March 30, 2008

Akira's shy confession in Nobuta Wo Produce

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I finished watching the whole episodes of Nobuta wo Produce last night and it was just fantastic! Whew! A very refreshing story because I am already sick of the usual Filipino drama. Same old concept and copycats kasi eh. (Forgive me for that).

Anyways, just want to share you guys the part where I was so touched on how Akira proclaim how he truly love Nobuta. Though he is still shy to confess it but at least he shouted and did this unusual thing. (Sighed)

I will just have to tell you the scene: Akira asked Shuji to come with him to school. There was no class that time so they were the only two persons around. Akira went to the office where you page something, do record, film and stuff like that. He was on air and with the microphone with him he shouted: "Nobuta, I love you".

Akira continued and said the following:

I like the book that you read. I like the sidewalk you walk. I like the top floor where you are. I like everywhere where you are. I love it. So so, I'll sing for Nobuta.

Shuji was listening the whole time. He was walking, passing by different classrooms while listening to Akira's shy confession. He was even more suprised when Akira sang. Oh gossh, Akira is madly inlove! Nobuta is such a lucky girl.

Jaahhh..what if you find someone who is madly inlove with you? What a bliss! especially if you like the guy also. Hmmmnn...I hope I was able to describe it well to you guys on how I find this scene so romantic. You should really watch Nobuta Wo Produce. Definitely a MUST SEE!!!

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March 29, 2008

Nobuta Wo Produce

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I am currently hooked to Japanese films and series. I am just so impressed with their works! I've watched Great Teacher Onizuka, Nobody Knows and now Nobuta Wo Produce. I am still in the Episode 5 of Nobta Wo Produce and I'm loving it! Hehehehhehehee...

If i will have the time in this world, I would definitely finish this series the sooner. The story line is just so amazing. It is about making a bullied student popular. Shuji and Akira were the ones who produce Nobuko Kotani to become Nobuta. interesting right? I wonder if there will be a love triangle or any. Shuji has a popular girlfriend and as I've seen Nobuta seems to like the guy but on the contrary I see the feelings blooming from Akira.

I'm so excited to finish this series. I am looking forward for a nice ending. Anyone knows?  (Just kidding)  I don't want to spoil myself that's why I'm not reading any information on the internet about this Jdrama. Hhehehehhee...

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March 27, 2008

Nobody Knows

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Finished watching this Japanese film - Nobody Knows.

I actually read an article of this from a blogger. He said that among the 10 movies he had seen for a week this one is his best choice. So, I searched it on Crunchyroll and my mother and I watched it.

This movie was first shown in the year 2004. The story is all about the four children left or abandoned by their mother. Have to survive life at a young age.

The story begins with the family moving in a different apartment. The single mother pretended that she has only one son but the two other children were hidden in the luggage while the other was waiting in station or terminal to be fetched during the night. They come from different fathers. They seem to be a happy family at first. The children are so obedient about the rules because the landlord might catch them. But when her mother got a new boyfriend and leave them with just a note and small amount of money, Akira being the oldest have to take good care of his siblings.

They were cut from the water supply, gas and electricity. The landlord was even wondering why they still have not able to pay their rent.  Akira couldn't work because he is still 12 years old. He just gets food from the one being given by the store. They just go to the park to fetch water, pee and wash their clothes. There was even a time when they were so hungry. His younger sister, Yuki eats paper. An accident also happen when Yuki fell from the chair and died. They have to put her on the luggage again and buried her.

The story is so sad but there were no crying moments compared to Filipino movies. You can just see the character's feelings or emotions from their face and how they react. It is a silent movie actually. Less talking and a bit slow in the phasing of story but it's apt. There was only one musical background that I could remember and it was when Akira and his friend Saki return from the airport after they have buried Yuki. (It was the wish of Yuki to see the airport).

I was hoping for a happy ending but it didn't happen. I was wondering what will happen to them after Yuki died. Medyo bitin talaga but it was good enough. It was my first time to see a different attack/presentation of a certain movie. Quite impressive!

Ratings: 4/5

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March 26, 2008

Babangon ako't dudurugin kita

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Babangon ako't Dudurugin Kita, Yasmin Kurdi, JC De Vera
I saw the van of GMA-7 few hours ago when I was in the market. I believe they are going to different places here in Davao just to promote the show, and in the van was the huge poster of "Babangon ako't dudurugin kita". Hmmnnn...what a title! ( full of revenge! - very bad)
March 24, 2008

Time to move on!

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I thought I can handle it but I was wrong. It was truly different when you are in the actual day. Tears started to fall in my eyes when my name wasn't called.

My name was written all over the invitations of every person present. My name was on the power point presentation of the awardees. The feelings even intensify when I received my diploma. It has my name and that title.

I felt that as if I was falling into pieces. The people around were looking at me when the person entitled to announce the awardees skipped my name. The emotions inside me were battling.

I felt that I am as if a beauty queen stripped off from her title. The medal, the diploma and the civil service eligibility. I felt that my 5 special awards were useless without that prestigious award.

March 22, 2008

GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)

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GTO, JDrama, Great Teacher Onizuka
Yesterday, I finished watching the whole episodes of Great Teacher Onizuka.

Oh gosshh...they are truly right because this Jdrama is super great! I highly commend this series to all students especially teachers out there.

Onizuka is not just an ordinary teacher. He is not an intelligent teacher but he is considered to be a great teacher. If you wanna know why then you better watch this Jdrama. I know you will be thankful to me because this is just an awesome series! (Whew! Sugoi!) I can assure you with that!

March 21, 2008

Jenny and Juno

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A good movie for teens out there.

The plot centers around the relationship of a 15-year-old couple, Jenny (Park Min-ji) and Juno (Kim Hye-sung), who meet in school. When Jenny discovers that she is pregnant, she and Juno decide against having an abortion, opting for parenthood instead. They try to conceal the pregnancy from their families for as long as possible, but the truth is revealed eventually, and their parents do not approve.

Plot source: Wikipedia

Trivia: This is a 2005 South Korean romantic film. But this movie has similarities with the 2007 American comedy film, Juno. According to the film screenwriter Diablo Cody,  she is unaware of the existence of  Jenny, Juno prior to the film's release.

I watched these two movies and I find the American version better.

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March 21, 2008

Paano Kita Iibigin

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Paano Kita Iibigin was a movie shown just last year. It was a Piolo Pascual and Regine Velasquez team up. Here is the Synopsis (from Museum Stuff)

Fired from her job and evicted from her apartment, Martee Regine Velasquez brings herself and her asthmatic son to Zambales for a vacation. In a dilapidated resort, owned by Lance Piolo Pascual, Martee finds work as a manager whose duties entails plans on how to increase the resort’s clientele. At first, Martee finds difficulty adjusting to the slower provincial lifestyle, but eventually she finds the laid-back pace more favorable.

In the beginning, whenever Lance and Martee work together, they always clash; but as they spend more time with each other, they discover facets about the other’s personalities that they each admire. Lance starts to fall for Martee as she slowly changes his outlook on life. Meanwhile, Martee is also falling for him since her heart has never opened up like this to anyone especially after being abandoned by her son’s father. Finally, she learns to laugh and enjoy life again.

Lance decides to take a major step by toning down his lifestyle to assuage her fears and even seeks his family’s help to restore the resort to its former glory.

However, when Lance falters and reverts back to his old lifestyle, Martee must dig deep and decide if she truly loves him. She questions whether she can she live with such a volatile person? Will she put her son’s security on the line? This time, she must choose between love and family.

This movie adds up to my frustration to Filipino movies. The promotions and all that advertisements seem to be saying that this movie is commendable but to tell you honestly, I hate it. Why do people in the television say that the movie is  super nice where in fact it is the exact opposite.

Jahh…but it's my fault again anyway because I still watch it. Good thing, I didn’t spend my money and time watching this movie in the big screen. Hehehehehhee…but I still respect their view if they find the movie nice but my point is if you didn’t find the movie great please don’t lie! That’s all. Sorry guys..ehehhehehe..

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March 09, 2008

Looking for Digital Cameras?

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And are you perhaps looking for a good digital camera? just gives you the right ideas. If you go looking for a good one, you tend to compare digital cameras about information like battery life, the quality of the image, the brands and the price. It takes painstaking time just to find the camera that would suit your taste.

www.wize .com/digiral-cameras will help you find the one that would meet your standards. You don’t need to compare digital cameras anymore because their site provides you with the extensive list of digital cameras together with the brand, price, description, plus the people’s opinion bout it. What’s nice with this site is you can be able to compare digital cameras that you want. Isn’t that just great? you have nothing left to do but just pick yourself among the list of products that they have.
March 02, 2008

Nearly 25,000 earnings in just a month - Not bad!

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When I sum up the payments I received from Smorty, Blogvertise, Blog to Profit, Sponsored Reviews and those advertisers who personally send me emails for advertisement I was surprised to see in my Paypal that it actually reached $575.38. Whew! in just a matter of 1 month, I had that earnings! Not bad right? It is not an everyday job nor a job that requires me to spend 8 hours infront of the computer. Just a side trip if i am bored and tired - a good sideline. In fact, those tasks that I've accepted were just easy to do like those that requires 50 words.

I am not making stories here. So here is the proof:

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