June 28, 2010

I'm back at the Sisters of Mary School

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The Sisters of Mary School
I'm feeling nostalgic. After 12 years, I'm back in Cebu and have finally visited my dearest high school Alma Mater - the Sisters of Mary School Girlstown School.

With my short vacation trip (May 13-16), I get to see my high school bestfriend (Nanette), my other high school classmates (Celeste - who also served as our tourist guide and Ann - she is from Davao too) and of course roamed around the different areas of the school as I reminisce the memories I've spent studying at the Sisters of Mary. Jaaaahhh... Nothing just beats the high school life!

With my high-school bestfriend, Ma. Nanette Reposar.

With Celeste (high school classmate - wearing black), Leizl and Rose (college classmates)

The Sisters of Mary School
At the gate area. "Serve the Lord with Joy" - this is the Sisters of Mary motto (taken from Psalms)

St. Therese building - this serves as our dormitories and classrooms when we were still first year students. I cannot forget the incident when all the 6th batch shouted. Hehehhee...

June 23, 2010

New Business: Load Extreme, One Phone Load All!

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Times are tough and it's hard when you are living just from Paycheck to Paycheck. So to help augment the family's income I'm venturing into a new business. This is honestly the first and I'm hoping it will be a successful one.
Load Extreme, VMobile

I am selling LOADS for the following: (All denominations available)
a. Cellphone - Globe, Smart, Sun, Talk 'n Text, TM, Textwise, Red Mobile
b. Landline - Bayan Phone Extra, Bayantel Affordacall, Bayan Wireless Landline Prepaid, Globelines, PLDT Budget Card, PLDT Touch Card, Digikard, Dgmax
c. Broadband - SmartBro Load, Sun Broadband Wireless
d. Internet - Blast, Click, Go!, ISP Bonanza, SurfMaxx, PLDT Vibe, Airbonne Access 95
e. Multipurpose Prepaid - Smart Reloadable IDD Card
f. Online Games - Gameclub, AMPED, E-games, High Street5, Level-Up, Lineage II, Mobius Online, N-Age, Force Online, SkyBlade
g. Satellite/Cable TV - Dream Satellite, Smart Link
and many more products....You can pay me through the following: PayPal, BDO, Unionbak, PNB and of course through cold cash. 

June 21, 2010

Taylor Lautner on Latest Celebrity Gossip

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Taylor Lautner
It's 9 days before the release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (3rd installment of Twilight Series) and I just can't wait to see Taylor Lautner in the big screen again. Yay!

I really got a huge crush on this teenager guy eversince I've watched him in the Twilight Saga: New Moon. And oh yes, I belong to Team Jacob and I as one of those "not teenager" movie goers who screamed like a "teenager" while watching the said movie (especially on the part where he take off his shirt). Haha!

In the Eclipse Movie, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will finally kiss. Oh sweet! We have long been waiting for this since New Moon. Remember the phone rang when they were about to kiss? It was really a disappointment for us, Team Jacob fans. We were already screaming "Kiss him, Kiss him". Haha!

According to the Latest Celebrity Gossip, Kristen and Taylor admitted that the kiss was really awkward (just as any first kiss).

As soon as we finished, as soon as we pulled away and they called cut, she'd look at me and I'd look at her and there would be a moment of silence," Lautner told Access Hollywood. "And she would go: We just kissed!"

June 09, 2010

Friends Forever - Clan B

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I can't help but smile looking at these pictures again with CLAN B. (We call ourselves as Clan B because we belong to section B since 1st year-4th year and we are friends, college classmates and a family)

I still remember the jokes of Gerald which made my stomach hurts so much (click image for larger view and see how we look while laughing..hehehehe) and the fun that we had remembering the memories we shared during College days.

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