September 25, 2007

Proposal Title Defense: A Success!

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At last! I am a bit relieved because our proposed title, "A Blood Bank Center Information System with SMS based Inquiries" has been approved. With a bonus, our group was among those who made it to the top with a very slight differences with regards to the score.

Our hearts were really jumping with joy especially Leiz and I upon hearing one of the panelists comments, "You have a very good docu". Also, my commendable presentation (although i talk so fast). It was such a rewarding remark considering that we had a lot of sleepless night and even that day, the two of us didn't sleep just to have some finishing touches with our docu. I also had to prepare my slides for the presentation in the morning. Cramming thing, ayt? Yeah...good thing, I was still able to make it. Somehow, I could attribute this as my special skill. Char!

Days before the defense, we just had a funny and memorable experiences.

4 groups had been gathered at Leizl's house. Sharing of Computers, Foods, Thoughts and we also had our predefense and docu checking courtesy of Sir Roy. We will not also forget the group of Joy, although they were not physically present but they have shared to us how to make a CBA. Sir Eric also for all the comments and suggestions, although he is not our official consultant but he was just so sharing, so giving and so cool. Don't know how to best describe. Hehehe...

There was electricity Interrruption that we couldn't finish the printing of our docu. It was as if playing us. Plus, no WATER! Super Init! I was a bit anxious that time because if the water won't come back i had to be in school without taking a bath. Goodness, my mother has prepared water for me.
Going back, as my title says our defense was truly a success. Although there was one group that had to make you know..still, we were glad with the overall result. I am sad about them because i have been a witnessed on how they have labored the docu and everything. Kaya niyo 'yan guys! There were side comments after with regards to this and to that but we had to respect the panelist's verdicts.

I would like to take this oppurnity to thank S. Minmin for the money she gave me for all the expenses I have incurred for our thesis. Thank you very much sister! You have truly been an instrument of God. Also, to the undying support of my mother especially her prayers which i could really feel while im doing my presentation. Salamat jud kaayo, mamang.

To my groupmates: leizl, asvi and james - thank you and congratulations to us guys! Remember, this is just the beginning ha. Mao nani firti! Pang-acknowledgement na ang drama nko. (Oist, the panelists also appreciated our acknowledgement part..hehehehehe).

Lastly to our Lord Jesus Christ let all the glory and praises be back to HIM!
September 24, 2007

so much to blog

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I have so much to blog about the things that had happened to me for this month but I just can't find time to write. Busy and No Computer to use. Besides, I don't want to spend my money going to internet cafe's just to blog.

1. Proposal Title Defense
2. Intramurals 2007. Specifically, with the events where I joined: Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, Firing Line, Folk Dance and the one event where I supposed to be the contestant also but I hesitated: Stand-up Comedian.
3. My Fruits Festival: Durian. Lanzones. Rambutan. Mangosten. Marang.
4. Birthday Celebration: Birthday of Ma'am Nelia. Birthday of my younger brother. Birthday of Gerald this coming 29th of September and my Blog Birthday also!
5. BITECH Magazine: ITE's official magazine, first release. Am one of the editors. Hehehehe...

But first things first, I have to write the most important thing that had happened: Our Proposal Title Defense.

Oh how I miss blogging and earning as well! Don't have money anymore. In dire need of sidelines. (Sighed)

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