June 22, 2008

Moymoy Palaboy mo diha!

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Their videos are hilarious! I was laughing the whole time watching them on You Tube. Puwedeng-pwede talaga silang mag-artista. Firti jud au ang mga facial expressions. Thanks to Calexto, for introducing them to me. Check them out guys! I know you will love them.

June 21, 2008

Will I be a multimillionaire someday?

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Took the test from Blogthings and here is the result. I got an 84%. Not that bad but I still have to work on for the 16% to be a multimillionaire someday. What do you think? Will I achieve it? Hehehehehe...Whew! I still have to be a millionaire before i become a multimillionaire. Will it take me ages to do that? Imagine, to be the next Donald Trump??? Well, I don't know. I wonder what kind of thing will make me become a millionaire. Is it work, luck or something? Hehehehehe... (Saranggola sa ulan bah?) We will see, we will see. :)

June 19, 2008

Sweetest Goodbye Lyrics by Maroon 5

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I am in love with Maroon 5! Love their songs so much. One of my favorites is Sweetest Goodbye. Love the part that goes "I'll never leave you behind..."
Sweetest Goodbye Lyrics, Maroon 5

June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

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Father's Day, Happy Father's DayFew minutes ago, Blogistang Ninja send me a link to his Father's Day post at naiyak ako when I read his entry while playing the Dance with my Father. I asked myself if I become a good daughter to my father because often times I would hurt him with my words.

There are times when I mumble why he had that kind of illness he is suffering until now. But then again, I realized if not because of him, I wouldn't be here. He had the illness because of us. He worked so hard just to provide our needs when we were still young - day and night and that I should always put in my mind. He is not perfect just like everyone else so I should extend my patience and understand him more.

June 15, 2008

Finding Nemo

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I really want to watch Finding Nemo ever since I heard good reviews from this movie. I remember the first time I heard good remarks was when I had my first year of work as a tutor in a certain tutorial center. The whole family of my employer watched it and they had been saying that it was really a good movie not to mention the lessons you get from watching Finding Nemo.

Luckily, days ago I find out that our neighbor has a DVD of it so I borrowed and watched it.  And  the movie is indeed beautiful. Though the story line is a bit simple but I really like the positive message it leaves to the audience.

What is it? Well, it is the love of a father to his son and believing on what your son can do. Marlin (Nemo's father) went through a lot before he was able to reach Sydney and find his son. On the other hand, Nemo was able to learn so many things by overcoming his fears.

One more thing I like about this movie was the voice of Nemo (so cute and adorable fish).  And the voice behind it is no other than Alexander Gould. He was 7 years old that time. I bet he is making tons of money out from this movie. By the way, Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres were also impressive as the voices of Marlin and Dory respectively.

Photo taken from the Dan - Dare Website
June 15, 2008

Yume no chikara by Aya Ueto

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I love the song, the music video and of course the singer! Aya Ueto really impresses me. She is not only beautiful but also talented. She can sing, she can dance and of course she can act. Not to mention her great performances in Azumi and Azumi 2: Death or Love and as Kozue in the famous Jdrama entitled "Attack no.1".

The latter, I finished watching its 11 episodes the other day but i will just have to check out her other JDrama entitled "Ace o Nerae" and compared the two okay? Well, as a recommendation again for you to watch.

Anyways, Yume no chikara is actually the official theme song in "Attack no.1". A beautiful song! I know you will love her music video so you better check it out now. Ang cute niya talaga! Jaaahhh..hook na hook na talaga ako sa Japanese stuff!

June 13, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Breast Cancer Awareness I've been tagged by Molit to help spread the word on the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month of June. I always wanted to support this kind of programs as it focuses on women's wellness.

June 11, 2008

Cristine Reyes as Eva Fonda

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Eva Fonda's teaser is now being aired on ABS-CBN. It is pretty interesting huh considering that Cristine Reyes is really beautiful and sexy. I am also excited on how much skin will Cristine Reyes be showing in this new series.

Anyways, I also like that Baron Geisler is among the cast in Eva Fonda. He absolutely fits the role that he will be playing. To think, he is now tagged as the new Bad Boy in the showbiz industry. Other casts are Alma Moreno (the  former actress who played Eva Fonda), Jason Abalos, Joross Gamboa, Hazel Ann Mendoza and Janna Victoria.

I hope Eva Fonda will get high ratings. This seems to be a good offer to Cristine Reyes after she has transferred to ABS-CBN. Good luck to all of you!
June 08, 2008

Gugmang Inatay!

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Love, Gugmang InatayOh Love, inatay ka! You make me foolish and stupid and now the situation is getting more complicated. Gi-ahak mani oi! Yati! (Pardon my words)
June 08, 2008

The Queen's Classroom

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School is back and I bet a lot of teachers especially students are now excited. For some, classes had just started last June 5 but for others it will be this coming Tuesday because tomorrow will be Independence Day.

Anyways, why I am talking such thing in this post? Well, I would like to commend to all of you a Japanese series that would inspire or somehow give you a good outlook when it comes to studying or schooling. This series is also good for all teachers out there. Whether you are an aspiring teacher, new teacher or perhaps a teacher already tired of your job. You know like doing those routines for a low pay and all that stuff. Am I right? Okay, I will not be beating around the bush anymore.

Watch The Queen's Classroom if you have time. This is quite the same with two great Japanese series namely Great Teacher Onizuka (GT0) and Gokusen because they all talk about the life and experiences of being a sensei or a teacher as well as the memories they have shared to their students. But what is so nice or interesting about The Queen's classroom is the different kind of approach Maya (the sensei) is giving to teach students about life and everything that comes into it. She is not like the "heroic" type here compared to GTO and Gokusen because her students hate her so much. She is like a devilish teacher. She is some kind of weird also because she wears an entire black attire in going to class. And that you should find out the reason why.

June 06, 2008

First Day of Work

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I was having a hard time sleeping yesterday. It must have been because it is my first day of my other work. If you are wondering what kind of work it is, well it is being a teacher or a tutor. I will be teaching high school students from Stella Marris. I am excited because I love the job. They said, I am good when it comes to Academe that's why I should really be a teacher. Well, here it is. Though it will not be in a certain University or School but I am still happy because the pay in a tutorial center is far way better compared to working in a certain school. Plus, there will be no deductions and all that stuff and I only have to report for two hours a day. :)

Anyways, funny things happened when I was on way for work. I left the house past 4pm and while I am in a jeepney it rain so hard. I didn't bring any umbrella. I should have stop in the near "kanto" but I didn't do it because of the rain. Salamat nlng dahil after a few blocks may nakita akong "trisikad" kaya I told Manong Driver immediately na bababa na ako. I don't know where is our tutorial center that's why I was a bit worried that time lalo pa ang lakas ng ulan. I stopped in a certain store to load my phone. I was a bit pissed that time because the "trisikad" was waiting and my load hasn't arrived. When it reached more than 5 minutes I just told the trisikad driver to not wait for me anymore and paid him. I gave him 15 pesos actually because I got pity that he is waiting.
June 05, 2008

Anne Curtis as Diyosa

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Anne Curtis, Diyosa

The teaser for the new soap in ABS-CBN entitled Diyosa is very appealing and I like the fact that Anne curtis was chosen to play the role. Her beauty is indeed can be equated to a goddess. I read some information in the internet about this new soap and here are  the thing that I found out:

Anne Curtis is a mermaid here and this will be the bet of ABS-CBN to GMA-7's Dyesebel. And according to telebisyon.net she will have four characters in this new series. She will be the goddess of earth, land, water and fire. She is not only a mermaid but also a centaur, eagle and a human.

I happen to read also in one website that her leading men will be Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo and Luis Manzano.

I am very much eager to see Diyosa. This will be this month right? Ang ganda talaga ni Anne noh? Tingnan niyo ang picture niya, grabe talaga!

Photo taken from the Pinoy Chika Daily Website
June 05, 2008

Must-See Movies!

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Everytime I am bored, one of the things that I usually do to ease it is watch movies. I am a movie buff anyway. Almost every week I borrowed DVD's and VCD's from Video City, aside from the regular watching at crunchyroll, watch-movies.net and the DVD's I bought and borrowed from friends. I am trying to do a little review of them in my Movie Blog and Love Story Blog but I can't seem to do it often because I watch movies more! Jaahhh...
The PianistForrest Gump
RatatouillePretty Woman

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