribs at Lyndon's

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Last Saturday, after Grace and I had our "group study" at Chicco de Cafe. We then headed to Lyndon's for our dinner through the suggestion of Dacky. We tried their "special spare ribs" which cost 115pesos or like 3US dollars.

ribs, Lyndon's Ribs
It was so delicious and tender that made me ordered for another cup of rice. I should have a diet you know but I can't resist it. I even ate some of Grace's share. Gossshhh....

So if you also want to try this yummy food from Lyndon's all you have to do is go to Roxas Avenue. It is just infront of Chicco de Cafe and beside Rasi Computer. Just a walking distance from where we had our group study.

Thanks to Rap for the photo and for Dax for the good recommendation!

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