December 31, 2006

Back to Me

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Hahay, I've been emoting since last night. Its just that I miss him.Maybe I just love everything about you that I am this crazy.

I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. The love songs that have been playing since last night makes me more miss you. Where are you my Naruto?

December 26, 2006

fun-filled nights

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It was my first time to go to Jones Beach Resort. The place was super nice. Although the Clan B were not all present yet we still had so much fun. Three persons whom we never expect to come were present during that night and they were Ken, Joy and Jopals. We enjoyed a lot especially in the games.

Christmas Night.

We went to our dean's house. Food? super great especially the Menudo. After that, we drank Vodka [my first time] and had a washing of Red Horse. [Ako ang tagatagay]. Someone who was so drank was just so cute that time. We were having so much fun listening to him as he owns the floor.

Thanks to sir Jerry! I thought vodka will get me tipsy but I was wrong because I am still blogging at this very hour, with no sleep pa. :)

December 17, 2006

MTV Spoof, PSITS 2006

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It was one of the happiest day of my life.

When we had our presentation for the MTV Spoof, PSITS 2006. It was an experienced that melted my heart as a performer when I heard that the crowd were going crazy over us and when they were just having so much fun.

An experienced I will truly cherish.

Dah, ningtukar napud akong pagka Drama Queen oi. Pasagdi. Pabaga jud ko nawong that time bah. To the highest level ang performance jud bisag dili preparado sa costume. Mao nato ang gitagna!

Check out the video. ( Thanks to Dacky for the link) By the way, I am the one who was wearing the black jeans and the lady at the center (hehehehhee). Enjoy!

*Update: Video is no longer available, I will try to ask a copy again from my classmate.
December 13, 2006

Wish: To have a computer

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desktop computerWe feel so much difference now that we are in the second semester in our life as a third year student. We are still in Prelim, but we already have so much things to do. My whole system responded strangely because of the challenges and pressures. Yes, I admit that I am already used to what we called as "sleepless nights" but this time around, it is nothing compared to our previous years in college where we still can do a lot of relaxation and we can just do the task a night before the submission.

December 04, 2006

World Aids Day, let us support!

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red ribbon, world aids dayAround forty million people are living with HIV throughout the world - and that number increases in every region every day. In the UK alone, more than 60,000 people are living with HIV and more than 7,000 more are diagnosed every year. Ignorance and prejudice are fueling the spread of a preventable disease. (World Aids Day, 2006)

Those having the disease are even getting younger and younger. We should always take care of our health guys in everything that we do. As I have read in Wikipedia, the United States government and health organizations endorse the ABC Approach to lower the risk of acquiring AIDS during sex:

Abstinence or delay of sexual activity, especially for youth,
Being faithful, especially for those in committed relationships,
Condom use, for those who engage in risky behavior

Let us raise the awareness of the World AIDS Campaign by adding a ribbon or World AIDS Day badge to your blog guys!

Get a Virtual Red Ribbon now!

November 23, 2006

sakit akong buot

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Nakuha na nako tanan, except lang sa timer nga dili modagan. Gibali-bali na nako ang code sa Visual Basic kung nganong dili siya modagan jud pag ipaplay. Gihatagan ko ni sir ug 75 para sa quiz nato.

Pagkabalo nako nga INTERVAL lang diay ang akong kulang, nagsakit jud akong buot. Mao ra diay toh? Katanga ba nako. Wala na nako napungngan ang akong kaugalingon nga mohilak. Sa first quiz, wala ko kay nalakan mi nga mga beyond 15 minutes late. Sayon unta kaayo toh nga quiz pero unsaon man, ana man jud ang balaod mao ng dawaton nalang namo nga 60 ang among grado.

Dah oi, nagsakit jud akong buot. Kasayang ba gayud oi. Karon? Medyo nahuwasan nako.

***Lain pa ato, I saw SIGNS about Mystery Guy again.
November 21, 2006

extras and in the darkroom experienced

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Darn! I am suffering from a snaillike internet connection. It is taking me 48 years before a page can be finally loaded. "Pagdial-up talaga".

By the way, this will just be short. I know everyone has been talking about Pacman kaya nga Pacman Craze eh. At ayoko ring magpahuli, gusto ko rin siyang batiin sa blog ko rito.

Congratulations, Manny Pacquiao for a job well done! Thanks for bringing such an honor to the Philippines once again. You truly made us Filipinos proud. Stay humble and continue to have faith in HIM. Nakakatuwa. Di napigilan ni inay ang pagsisigaw sa laban ninyo ni Morales, nagsindi pa siya ng kandila para sa iyo. Grabe ka talaga. Ipagpatuloy mo iyan ha! Laban mo, laban nating lahat! Mabuhay ang Filipino!

Going back, it has been couple of days. [ 5 days ayt? ] Huh! I've been dying to update my blog but what the hell? They don't understand why I love blogging. What pisses me off more is the fact that they are doing something to shun me from doing so. Konting kalipay ra gani nako ni.

November 14, 2006

First day Experiences

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So thankful that God has been so good to me again. Another of life's equation has been solved with a huge value it gave me.

The sort of paranoia stage I referred to is now a trash. And now, here I am again always looking forward for the days to follow. And let me begin it with yesterday, my first day of school and with my encounter to a stranger as I headed home.

At school,
I've seen my classmates whom I have missed so much during the semestral break. Some gain weight, some loses and others remained. Some stopped and some has returned. New teachers and new exciting major subjects are in store for us right now. But one thing I am awkward with is on what had happened to us. Distance had parted our ways. My mind dictates me to do a move in order for us to be back in each other's arms but my heart is not willing. I don't want to be hypocrite. I will just have to leave things the way they are now.

On my way home,
A stranger(gay) approached me, asking if I could help him out. He was saying that he was sent by his boss in order to give facial to this someone and later found out that the person is not existing in this world. Afraid to be reprimanded, he persuaded me if I could be the surrogate. But at the back of my mind playing was the thought that he might be lying. I was kinda afraid and hesitant because I don't know him that's why I declined the offer. After he has finally given all his efforts just to convince me he then give up and exercised his zygomaticus muscle saying, "Taga-i nalang ko 15 pesos beh, wala ko pamasahe". Bulls eye! Iyon pala...

November 13, 2006

Ronnie Alcano, destined to win!

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Ronnie Alcano, Billiards, Sports News, Worldpool Championship"It's a sign", as Alcano said when he made it into the last 64 after the 2 loses he got. And truly it is, because out of the 21 Filipinos who participated, he made it to the finals opposite Ralf Souquet who is a former World Pool Champion (1996).

He defeated the famous Efren 'Bata' Reyes with a big lead in the first 6 racks of the game which enables Efren to have a hard time in catching up. With soft break, amazing docks, jumps, push plus the fouls committed by the opponents he had pave the way for him to be the new World Pool Champion. A lot of luck and skills comes in also!

He was destined to win, I know. And it was fulfilled.

He brought home the $100,000 prize in the recently concluded 2006 Philippines Worldpool Championship and made us Filipinos be proud! Congratulations Ronnie!

November 06, 2006

Oh Love

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I can't sleep.

Something is bothering me. I am sort of in a stage of a paranoia. I hate this. Maybe because of some discoveries with myself, with someone, and in something. 

I'm so much affected, even more affected. [ Sigh ]

I am not feeling well and I am not excited to go to school. I'm so sick.The blame is all in me.
November 03, 2006

Fake Money

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10 peso coin, Philippine MoneyJust few days had passed, it was reported in the local television show that a vendor in the cemetery has been a victim of a 1000 Peso bill of faked money. And now, Filipinos have to watch out of the 5 peso and 10 peso coins because they have been faked also. The nega part of using technology, you know.

How to determine the faked ones?

Ang pekeng P10 ay mas magaspang kaysa sa orihinal. Lumalampas din ang mga linya o gitling sa gilid nito. Wala sa sentro at hindi gaanong detalyado ang imprenta ng mukha at buhok nina Apolinario Mabini at Andres Bonifacio at mas makapal ang mga letra ng mga ito kaysa sa orihinal.

Pwede ring malaman kung peke ang isang barya o tunay sa pamamagitan ng magnet test. Kapag dumikit sa magnet, siguradong peke raw ito.
5 peso coin, Philippine Money
"Ang original 10-peso coins ay gawa sa copper nickel. Ang peke gawa lang sa steel kaya dumidikit sa magnet," ani Maja Gratia Malic ng Bangko Sentral.
Pero tanging P10 barya lang ang pwedeng gamitan ng magnet test dahil pawang magnetic ang lahat ng P0.10, P1 at P5 na barya.

Malalaman naman kung peke ang limang pisong barya kung mas dilaw at makinang ang kulay nito. Magaspang ito, mas manipis at mas maliit sa orihinal. Hindi rin nakasentro ang "scallop" design nito sa gilid.

The above information on how to detect a faked 5 peso and 10 peso coins were taken from ABS-CBN Interactive.

Displayed photos were real and taken from Wikipedia. 

Note: I still have not seen the faked ones.

October 20, 2006

1st semester journey is over

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Thank God!

My first semester as a 3rd year student is over! Yeheey! After those numerous sleepless nights I can now relax and go to the beach and do the things that I've been wanting to do.

Well, the journey that I have had was kinda tough. The trials that were given distressed and bothered me. The injustices that I had experienced, the insults that I received, the broken relationships and the constant problem in the family and in my studies. It made me suffer so much and I was about to give up that time.

And I am just so thankful for the people who stood by me during the crucial part of my life especially to Leizl, Asvi, Mona, Joy, to the one I consider my mentor, to our Dean of College who gave me those enlightening words that lighten up the burden I am carrying. I don't know how will I thank you all guys for the support you have given me, for accepting me and for not judging me.

Hope you will all remain the same as time flies.

To my ever loving Mother who always give her 100% support in everything that I do, in my ups and downs. And more importantly to the the author of my life.
A million thanks.

Hay, sana maganda ang mga grades ko sa first sem. [oist, kalit ning far out man ang topic wala lang, medyo anxious lang kasi ako sa kalalabasan ng performance ko. Sana, sana, sana. Alam na niya iyon.]

October 06, 2006

Ang hirap

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Sadyang napakahirap ng pakiramdam ko ngayon. May sakit pa ako at sabay-sabay pa silang nagsidatingan. Ubo, sip-on, sakit sa ulo, tuhod, sakit sa lalamunan at ni hindi ako makakain ng maayos at nahihirapan akong magsalita, at dinagdagan pa ng pagkarami-raming problema mula sa bahay hanggang sa paaralan.

Hirap na hirap kami ngayon. Ang daming utang na nakabaon at ang hirap hukayin. Daming gastusin, daming nagkakasakit. Parati pa ang ulan, iyan tuloy hindi ako makatulog ng maayos dahil sa mga patak ng ulan na nag-iistorbo sa akin sa mumunti kong panahon na makapagpahinga. Dagdagan paba naman ng problema sa pag-aaral kagaya ng mga proyekto, sa mga guro, klasmyts at kung anu-ano pa. Tulong!!! Sadyang kay hirap ng buhay na ganito.

October 04, 2006

I will still eat Durian

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Jurry was asking me a favor if I could help him out with his research and with no hesitation I said "yes". Sideline narin and he promised me that he will treat me with durian on our way home. With my other companions we ate 3 kinds of Durians namely GD, puyat and duyaya. At first, he only ordered 1 durian fruit but we were still not full so Arnold and him decided to get another two. At the back of my mind I was saying "dapat daghan jud akong kuhaon ani, magpatuyang jud ko" but unfortunately, I felt strange after eating 6 pieces of them.

I began to feel the heat, a pressure is moving towards my head and I feel a reeling sensation that as if I am drank. As I was looking at the two guys their face began to appear red. We even cracked joke at each other to get a bottle of Redhorse to complement the Durian and the result - -> a disaster! Puking, puking, puking, walking in sideward directions. Good thing, we surrendered and gave the rest of the durians to the kids watching while we were eating.

October 04, 2006

organizational behavior concerns

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Feel free to share your ideas, it will be highly appreciated.
Choose whatever you wish to answer or you can answer them all.

1. Do you think behavior is generally predictable?

2. "Heredity determines personality". Would you agree?

3. Thirty five years ago, young employees we hired were ambitious, conscientious, hardworking and honest. Today's young workers don't have the same values. Do you agree or disagree with this manager's comments?

4. What do you think are the factors that constitutes a good decision from a poor one?

5. Based on your knowledge and experience, do you think performance is the criterion most used in practice in compensating employees?
September 30, 2006

The Genius Failure Paradox

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According to David DeAngelo from the Dating Advice Coach, he had been teaching men how to become more successful with women and dating for several years now and one problem scenario just keeps coming up over and over again that really amazes him which he called "The Genius Failure Paradox " .

This Genius Failure Paradox is the tendency for unusually intelligent men to have very low levels of success with women and dating. And here are the 10 reasons why they fail with women.

1. They're wrong, but they can't or won't see it or admit it.
2. They're blind and arrogant.
3. Poor Social Skills.
4. They psych themselves out.
5. They seek only "informational solutions".
6. They focus on logic instead of emotion.
7. They're not used to the challenge of the moment.
8. They think that doing nice thing is the smart way.
9. Always needing to be an expert.
10. They can't deal with fears and other emotions.

What do you think? Is he right?

September 22, 2006


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Maybe you will be wondering why I have this post entitled "Spaghetti" it is because just this lunch, my brother cooked it. The taste was not so good. There are no other ingredients available except for pasta, ketchup, and spaghetti sauce. Do you think it would make a good spaghetti??? hehehehe...

After he is done, we ordered for a coke (as a pampatulak). When I tasted it, it's just okay but I didn't finish eating the whole cup which my brother served me. I'm sorry for that, I was really looking for the nice taste. But to our cute little neighbors whose age ranges from 3-10, they really loved how it tasted. (hehehehehe...)Kids really love spaghetti, even though it lacks many ingredients they still love it. The sauce was all over their face and they were all smiling while eating it. I really love them all. Even though we belong to the poor family like them also but they are smart kids. That's what poverty brings you...

Hayyy...I really love kids. If I could have the chance to continue my Medtech course and luckily have enough money to proceed for Medicine I would really want to be a Pediatrician also. This is already bringing the spaghetti title farther...ehhehehe...

My stomach is growling again..I don't have money to buy food. Need to sacrifice! We have lots of debts.!

September 17, 2006

Good Things

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There has been so many good things that had happened to me for the past week that needs to be mentioned in my online diary. Simple things that make up those big things.

1. I've received gifts from a nun as a sort of my prize for the performance I did during intramurals. The stuff she gave are the ones I really need. You know, I really owe much from these religious people ever since I was a kid.

2. I am so thankful I did pass in our Internet Technologies exam and generally got good grades in all my subjects.

3. I know Mona knows very well that it has been ages that I haven't seen a movie in the big screen because I am on a very tight budget. With that, I was so touched when she told me that she will treat me in all expense. And I really appreciate it. We watched Snakes on a Plane.

4. A mentor who never fails to appreciate and criticize me constructively also did treat me and Rap last Saturday. I also owe him so much. It was my first time to go to Iron Horse and I was really full. He has been so good to me. He is one of the many reasons why I am so grateful that I become an IT student.

That's all for now. God bless to all my visitors!

February 22, 2006

First Time Experience with Bowling

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The internet is back!

I thought I was not able to publish my blog regarding spaghetti because there was a problem with regards to the internet connection. But I was glad that it also happened because I was able to go to the bowling place...and our PE class started early because there was a tournament after. I was able to try at least 3 balls (I don't know what do you call it). It was okay and I find the sports very interesting. I really wanted to practice more but I don't have money. "Nakihits lang gani kanina" hehehehe.

My classmate noticed that in Dover there is a videoke place so we went there. I chose a song entitled "How did you know". This is one of my favorite songs but I only got 86. hehehhehe...Ma'am is already in the place so we have to stop singing na...

Our teacher handed me over the scoring job. I was anxious in scoring because I don't know yet how it is done besides, I was not able to understand fully the discussion about bowling because it was my first time to hear those terms.

Now, time for me to play: Hmmnnn...what did happen? With the first time experience to play that sports. I got two strikes! It was an achievement already for me and I am so happy because I was the highest among the class...Whew! Congrats to myself...I really love playing!

After the PE class, I decided to go back to school to have an internet and update this blog of mine (that's what I'm doing right now). I happened to met my two classmates who were not able to take the quiz in bowling. I feel sad for them but I think Ma'am will give them a chance at our next meeting.

February 20, 2006

Why did it have to be like this?

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I've got a bad weekend because of my dysmenorrhea. I stayed home because I could not bear the pain. That was so boring. Sunday, we were planning to change the location of some fixtures in our house. I have to help my mother with that also. I got to carry on quite heavy was so tiresome. We had a general cleaning. We also got to fix some things (I'm doing the carpentry job).

In the evening, I really don't feel like studying. I am not prepared for all the exams that I will be taking. I hate to go to school anymore. I just don't like it. Some things are bothering me. Why did it have to be like that???? It is very annoying..I just lie down in my bed and continue reading the book "The Purpose-Driven Life". I was not able to follow what the author has really advised for the readers because it has to be read everyday. I was inconsistent, I only have two chapters left with me. I was not able to finish it. Lots of good lines strucked me.

I really don't feel good. On my way to school I saw the mother of my bestfriend when I was still a working student here in UIC. She is so pale and thin, she has fever. I accompanied her in going to their counter. The nurse now in our school would not right away give medicine. I just don't know why. When you have cough or any illness...they just want you to drink water and other stuff. I hope they will be considerate regarding these things.

Before our Physics class, I was always smiling. But I can't really hide what I am feeling. Now I am so lonely and depressed. Why did it have to be like this??? I am not in the mood for school and for my work today. Nawawalan na ako ng gana. It really hurts.
February 17, 2006

Here it comes again

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It was a spur of the moment decision when we ate in the newly opened Mang Inasal in Ilustre. The food was great and I have eaten all my share. We finished at 9pm so I was very late for my job, that's why I ended up being absent.

Arriving home, no entertainment! Gosh, still have not been able to fix our TV. Me, my mama and youngest brother just watched TV at our neighbor's house. Poor us...The Princess Lulu soap was really good. I wished we could have our TV fix as soon as possible so that I can already watch lots of good shows.

Watching Pinoy Big Brother, the Celebrity Edition, there was one line which was uttered by Rustom Padilla which struck me. The thought was somehow like this, "If you want to be accepted by everybody, don't expect this it would only cause you disappointment. What matters most is you are accepted by our God in heaven". It is really true that we can't please everybody.

After that, I decided to go back to our house and get some sleep. But before I slept, my mind was wandering somewhere else while the music was being played. was the song that he likes, "Heaven Knows (The Angel has flown)". Here it comes again, another coincidence..huh! or it is only my mind that always puts meaning to it.

Then I slept...and what was my dream? I dreamed that I was kinda mad at our teacher because I got low grades (I really forgot what happened) because I just continue this draft.

The day after..on my way to school...the song was played again...Gosh?????what is this ba???
January 14, 2006

another step to love my course!

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I think my bestfriend is really right. I'm beginning to love the course that I am into. hahahahha..

"When it rain, it really pours..." - this is absolutely true!

Last night, my heart was really jumping with joy when my fave teacher asked me to be part of the Programming Team. I know for a fact that I am not really that much good in that subject but I like it. He said that the training will start this 1st week of February. I need to practice daw kasi I'm good naman in Mathematics. Magaling ba tlaga???? hehehe...that's my fave subject when I started college. But back then in high school, I was never that good. I don't know those subjects that I hate in high school were now my loved subjects like Chemistry, Physics and all that relates to Mathematics but if you ask me about the "English" ...ehheheheh, Im just average.

I hope it would be really true now because I was once asked also to be part of the Quiz Bowlers but di pla ....

hayy...I hope ito na talga. I won't be pretending to anybody else but my my heart is really jumping with joy. I will do my best!

Good luck to me...everything start and turns out good for this year!

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