December 29, 2013

Make the Calls Stop with These Call Blocking Tips

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You sit down to dinner and the phone rings. You get up and answer it because it might be your boss offering you that raise you wanted, but instead it's just some salesman. Marketing calls, unwanted callers and even your ex can get annoying when calling, but if you're tired of the calls don't worry, you can make them stop. In fact, there are more than a few ways that you can end the calls, even if you're on a landline without a number blocking service.

Telephone Preference Service  

One of the easiest ways to get started with stopping calls is to add your number to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). This list is the official 'do not call' list and makes it illegal for marketers, charities, political parties, stores, and volunteer organizations to call you without your express consent. Unfortunately being on the TPS list does not automatically guarantee that you will not receive any more calls. For example, if you sign up to something online and submit your phone number, they can call you. In addition, anyone who already has an existing relationship with you (such as a previous agreement to call) can call you. Finally, some companies simply do not update their list of do not call numbers frequently enough, so you may continue to receive calls for some time after you put yourself on the TPS list. That aside, adding your number is fairly easy, and a good way to discourage marketing calls.

December 28, 2013

The Holiday’s Best Value Offers only from Tattoo

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Whether it is a well-deserved reward for a hardworking year that was or as a special gift for a loved one, Tattoo, the country’s most reliable mobile broadband, gives you the best prepaid value tablet bundle offers of the season!

You may just be able to check a wish off your list with Tattoo’s unbeaten prepaid tablet bundles! Save as much as P2845 with these new offers that carry a great selection of affordable tablets starting at P4995 for a CloudPad 705W or a SkyWorth S73 and P6995 for a SkyWorth S82. All these new bundles now come with a FREE Tattoo Mobile WiFi that allows you to connect up to 10 devices with speeds of up to 7.2mbps!

“As Tattoo’s offers evolve with the needs of our customers, we continue to create different bundles that would satisfy the desire to always be on trend. And with the surge of quality and reasonably priced tablets, we saw the opportunity to provide these latest gadgets to our subscribers through some of the best value offers available in the market today” said Globe Vice President for Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business Dong Ronquillo.

Tattoo also gives you more reasons to enjoy the holidays with a wonderful freebie to kick start your mobile broadband connection by texting FREE1 to 8888 for 1 free surfing hour good for a day.

Try something new this season. Step up and join the Tattoo Tablet Revolution. Know more about Tattoo’s latest deals and visit, call 730-1010 or visit a Globe store near you.
December 28, 2013

Justin Timberlake is Back and So Am I

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I still remember when I first realized I had fallen in love with Justin Timberlake. It was about a decade ago, and I still lived in Houston, Texas. I was about 22 years old, fresh out of college. I was single and ready to mingle…and Justin Timberlake was just the music to get me moving.

There was a party in the Montrose area of Houston, which is known for its arts and culture. I remember walking up to the house, the Houston cityscape towering in the background. Music bumped from the inside, a keg pumping out Shiner Bock on the front lawn. This was the time when all the hip kids were drinking that Sparks stuff, but I never liked it. Me, I brought my own bottle of vodka and just needed to find something decent to mix it with.

Justin Timberlake

I remember walking in the front door with a few friends, realizing that I barely knew anyone at the party. But good God, there sure were a lot of indie-looking kids shoved in that little old house with their red lipstick and black rimmed glasses. I remember thinking that I wasn’t sure if I was cool enough to be there, but I shook that thought off and found some Sprite to mix with.

Before I knew it, I was mingling and chatting it up. Flirting—you know. What young twenty-somethings do. I remember looking out in the living room where the dance floor was and only seeing a few kids dancing.

But as the night rolled on and drinks flowed freely, everyone loosened up. And then it happened. “Rock Your Body” by Justin Timberlake came on the stereo and the place erupted. Suddenly drinks were raised in the air and every single person in the house was dancing their asses off.

I remember looking around and feeling the music. I remember thinking, “God, this is the best night ever.”

And it was right then that it happened. I fell in love with Justin Timberlake.

JT and Me Today

Fast forward a decade. I’m no longer a recent college grad. No longer a single twenty something. No, I’m 32 years old with a 4 year old and a husband. Life is very different. It took some unexpected turns, but I have no complaints.

But the days of house parties and staying out all night dancing and drinking are long past, replaced by wine with dinner and early to bed nights. After all, who has the energy to party with kids? Not this girl.

However, recently, something has awakened inside of me. See, Justin Timberlake has returned with a new album. Like an old boyfriend, coming around and stirring up old emotions. I know I can never return to my old life, but it doesn’t mean I can’t relive some of those beautiful, exciting, old memories.

So he’s here, new music and all. And to make matters worse (better), he’s on tour. That’s right. He’s coming to see us. Dubbed the 20/20 Experience World Tour, Timberlake is heading out on a world tour that’s going to “Rock Your Body.” And mine too.

I’ve already cleared this with my husband. For one night in 2014, I’m going to relive my twenties. I’m going to see JT live. I’m going to drink. I’m going to dance. I’m going to swoon like I’m 22 again (But I won’t flirt like I’m 22 again. I love my husband!)

What Can We Expect From the Tour?

It’s already underway, and not to spoil the surprise or anything, I’ve been reading up on it. And I have to say, it sounds fabulous.  See, Timberlake has an added advantage over many other musicians. Not only does he have an amazing voice, but he can dance better than pretty much anyone. On top of that, he’s a great actor (as we have learned over the last few years). All of this means two things:
  • He has the skills to throw together the best entertainment experience you can ever imagine
  • He’s so big that no one is going to tell him what to do—he will put on the show he wants to put on
And it sounds like the result is simply amazing. Other highlights include:
  • The Tennessee Kids—the band he has put together for the performance sounds amazing
  • They have embellished old songs to make them larger than life
  • His crowd interaction—he’s not one of these guys who is too big to talk to the fans
Where Can You Buy Tickets?

Haven’t got tickets yet? You can buy Justin Timberlake tickets here.

Jennifer Wilson used to work in an ad agency in Houston, Texas. However, she has since started her own business as a freelance writer. And in case you didn’t figure it out, she’s also a diehard JT fan who is really really REALLY excited about his comeback.
December 17, 2013

A Sinking Ship, Blue Aliens and Abba: What DVD Does Just About EveryoneSeem to Own?

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The arrival of DVDs to the UK home entertainment market was a pretty exciting event, wasn’t it? Anyone who remembers using VHS tapes in the old days would have appreciated the chance to use a slicker and more modern way of watching their favourite programmes and movies.

As we all started to build up our DVD collections it was interesting to see how many of us bought the same things. For example, after a while just about everyone in my work had the same Blackadder and Friend sets as the ones I got for Christmas. So which DVDs are the most popular in the UK?

Titanic, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kate Winslet

The First Big Seller – Titanic

If you can remember the introduction of the DVD in the country then you might recall that Titanic topped the first Christmas sales list. This movie came out on DVD in 1998 when not everyone had a DVD player but it has still managed to become the first DVD to sell a million copies around the globe. There is a copy in my house and I reckon there is a very good chance that you have one too.

The UK’s Biggest Seller – Mamma Mia! The Movie

The launch of Mamma Mia! The Movie saw it very quickly smash all sorts of records. For a start, it became the fastest selling DVD the country has ever seen when it sold 1.6 million copies the day it was put on sale. It then went on to become the first disc to sell over 5 million in the UK. I can’t find any up to date sales figures but it has been stated that by the start of 2009 1 in every 4 households had a copy of it. In the US, first day sales brought in $30 million while in Sweden it is the highest selling DVD ever, with over half a million copies sold.

Second Place - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl?

At the time Mamma Mia! The Movie took the best selling record the DVD it snatched the title from was this one. While the film which was based on Abba songs has sold over 5 million, the Johnny Depp movie was sitting at 4.7 million on the most recent figures I could find. Worldwide, 11 million copies were sold in the first week after it was released. Is this still the second best seller in the UK? It seems to be, as apart from Mamma Mia! I can find no mention of any other DVD selling more. I bought a copy for my daughter but, of course, tastes change over the years and she now doesn’t watch it anymore. If this same thing occurs in your house then you can always go online and sell your unwanted DVDs for good money.

The Current Best Seller – Despicable Me 2

At the tail end of 2013 the top seller in the UK’s DVD market is Despicable Me 2. This is a fun little movie which my daughter loves. It was released not too long ago so there is still time for it to move up the all time best sellers list. Cartoon movies obviously don’t have the same universal appeal as the likes of Titanic Abba and Pirates of the Caribbean, so it is unlikely to ever challenge those movies in terms of overall sales.

Another Huge Seller – Avatar

There is no doubt that the film Avatar also sold a huge number of copies but how many? The first fact to jump out is that it sold so many copes on Blu-ray and DVD that director James Cameron supposedly made $350 million (over £200 million) off the movie overall. In the US, 2.5 million DVDs were sold on the day it was released and it also quickly became the fastest selling Blu-ray disc to date. The most recent figures show more than 10 and a half million DVDs sold worldwide but I can’t find a UK specific figure.

Breaking Bad

TV Series and Boxed Sets: Breaking Bad and Downtown Abbey

Away from the movies, TV series and box sets are also traditionally big sellers. At the current time, Breaking Bad is the top seller, with Mrs Brown’s Boys Live Tour: Mrs Brown Rides Again not far behind.  Classics such as Blackadder, Mr Bean, Friends, House and the Sopranos have also presumably each sold millions of copies over the years. The most up to date details I found online show that Downtown Abbey is the UK’s best selling box set of all time, although no exact sales figures were given.

What other DVDs do you think just about everyone seems to own?
December 13, 2013

Globe Telecom to offer the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display

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Globe Telecom announced last December 9 that it will offer iPad Air with Wi-Fi + Cellular and iPad mini with Retina display with Wi-Fi + Cellular in the Philippines starting December 19, 2013. Globe Telecom will offer these new iPads with a range of attractive data plans that will allow customers to connect to its fast Long Term Evolution (LTE) network with speeds up to 42mbps.

For more information on iPad, please visit
December 13, 2013

Why You Should Consider Selling an eBook on Your Blog

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If you haven't considered adding an ebook to your blog, it's time you did. It really doesn't take a genius to put one together and it need cost no more than your time. The result can not only be an extremely powerful business-building tool but also an additional income stream. It's easy to automate the selling process and you might even find yourself in the Amazon bestseller list!

Anyone Can Write A Book

There are those who always think they could write an ebook - given the right set of circumstances - and never do. There are others, perhaps the majority, who think that they can't write one. That they don't have the skill.

Nonsense. Anyone can write an ebook. What you need to do is get over the "writing" part.

If a friend was sitting next to you, could you describe your business or product to them? Not only could you, but doubtless in great detail. You might even be passionate about it. So write it like you'd say it. Don't worry about the spelling or the grammar. If that's a weak point, get someone else to check it. Your sole purpose is to describe your products, or your service, in a way that shows people the benefits and in language they'll understand. That's all you need to do. Have a conversation, but write it down. You can even speak it into some kind of recording device if you like and have someone transcribe it.

You can get professional services very affordably at places like Fiverr and Elance. It's a good idea to have a well-designed cover, even on an ebook, because impact is important. As for content, if you save it to the cloud using Google Drive, Dropbox or a service like that, then providing you've got fast internet access, you can access it and work on it wherever you are, whenever time allows. Check out services like Hughesnet reviews for fast internet in your area.

Publishing: Which Platform

While e-readers like the Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader are excellent gadgets for reading novels or text-only documents, they don't handle graphics very well (although the Kindle Fire and iPad do).

If it's mostly words, then by all means look into publishing on Kindle and other devices (via and, but if you have a book that has lots of photos and diagrams, PDF is probably the format of choice. Any computer can read it, so can tablets. This makes your ebook easily accessible to a huge market. To complete the process, it's relatively easy to set up selling via Paypal or similar services and to redirect people to a download page so you don't have to worry about actual delivery.

Work Once, Earn Forever?

Of course you don't have to sell your ebook, you could just give it away as a promotional tool or a way to get potential customers' email addresses. Short reports and "fact files" are usually a very popular way to achieve this.

However, if you've put lots of time and effort in, and developed a decent-sized publication that has real value, it's only right you should get some reward. The beauty of publishing an ebook is the royalty effect: you write it once, but you can sell it for years. What's more, it will build your reputation for you. It's about perception. You wrote a book, therefore you are an expert - that's simply how people see you. There's also a spin-off effect that often your product and/or service is seen as more valuable, because of its associated with a "famous" author.

If you've never written a book before it's fair to say it does take some effort. Once it's done though, and you've put a bit of effort into promoting it, you can reap the rewards for the foreseeable future. So what are you waiting for?

Author Bio:

Laura Spicer is an author. She loves writing about the benefits of authorship on small business and work at home mom blogs. She also wrote some Hughesnet reviews as part of her work at home career.
December 11, 2013

Desktop Computers: Learn All-you Can Now

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The same as at any other higher priced investment, it is worth it to be educated when going pc shopping. Reading the remainder of the post is a great measure to take. This post is written by specialists. Join an on-line group for those who know about computers. They can surely assist you in finding a pc that satisfies your requirements. And since they understand computers, they can surely help you prevent the brands which won't serve you well. Attempt to absorb as much info as possible, and also you'll obtain a computer you will really be pleased with.

Don't overlook the essence of the pc screen when contemplating your purchase. The specifications of the real computer might be astonishing, if the screen is lousy, your general experience will probably be awful also. Don't Forget, it is the screen which you'll possess the most interaction with, therefore be prepared to spend a lot more to get one you enjoy. When it is time to buy a pc, look around. You might be surprised to find shops frequently have sales on computers, and occasionally, the computer you desire will be at a considerably lower cost at one shop versus another shop. You might even decide to appear on-line to locate which of the location shops are having sales.

Network Management in Houston TX

Running a business requires managing a large number of resources. While some of these things require your specific attention, as the business owner, you shouldn't have to be concerned with all of the daily operations needed for your business to run smoothly.

With network management from Houston cloud computing company MBS, you can feel confident knowing that the operation, administration and maintenance of your network systems are being handled by professionals who solely commit their time and efforts to this field.

Houston TX: Computer Network Services

MBS specializes in comprehensively meeting the needs of Houston businesses. We are capable of doing as little or as much as you want. From setting up your secure cloud back-up server, to completely maintaining your network system, we provide computer network services in Houston that offer your business a range of options.

With our help, you can effectively increase the productivity of your company, as well as reduce the amount of money you spend on in-house staffing and program licensing.

Nobody should purchase a pc without carefully reviewing the guarantee coverage provided with a specified machine. Warranties of the year or more are perfect, plus it certainly does pay to find these legal for both software and hardware issues equally. This could actually supply substantial savings should something fail.  Try on-line comparison shopping if you are in need of a pc. Using comparison websites that show what a particular version provides across several manufacturers will help you you determine where to buy. Additionally, it may save you lots of cash. Particular websites might provide useful additions and free delivery.

Whenever you go to search for your own desktop, ensure you're able to get legal applications for this. Any new pc should include a CD and product key so you can get critical service upgrades and really understand that you possess the copy.  If your home office or small-business demands one or more desktop computers, lots of people even have a notebook or iPad for advantage. All of the computers can discuss the main programs and tips, making it simple for sales representatives to remain connected with their workplace while on your way.

If you're actually a computer whiz, you can assemble your very own pc system. This involves extensive study of accessible specs and the skill to put together the pc by yourself. You might also be able to truly have a computer shop do the assembly for you, as well as the end result is generally a highquality device.  Choosing between a Mac and a PC could be a difficult choice. Note that altering os is a fresh learning experience and may take some time to understand. If you already understand one of them well, the best course of action would be to stick with that specific system later on, also.

For those who have some demand for portability, consider if a pc is appropriate for you. Backgrounds aren't made whatsoever to be mobile. Even getting them into another area can become a huge issue. If you need to go to your pc, then choose for a notebook within the background.  Making the best choice when choosing between desktop computer alternatives is crucial. This post has provided you some good guidance, and therefore you should implement the suggestions inside. Should you choose, the best computer will be yours in a very brief issue of time, so use each suggestion and get your own background!

About the author

When you need a computer network that is efficient and productive, you can count on MBS. If you are interested in investing in our network management, contact us here! We proudly serve Houston and Harris County, Texas.
December 10, 2013

Rest in Peace, Paul Walker

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Paul Walker

The world recently mourns the untimely demise of Hollywood actor Paul Walker, who became a household name through his role as Brian O'Conner in the film franchise, Fast And The Furious. Slated to reprise his role for the 7th film installment, the charismatic actor figured in a car crash with one of his friends aboard a Porsche Carrera GT. They were reported to have just left a charity event for Walker's Reach Out Worldwide foundation for the benefit of the survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Authorities agreed that speed might have played a vital role in the fate of the Walker and his friend who were found dead on the spot in the total-wrecked sports car. It sure is a sudden and unfortunate end for someone who have made a living driving all those fascinating muscle cars in his films. The world lost yet another hero.

While this sudden turn of events brought forth stories of Paul Walker's heroic acts when he was alive, with dearest friends and fans having their own stories to tell, may this accident also remind everyone to always be careful when behind the steering wheel. Accidents and unfortunate events lurk in every corner while you are out on the road that is why it is a must to always be on guard. Road safety, like strictly following road signs as well as keeping those seat belts on, could go a very long way. Precautions like checking your engine and your tires, as well as your gas and oil, before each road trip is also of utmost importance. It might also be the most opportune time to seriously consider that car insurance buying guide you have been trying to ignore for a long time now.

We may not predict road accidents nor ward them off every single time, but it will prove beneficial if you are to think ahead of yourself and get that car insurance as soon as you find the time. It will also be helpful to consult with sites like Zanda, in case you have no idea on which car insurance to opt for that will work best with your needs and your budget specifications. You might also consider a couple of the best car insurance companies based on Consumer Reports, Amica Insurance and Auto Owners Insurance for a suitable car insurance plan for you and your car. Bear in mind that a car insurance company's reputation is their best qualification so make sure to check out previous customers' feedback after they made their claims.

Choosing the right insurance company is no rocket science, read, educate yourself and solicit opinions from experts and you will get the hang of it in no time. For more info, check out this infographic below.

This infographic was created by CouponLawn.

Guide For Buying Car Insurance
December 05, 2013

Working from Home in Style

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work from home in style

Working from home can sound like a very attractive proposition. After all, what could be more comfortable than working in your pyjamas? However, once the novelty wears off, many find that working in solitude has its drawbacks and it can be easy to lose focus. Here are a few tips for making sure that if you do work from home, you work in style:
  • Carefully choose how you dress: Clearly you don’t need to wear a suit to sit in your own lounge. However, you should strive to make your home working environment a professional working environment. Therefore, what you wear will say a lot about your mindset. As a rule of thumb, make sure that you would be happy bumping into a client or customer in your chosen outfit.

  • The right furniture: The space that you choose to work in also impacts your output. If you have an office at home, that is ideal. However, even if you are working in the dining room or lounge, you can make it look like a place of work. Purchasing office furniture is a great way to transform the space. Ergonomic furniture is particularly comfortable and can make all the difference, especially when you don’t have a colleague’s desk or the meeting room to get you out of your desk.

  • Change of scenery: Because the home environment is so self-contained, you must factor a change of scenery into your day. This can be difficult if you’re having a busy period or feel that you must be constantly available. It is well worth checking out where you can purchase software to give you access to all programmes on your desktop wherever you may be. Suddenly a change of scenery won’t seem so daunting.

  • Have a conversation: Solitude can be the biggest difficulty if you work from home. Entire days can pass you by without saying more than a few words to another human being. It is very important to make sure that you have as much interaction with other people as possible. It will keep you fresh and focused and probably boost your output in the long run. Pick up the phone as often as you can and make a call even if it isn’t work related. If possible, make sure that these are video calls on Skype. Having actual face time with other people will be a refreshing experience.

  • Organize yourself: If you work in an office, there are likely to be systems in place to organize your work. However, if you work from home, you may find that files are scattered across multiple locations. FindIt is a great platform which allows you to search files across a variety of platforms, from Dropbox to Gmail and beyond. It’s a great one-stop-shop for finding pretty much anything.

November 26, 2013

Get the iPhone 5c for as low as P1,349 monthly from Globe

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Globe Telecom is now offering the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s at more affordable price points under its fully-customizable Best-Ever mySUPERPLAN, a next-generation postpaid plan that features fully-customizable plan components and a bigger plan value.

The iPhone 5c 16GB is now available for as low as P1,349 monthly at Plan 499 with a monthly cashout* of P850 for a 24-month contract period. The postpaid plan bundle comes with 300 megabytes (MB) of mobile Long Term Evolution (LTE) surfing and free calls and texts.

On the other hand, the iPhone 5s 16GB is offered for as low as P1,799 monthly at Plan 999 with a monthly cashout* of P800 for a 24-month contract period. The plan is bundled with unlimited LTE surfing and free calls and texts.

“Customers can now purchase the newest iPhones under our suite of fully-customizable postpaid plans at a price that’s easier on their pockets and enjoy the same best deals and innovative offers only from the leader in postpaid and trusted expert in iPhone,” shares Raul Macatangay, Head of Globe Postpaid.

On top of the offers now made more affordable, Globe subscribers also get free subscription to Globe Gadget Care, the complete mobile phone protection program against theft and accidental damage available in the market today, as well as free access to Facebook along with customer experience innovations until January 2014.

Globe is also offering the iPhone 5c 16GB in prepaid for only P29,000 and the iPhone 5s 16GB at P34,400 payable via credit card for up to 12-month installment at 0% interest. The prepaid kit comes with a free prepaid nano-SIM and free 900 MB of mobile browsing for 3 months.

New and existing Globe subscribers who are loyal iPhone users can also avail of the iPhone Forever plan, an exclusive phone upgrade program that allows them to swap their current devices to get a new iPhone every year for free or with minimal cashout. The iPhone 5c 16GB is available at iPhone Forever Plan 1599, while the iPhone 5s 16GB is available at iPhone Forever Plan 1999, both for a contract period of 24 months. Both plans are bundled with 1 gigabyte (GB) of mobile LTE surfing and free calls and texts.

To know more about the Globe iPhone offers, visit or call the Globe Sales Hotline at 730-1010.

*Cash-out for 24 months payable at 0% installment via participating credit cards
November 16, 2013

Mobiles Changing the Face of Retail

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Ask anyone to name 10 ways mobile phones have changed the world and few would have trouble coming up with a variety of solid answers. Today’s smartphones strive for much more than mere ease of communication—they are brilliant tiny computers, small enough to hold in the palm of one’s hand. Think about that; even if you’re old enough to remember life before mobiles it’s still very easy to get swept up in the tide of technology and lose sight of all the myriad ways daily life has changed.

Take retail, for instance. Whereas once a shopper would go to a store to learn about an item from a salesperson, mobile phone users have the entire Web at their fingertips. Not only do consumers peruse reviews and comparison-shop beforehand, they’ll most likely arrive armed with more product knowledge than the employees themselves. That is if customers even choose to leave home to shop.

Retail Reality

Technology has changed shopping significantly—not just with the advent of the Internet but also with the amazing capabilities of even the most basic smartphones. Wondering if you’re getting the best deal? Use your barcode scanner and take a look online. Want to see if those shoes were made under humane working conditions? Scan the QR code for immediate access to the company’s website and business dealings. Many consumers are becoming more conscious of how and where their money is spent, making easy access to information a help or hindrance to most businesses.

A Modern Approach

Retailers know that consumers are more informed than they once were. The most successful businesses are taking such knowledge and running with it. For instance, the US company, REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.), tackles the topic of tech savvy shoppers during employee orientation. They and many other retailers also stress the importance of top-tier product knowledge in order to offer more assistance than a random Internet search can. Technology can also be used to advantage during business rushes when employees are equipped with card swiping phones that enable sales transactions right on the sales floor.

Slowing Down

In direct correlation with customers seeking both information and connection at lightning speeds, there also seems to be a surprisingly retro desire to feel cared for and heard. They want help and they want it now, but they'd also appreciate it if you'd ask about their kids. Retailers are feeling the challenge of riding that wave between efficiency and the customer’s need for some kind of emotional connection with salespeople.

However, the most successful retailers are taking heed by going back to a more personalized approach to salesmanship. Many forward-thinking companies offer great employee discounts on products and services so that the staff can become invested in not just the products but the company itself. Shared stories means sales, particularly when the basic, “Yeah I’ve sold a lot of these,” with a poorly hidden eye roll is exchanged for “Yes I own this and this is why I love it.”

Leveling the Playing Field

With customers’ abilities to learn so much about a company including the products they make, where they’re made, and how—this newer level of transparency appears to be having a positive effect on many organisations. For instance, if a company can’t offer the lowest prices it may choose to focus on exceptional quality and a lenient return policy. If still another has trouble retaining the best employees but does good work in the local community, many consumers will weigh such factors in.

And who doesn’t love coupons? To be able to download paperless coupons right to one’s phone is one of the best shopping advancements to date.

Yet, of all the changes in retail, it’s particularly interesting to see how technology’s forward momentum has actually caused some companies to go “old school” in their approach to human interaction. When most businesses once prescribed to the mark ‘em down and move ‘em out model, now it’s the personable and attentive employee who has the best shot of finalizing that sale. And if they love their job and it shows? That’s the sound of money in the bank.
November 13, 2013

Bob Marley: The Death of A Legend

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how did bob marley die, Bob Marley

When Bob Marley died in 1981 at the age of 36, the music industry lost a legendary performer, but the human race lost much, much more. Bob Marley was a powerful voice for freedom, human rights, racial equality and spirituality.

Officially, Marley died from malignant melanoma, an extremely dangerous form of cancer that began on his toe and eventually spread throughout his body. The cancer was discovered after Bob injured his foot playing soccer in 1977 and his doctor strongly recommended amputation.

The simple truth is that Bob Marley was a deeply religious man who strictly adhered to the teachings of his Rastafarian faith. He believed the words of Leviticus 21:5 - "They shall not make baldness upon their head, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beard, nor make any cuttings in the flesh." This passage explains both the commandment to wear dreadlocks and the ban on amputation, instructions that Marley faithfully obeyed.

By 1980, Marley's cancer had metastasized and his health began to rapidly decline. He collapsed while jogging in New York City the day after a concert and he gave his final live performance in September of 1980 in Pittsburgh. A recording of that amazing show was released in February of 2011 as Bob Marley and the Wailers Live Forever.

During the few months he had left to him, Bob Marley sought treatment from several specialists. On his way home to Jamaica from Germany in 1981, he became so seriously ill that his flight was diverted to Miami. There he was admitted Cedars Medical Center for emergency care.

While Bob Marley was in Ceders Medical, a dietitian named Rona Steinberg was sent in to find out what he might be able to eat. She was so impressed with their brief encounter that she recalls it clearly to this day.

In her own words, she describes meeting the legendary musician:

"There was a buzz about Bob Marley being in the hospital and they wanted someone to go in to find out what he can possibly eat... He was lying in bed and he was surrounded by all his bodyguards and some relatives. I basically really spoke to them and of course looked over at him and he looked at me. You know I think he was just very, very weak and glanced at me. Maybe tried to give me a little expression, smile, whatever. And we came down to what he could really tolerate, just you know something soft. What did he like. They told me anything chocolate. I said ëHow about some chocolate pudding?' "

Rona Steinberg remembers the gentle man who gave the world all he had to give:

"He was a nice man. I felt like a gentle energy from him. Even though of course he was sick and weak. But thatís the only way I can really express it. I do remember the image of him lying in his bed. He had gotten very, very thin. But he had all this hair. These Rastafarian long locks. And it was a little bit sad, because he had so much energy and he was so cool and being up on stage and dancing around. You know and then here he was. He died very young. But I guess he did a lot in his short life. He really made quite an impression. I guess God allowed him to do that in his short life, and I guess it was time for him to move on."

Rastaman Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981 after telling his son Ziggy, "Money can't buy life." In the span of his three and one half decades, he touched millions of souls with his music and his spirit. He may be gone from our sight, but he will live forever through his incredible talent and his loving heart.

Redemption Song

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our mind.
Wo! Have no fear for atomic energy,
'Cause none of them-a can-a stop-a the time.
How long shall they kill our prophets,
While we stand aside and look?
Yes, some say it's just a part of it:
We've got to fullfil the book.
Won't you have to sing
This songs of freedom? -
'Cause all I ever had:
Redemption songs -
All I ever had:
Redemption songs:
These songs of freedom,
Songs of freedom.

Songwriters: Edwin Hawkins and Bob Marley

About the Author:

I enjoy writing about life real life related situations. I have a real passion for the entertainment world and spend a lot of time reading up and researching history and arts. I was a fan of Bob Marley and remember him from when I was a child. I hope you enjoyed this article, it was very moving writing it.
November 09, 2013

Globe Telecom first to offer the newest LG G2

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Globe Telecom once again proves that it is the preferred Philippine telco partner of the world’s leading device manufacturers by being the first telco in the country to launch LG Mobile’s newest flagship smartphone, the LG G2, under its suite of fully-customizable postpaid plans.

Dubbed by Stuff Magazine as the “best smartphone in the world” and the “new king of Android”, LG G2 is available for free at Plan 1799 over a 24-month contract period*. The postpaid plan bundle already comes with unlimited Long Term Evolution (LTE) surfing which gives subscribers mobile internet speeds of up to 42 mbps, a monthly consumable amount for calls and texts, and one-month free subscription to Globe Gadget Care, the country’s first-ever mobile phone protection program that guarantees a worry-free experience against theft and accidental damage.

“We are honored to be the first Philippine telco to offer LG Mobile’s latest smartphone innovation in the country on the back of our undisputed postpaid leadership and device expertise,” shared Raul Macatangay, Head of Globe Postpaid. “The LG G2 and its amazing features are best paired with the Best-Ever mySUPERPLAN, the first fully-customizable and most flexible postpaid plan in the country that empowers subscribers to create a plan that fits their needs, budget, and lifestyle.”

“As our best offering yet, we made sure to make LG G2 available with Globe who has already proven its leadership in the postpaid market,” stated Lawrence Kim, vice president of LG Electronics Philippines’ Mobile Communications division. “LG G2’s consumer-based features are complemented by Globe Postpaid’s compelling offers, providing utmost benefit to subscribers.”

Inspired by the tagline “Learning from You,” the LG G2 incorporates human-inspired innovations as exemplified by the world’s first Rear Key, the only physical button on the device. Sporting a 5.2-inch Full HD IPS display and near-zero bezel, the G2 runs on the industry’s most advanced mobile chipset—Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 Processor—and contains a 3,000 mAh siO+ battery for maximum battery capacity.

The 13-megapixel Full HD camera is equipped with world-class features such as Optical Image Stabilization, 8X Digital Zoom, 9 Multi-Point Auto-Focus, and video recording capability up to 60 fps Full HD.  It also boasts of the industry’s first 24 bit/192kHz Hi-Fi sound playback for studio-quality audio. The LG G2 also integrates new and practical UX features such as KnockON, which turns the display on or off by tapping twice, and Guest Mode, which protects the owner’s privacy by displaying only pre-selected apps when guests access the phone.

To learn more about the LG G2 from Globe, visit and For regular updates, like LG Mobile Philippines on Facebook and follow @LGPhilippines on Twitter.

Source: Press Release
November 06, 2013

The Tomorrow People and Grimm Season 3

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Not to be outdone with other channels, Jack City and Jack TV gives its newest offering that is somewhat akin to the X-Men and their mutant abilities. The Tomorrow People began airing on October 9. It features various young people who discover – through unique and unusual means – their Psionic powers which have resulted from uncannily fast evolution results. Psionic simply means a psychic ability to induce paranormal phenomenon.

The Tomorrow People delves on that premise, settling much of the abilities on three ‘T’s – telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis. It focuses on Stephen Jameson and his missing father. As the series progresses, we learn that Jameson’s father is the strongest of his ‘kind’. We also learn of an organization named Ultra which hunts down Tomorrow People and neutralizes them.
November 06, 2013

FOX TVpocalypse

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Three hit shows premiered FOX Asia last October 19. Aptly titled TVpocalypse - or the complete and final destruction of the world (Thank goodness only in TV land!) – these shows have taken the Philippines, and most probably all of Asia by storm.

First on the list is the much awaited fourth season of ‘The Walking Dead’. After the season three finale which holds the promise of a new prison, fans await breathlessly what becomes of the Woodbury people. Season four also introduces new and interesting characters Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter, Rosita Espinosa and Bob Stookey.
November 05, 2013

TV Series to Watch Out For: ALMOST HUMAN

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A new and upcoming show has science fiction fans buzzing with excitement. ‘Almost Human’, a TV series set 35 years into the future, is set to debut on November 17. It is a crime / procedural drama show with special effects fit for the cinema and not the small tube.

It also doesn’t hurt that the main stars are two of the hottest hunks in Hollywood today. The cast is led by Karl Urban, whom we last saw reprising his role in the ‘Riddick’  franchise. Urban plays serious, brooding and burly John Kennex, a LAPD officer who becomes paired off with an equally dreamy guy, Michael Ealy. Lest the ladies swoon, Ealy plays an android – a robot – and apparently, this role works really well with him, because the teasers so far show us his devilish good looks have been played to the utmost.

November 04, 2013

Tattoo’s new Personalized Plan 999 now comes with Free Mobile WifiDevice

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Connectivity has never been as relevant as it is today. As some walk around with 3 or more gadgets in their bags, staying up to date is a trend that will keep on evolving.

As Tattoo, the country’s most reliable mobile broadband continues to combine connectivity, best value and accessibility, subscribers can experience these altogether with the new Postpaid Personalized Plan 999.

The revamped Plan 999 now gives subscribers their very own Tattoo mobile wifi device for free - no more one-time cash out or extra fees. The free Tattoo mobile wifi device lets you connect 10 devices all at once with even amplified speeds from 7.2 mbps to up to 12mbps, keeping up with your multi-connected lifestyle.

As Vice President for Globe Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business Dong Ronquillo shares, “Tattoo has always prioritized offers that give our subscribers value for their money. With this improved Postpaid Personalized Plan 999, you are actually getting more than what you paid for as the Tattoo mobile wifi device now comes free with no cash out, coupled with increased speeds –all with Globe’s better network coverage with increased 3G and HSPA+ footprint.”

Having your connection right in your pocket has never been this easy with the ideal postpaid plan that comes with the most reliable device only from Tattoo.

Know how to get your own Tattoo mobile wifi device for free! Just visit, call 730-1010 or visit a Globe store near you.

Source: Press Release
October 29, 2013

Gear Up On Those Outdoor Adventure Sports Gear

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outdoor adventure sports gear, cycling gear, The Clymb

You may have noticed that for some time now outdoor adventure sports have gained more popularity. A lot of people have made it a personal goal to be more fit and active and more people are getting into those exciting and exhilarating outdoor sports. May that be as simple as running, walking or cycling, or as thrilling as hiking, mountain climbing, paragliding or other extreme sports, a lot of people have jumped into the band wagon, making these sports more popular, along with a host of shops and boutiques that carry those outdoor adventure sports gear. 

Whether you enjoy these outdoor sports for the workout and the fitness benefits they give you, or for the chance to take those heart stopping outdoor photographs, or if you are in it more for the adventure and the opportunity to commune with nature or spend more time outdoors, or simply to enjoy the company of your friends and buddies, it is important that you gear up properly for these outdoor sports. More than just for aesthetics or to give you maximum comfort as you go about your new adventure for the day, these outdoor sports gear are designed to keep you safe and protect you as you enjoy one adventure after another. 

Your sports gears greatly vary depending on which outdoor sports you are into at the moment. You might want to add a few more gears into your outdoor sports arsenal as you go along and explore a number of them. But it is convenient and practical that you invest on a couple of basic gears which you can use in different outdoor adventure you plan to embark on in the future.

A sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes is a must for every outdoor adventurer, it protects your feet while it carries you to your different points of adventure, so make sure you get one with good quality. It will give you more value for your money to invest on one versatile pair than to buy a couple of different shoes, so opt for cross-trainer which you can easily use whether you are running or climbing mountains today and hiking or white water rafting the next day.

A backpack is also a must for anyone who plans to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. Go for something made of light, washable and waterproof material, so you can easily carry them around whichever outdoor sports you plan to do for the day. Choose one that is just the right size to carry all your valuables and look for something that is dark colored so it will not easily soil or get dirty. 

When shopping for outdoor apparel, go for those products that are comfortable to wear and are made from light, easy to dry material so you will not have problems changing into several different clothes when you break a sweat. Branded items are recommended for their ergonomic design and style sensibilities, but these may burn a hole in your pocket as they do not come cheap. For reasonably priced branded sports gear, you might want to check out The Clymb and similar shops.

And lastly, if you need a guide as to the best places to have these outdoor activities, check-out Top 50 Places To Be For Outdoorsy People
October 24, 2013

Is It a Good Idea to Unlock an iPhone 5?

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Unlocking your iPhone can be extremely beneficial depending on the situation, but you may have heard otherwise and that is causing you to be skeptical about the process. iPhones that are unlocked are able to connect to any wireless provider network – meaning if you have an O2 iPhone but you’ve cancelled your O2 service and are now using T-Mobile, you will need to unlock that iPhone to use it on T-Mobile’s network.

Why You Shouldn’t Unlock Your iPhone 5

So you know why people unlock their iPhones, but why is it controversial? The main problem is that unlocking a device often voids the manufacturer warranty. If you just bought a brand new iPhone, it may not be in your best interest to unlock it since it has a full warranty life it hasn’t lived. Of course if you are forced to switch phone companies for whatever reason, you may have no other option but to unlock the device.

Other than simply voiding your warranty, unlocking your device can be risky if you try doing it yourself without knowing exactly what to do. It’s not that hard to brick your device and cause it to become unusable because you didn’t perform the unlocking process correctly. In this case you have now broken your phone and voided the warranty.

Staying Within Warranty On Unlocked Devices

For those that really do not want to void their warranty, there’s the option of sending the device to your carrier to have it unlocked. This usually costs a decent amount of money (around £99 usually), but the important thing is it doesn’t void your warranty. Honestly this option really is not something you’d want to consider unless your provider has a very low price.

When You Should Unlock Your iPhone 5

Obviously if you’ve switched carriers and weren’t provided with a new phone, you’ll be forced to unlock your phone or give it away. If you happen to be lucky enough to receive a phone from someone who didn’t want to just unlock it, you could unlock it yourself and use it on any carrier or join the carrier of the phone. If your warranty has expired, you should go ahead and unlock your device if you’re confident you won’t damage it and you want to switch carriers.

If you have some form of third party gadget insurance, that will likely cover your device even if you unlocked it. Each policy will be different, but in most cases you can rest assured your unlocked device is safe. One of the leaders in iPhone insurance is Protect Your Bubble, this third party insurance company offers extensive iPhone 5 Insurance at a very affordable rate.

Since paying your carrier to unlock your device can be costly, you should compare the time left on your warranty with the cost of insurance. If your warranty is going to expire in 6 months, you’d be better off just insuring your phone for those 6 months and beyond rather than paying to unlock your phone. Whichever route you decide to go, the process can be a bit tricky; always make sure you know what your coverage is and how to utilise it.
October 23, 2013

SEO Talk

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If you are a blogger or someone who spends a lot of time online, am sure you have encountered the term SEO before. Search Engine Optimization, or simple SEO, is the process of affecting a website or a web pages' visibility in various natural search results of different search engines. Simply put, the websites or web pages that frequently appear on search results are highly likely to be visited by search engine users. For bloggers, high traffic to their sites may convert to more earning opportunities through ads and paid articles.

You might have to do a bit of thorough reading to understand SEO fully, but this interesting infographic would give you quite a perfect introduction.

October 23, 2013

Britain's Best Female Comedians

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The world of stand-up comedy is tough, with difficult audiences that can be hard to please. But for a woman, it is nigh on impossible and it takes a special breed to succeed. One woman who has what it takes is Jo Brand and since her first gig as a part time act in 1986 she has become one of Britain’s most successful and best-loved female comedians.

Growing up in sleepy Kent, Jo had a happy childhood until she went away at the age of 16 to a sixth form college in Hastings, which she hated. To punish her parents, she took up with the wrong crowd and began a relationship with a heroin addict four years her senior that got her kicked out of the family home. She eventually earned a social science degree and qualified as a Registered Mental Nurse, and went on to work as a psychiatric nurse for 10 years.

Jo’s first gig stressed her out so much that she drank seven pints of lager before taking to the stage, only to be heckled and abused by at least one male member of the audience for the whole of her act. Despite the fact that she received no applause when she finished, Jo persevered. “The Sea Monster”, as she became known, became popular and eventually broke into television. Her distinctive bored, monotone delivery drawing from the media and pop culture proved a favourite and she is now a regular on television and has had several series of her own.

Jo Brand

But Jo still has concerns for the struggles faced by female comedians. Some men in the entertainment industry, she says, try to exploit young women while male audiences see them as “fair game” and behave inappropriately. She believes her background in psychiatric nursing has helped her through some of her own difficult experiences.

Jo is also a successful author, a supporter of the Labour Party and is passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues.

Jo, however, does not stand alone in the ranks of British female comedians. Others are also climbing the ladder of success, despite the challenges. Oxford-educated Josie Long has also made a name for herself in the tough world of stand-up comedy. She has been performing since the age of 14 and has toured Britain a number of times. She has also appeared at several comedy festivals around the world including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and festivals in Adelaide, Melbourne Montreal and Auckland. Like Jo, she struggled early on in her career because she is a woman but now she is a highly sought-after comic whose themes are usually about self-improvement and politics.

Another of Britain’s best female stand-up comedians is Lucy Porter. She has been entertaining sell-out audiences around the world since 2001 with her casual chatty style that addresses adult themes from a woman’s perspective. She says that she did her first stand-up gig as far away from home as she could just in case it went horribly wrong. It was, of course, a pre-cursor to a successful career as Lucy is now a regular at comedy festivals across the globe and is highly sought-after as a comedy writer. She also frequently appears on radio and television in panel shows and sitcoms.

Rob Hunt is a freelance writer who covers topics around sports, comedy and entertainment.
October 21, 2013

IP 5000 cameras from Bosch - High performance cameras for a wide rageof typical surveillance needs

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Manila, Philippines – With the introduction of the new IP 5000 camera family featuring up to five-megapixel resolutions, Bosch is offering high-performance technology for a wide range of typical surveillance needs. By the end of 2013 the range will consist of thirteen cameras in four different designs: micro domes, bullet, indoor and outdoor domes. They are offering a variety of resolutions for different image detail requirements and SD card storage options. Options for outdoor installation include vandal resistance, water and dust-proof enclosures, and IR LEDs for nighttime monitoring. Varifocal lenses also simplify adjusting the field of view.

The cameras incorporate two special bandwidth reduction technologies. Firstly, intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (iDNR) adapts the degree of noise reduction real-time based on an analysis of the contents of a scene. For example, bandwidth is reduced by up to 50 percent when no motion is present. As soon as an important object is detected, bandwidth increases to capture maximum detail. Secondly, bandwidth is further reduced by way of area-based encoding that enables compression parameters to be set for up to eight user-definable regions. This means less interesting regions are more highly compressed, leaving more bandwidth for the important parts of the scene.

Further, two regions of interest can be selected and controlled by remote electronic pan, tilt and zoom (e-PTZ). The combination of these special streams with the main stream allows for closer inspection of details while retaining situational awareness.

Additional features include Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), privacy masking, audio capability, and an operational temperature range from as low as -30 to up to +50 degrees Celsius. The Bosch Video Client PC software included offers a user-friendly interface to support simple installation and configuration. It provides live viewing of multiple cameras, playback, forensic search, and the export of data. The Video Security app, free from the App Store, enables access to HD surveillance images on an iPad or iPhone from anywhere, even over low-bandwidth connections.

“Our Video Security app gives you complete control of all your cameras, from panning and tilting, to zoom and focus functions,” explains Ian Crosby, Head of Product Management at Bosch Security Systems. “It’s like taking your control room with you.”

These new cameras seamlessly integrate with a wide range of security software and recording solutions from Bosch as well as from other third-party providers, since they are ONVIF conformant. The cameras are also supported by the Integration Partner Program, which gives partners immediate access to online tools for easy integration. Further details of the Bosch Integration Partner Program are available at

The new camera range will be available from October 2013 onwards.

Source: Press Release
October 19, 2013

Marketing a New Brand of Car

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Not Your Parent's Car

Ten years ago, Toyota decided it needed a way to entice the younger, generation Y age group into considering their products. Instead of creating a small, zany, and more affordable Toyota product, they instead created an offshoot brand to attract this younger group of customers. This unique business move gave the next generation something they could call their own, as in "not their parent's car". The success of Scion cars is due to a great product, but more importantly, to creative marketing, pop culture and quirky image.

Generation Y Sales

Marketing to a very specific age group involves looking very closely at the age group to figure out what they value, what interests them, and what they are most likely to purchase. The age group referred to as Generation Y, or the Millennials, are typically described as those who were born anywhere from the 1980's to the year 2,000. Ten years ago, when the company introduced its first car, the eldest in this age group were only in their 30's. Most would have been out of college and settled into a career, just beginning to feel entitled to nicer things. Add to this the fact that this age group is incredibly tech savvy and the marketing plan gets even more involved. Because this age group has such a high level of access to technology and information, they read, research, and use social media to check out products and services before making any major purchase. They look for information about how a product will benefit them personally, instead of looking only at the shiny wrapping of advertising. Online purchases are no problem for this internet savvy group, and they tend to look for websites that are quick and easy to use. This Generation Y group is also very willing to share information with friends, be it good or bad information. This means that they take notice of great companies and services and share the information with their circle of friends, which in the world of the internet is ever expanding.

How the Scion fits Generation Y

In marketing the Scion specifically to this age group, Toyota used a number of unique tools to attract attention. First, in knowing that this age group was just beginning to feel entitled to nicer things, their cars were promoted on a "you build it" platform. In giving customers the ability to easily choose features for their car, the manufacturer was, in essence, letting the customer choose the features that they felt they deserved. This marketing technique is somewhat like hanging a carrot in front of a cart horse. Once the horse notices that carrot, he may be willing to walk miles trying to get a bite of it. Consumers interested in this brand of car would tend to choose more upgraded features simply because they like the look they provide. With the group's access to the internet in a multitude of forms, a unique, easy purchase was a must. Allowing the customer the ability to plan and purchase through the website, having clear cut prices, and available add on options was a move that had not been made before in the car industry. No longer would car shoppers have to go to a physical location and endure a sales presentation that resulted in a lengthy banter over prices. Instead, they would be able to shop 100% online if they chose to. This pointed marketing strategy, added to the unique product introduced ten years ago has worked to create a product that Generation Y has made successful, not only through their purchases, but also with their wiliness to share purchase and satisfaction experiences relating to their new vehicles via social media networks.

The Scion Difference

Beyond the masterful marketing, what features have made this brand so successful? These high-quality affordable cars offer plenty of passenger and cargo room, have a small footprint that is beneficial to young urban residents, and have a funky style that sets the automobiles apart from the cars of the previous generation. Add to this great gas mileage and the ability to easily customize and upgrade and you have the recipe for a successful offshoot company tailored specifically for an age group that is ready to spend their newly earned money on things they deserve.

Related news: Toyota wants improved crash scores with midcycle facelifts
October 18, 2013

Globe unveils most unbeatable unlimited data plan offer for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Globe Telecom has officially launched the most unbeatable and affordable unlimited data plan offer for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in the market today. The best postpaid plan deal is already bundled with unlimited Long Term Evolution (LTE) that gives subscribers mobile internet speeds of up to 42 Mbps.

For as low as P1799 monthly, subscribers can already avail of the latest Galaxy Note at Plan 999 with a monthly cashout of P800* over a 24-month contract period. The postpaid plan offer already comes with unlimited data that allows subscribers enjoy the powerful features of the Galaxy Note 3, including a monthly consumable amount for calls and texts.

In addition to the aggressive pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Globe is also offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear bundle for free starting at Plan 5000 over a 24-month contract period.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a 5.7-inch full HD Super AMOLED display, a 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, 13-megapixel rear auto-focus camera with flash and zero shutter lag and a 2-megapixel front camera, 32GB user memory and is a 4G LTE-capable device. Additional features include the Air Command, Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write, S Finder, Pen Window, Direct Pen Input, New Easy Clip, New S Note, Samsung WatchON and ChatON, and S Voice.

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy Gear boasts of an 800 MHz single core processor, has a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display, and 1.9 megapixel auto-focus camera. Additional features include the S Voice, Memographer, Smart Relay, and Voice Memo. It also has a 4GB user memory plus a 512MB RAM.

“Globe has been a proud partner of Samsung as we bring its latest smartphones and devices to our subscribers for many years now. This month, we welcome a new addition to Samsung’s roster of handsets, the revolutionary Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with its features best enjoyed with an unlimited LTE plan from Globe which offers a plan value that’s almost double of what you pay for,” said Raul Macatangay, Head of Globe Postpaid.

Macatangay added, “With the Best-Ever MySuperPlan and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you don’t only get the lowest and most affordable unlimited data plan offer available in the market today, you also get a postpaid plan and a device that will allow you to see life clearly and design it according to your lifestyle.”

Aside from these innovative and value-for-money offers, all new and re-contracting postpaid subscribers are entitled to a free one-month subscription of Globe Gadget Care, the first-ever mobile phone protection program in the country today that offers comprehensive coverage for mobile phone theft and accidental damage, guarantees hassle-free handset replacement, easy claims processing, and worldwide protection coverage.

On the back of these competitive offers is a strategic partnership that Globe recently forged with Samsung as part of the SingTel Group focused on driving next-generation mobile communication, infotainment and technology services in Asia. The new collaboration takes advantage of the scale of the SingTel Group and Samsung’s innovative products and services.

Under this partnership, both parties will offer applications and digital services to customers of SingTel Group companies. In addition, the SingTel Group will work with Samsung to identify opportunities for joint launches and marketing campaigns of key Samsung device announcements.  The companies will also be able to leverage each others’ distribution channels to extend their retail reach to more customers.

To know more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from Globe, visit or call the Globe Sales Hotline at 730-1010.

*Cashout amount payable with 0% 24-month installment payment via credit card

 Source: Press Release
September 30, 2013

Tattoo launches country’s first-ever rewards program for mobilebroadband

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True to its game-changing role in the industry, Tattoo, the broadband brand of Globe Telecom, raises the innovation bar a notch higher by introducing the country’s first-ever rewards program for mobile broadband services, available to both new and existing prepaid subscribers.

With Tattoo +Plus Rewards, prepaid customers can earn points and freebies by using Tattoo as a means to connect to the internet. Upon activating a new Tattoo Flash or a new Tattoo Prepaid SIM, users will instantly receive 15 bonus rewards points, which they can immediately redeem to register to POWERSURF15, a prepaid data plan that gives them 20MB of internet data valid for one (1) day.

On their seventh to twelfth month of subscription, new and existing prepaid subscribers can avail of a FREE one-day unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail every week for six months when they load at least P50 between Monday and Friday via Autoload Max.  To redeem the reward the following week, subscribers can text SOCIALWEEKLY to 8888.

Subscribers likewise accumulate rewards points when they load their Tattoo Prepaid account, where one (1) point is given for every P25 reload. They can use their points to redeem their favorite Globe services or use them to buy products from Globe partner-merchants such as Ayala Malls Cinemas, Figaro, Wendy’s, Rose Pharmacy and Bench  where one (1) rewards point is equivalent to P1.

Head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Dong Ronquillo said, “From innovative and groundbreaking mobile broadband services, Tattoo unveils its very own customer loyalty program—the country’s first—to provide more value to our prepaid subscribers by rewarding them for their loyalty to the brand. With their continued patronage, Tattoo subscribers can look forward to accumulate bigger rewards as they continue to live without limits.”

Tattoo Broadband prepaid users can learn more about Tattoo +Plus Rewards and check out their redeemable rewards and freebies by visiting
September 17, 2013

Movie Review: The Colony

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The Colony

The Colony starts off with an all too familiar premise- the end of the world as we know it. It is a ho-hum movie that seems to take elements of its plot from previous blockbusters.

We have a zombie apocalypse that is akin to the’ Walking Dead’ or the film ’28 Days’. We see the seemingly irrational beings who turn out to be organized and united like the ones in ‘I Am Legend’. There’s the sudden drop of temperature for the entire planet which is reminiscent of ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

The parallel plot may come across as annoying to avid movie fans but infrequent viewers might find it interesting still. The film is set well into the future where extreme temperatures have forced men to build colonies deep into the ground. Food is rationed and health is of the utmost importance….a simple cold can be reason enough for execution. Then a distress call arrives from a neighboring colony to which selected members respond to and all hell breaks loose. The story develops slowly but eventually gives brief moments of suspense. The chase and fight scenes are enough to get the adrenalin pumping but the conclusion is predictable and expected.

The Colony hits Philippine cinemas on September 28. See trailer below

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