March 22, 2013

Christian Bautista Goes Kapuso

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Christian Bautista, a Kapamilya-born talent recently jumped to the Kapuso network. This was formally confirmed to the media by Angel Javier-Cruz, the network’s assistant vice-president for network corporate communications.

A contract signing formalized the said three year exclusive agreement between Bautista and GMA Network last March 21, 2013 at the GMA offices located in Quezon City.

His debut appearance on the network will be on the noontime show, “Eat Bulaga.” Bautista will also be welcomed soon in the Sunday variety show “Party Pilipinas,” which is the counter program of his previous Kapamilya show for years, ASAP. He will also be doing a project which is in a form of a drama series.

March 21, 2013

What Your Facebook Cover Photo Says About You

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Facebook Cover
People love to upload pictures to Facebook. Recently, with the commencement of Facebook Timeline, users began to have the opportunity to use a cover photo as well. What does this cover photo say about you?

Your Level of Privacy

If you are not already aware, your cover photo is generally visible to all users on Facebook. Unlike your profile picture, you cannot make the cover photo go blank. Therefore, your photo tells people what your ideal level of privacy is. For example, if you have a picture of you, then you are clearly okay with strangers seeing what you look like. However, many people choose to put up a picture of a favorite snack or past-time, which indicates that they want to maintain a higher level of privacy.

Your Interests

Regardless of whether it's a photo of you or something that you enjoy, your cover photo gives a bit of a peek into your life. For example, if your photo is a picture of a tennis racquet, then you are clearly interested in this sport. On the other hand, a picture of you and your closest friends suggests that these are amongst the most important people in your life.

What's Important to You

Individuals generally select a cover photo that has a lot of importance to them. A woman might put up a picture of her and her husband's wedding bands to indicate that this has been the greatest moment in her life so far. Others, perhaps those who are established in the field of the culinary arts, will post a photo of a delicious dish of food that they recently made. Whatever the case may be, your photo absolutely shows people what is important to you.

Your Photo Taking Abilities

Generally, people use pictures that they have taken with their own digital camera for their cover photo. You always want to be careful about copyright laws if you are taking another individual's picture to use. Therefore, people who are looking at your page will get a sense of how strong your photography skills are. Why is this so important? Well, for people who are looking for a career in photography, your cover photo can be one of the many ways you advertise yourself. For other individuals, this component is not quite as important.

For Your Friends

People with whom you are friends on Facebook can see both your cover photo and profile picture. By looking at both of these photos in tandem, your friends will likely get a better sense of who you really are. If your cover photo is a picture of the word "Mother" and your Facebook picture is of you and your children, then your friends will know this is how you define yourself at this stage in your life.
March 21, 2013

5 Great Photography Apps for your Smartphone

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Apps can transform your smartphone's digital camera into a point-and-shoot wonder machine. However, finding truly unique features can be difficult. These five smartphone apps offer something more than than cropping and basic filters.

Snapseed, Photography Apps, Mobile Apps

Snapseed by Google+ (iOS and Android)

Snapseed's slew of photo adjustment tools can make any photo impressive. Center Focus mimics a shallow aperture, keeping only the area you tap in-focus while blurring out the background. The Vintage tool is much more than a single filter; it can mimic multiple film types and has several texture options. With Snapseed, you can even mimic the drama of a tilt-shift lens.

This app's most impressive offering is Selective Adjustment. Instead of altering the whole image, this option allows you to fine-tune individual sections of photo with simple gestures. Add and manipulate multiple control points to create a truly dynamic photo.

FullCamera by SeungJae Lee (iOS)

A simple but value tool, Full Camera removes the lower options bar from the iPhone Camera screen. View your image field from border-to-border with minimal interruption. Take photos with just a tap or use the volume button. Access a hidden menu with a swipe to switch between front and rear camera, flash, still frame versus video and your Camera Roll.

Wondershare Panorama by Wondershare (Android) or Photosynth by Microsoft (iOS)

Many older smartphones lack a built-in panorama feature. Rather than stitching multiple photos together manually, Wondershare Panorama and Photosynth allow you to sweep a field of view and creates a panorama for you to view instantly.

Photosynth offers unique "full sphere" panoramas. This means you can pan up and down as well as side to side to create as comprehensive a view as you would like.

Diptic by Peak Systems (iOS)

Create quick photo collages with Diptic. Choose from 165 photo layouts for you to stitch your pictures together. Make quick adjustments, add captions and filters, and add borders.

Diptic offers some of the most comprehensive border controls of any photography app. Thickness, color and placement are all in your control. Diptic even allows for rounded edges. It also allows you to fill frames with a solid color to further customize your photo arrangement.

Fast Burst Camera by Spritefish (Android) or Fast Camera by i4software (iOS)

These two apps are excellent tools for not missing a beat. Both can take 30 high-resolution photos per second. They can be set to start shooting from the moment you open the app. Choose from continuous photos or a short burst and choose the best shots from the bunch.

Both apps feature optional manual controls, including flash, focus and zoom. The iOS app also allows you to adjust white balance and exposure, as well as including an optional "Stealth Mode" that silences the shutter sound and makes the screen go blank while it's in action.
March 21, 2013

Angel Locsin Defeats Premiered Actresses in PMPC Awards

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Angel Locsin, PMPC Awards

The Best Actress Award was won by Angel Locsin at the recent PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club) Star Awards for Movies last March 10 at the AFP Theatre.

Her performance in “One More Try” made her to win the top spot and accidentally outshine veteran artists and personal idols like Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos and Gina Alajar.

Angel was in great unbelief of what happened. At first when she knew that her co-nominees for the award were that primed, she did not expect on winning the award. With the trophy in her hand, she praised fellow nominees during her acceptance speech.

According to her, the decision made my PMPC doesn’t mean she is far better compared to Vilma, Nora and Gina. She then added that no one could question their acting prowess for they have proven their worth in all these years.

Lastly, she thanked PMPC for giving a chance to budding artists.

That night, she was worried on how the Vilmanians and Noranians will react to her victory over the two iconic actresses. She even cracked a joke that she might not go out alive of the theater. Then, she pointed that these fans are not bad.

Later, she was also told that the fans of Nora and Vilma have accepted fully her winning at the PMPC Awards. She also thanked Noranians and Vilmanians and assured them she was also one big fan of the two premiered actresses and referred to them as people of extraordinary talents.

Angel looks forward to a project with Nora and said it would be a great honor. With Vilma, she has already experienced working with her in the movie “Mano Po.”

She will soon be starting to shoot for a Star Cinema project with Bea Alonzo, Toni Gonzaga and Shaina Magdayao.

March 14, 2013

5 Ways to Improve your Website Conversion Rates

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There are many ways to improve traffic to your website, including search engine optimisation and online advertising. However, once you have attracted visitors, are they going to do what you want them to? Whether it's buying your product or registering their details, you'll need to optimise your website for conversion. There are numerous ways to improve your site's conversion rate, including improving its overall design and user friendliness. Although this may seem like an overwhelming task when you're just starting out, there are a few easy ways to maximise conversion rates and see a greater return on your investment. The following are five ways to get started.

Provide Quality Content

You may have attracted visitors to your site by using key search terms, but once they get there, will they find the information they're looking for? If your website is spammy or overly cluttered, it will be a quick turnoff to visitors. Create quality content in the form of text and images. When working content into ecommerce design, use bullet points and headings to break up text and make it more visually appealing. This allows readers to scan through the site quickly to find what they are looking for.

Create an Easy to Navigate Layout

The most effective websites are clean, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. Use a content management system that allows you to group your products or blog entries into logical categories, and use tags to separate them. This will help your audience find just what they are looking for. Otherwise, they may give up quickly before finding out what you have to offer.

Use Calls to Action

Calls to action should be integrated throughout your website to help give the viewer a gentle nudge towards completing the sale or signing up for your services. These can be as simple as "register now" or "buy today." They don't have to be lengthy or overly obtrusive, but it's important to make it clear what you hope to accomplish.

Create a One-Step Checkout System

Multiple studies show that the most sales are lost during the final step of the shopping process. This is when buyer remorse can kick in, particularly if the payment process takes too long. It's easy to lose your entire sale during this critical step if you're not careful, so it's worth creating a simple, one-page checkout. Shopping cart software at can help make short work of this for ecommerce business owners, or you could link your blog to Paypal if you only have one or two products to sell.

Get User Feedback

It's one thing to devise a website based on theories and quite another to actually reach out to your target audience. Asking for feedback helps you get an honest view of what visitors are looking for, and helps you improve your website accordingly. You can send out email surveys to customers, or provide a quick questionnaire on your website. If you have a blog, ask for comments and respond to them to open the lines of communication.

These are just a few ways to help make your website more effective. They can not only make it easier to use, but can improve your chances of turning a profit over time.
March 12, 2013

Alleged Showbiz Love Affairs Part 2: Kakai Bautista and Mario Maurer

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Thai superstar Mario Maurer was recently rumored of sharing a romantic relationship with singer-comedienne Kakai Bautista. The two met during the production of the movie "Suddenly It's Magic," where Erich Gonzales was Mario’s leading lady.

At the outbreak of the talks regarding the alleged relationship, Kakai is now put on hot seat and some of her detractors have expressed disapproval and even threw bad comments on her.

Kakai with a controlled temper tweeted last March 4: "Money can't buy you peace of mind, beauty can't bring you true love, but a good heart can give you happiness and contentment."

March 12, 2013

Alleged Showbiz Love Affairs Part 1: Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador

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A series of events has led to a conclusion that there is something romantic going on between Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson. But even with the constant denial of both parties; several events and photos confirmed their relationship going formal but left closed to the public.

Since the last quarter of 2012, Gerald and Maja’s alleged relationship has been talked about in several showbiz talk shows. The first time they were seen together was during the holidays at the Misibis Bay Resort Hotel, located at this so-called Cagraray which part of Albay province and this seemed to have started the rumor.

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