December 28, 2009

Xoom Problems

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I just learned today that I am the only one who has not yet received the salary to which it was sent through Xoom. It is just so unfortunate and it frustrates me so much. I have waited for 8 days and counting. Why, oh why Xoom? I could have used the said money for Christmas and up to now; my salary is not yet ready for cash pick-up.

And hey, New Year is fast approaching. Please don't break my heart even more.

Xoom Problems, Xoom Transfer, Xoom, Money Transfer
still payment processing

It was sent last December 20 and I got the notification of the Xoom Money Transfer Receipt. But even if I have the tracking number, I still couldn't get the money if I will not have a go signal that it is ready for cash pick-up. So we waited... and days passed where I tracked the transaction everyday by visiting their site. Hoping and praying that it is finally ready. Before, it didn't take that much long. When our Accountant sent the money we will immediately received it on the said day.

So I thought, maybe it is because of the Holidays. I know there are a lot of people who are sending money to their loved ones this Holidays that's why it somehow caused traffic on their system and besides the last day of the Estimated Availability will still be on Dec. 25.

December 27, 2009

Who is the Real Winner of Survivor Samoa? Natalie White or Russel Hantz?

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Survivor (US TV series), a famous reality television game show has already produced 19 seasons starting from 2000-2009. And of all these seasons, it is Survivor Samoa which I've never failed to watch every episode. And take note, I didn't watch this on a marathon where I bought a DVD or something but on everytime the episode has ended.

Each week, I waited and was always looking forward to its new episodes. You know the feeling? Where you just can't get enough of it and you really want to know what's next...especially on what will Russel Hantz' next strategic move. Gossshhh... He was so entertaining and amazing. Imagine, who would have thought of getting the immunity idols without clues and it happened not only once but many times. I am just so sad that the jury preferred Natalie White to win. He really played the hardest and was so close to grabbing the title of Sole Survivor. The jury should have based it on who really OUTWITTED, OUTLASTED, AND OUTPLAYED the GAME and not on personal issues or any.

Russel Hantz, Survivor

But on a second thought, Survivor is created to have a jury. For you to be declared as the SOLE SURVIVOR, you should win the hearts of the jury who were the eliminated players. Unfortunately, Russel was the mastermind behind most of the eliminations. That's why they were so bitter to him.

So in the end, it was Natalie's maintaining of low profile and being a shadow of Russel which made her won the game. She even got more votes with the remarkable final speech of Erik. Congrats Natalie! I am still happy that the final 3 members were from the Foa Foa Tribe.

Survivor Samoa is just the best season that they have ever aired (so far). And Russel Hantz contributed the greatest factor of it. He is my favorite player, next to Rupert Boneham of Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: All Stars. And I am soooooooo looking forward to the 20th season of Survivor whose players will be the Heroes and the Villains. I've learned that he will be the wildcard player. This is definitely an interesting game considering how brilliant and strategic Russel is. YAY!

Short Trivia:
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains has already started taping and everyone has no idea of who Russel Hantz is. The logo for the upcoming season will no longer be Outwit, Outlast and Outplay but Return, Revenge and Redemption.

And for everyone who still haven't watched Survivor Samoa, you better grab a copy of there full episodes now! This a good TV series for marathon this Holidays. Hehehehee... Don't forget to drop by here and let me know on your thoughts on who really deserves to be the winner okay?

Photos taken from the Examiner Website
December 25, 2009

Memorable Christmas Party

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My Christmas Party experience with JairoSolutions.

It was our Christmas Party and at the same time despidida/farewell party for Vicsante Aseniero or simply called "Bing", our former Regional Chief Solution officer.
At around 6:00 in the evening, we went to Buffet Palace - our venue for the party. We satisfied first our enormous appetites with great food such as lechon kawali, fresh salads, kinilaw, chicken pork adobo, shrimps, squids, Halo-halo, mango float, cakes, leche plan and others. Name it! Hmmnn...The money you have paid is really worth it when you are served with these kind of delicious food in an eat all you can resto. Hehehehe..

Afterwards, the party has officially started. We had games and a showcase of talents. Noel, the representative from the trainees was the first presentor. His cute and unique way of entertaining us was really an ice breaker. I don't know if he really knows how to play the guitar or he knows the tune of the song but we were really entertained. Just the thought of trying to do something when you are not good was so sweet of him. (Oh I just hope I have described it well for the benefit of those who are not present).

Next was the singing prowess of Aloha and her group. It is with no doubt, Aloha is such a performer. It is just so amazing to see a woman plucking a guitar with such a nice voice. I know there are still many out there in the team, they are just shy for now to show such talent. Hehehehee...

The "Love team" had prepared something also. A blooper of one of the famous Filipino soaps/drama the local showbiz industry has produced - "Maging Sino ka Man". Remember the scene where JB says, "I never said that I love you...". Joie took the role of Sam Milby and I (yours truly) for the role of Anne Curtis with a love triangle to Fritz. It was Joie choosing Fritz over me. Hehehee..(Hope you get the idea)
There was also a special number before “Bing” had to say his parting message and before our exchange gifts. UIC girls (Me, Yvon and Rose) prepared a lip synch of Last Christmas. To be honest, we chose that kind of presentation because we were afraid we might get out of tune if we sing live while dancing. Heheheeeh…
December 25, 2009

Because of No Internet Connection

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I was organizing my files in my computer when I found these pictures of ours (Jairo Ladies). We had some picture taking while there was no internet connection that time. Grabbing the opportunity and have to zone out from our work for a while guys, so please understand...heehehe..
Anyway, take a look at the beautiful us  -  cam whoring with our stuffed toys. (*grin).
from left to right (Yvon, Rose, Aloha, Jhona)
Oh did I say our? I was not even in the picture and I don't have stuffed toy also in the office. How sad, they only had me as their photographer. (Huhuhuhuhu....)But seriously, do you think I would allow that? Find it out after the jump.
December 24, 2009


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Few minutes to go and it will be Christmas! YAY! Happy Happy Birthday to you our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you very much for everything!

The Filipino people have went through a lot this year but we must not surrender. Our Bro is always here. There's recovery, hope and joy after all these pains. He is not only the Star of Christmas but also in everyday of our lives.

Here's a beautiful song for all of us. Let us celebrate LOVE and PEACE! MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!

November 30, 2009

Precious Heart Romances presents "My Cheating Heart"

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Hahay, ang tagal-tagal ko nang hindi nauupdate ang blog na ito. Sorry sa mga fans (kung may fans man ako), minsan na lamang ako makapanood ng TV. Medyo busy lng talaga sa work at naiingayan din ang kuya ko sa TV kaya lagi na lamang niyang pinapatay. Kung makapanood man ng palabas, hindi naman ako makablog kasi minsan tinatamad din. Buhay nga naman! Hehehehehe...

Anyway, super excited ako sa bagong chapter ng Precious Hearts Romance na pagbibidahan nina Cristine Reyes and Jake Cuenca. Naiintriga din talaga ako sa title niya na "My Cheating Heart" at parang maganda rin naman ang story.
My Cheating Heart tells the story of childhood friends Mio and Nadine. Jake shared how his character Mio will develop feelings for his best friend. “Mag-best friend kami sa simula. Makikita niyo si Mio na walang malisya kay Nadine, pero si Nadine may gusto na kay Mio. Pupunta ng US si Nadine and pagbalik niya after many years, magugulat si Mio kasi sobra nang ganda ni Nadine. Hindi makapaniwala si Mio kasi huli niyang nakita si Nadine maitim at patpatin. Ngayon maganda na talaga siya.”

Jake’s last TV role was man in uniform Dave Garcia in the top-rating primetime teleserye Tayong Dalawa. According to him, playing Mio is much more relaxed than his role in Tayong Dalawa. “Si Mio mature umasta, very straightforward. Broken-hearted kasi siya. Dapat ikakasal na siya, pero ‘yung girlfriend niya iniwan siya sa altar mismo. Mio got so depressed. Dadating si Nadine and she will help Mio get back on his feet again. Gagawin niya ang lahat para mapasaya ako uli. Pero underneath that is ‘yung plan niya na ma-fall in love ako sa kanya.”

Ayon pa kay Jake, perfect show din raw ito para sa mga Hopeless Romantic. Hmmmnnn....pipilitin ko talagang makasubabybay sa My Cheating Heart.

Photo taken from the Philippine Entertainment Portal Website
November 29, 2009

I don't love you, Goodbye!

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It's finally over for the two of us.

You only proved that I was really wrong when I chose you. I've been warned a lot of times to end this relationship but I didn't listen because I love you. But what have you done?

You just hurt me and you continue to do it. All the more with your insecurities - Your Pride! How could you? If you only knew.... (sigh)

I don't love you, Goodbye! Thank you for making me realized how stupid I have become. Yikes! Imagine? I was a martyr for 13months.

October 19, 2009

Yummy Ribs at Lyndon's

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Last Saturday, after Grace and I had our "group study" at Chicco de Cafe. We then headed to Lyndon's for our dinner through the suggestion of Dacky. We tried their "special spare ribs" which cost 115pesos or like 3US dollars.

ribs, Lyndon's Ribs
It was so delicious and tender that made me ordered for another cup of rice. I should have a diet you know but I can't resist it. I even ate some of Grace's share. Gossshhh....

So if you also want to try this yummy food from Lyndon's all you have to do is go to Roxas Avenue. It is just infront of Chicco de Cafe and beside Rasi Computer. Just a walking distance from where we had our group study.

Thanks to Rap for the photo and for Dax for the good recommendation!

September 20, 2009

cause I still love JairoSolutions!

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Yes, it's true! I have already resigned from JairoSolutions after more than a year of working but it doesn't mean I don't love this company anymore. I've gained a lot of experiences, made a lot of friends, had crushes (chuckles) and of course found my best friend.

It was the first company that I applied for a job (after graduating from college) and was immediately accepted. So when you say "first" - it will always have a placed here in my heart. I may have cried a lot of tears on how demanding the work was, the pressure I've got from our boss and clients, the struggling nightshift and other reasons I have but everything is fine because I've learned a lot.

Anyway, I made this simple video as a remembrance. It is out from the compilation of pictures I've got since August 2008 - September 2009. Background music is "Moment of Truth" by FM Static. It's one of my favorite songs and I just think it's apt for this video. Hehe. Hope you will like it. Thanks!

September 16, 2009

Pure Vocals from Voca People

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I'm struggling to sleep right now. This is actually because of getting used to not sleeping during night time for a year with my previous work. I am still adjusting my body. But aside from that, my eyes and mind become wide awake also because of an issue that came up few hours ago. Good thing, it has been fixed already and we have averted a major crisis. Hehehehehe... (if you ask, what is it - something related to work)

Anyways, just would like to utilize my time while I am not yet sleepy - quick blog update. Check out this really cooooooooooooool video. You will be mesmerized with how talented these Voca People are. As it is said, "What you are about to hear is pure human vocals - NO instruments, NO sound effects - PURE, LIVE - the VOCA PEOPLE"

Hope you will love the video as much as I do. Thanks James for sharing this. Off to bed now! Night, night! :)

September 08, 2009

It's hard when your Mom is not around

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My mom went to Manila for a seminar/activity about their organization. She is actually a member of Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry. She will be staying there for 10 days. And guess what? This is the 2nd day that she's not around and I am already struggling.

I have to do all the household chores and attend to my sick father and brothers and at the same time work. Gooosssshhh, it gets harder if I am not working homebased. :(

June 21, 2009

Why our total Google Adsense Earnings has changed?

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As I checked my Google Adsense account yesterday, I was so shocked to see that my total Google Adsense Earnings has changed. As I remember, I only have 15 dollars left to reach the minimum pay-out ($100) but now, what happened? See image below:

Google Adsense, Adsense Earnings, Adsense Problem (just click to view large image)

The only thing that comes in my mind was, I just integrated Google Analytics application into my Google Adsense account. And I believe it doesn't have something to do with the dropping right?

May 26, 2009

File Extension PVM

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Maintaining your personal computers is a tiresome task to do. Aside from keeping it clean, it also includes virus and malware scanning, maximizing storage capacity, and fixing registry problems. And one of those registry problems that usually our Windows OS experienced is the File Extension PVM that is somehow quite difficult to fix.This is because there are only two applications that use a File Extension PVM. One of which was developed by Optical Storage Technology or commonly known as OSTA, which manages digital content including music, video and images using XML format.

The second one is used by Hewlett-Packard’s Image Zone software. When installed in your PC and activated, it generates a File Extension PVM by automatically renaming image files read from CDs or digital devices like .jpg to .pvm for viewing purposes. After such, files of PVM extension are then stored on an album in XML format that contains information about the images it stores. It mostly appears in your as “album.pvm” or “index.pvm”. It is primarily use for copying images into media devices like CDs and DVDs.

Aside from what had mentioned above, other digital devices such as printers and digital cameras can also generate PVM File Extension. In addition, you may also use Photosmart software in viewing files of PVM extension.
May 24, 2009

A fun filled company outing experience!

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I wasn't really able to sleep that much the night before we will have our outing. Aside from the fact that I have the difficulty of sleeping, the excitement I am feeling somehow adds up. Well you know, JairoSolutions is the first company I have work with and I will be experiencing my first company outing. (Whew! As in for the first time)

So I turned in late. I mean, slept only during wee hours - few hours to go for our rendezvous. (Jaaahhhh.. ) But its fine with me, I can handle it. My mom will wake me up also, she's like my alarm clock in times like this. Hehehehe..

And the day has finally arrived where we heads out to spend some time together outside the office. Hmmnphh.. It was definitely a great way to loosen up a bit and where was that again? Oh, in Km. 20 Los Amigos Tugbok where you can find  Villa Christina Orchids Garden and Resort last August 30.

JairoSolutions, Company Outing
[from L-R (front row): Alvin, Joan, JJ, Jhona, Yvon, Leslie, Aloha, Tino, Rose and Alma, at the back L-R: James, Fritz, Jeff and Bernard]
May 24, 2009

Bonding with Fellow (First Team Building)

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I know this post has been long overdue because our Team Building event was actually last October 4-5 and now we are already on the 1st week of November. (Amazing..ness???) But I believe it is still fine (at least), as the cliché goes, "Its better late than never". We may not be able to immediately translate into words (through blogging) the things that had happened on our team building but the memories remain cherished in our hearts even as time flies by. (Emote...)

Well that’s definitely because it was our first team building. It was an anticipated and long-planned event of the Admin for JairoSolutions' employees to be able to not only enjoy each others’ company (outside office) but at the same time build an organizational development through teambuilding.

It was pursued through self-assessment and group-dynamic games that started even before the said day came. We were grouped into three by our HR officer and were given tasks to do marketing for our assigned meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on a limited time with money to budget. The preparation itself was a group effort already. Not to mention the planning of what food to cook, bringing of utensils and the designation of other tasks for our two-day stay at La Rouse, a place located in Talomo and exclusively reserved only for us.
May 08, 2009

What's the best gift for Mother's day?

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Mother’s Day is near. Have you already decided a gift for your mom? Well just don’t forget to greet them and that would be enough. But to really make your mom happy and be surprise, why don’t you give them something worth to remember. I am sure there are a lot of things you can give your mom, such as art and crafts, incense, scents, perfume and many more.

If you are buying fragrances, please be aware of the meaning behind each scent. It is helpful to know these things so that you can make a precious, personal and useful gift for Mother’s Day even if it was a cheap perfume that wouldn’t matter anymore. It would be of great help also to have a variety of choices, so that you can buy the perfect perfume for your mom.

Well if you have the budget and like to impress a little on your mom, there are many available designer perfume that you could buy. Well of course, your mom will definitely love it. But then again, remembering your mom on a Mother’s Day does not always mean buying something for them. A greeting and smile perhaps is ok. But a time with your mom, being with her and giving her your full attention on Mother’s Day is best gift that you can give to her.

May 05, 2009


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tired lady, work, careerSince I got promoted, my life has been soooooooo busy - ever! Most of the time, I have to extend my hours of duty just to catch up the tasks I have. (Overtime to the highest level, take note: graveyard shift pa iyan). So I can be up from 10pm to 7pm at most. (Amazing!). Well aside from the new position I also have to attend the Business Development and Business Analysis.

May 02, 2009

File Extension PES

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Here is another concept for you on file extension. Today I will be introducing the not so famous File Extension PES. Maybe most of you have heard it for the first time here and probably don’t know about it.

Well not so many articles were written about File Extension PES on computer books and computer magazines. Only a few can be found over the Internet and most of them were just short write-ups. PES is an Embrid Emroidery File Format. It actually contains codes and instructions for creating embroideries with a sewing machine.

The File Extension PES was created by PE-Design software. It was initially used by a Brother sewing machine and later used by Babylock and Bernina embroidery machines. So what programs can open PES files? Some of which includes StudioPlus, Embird Suite and BuzzXplore or BuzzEdit.
April 29, 2009

File Extension EMZ

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Probably most of you who had been dealing with software had never heard or seen the file extension EMZ in your everyday life. Well I myself had never heard of it before until today. So as not to become naïve, I had done some research.It was just actually a Windows compressed file. These file extension EMZ are zipped or compressed image files of EMF format. Microsoft had developed such format to be used as image files in Microsoft Office Applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Visio. The application tool used to compressed and decompressed EMZ files is called GZIP.

There are many ways to open an EMZ file extension such as using GZIP as I have mentioned above. Others had done it in unconventional ways like renaming its extension to .GZ and open it with WinRar. Another is the popular copy the file and paste it on a blank MS Word document. I tell you these stuff works.
April 11, 2009

Trip to Mati

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Last week (April 4-6,2009) - for 3 days and 2 nights I had a blast of the outing/trip we had in Mati - my birthplace. We went to different beaches namely Masao Beach Resort, Waniban Island and Dahican.

Take a look at the pictures below, you might would want to visit these places also. It would be best if you will click the image one by one to see a larger view.

Masao Beach Resort
Masao Beach Resort
Masao Beach Resort

March 31, 2009

Direct Satellite TV

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As of today, many Americans had preferred satellite TV than their old cable TV. There are actually a lot of reasons why they chose to have a satellite TV. One of which is the number of program channels satellite TV can offer. An example is one of the famous satellite TV providers in the US known as Direct Satellite TV that offers 130 plus channels to its costumers with high definition TV programming. It’s a lot of number compared to a common cable TV.

If you plan to have a satellite TV, you have to consider the cost of its installation. It would be nice if satellite TV providers can give you the equipments such as satellite TV dish and TV receivers for free. And both Dish Network and Direct Satellite TV services include the equipment with installation up to 4 rooms for free. Isn’t it a good deal? The third factor they have considered is the signal interruption. One big problem with cable TV is that when it goes out, it would take you hours waiting until it returns. Good thing about satellite is that interruptions were in brief intervals of a few seconds only. Thus many have decided to have interrupted signals rather than waiting for hours and missed their favorite shows.

In addition, satellite TV broadcast channels in digital format in which you can expect the best quality of picture and sound for your viewing pleasure. So If I made a choice, I would choose a satellite TV because it suits my needs. And the next thing I need to decide on is the satellite TV provider. According to the customer satisfaction survey, Direct Satellite TV and Dish Network were ranked as the highest compared to any cable TV companies. So I guess I had to settle with these two.
March 29, 2009

Different Storage Media

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Before USB storage media (or flash disk as they call it) became popular in the market, CDs and DVDs were the hero of every students and computer addicts. Until now these storage media are still very useful in copying, storing and archiving of data.

But before we get confuse with the terms CD, DVD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Blank CD and Blank DVD let us first define each. CD is short for compact disc while DVD stood for digital versatile disc. Both CDs and DVDs were optical media. Both uses light technology to write and retrieve data. The laser reads and writes data from the center of the disc outward in a spiral direction. CDs and DVDs are identified to designate specific features such as recordability, rewritability, and accessibility. Examples are CD-R (CD Recordable), CD-RW (CD Rewritable), DVD-R (DVD Recordable) and DVD-RW (DVD Rewritable).

Comparing both media, the DVD-R Media is quite popular among consumers. This is because it is a new technology and has a bigger capacity than CDs. Thus many preferred to buy DVD-R and DVD-RW than CD-R and CD-RW. CDs and DVDs were commonly used in almost all libraries for their archives. Some consumers especially students used it in storing their favorite songs and music, games, movies and software applications (projects). Well for me personally I used it as a backup storage. I can’t afford to buy those bigger capacity and expensive HDD, so a Blank DVD-R or Blank DVD-RW will do. Right now I have almost 30 DVD stacks (that is 20 DVDs per stack) in my room. I carefully categorized them by songs, movies, anime, games, applications and e-books. I actually preferred DVD-R when burning files and data when I have my backup every week because of its bigger capacity. I also used Blank DVD-RW aside from USB flash disk when I usually take home some work from the office. But I have to make sure that the office's and my personal DVD Writer are compatible, or else I would have some problem with it.
March 26, 2009

Registry File Extension

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Let me share you this situation I’ve observe with my friend who is a non-computer literate. And this observation is the same also for those who know a little about computers. When you see them furious or angry in front of the computer, there natural reaction is to slap the monitor, bang the mouse or turn the keyboard into a piano key. And my friend does this stuff, thus I always tell him not slap or bang your PC if it failed you. If it gets broken, then you will have yourself a serious problem. And when you ask them what’s wrong and investigate on it, it was just simple a minor one.

Well this is common to those who just use a technology rather than knowing them. So one instance I caught him mocking his computer. And when I look at it, he can’t open the file he was accessing. And he added that he finds his computer slower and unstable. So I check the file he is accessing. Well there is nothing wrong about it, its file name was correct and the file type as well. So probably, here is something wrong with his Windows registry. Because when the registry is corrupted, chances are file extension is also affected. Registry problem actually leads to file extension conflicts by making programs and applications installed confused on identifying which file to open.

And so I told him to download tools that can help him fix his computer’s problem. A tool that will find out for certain exactly what is wrong with his system’s registry, and would help him fix invalid file associations, corrupted software settings, or any one of a whole range of other possible problems to make his computer run smoothly.
March 25, 2009

Computer Drivers

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Buying a new pc is easy, but maintaining it is quite troublesome, especially when it gives you lots of minor but annoying problems. Worst case is when it broke, and then you got yourself a big problem. Thus it is mandatory for you to maintain and keep your PC working and its drivers updated. Most of these minor problems you experience were actually cause by flawed or outdated device drivers.

Drivers are a vital component of you PC since it is used to communicate with a specific piece of hardware attached to it. And if these drivers were either faulty or obsolete, chances are your hardware will not work properly as you had expected it to. Others will also cause other devices not to work well too. And this kind of minor problems always give PC users headaches.

A simple tip is to regularly update you PCs software and device drivers which I did and so far I am doing fine with my PC. You may visit the device manufacturer’s websites and check for new updates. You may click those ”free download drivers” menu. There were also tools that can help you regularly update your drivers automatically. All you have to do is to click that “Turn On” radio button. I suggest you grab one for your PC. There were websites that offers the latest and safest drivers for all brands. You name it they have it. It’s just like a one-stop shop. Here you can probably find your most wanted drivers 99.99%. Thus making your search fast and easy.
March 22, 2009

Nights in Rondathe

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Nights in Rondathe, Richard Geere, Diane Lane
Last night, I watched a Love Story movie commended by Tino. It was Nights in Rondanthe - a 2008 movie of Richard Gere (my crush) and Diane Lane. You know what, Richard Gere is already 59 yet he still looks awesome in this movie. More appealing and still oozing with sex appeal. I guess this tagline on American Gigolo "He leaves women feeling more alive than they've ever felt before" is really true. Watcha think?

March 21, 2009

File Extension DLL

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For more than a month, I find myself suddenly irritated every time I turn on my laptop. A pop-up window would always greet me with the following message “Error: Couldn’t find ****.dll”. I had tried to find the DLL over the Internet and install it, and then everything would be fine. The following day, another error appears. And it’s a new dll problem. So I decided to investigate on it and find a one-click solution for my never-ending problem with DLL.

File Extension DLL or Dynamic Link Library files are actually used by Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 2000, XP and Vista. They are also use by the applications installed on those OS to store codes and functions that will be called for used whenever it is needed. Windows systems have tons of DLL files installed in it and checking all for updates and errors would be troublesome. And according to my research, File Extension DLL errors and problem were cause by various factors and conditions. These include a missing or corrupt DLL files, corrupt applications, virus or malware infections and erroneous Registry entries.

With those in mind, I had crawled the Internet for easy guide and how-tos, utilities and tools that will prevent or better solve these DLL problems. There were a lot of tips been given on forums and online support sites. Aside from that, I also found websites that offer tools and utilities that is design to fix and solve File Extension DLL problems. Which one is better is up for you to decide.
March 18, 2009

Surprising Amount in my EON Bank Account

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Two nights ago, I was really shocked when I checked my bank account online. Why? I just received a huge amount of money that confused me so much to where it was coming from. Only Grace knows my account number and I am not expecting her to be sending me money with that kind of amount. Besides, I also didn't borrow money from her that time.

1000 - 10,000

10,000 - 100,000
100,000 - 1,000,000

And although I am expecting a new fund on my EON Bank account because a friend of mine asked favor from me. But it was really more than what I expected. Just by looking at those numbers, you can say that the variation of the conversion rate of dollar does not really justify its amount.

March 13, 2009

Belated Happy Birthdays and Valentines to you all!

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Sorry for the promises! I guess I couldn’t update my blogs regularly. My 2009 just welcomes me with raining and some nose bleeding tasks from my work that I can't seem to find any time to blog.

If there is, I prefer to watch TV series or just sleep. Well, I don't want to squeeze up my tired mind and body anymore when I'm home. But anyways, what is important is here I am still sharing my ironic "mysterious life" to you...

March 13, 2009

Great Foods at the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit

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I was looking at some pictures uploaded by Rap in his Picassa account when I found these great and free foods served before us during the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit.

Starting from lunch, we have this fried chicken, with some vegetable/like afritada I believe and of course fruit salad.

Mindanao Bloggers Summit
For snacks we had sandwhich in the morning and burger in the afternoon. Of course it was paired with softdrinks. Coffee we're also overflowing that time if in case you are feeling sleepy. Take a look at us, the models. Hehehehehe...

March 05, 2009

Top 10 Best Chick Flicks

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I saw the countdown for this best chick flicks on Qtv. It was actually Top 50 Best Chick Flicks but unfortunately my Kuya or older brother doesn't want to turn the television on that's why I didn't get to write down all the movies being listed. But what's matter most is I did get the Top 10 Best Chick Flicks and here are they:

10. Thelma and Louise
9. The Notebook
8. Terms of Endearment
7. The Ghost
6. Dirty Dancing
5. Sleepless in Seattle
4. When Harry Met Sally
3. Steel Magnolias
2. Pretty Woman
1. Beaches

In the list above, I believe I've only seen three namely: The Notebook, The Ghost and Pretty Woman. All of them are really beautiful and romantic movies especially - The Notebook. That's why I am really wondering why it only falls on the number 9 spot.

How about you guys?  Have you seen these movies? Do you agree with the list they've got?

Anyways, can't wait to see them honestly! Hope I could still find any other torrents or streaming of the movies mentioned above.

Photo taken from the HD Wallpaper Website
February 06, 2009

Truth about working in an IT industry

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Just want to share to you guys this nice article I've first found in a link posted by a friend of mine in Plurk. I must say, it's funny and a bit true.

See them below:

1. We work weird (night) shifts...
Just like prostitutes.

2. They pay you to make the client happy...
Just like a prostitute.

3. The client pays a lot of money, but your employer
keeps almost every penny...
Just like a prostitute.

4. You are rewarded for fulfilling the client's dreams...
Just like a prostitute.

5. Your friends fall apart and you end up hanging out
with people in the same profession as you...
Just like a prostitute.

6. When you have to meet the client you always have to
be perfectly groomed...
Just like a prostitute.

7. But when you go back home it seems like you are
coming back from hell...
Just like a prostitute.

8. The client always wants to pay less but expects
incredible things from you...
Just like a prostitute.

9. When people ask you about your job, you have
difficulties to explain it...
Just like a prostitute.

10. Everyday when you wake up, you say: "I'm not going
to spend the rest of my life doing this."
Just like a prostitute ........

February 02, 2009

How to remove Limited or No Connectivity message

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Limited or No Connectivity
My computer is finally okay. Thanks to Jeffrey (an officemate) for helping me. And I also love the fact that after he has reformatted my computer, those programs that I need are already installed. I only asked him to help me fix or diagnose it but he has done other extra things to make me love and value my PC more..

I was actually troubled days before it has not been fixed cause my work requires me to be online all the time. I've tried the entire different safe mode, the last known good configuration and the normal loading stuff but I can't really log on to my PC. I rebooted it a lot of times and same thing happen, there was a blue screen. They said it has something to do with the memory. So I opened my system unit and cleaned but it didn't work still. The same went when I've tried removing and returning the hard disk.

So when everything seems to be hopeless, I resort to have my PC be reformatted. I am jus so thankful that my memory is still working fine. Now, I am back online! Thanks, thanks..I was the one who made the simple configuration in connecting to the internet. And I want to share you guys if you still don't know it this basic solution to remove the Limited or No Connectivity message. You might be thinking you are still not connected but actually you are.. it was just like a default message..

How to remove it:
1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type ncpa.cpl, and then press ENTER. The Network Connections dialog box opens.
3. Double-click Local Area Connection, and then click Properties.
4. On the General tab, click to clear the Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity check box.
5. Click OK, and then click Close.

January 31, 2009

Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang

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Magsasama na naman ulit si Marian Rivera at Dingdong Dantes sa bagong teledrama ng GMA-7 na "Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang"...

Talagang magiging kapana-panabik ang bawat eksena lalo pa't pinagbibidahan ito nga dalawa sa mga hottest at controversial stars ng showbiz industry ngayon. Hmmnn..hanggang saan kaya ang kanilang ipapakita? (Weee..wala lang.. )

O eto nga pala ang Premise. (from Wikipedia)

It tells the story of Homer, a psychologist with a boring life, and his patient Proserfina - a man-hater and a serial killer who murdered those she had had a relationship with. The two will eventually develop feelings for one another. But will Prosefina's new found love heal her hatred for men?

Nice noh? Pamilyar na sa akin ang storyline kasi nakahiligan ko rin noon ang magbasa ng komiks at ito iyong isa sa mga paborito ko. Bukod kina Marian at Dingdong makikita din natin dito sina Angelu de Leon, Paolo Contis, Eugene Domingo, Carmi Martin, Francine Prieto, Sherilyn Reyes, Lovi Poe, Mart Escudero, Jackie Rice, Alyssa Alano, Carlene Aguilar, Paolo Paraiso, Kevin Santos at Boom Labrusca.

Kung pagbabasehan sa cast hindi lang pala ito action, suspense at drama kasi nandiyan din si Eugene Domingo. So may halo talagang comedy? Or change role muna xa?

Anyway ang nagdirect ng drama na ito ay sina Joyce E. Bernal at Topel Lee. Nood kayo ha, ngayong February 2 na ito!

Photo taken from the Showbiz Nest Website
January 28, 2009

How is your health?

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Mine? I hope it’s not getting bad. I just have this different kind of complains (pain/sickness) all over my body. And I am not sure where they are coming from…

Anyways, here are they: (Pardon the term I am using, I am not a medical person)

1. Terrible headache – from time to time, I am being attacked by this. Most especially at the left side of my head, a weird pain. It’s like a needle being pricked on you. It is the reason why I sometimes have a status message that says, “Banging my head against the wall”.

2. Terrible pain at the back of my head - What’s the best word to describe it? I think in our language it is “batok”. Last night, was really the worst. I was in the office that time and I can’t concentrate because of the pain. It must have been triggered because I ate lechon in the morning. Hahaizzz…

3. Pain in both arms and in lower legs – it’s a torture and this one is what I hate the most. And I am always attacked by this kind of pain almost everyday. Can this be associated to rheumatism, arthritis or the repetitive strain injury?
January 16, 2009

Top 26 Most Important Rules of Email Etiquette

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Just want to share to you guys this nice article found by an officemate. I personally like it because it truly helps especially that most of my work is sending emails to client. As I've said in my last post, I am a Business Development Representative of a certain company.

Feel free to read them and please don't forget to follow.

1. Take Another Look Before You Send a Message
2. Do Not Default to "Reply All"
3. Keep Emails Short
4. Properly Format your Email Replies, and Be Lazy
5. Write Perfect Subject Lines
6. Clean Up Emails Before Forwarding Them
7. When in Doubt, Send Plain Text Email, Not HTML
8. Don't Forward Hoaxes
9. Use Current Antivirus Software, Keep it Up to Date, Scan for Free
10. Say Why You Think What you Forward Will Interest the Recipient
11. Do Let People Know Their Mail Has Been Received
12. Ask Before You Send Huge Attachments
13. Talk About One Subject per Email Message Only
14. Punctuation Matters; in Emails Too
15. Use Acronyms Sparingly
16. Resize Pictures to Handy Proportions Before Inserting Them in Emails
17. Writing in All Caps is Like Shouting
18. Be Careful with Irony in Emails
19. Catch Typos by Printing Your Emails
20. How to Avoid Embarassing Emails
21. Set Your System Clock Right
22. In Doubt, End Emails with "Thanks"
23. Where to Put your Signature
24. Wondering "How to Put that in Writing", Write "That"
25. Why You Should Compress Files Before Sending Them via Email
26. Avoid "Me Too" Messages

You can read the full article here.
January 04, 2009

Ang Pinaka - may maraming comments noong 2008

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Inspired by Ang Pinaka, one of my fave tv shows in Qtv. I am sharing to you guys "Ang Pinaka may maraming comments na blog posts ko noong year 2008".

Here are they:

10 comments - Pagselosan ba naman ako!
10 comments - Nothing is impossible
10 comments - Sinong praning?
11 comments - Nagagym ko part
12 comments - 60???
12 comments - Nearly 25,000 earnings in just a month
14 comments - Missing my students
15 comments - Ramdam na ang Pag-asenso
16 comments - A Valentine Post
25 comments - Am I pregnant?

January 02, 2009

Revive the Spirit of Blogging!

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Blogging, Blogger, Work at Home, Make Money BlogTwo days to go and Holidays will be over. Oh gooosssshhh...

I just spent most of my time sleeping, eating, surfing the net and downloading TV series. I even finished watching the Seasons 1 and 2 of Chuck and Gossip Girl and will just be waiting for the new episodes to be aired this January. See? Sooooo lazy on Holidays!

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