May 31, 2013

Charice is ‘out’ and ‘free’

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It’s not an unusual case, nor is it the most shocking one, when you consider that former child singer Charice Pempengco has finally ‘come out’. Aiza Seguerra, has done it, and of course, Rustom Padilla, now known popularly as BB Gandanghari.

In an intimate interview with her godfather, Bum Tenorio Jr., Charice has been quoted to say, ‘I have come to accept the real me. I have come to love the real me. I now celebrate the real me.’ Charice even goes as far as to resolutely say that she doesn’t mind getting a sizeable amount of bashers.

Well, good for her. She seems to be at peace now with herself and true to form, she has nothing to worry about. Charice’s finances are fine, the proof being on her brand new BMW which was paid in full. She has named the luxury vehicle, ‘Captain’. For her fans and detractors, Charice can only say, ‘The only thing that changed in me is my look, my perspective. My voice remains the same."

Right on, Charice.

Image taken from the Scoop Boy Website
May 29, 2013

Jessica Soho: “Rape is not a joke.”

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The award winning broadcaster has finally broken her silence about the ‘fat’ joke, comedian Vice Ganda has made against her. More than a week ago in a concert, the ABS-CBN comedian bashed Soho for her weight, even going as far as suggesting a scene for a bold (rated) movie she should star in where she would be ‘gang-raped’.

GMA executives have fired back and are now planning to take legal proceedings against the ABS-CBN talent. Arnold ‘ Igan’ Clavio has also taken Soho’s side and asked why Vice Ganda needs to victimize people with serious jobs just to make people laugh. Soho has also made a public statement, citing that “Rape is not joke.”

The public has taken sides as well, calling Vice Ganda’s joke as ‘vulgar’, ‘tasteless’ and ‘overboard’ while others say that it was all in the spirit of comedy.

May 29, 2013

Fast and Furious 6: A Winning Formula

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Who would have thought that a movie about fast muscle cars, even more muscled men and beautiful ladies would have such a strong appeal? This appears to be the case for Fast and the Furious 6, which is now obviously on its 6th installment.

Apart from its brilliant explosions and well choreographed stunts, this movie is expected to be a hit – on Philippine shores, anyway - far beyond its predecessors simply because its red carpet premiere was held here in Manila. Starstruck fans saw Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans, Gina Carano and of course, the main man himself, Vin Diesel in the flesh. Filipinos were most especially pleased with Diesel’s apparent humility and down to earth attitude – at most times seen wearing a sando just like any local or enjoying a jeepney ride. He was even featured to drive a sidecar from a pineapple vendor!

May 27, 2013

6 Tips to help Expand your online business

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Starting a business online means that you probably have, and want, a decent amount of flexibility. People are able to look at your products and explore your services at their leisure, and you can use these tips to make it even better.

Include a Review Section

Buying products online can be a little bit scary because consumers do not always know exactly what they are getting. In order to alleviate their fears, it would be wise to set up a comments and reviews section on your website. Be sure to monitor it though. If you get a number of spam messages or something of that nature, you should look into removing them. Taking away negative reviews is really not right though.

Safety and Security

No one is going to want to buy from your site unless the consumers know that their information is protected when they enter into. Credit card fraud and identity fraud are both huge problems these days, and people do not want to be exposed to these types of issues. Your website should absolutely let people know that their information is safe and how it is protected from hackings and theft.

Facebook Page

Facebook pages help to give customers a personal connection with the business, and when you do not have such a page, you risk falling behind in the world of business competition. Yes, you should have a regular website as well. However, it should include a link to your Facebook page. On this page, you can reply directly to customer comments, complaints or questions. You can also post plenty of pictures with great ease. Generally, businesses will decide to have a couple of people who are specifically in-charge of monitoring and updating the Facebook page.

Customer Service 24/7

Imagine that someone is trying to purchase a product from your page, and he or she is not able to figure out how to do it or has a question about your product. If this individual is not able to receive immediate customer service, then he or she might choose to buy it from somewhere else. One of the ways to stop this problem from occurring is by having 24/7 customer service. Even if you are unable to have someone available all of the time, you should at least put together a list of frequently asked questions.

A Virtual Office

The Servcorp Virtual Office is a great way to give your business a boost by providing you with tools such as a dedicated receptionist, a CBD address, dedicated business phone number, access to meeting and board rooms when you need, all without the cost of renting a full time office.

International Presence

Once you have established yourself as a local and national entity, it's time to start looking to other countries. If you have the ability to ship to other places in the world, then you can really become a master in the field. Individuals will know your reputation and seek out your products immediately.

All of these tips are absolutely going to help you when you want to expand your online business. Remember, business, at its heart, is a competition, and you need to make sure you are in the front.
May 27, 2013

Kaleidoscope World Forever More

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Francis M, Elmo Magalona

Father’s Day is just a few weeks off but Elmo Magalona seems to have found a perfect and fitting way to pay tribute to his father, the late Master Rapper, Francis M. Technology has played a huge role in relaunching the MTV for Kaleidoscope World. Now introduced as Kaleidoscope World Forever More, the new video features Elmo - singing along with his Dad, interacting, rapping and performing with him and his band. To say the video is touching is a bit of an understatement.

The behind the scenes crew deserve equal, if not more, credit. Footage from the original MTV was painstakingly combined with new scenes so viewers feel some level of authenticity. If someone didn’t know Francis M. died four years ago (I don’t know how that’s possible!) should see this video, there would be no doubt in your mind that these were just two performers collaborating.

Watch the video. Even if you are not a fan of Francis Magalona and his music, there’s something poignant about a son who wants to be with deceased father, one last time.

May 22, 2013

Transporter: The Series

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Jason Statham is one of the few successful British actors to have made it big not only in Hollywood but in the worldwide market as well. Perhaps his most famous role is that of Frank Martin, the Transporter. (do not call him driver!) Action fanatics will recall his eternally menacing scowl and his calculating demeanor. And it may have been because of this that when the movie trilogy was translated into a TV show, millions were glued to the tube to see more action-packed, adrenalin pumped fight and chase scenes.

May 22, 2013

Justin Bieber booed at Billboard Music Awards

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The boos overpowered the screaming fans when Justin Bieber came to the stage to accept the first ever Milestone Award presented by Chevrolet at the Billboard Music Awards last Monday, May 20. The singer struggled with the microphone, unsure whether to speak up or just take everything in. The pop sensation eventually spoke up and thanked his fans and family, ultimately reminding everyone that “it should be about the music, about the craft” and how he should be taken “seriously as an artist”.

Music critics afterwards felt bad for Bieber’s treatment while some detractors have expressed that it was a heckling well deserved. A few also questioned why he felt the need to reassure the audience that he was not a ‘gimmick’. The Milestone Award was voted on by fans and taking in the fact that all his albums have been doing well, it should not come as a surprise that Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars have both lost the award to him.

May 18, 2013

Celebrating Mother's Day with Cookie Butter Donuts from Go Nuts Donuts

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I was planning to buy Red Ribbon's cake on Mother's day but unfortunately their cakes are sold-out. So I thought of bringing donuts to my mother instead.

Go Nuts Donuts, Cookie Butter Donuts

I also remember Go Nuts Donuts just launched their newest flavor here in Davao which is the Cookie Butter Donut. So I'm pretty sure my mother would love to try it also. Besides, she loves Go Nuts Donuts because their donuts are affordable, not too sweet and of course proudly Filipino made. 

Mother's Day, Cookie Butter Donuts

And when she had her first bite - she really loved it! I was right! Hehe. :) 

I didn't eat the donut on that day yet because I was already full from our food trip at the mall. But on the next day, I wanted to confirm if it tastes good and it really is. :) You should try it. :)
May 17, 2013

Candice Glover is American Idol Season 12 winner!

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Candice Glover, American Idol
Candice Glover

Philippine fans to the long time reality show were in for a spectacular treat as American Idol Season 12 wrapped up today, May 17. In a two hour long finale, past contenders from the current season and the seasons before performed once again on the Idol stage.

All 11 eliminated contestants opened the show with a rousing rendition of ‘Glad You Came’. The Idol judges also made the stage hot with their own performances where in one, Mariah Carey sang a medley of her hits and even impishly called out to Nicki Minaj to not ‘be shy, and join in.’

It was also good to see Janelle Arthur rocking out with The Band Perry. She let loose with a couple of vigorous kicks and enthusiastic head bangs. Angie Miller was also there with Adam Lambert in a ‘Titanium’ duet then later with her personal idol, Miss Jessie J. It was also right after that number that an invitation was extended to Angie to come to London and perform. She said yes, of course! Amber Holcomb later sang with Emeli Sande.

May 13, 2013

Holt FIAT of Hurst

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white fiat 500

Thinking about buying a Holt FIAT? Or do you already own one? Visit Holt FIAT of Hurst today! Whether you want to window-shop, schedule a test drive or simply want to go in for a maintenance check, no request is too small or too huge for our competent and friendly staff here at Holt FIAT Hurst.

If you need to have automotive questions answered or are interested to find what models are available to you, visit Holt FIAT of Hurst. Our customer service specialists are always onsite to provide answers and give solutions to any issue and concern you might have. Repairs are always done efficiently and correctly so you do not have to go repeatedly for the same concerns. We always aim to resolve everything the first time around.

If you visit Holt FIAT of Hurst, you are guaranteed to receive first-class, top-quality service from well-trained and ASC certified technicians. Rest easy that if you make a purchase, our service does not stop from there; rather, it is the beginning of a commitment to give you the pampering you truly deserve. Browse through our specials, compare engine and fuel efficiency, inquire about in house financing or order the parts you need. We are committed to serve our customers always.

So what are you waiting for? Go and visit Holt FIAT of Hurst to understand what excellent service really is. See for yourself the services for which we have gained our good reputation for. Step in our store for anything – from minor oil changes to extensive parts and service repair. We are a one stop shop for all you need for your FIAT.

Our can be found just a few minutes away from Downtown Fort Worth and other cities such as Grapevine, Coppell, Las Colinas, McKinney, Plano and Frisco. Come and visit us soon!
May 13, 2013

Visit Arrigo Auto

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Arrigo Auto, 2013 FIAT 500 POP Hatchback
Imagine maneuvering the streets of Palm Beach, Florida in a muscle car with the sun streaming down on you and a gentle breeze fanning your cheek. Now imagine no more. Visit arrigo automotive group and see what’s in store for you. Browse through their selection of muscle cars and sports vehicles or try their website to see their wide and up to date inventory – all in the comforts of your own home. 

Both the staff and the website of this car dealership work hand in hand to efficiently to bring you quality service. Go online, visit arrigo auto group and click on the CarFinder feature. This added element allows you to view vehicles available to you, at the price you set and the specification you specify. You can even add details to narrow down possibilities, down to body style, highway MPG, year and odometer. Talk about complete information!

Already have a sweet ride? Don’t need to buy a new car? They can still help you. Let them keep your car at its peak performance. Whether it’s just routine maintenance or extensive body repairs, visit arrigo auto and have professional and certified technicians assist you.

If the only thing that’s holding you back from purchasing that dream car is finances, worry no more and consult with their staff. The team at arrigo auto can show you how to secure new and used car and truck financing and credit loans. Simply talk to one of their sales personnel and discover the many avenues available to you. They provide current, up-to-date information how to qualify for loans as well as current interest rates – all you have to do is visit arrigo auto today.

When you need excellent car services, go visit arrigo auto group. They have three accessible and convenient locations – Sawgrass, Palm Beach and Ft. Pierce. You are guaranteed to experience exceptional service like no other.
May 13, 2013

Ft Pierce’s very own Arrigo DCJ

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Jeep, Arrigo DCJ

Buying a car is no easy feat. There will be loads of stores everywhere who advertise and look promising but only few can give you the service as well as Ft Pierce’s very own Arrigo DCJ can. Go to their store and talk to any of their friendly, honest and knowledgeable employees. This family owned and operated business takes pride in its employees, each one with vast familiarity of the automotive world. They can show you potential discounts and specials, possible financing and loan and no hassle, no strings attached quotes and appraisals.

Second only to the employees, Ft Pierce’s very own Arrigo DCJ is only proud of its wide inventory of Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep models. The inventory is so wide and vast that customers can really peruse through the specification to find a car that suits their budget and lifestyle.
For added convenience, you can also opt to visit their user friendly website to find the best deals. View vehicles and compare details. Everything you need is literally at the touch of the mouse. All models in Ft Pierce’s very own Arrigo DCJ have been meticulously and painstakingly accounted for so customers can just browse through to view each car’s features.

Ft Pierce’s very own Arrigo DCJ also offers service and maintenance. Schedule your next service with them and see for yourself the many reasons why them have become and remain to be number 1. They give upfront pricing and do not give hidden costs or percentage increases. Their quotation is final and accurate and through the years, they have built up their reputation to what it is today.

Visit Ft Pierce’s very own Arrigo DCJ and experience for yourself the kind of excellence you deserve. Let their professional technicians handle your concerns or consult with them, to know what your ride needs.
May 13, 2013

Arrigo DCJ of Palm Beach

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Arrigo DCJ Palm Beach, 2013 Dodge Dart Aero Sedan
Cars, sunsets and cool summer breezes – that pretty much describes a typical Palm Beach afternoon. No Palm Beach resident’s life would be complete without a car to cruise by the highway of sunny, spectacular Florida. So if you’re thinking about buying a car, this is where Arrigo DCJ of Palm Beach can help. Arrigo DCJ of Palm Beach offers a wide array of choices ranging from Dodge, Chrysler and Jeeps. Need something to coast through the road or just want to take a leisurely drive along the beach? Be sure to check out the store and the online inventory this car dealership has to offer. Arrigo DCJ of Palm Beach has an exceptional staff that caters to every automotive need. If you need to buy a new or pre-owned car or are checking to see what financing possibilities are in store for you, go and visit Arrigo DCJ of Palm Beach now. 

But beyond selling cars, Arrigo DCJ of Palm Beach also provides maintenance and repair to your vehicle, regardless where it was bought. Talk to one of their specialists or head to their website to get a hassle-free, no-pressure, no-obligation quote on any service or repair you might need. Schedule an appointment or drive through the store to find out store specials and discounts. Arrigo DCJ of Palm Beach offers service like no other. 

Read about the company background and learn more about this car dealership. It has been in the industry for more than two decades and has been managed by the family themselves. The patriarch has been selling for more than 60 years assuring patrons of their expertise and proficiency in the field. When you are online, don’t forget to click on ‘Dealership’ to find out more. Their site gives more insight to the company complete with testimonials, contact details, direction instructions and newsletters. What else could you ask for?
May 13, 2013


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Tough and beautiful, this would probably be the first words that come to anyone’s minds when they see the trailer of the new and upcoming comedy by the unlikely duo Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

‘The Heat’ is about a by-the-book, rigid FBI agent Sarah Ashburn (Bullock) who is forced to partner up with a detective that’s bound to push the limits, Shannon Mullins (McCarthy) to take down a Russian drug lord.

May 13, 2013

J.LAW photobombs SJP

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Jennifer Lawrence, Sarah Jessica Parker
Jennifer Lawrence photobombing Sarah Jessica Parker

The 2013 MET Gala was overflowing with eye popping, unique and edgy, over-the-top gowns so it was not a strange sight to see Sarah Jessica Parker of the ever popular Sex and the City franchise to walk down the carpet in a spiky black hat that gave a distinct rock and roll vibe. What was most endearing however was what happened while she was giving an interview.

Hunger Games, J. Law suddenly steps out of nowhere, apparently fascinated with the hat and photobombs SJP, her left hand barely touching the ends of the prickly creation. With an adorable and mischievious smile, J. Law quickly steps into the frame, almost hiding behind SJP. Lena Dunham and Marion Cotillard, look on, much amused.

While there were other elegant and punk inspired arrivals, this brief but charming incident was hands down the most memorable of the night. Soon afterwards, both award winning actresses shared a photo, with neither one photobombing the other.

May 12, 2013

Jennifer Aniston ‘delays’ marriage so Brad Pitt can marry first?

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Jennifer Aniston has apparently delayed her marriage to Justin Theroux in an effort not to ‘overlap’ days with the planned nuptials of her ex, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Aniston and Theroux were reported to have planned a summer wedding but after the news release that Brangelina is planning to do the same, Jen has pushed her big day back in an effort to not share the limelight.

‘She does not want her day associated with them.’ an Us weekly insider has been reported to share.

Jen is also busy with projects lately. She has just recently finished a new movie, ‘The Ultimate Leonard Project’ and has her hands full redecorating the Bel Air mansion she and her beau shares. Taking her plans by the rein one at a time could really be just the wisest thing to do.

Aniston was married to Pitt from 2000 to 2005; the relationship with Jolie followed soon after the split.

May 11, 2013

Porsche of Towson MD

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Porsche, Porsche Town

When it comes to quality service and excellent customer satisfaction, only a few can compare with the standards Porsche of Towson MD offers. Here, appointments are neither needed nor required. Simply drive in at your convenience and allow our expertly trained professionals handle your vehicular needs.

The dealership in Porsche of Townson MD also prides itself with their dedication to the Porsche car model. Every staff knows and understands your prized vehicle, down to the last nut and bolt, almost as surely as the manufacturers themselves.

Porsche of Towson MD is a family owned and operated dealership. As such, they treat their customers with utmost care – just like they would their own family! Reputation is of extreme importance and as such, every issue and concern is attended to right away. Your vehicle will even be subjected to the keenest of check-ups to see if there is anything that requires immediate attention. Customers are bound to leave the store happily assured that they are in good hands.

Is there any particular Porsche model you prefer? Porsche of Towson MD carries a stellar lineup. You have a wide array of choices: Panamera, Boxster, Cayenne, 911 or Cayman inventories. You can even build your own and customize it or you can opt to compare models and features first and then avail of huge discounts without sacrificing your quality ride.

Come and visit Porsche Towson of MD. This store is just a short drive from Baltimore and barely an hour away from Washington DC. They also service other locations, from Silver Springs to Rockville and beyond. Check out what you’re missing and see for yourself what outstanding service they provide. Whether you are buying straight away or just want to arrange a test drive, the friendly and capable staff will surely be there to accommodate your need.
May 11, 2013

The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a Hollywood film that’s set to the 1920’s. It is based on one of the greatest works by F. Scott Fitzgerald and is focused on the extravagant lifestyle and societal developments in the ‘Roaring 20’s.’

This film is directed by Baz Luhrmann, the same director who took the helm and brought us Moulin Rouge. He is joined on this project by cinematographer Simon Duggan who together, used 3d technology for this movie. This partnership only means more colorful sets, more intricate costumes, more lavish settings and more luxurious set designs.

The Great Gatsby will open in US theaters on May 10 and is set to be launched in Cannes, France on May 15. Critic’s reviews have been split, where some have called it ‘a stylish, colorful material piled on in excess and tinged with overheated melodrama’ while others laud it for ‘appropriate use of modern technologies and comparatively accurate adaptation.

May 10, 2013

Globe now offers Samsung Galaxy S4 for as low as P1599 monthly

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Globe finally introduces the Samsung Galaxy S4, coupled with a long line of its prized and fully-customized postpaid plans. This will give subscribers their desired offers and best deals which are meant for their full satisfaction as they use the modern smartphone.

With the payment of P1, 599 every month, subscribers can have a Samsung Galaxy S4 if they avail of the Globe My Super Plan 999 with P600 monthly cashout *which covers a 24-month contract period. Included in this offer, the plan holder can enjoy unlimited LTE surfing of up to 42 Mbps on the Globe LTE network aside from the free calls and texts.

This Samsung Galaxy S4 can also be availed with lower plans at a very affordable monthly cashout which can be paid via credit card over 24 months with 0% interest.

Also, if subscribers want to avail what we call Platinum plans covering 24 months as contract period, they can also get hold of the Samsung Galaxy S4 along with a freebie - a free Samsung device. With Plan 3799, plan holders can have a free Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. If you also want Plan 5000, a free Samsung Galaxy Camera is at hand. While at Plan 10000, one Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is at stake.

With the remarkable Globe My Super Plan, customers get more than what they have paid for along with peso value amounts, considered double than the plan’s worth. You can use the certain peso value amount also in availing of combos- from text, to calls, web surfing, consumable amount and can even be used to get hold of gadgets. Subscribers are given the freedom to choose a certain contract period as long as it falls within 6 to 30 months.

Added to those mentioned, subscribers can improve their plans by getting the unlimited services. This starts at P349 per month, which entitles the customers to enjoy unlimited texts to Globe and TM. With 599, customers get to have unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM or unlimited calls to Globe, TM and landline. These promos can be renewed or changed each month, solely depending on the customer’s need.

Martha Sazon, Head of Globe Postpaid said, “The best part is, our offer for the S4 is the most competitive in the market today with a shorter lock-up period, so subscribers get the best device deals only from the #1 in postpaid.”

“Samsung’s next-generation smartphone is best paired with a next-generation postpaid plan that only Globe can provide with our revitalized best-ever My Super Plan, made even more personalized, customizable and flexible than ever, giving subscribers more options to enjoy their postpaid plan bundle. The unique features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 deserve a postpaid plan that will let subscribers maximize the S4 experience and give them the most value for what they pay for,” she added.

Apart from the good deals and offers, subscribers are also qualified to avail of the Globe Guarantee including this No Billshock policy, which assures customers subscribed to 999 Plans and some other lower cost plans that they will not pay over P999 per month if they exceed the period of data subscription; phone replacement within 7 days; and 24/7 Globe customer service channels made available through mobile phones, landlines, e-mail, online chat, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest product launched by Samsung Galaxy smartphones and is available in Black Mist and White Frost. The product brings lives together as a real life’s companion with its camera features, health monitoring applications, and furthermore makes life’s work easy through some other added applications. Samsung Galaxy S4 can brag of its 5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, Quad-core 1.9 GHz, 13-megapixel rear camera, and modern-age features like the Air View, Smart Pause, Dual Camera, and Drama Shot.

Great S4 offers is one of the further moves of Globe Postpaid after it won as the Most Innovative Telecom Project in the 16th Telecom Asia Awards for My Super Plan. Globe has proved to be a trendsetter in the arena of global communications when the Globe mySUPERPLAN was hailed best over Japan (NTT DoCoMo’s translation service), Singapore (SingTel Innov8), Korea (KakaoTalk), and Indonesia (Telkomsel’s Digital Lifestyle Strategy). The award is given to telecom operators that have implemented innovative projects with remarkable impact in the market.

Orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 and the plan of choice can be availed by customers through The latest of Samsung Galaxy smartphones are now available in Globe Stores in the whole country beginning on May 2, 2013.
May 09, 2013

Crosstown DCJ of NH

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Crosstown DCJ

Buying a vehicle is a very important and painstaking task. Should you buy a new or a pre-owned one? If brand new, what kind is best suited for you, your lifestyle and the terrain of the land? If you are buying a pre-owned vehicle, you need to consider plenty of things such as mileage, engine condition, and external body frame condition and safety ratings, just to name a few. You cannot just saunter in a garage and purchase the first thing you land your eyes on. 

At Crosstown DCJ of NH, your car buying experience can become a breeze. You can spare yourself the trouble of going from store to store by visiting the virtual dealership where you can browse through the pages and sift through varieties of new and pre-owned vehicles. You can get a quote, secure pre-approvals, check out specials, inquire about parts and services and consult about financing all from the convenience of your home. Crosstown DCJ of NH prides itself in the many ways you can contact the store – by live chat with a sales person, through e-mail or by personally visiting the store, which is a short drive from Berlin, NH and St. Johnsbury, VT. 

Crosstown DCJ of NH understands how indispensable cars are to the lifestyle of people today. Cars are no longer just a luxury; it is a necessity – but at the same time, just because it is a necessity does not mean that it can’t be luxurious. Crosstown DCJ of NH assists you in getting that sweet luxury ride you want - and need at the price that is most convenient for you. View the featured truck of the month, check out the current vehicle inventory, get help with financing or even schedule service and maintenance checks – Crosstown DCJ of NH provides quality service online or onsite.
May 09, 2013

Covert Affairs Season 4 all set on July 16!

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After Season 3’s cliffhanger ending where Auggie and Annie finally kiss, what’s next for the fashionable CIA agent and her drool worthy beau? Deadline Hollywood has confirmed reports that CSI’s Hill Harper has left the show to join the cast of Covert Affairs as the new station chief with ‘higher aspirations but questionable motives’.

But what else is in store for Season 4? Producers have been cryptic but word is out that new episodes will definitely explode with more adrenalin as intense dangers arise. Old political alliances will be broken and new ones will be forged. More details will surface with Annie’s unknown project be with Henry and Arthur and Joan’s relationship could possibly still be on rocky ground. As for Auggie and Annie? Let’s cross our fingers for more sizzling kisses between the cute couple.

Catch Covert Affairs Season 3 on Wednesdays at 9pm on Jack City’s, Drama with Style.

May 06, 2013

Da Vinci's Demons

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Much of the modern conveniences we have today are all thanks to a man who conceptualized them centuries ago. We all have heard of Leonardo da Vinci, the painter behind Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile and the origin of the Vitruvian man drawing but how much do we really know about his life and times?

This is the working idea for Fox network’s newest TV series, the much anticipated Da Vinci’s Demons. It is described as a work of ‘historical fantasy’ as the show explores the world as seen through the eyes of the great artist. The story starts to unfold during Da Vinci’s active and ‘inventing’ years, at age 25. It gives us a glimpse of his genius and the inner darkness he struggled with.

It also shows us his impassioned, heretic attempts to expose the lies of the Church and overthrow a severely elitist society.

Catch new episodes of Da Vinci’s Demons every every Sunday at 10:00 pm on Fox Movies Premium.

May 04, 2013

American Idol: and then there were three…

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Candice Glover, American Idol, American Idol Top 3
Top 3 - American Idol Season 12

The American Idol Top 3 results are in and Amber Holcomb, as predicted by majority of the AI fans, was the unfortunate one to get the lowest number of votes. She was sent home despite ‘stellar’ performances the past few weeks.

After the announcement of her elimination, Amber sang Whitney Houston’s ‘I believe in you and me.’ The rendition was heart wrenching and the judges and audience tried to suppress their tears. She also struggled with the song, visibly upset and trying hard not to cry. Unfortunately, her Father was ushered to the stage, making her emotionally vulnerable.

Now that the finale is drawing near and the Top 3 contestants remain, the anticipation for the American Idol Season 12 winner is heightened. Who will it be? Will it be Edgy Angie? Country Crooner Kree or Crystal Clear Balladeer Candice? Fans of the show will have to keep a vigilant eye to find out.

May 02, 2013

Jack City – Free TV like no other

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Do you want to see your favorite Hollywood shows without paying for expensive cable subscriptions? Do you wish you could watch your favorite shows at almost the same time with the US? No worries! Jack City, the ‘sidequel’ to Jack TV, offers you the best and the finest of American shows today. Hit procedural shows and dramas like Person of Interest, NCIS, Elementary and Arrow are just some of the TV dramas that are in this channel’s roster.

Jack City also boasts of its Women’s Wednesday Night which puts together three popular shows that center on female heroines – In Plain Sight, Covert Affairs and The Closer; and just recently, Bones Season 8 and The Americans began, adding thrill to an already great line-up.

Best of all, Jack City is free TV! Simply park your remotes on Channel 31 and begin your experience on ‘Drama with Style.”

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