March 28, 2007

mag-fourth year najud ko!

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At last, the semester is over!

Nabreak ko narin ang sinasabi nilang may curse ako. It is because with my previous two courses (Accountancy and Medtech) i only reached the second year.

It feels good to be reaching this far because I have been through a lot of down and down.
***When we had our firing line presentation for the parents recognition and awarding I can't describe what I was feeling especially reading my line as a mother. The message that we shared was all about the sacrifices of every parent to their children. I felt so guilty because I know, at my age i should be a professional already.
Pero hindi pa huli ang lahat, babawi talaga ako sa inyo.

I am up to the challenges that are waiting as we reach our senior year. I am positive that i can do it at gagraduate na rin ako. Hopefully with flying colors.

Good luck sa ating lahat!

March 04, 2007

sleep problems, bad dreams

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The second semester is almost over but I tell you, every time it is coming to an end it always gives pressures to students because of the left and right requirements given to us by our dear teachers.

Somebody even said to me, why that strategy? Why do they always gave it on finals? Well, even if they will give it ahead of time it is useless because an ordinary student is fond of procrastinating. Fond of doing things a night before the deadlines and i admit i am one of them but not all the times because i also prepare, paminsan-minsan nga lang when i am not attacked by my laziness.

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