January 31, 2016

How to cancel a recurring payment from Paypal?

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I tried the LinkedIn Premium this month and it set-up a recurring payment on my PayPal account. I needed to cancel it so I won't be charged on the next billing date. So how do I that using the new look of PayPal?

Here are the steps: .

1. Log in to your Paypal account 

2. Click the gear icon

3. Click Preapproved payments 

4. Select the Merchant where you want to cancel subscription 

5. Click cancel to confirm request

January 31, 2016

A lookback at my 2015

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Tomorrow will be a new month. Allow me to lookback at my 2015 first before the new month of February comes. 

January - March - The most unforgettable was when my first ever pet and beloved Narda died on February 19 at 11:35pm. 

It was very painful. I never thought it could be that painful. Everyday I was crying. I remember her always. She was my bestfriend, my family and my baby. Oh Narda, I miss you so much. I'm so sorry. :(

April - June  - The most memorable was during my Mama's 68th birthday. My nephews and niece from my mother's side visited. My first time to see the boys. They are now professionals and one of them is now a Post Graduate Intern (Medicine). So happy for them! At least may relative na kami na doctor someday.

July - September -  Bittersweet months. I got pay raise twice (so thankful) and I attended wedding events of my college classmates and my bestfriend was also back home last July. 

But on these months also, my aunt (my father's sister) and her husband died. My uncle died last July and just after a month, my aunt followed. :( :(  

And what's more heartbreaking is, just few days ago my cousin/their second son died. :( Hayyyy...

January 20, 2016

Tips For Getting Ahead As A Car Dealer

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There are many articles on this blog that talk about the best ways of buying and selling cars. However, we don’t publish too much information about doing that for a living. So, we thought it wise to break from the norm today and offer some great advice. In truth, anyone can become a car dealer and make a killing. You could leave your current job and work on the project full-time. Alternatively, nothing is stopping you from becoming a part-time dealer and making money when you’re not at work. Either way, the tips on this page should help you to succeed.

Search car selling websites

Firstly, you need to purchase some cars to sell, and that means checking selling sites. You’re on the lookout for people who are selling their vehicles very cheap. In most instances, they will have purchased another car already, and they need to space. Either that or they are in desperate need of money. Whatever the reasons might be, you need to act fast when you see a cheap automobile. Arrange a viewing straight away and take your cash along. Someone else will grab themselves a bargain if you hesitate. Of course, it would help if you could take a mechanic along.

Advertise on social media

Most people use big websites like AutoTrader when looking for a new car these days. So, there is no point trying to complete with a brand like that. You want to focus your efforts on local people for the best results. Create social media pages for your new business where you can post links to available vehicles. It’s much easier to get attention if you narrow your market and concentrate on people living in your hometown. Facebook and Twitter are the best social networks for that process.

Use technology for customer retention

Lastly, you must use dealer CRM software to capitalise on customer relationships. Some people will come back to you in the future when looking for additional vehicles. However, others might forget you exist, and that means you could lose out. CRM software will allow you to keep in touch with all your customers via various channels. It will also facilitate the creation and delivery of coupons and other marketing materials. Failing to keep your brand name in front of the right people could mean your company never reaches its potential. Just talk to any big car dealer in the world right now. They’ll tell you how much difference their CRM software makes to sales levels.

The only other thing you need to consider relates to pricing. Don’t make the mistake of trying to charge too much during the early stages. You need to steal as many customers as possible from your competitors. So, it’s wise to keep prices as low as possible. That is a good idea, even if it means you don’t make a profit. You are building relationships will people who will help you to make a fortune in the future. Nothing is wrong with giving them fantastic introductory deals, right? You’ll get them hooked, and they’ll always come back for more.
January 16, 2016

Brilliant Gift Ideas For The Geek In Your Life

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Image from Pixabay

Not all of us are geeks, but I bet you know one or two! If you’re not in their clique yourself, buying presents for geeks can be tough. If you can’t tell Star Trek from Star Wars, gift shopping can become even more nerve-wracking. If you’re still stuck for ideas, take a look at this list. I’ve put together a few suggestions which every geek will love. No matter how fussy the friend in mind is, having a look at these bits and bobs will get you on the right track.

The geek in question is probably very comfortable around tech. However, I know there are some out there who like a certain retro feel to things. If this sounds like the person you’re buying for, checkout the iBell. I personally can’t believe how recent this idea is! The concept is simple but undeniably cool. It’s basically an iPhone cradle, which charges the phone with the use of an adapter. It has two little bells either side of it with a hammer, just like the original analogue alarm clock. When the phone’s alarm goes off, the bells will rattle. This would be a great gift for people who have trouble sleeping through alarms. Believe me, one of these going off sends you leaping out of bed!

As much as they’ll insist otherwise, most nerds need a refreshed wardrobe. Luckily for you, there are all kinds of geeky shirts out there. From space invaders to classic B-movies, you’ll be sure to find a top your geeky friend will love. If the lucky guy or girl likes standing out from the crowd, then check out this amazing Iron Man shirt. This is officially licensed by Marvel, which gives it a certain guarantee of quality. The fabric contains an LED “arc reactor” shape as seen from the films. It can be turned on and off to fit the situation, so there’s no risk of embarrassment!

When all else fails, buy your geek a game. This task can seem a little daunting if you don’t know much about games. In case you weren’t aware, the industry’s come a long way since Pac-Man and Asteroids! There are literally millions of titles you can choose. From gnarly first-person-shooters to light hearted arcade games, there’s something for everyone. While shopping, you might even discover your own inner gamer! For a store that’s brilliant for variety, try the SEA Gamer Mall Singapore Online Game Portal. After asking a couple of subtle questions to whoever you’re buying for, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something here.

Hopefully this post has given you a little more understanding in the world of the geek. While absolute perfection would be a jetpack or a robot, we’re sadly not quite there yet! I know we can seem like a quiet, elusive bunch. Once you’ve had a browse and got in the right area, you’ll find buying for a geek easier than you expected. Keep an open mind, and try to figure out your friend’s specific likes without giving it away. May the force be with you!
January 06, 2016

Make Your Websites Images Work For You

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Every picture tells a story, or so they say. And our world is bombarded with images. From social media to websites and magazines, images sell and tell a story. All images are clearly not the same. And the way we interact with images is the deciding factor when it comes to staying with a story or even brand. Poor quality images simply do not cut it. They wash over us in a millisecond, and we move on.

Your receptors are finely tuned to pick up on images that make you want to act or interact. Likewise, when we spot a weak image or a generic smiling face with no consequence, then we do not connect. The moment is lost. The connection is gone, and it will never come back.

How can you ensure that your website’s images work for you? And more importantly, how can you ensure that you get the best images you can?

The quick answer might be to employ a graphic designer to handle the work for you. But this is only going to be worth it if you have a clear idea of what you want and need in the first place. Surely the best strategy would be to educate yourself in the art of making, working with and choosing images.

Today’s software such as Photoshop gives you the tools and makes it easier for you to select and work with your images. But many people feel intimidated by the level of expertise needed to the get the most out of the software. Why not consider a quick and productive training course? Adobe Photoshop training classes are easy to access and filled with practical advice and hands-on experience.

Consider becoming a producer of your images rather than a consumer of weak generic stock photographs. These images are often irrelevant to your purpose or brand. If that vital connection is missing, then you won’t be able to persuade people to stay and interact with your site. And if your visitors are not staying they won’t be connecting with you.

Taking photographs on your phone might be fine for your Facebook Page, but it really won't cut it if you want your website to look professional. Invest in a quality digital camera to get the results that you need.

Select and use high quality, as in high-resolution images. Images that are larger, within the framework, work better. In theory the more pixels, the better the quality. And it shows. It makes the impact stronger, and we are drawn into the picture. In essence the more we resonate with a picture, the deeper we are impressed with it. A good image has the power to move us. That makes it an emotional relationship.

Work with images that talk. These move beyond mere representation and add graphics and incorporate logo. This is where you can get creative with setting up shots. You are creating an image where people want to engage. They will want to be there, or will be persuaded that they can be a part of the world you have created in some way. They are known as actionable images.

Balance your use of images with the right text. Copywriting is a skill on its own, and there will be times when you need to work on this balance. Images and text are related. But in essence one should support the other. You’ll find that some products work better with a dominant use of image and minimal text and vice versa.

Using image is all about emotion. How well we relate to the image is a vital element in how customers and visitors can relate to your website and the story you have to tell.

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