July 28, 2011

Promotional Items from Branders

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The next time you think of collaterals and company give-aways, think of Branders. Branders is the only company today that offers durable, customized promotional products. Send your design and choose your item among a wide range of selections from pens to high end stationery sets. You can even pitch in your own idea, whatever it may be.

Branders works in just three easy steps. First, select your item. What would you like to have personalized? Promotional T-Shirts? Office and Business supplies? Next, send in your logo so they can custom fit it with the item of your choice. Once everything is set, the third and final step is that you get a quote for the product you asked for! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

July 26, 2011

Matt Dalio and The China Care Foundation

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China Care Foundation, Matt Dallio
From an early age, Matt Dalio has walked a path in life that is a little different from the average person. While most teenagers are obsessed with videogames, cars, social media, or parties, Matt spent most of his time trying to help orphans on the other side of the world. It started when he was a young boy and he spent a year living abroad in China. He attended school there with the local children and was the only non-Chinese born student in the school. At first he was an outcast but the children soon befriended him and they all became friends. From this experience, he would grow up and never forget the compassion that his schoolmates showed him when he was the outsider.

Years later, while Matt Dalio was thinking of things he could do for his Eagle Scout project, he began to research how he could help Chinese children. He soon found out about the large number of orphans there. Because of the one child limit imposed on all Chinese families by the government, if a child is born with an abnormality or birth defect, it is common for the parents to simply abandon the child. Although many of these birth defects could be solved with a simple outpatient surgery. So many orphans in China have cases of a cleft lip, or clubbed foot.

July 25, 2011

More Than a Collar, Fun Stuff for Your Dog

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A dog is more than simply a pet, it quickly becomes a member of the family. That is why many people look for various items for their dog to give as gifts and to make sure that they are as well dressed as anyone else in the household. There are several different options that are available to you, including dog collars, jackets and for the special occasion, dog costumes.

Dog Costume
The collar is something that every dog should have, as it gives you a way to quickly contain the dog if necessary and it holds vital information in many cases, such as vaccination information and contact information. You have many different options that are available for you, including jeweled collars, spiked dog collars and even the super collar, which is a collar with a built in leash. Choose one that is going to be comfortable for your pet while at the same time, providing it with a little bit of flair.

Dog jackets are ideal for certain types of breeds, particularly when the weather gets cold. If your dog tends to run a little bit cold in the winter time, he is going to appreciate having one of these items. You are going to need to judge for yourself, however, whether your dog is going to need to wear the jacket on a continual basis or if it is just going to wear it when it is outside. If you’re going to be taking it on and off frequently, make sure that you choose one that is not only fashionable, but is convenient for that purpose.

July 18, 2011

Advil Flash Mob

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Advil Liquid Gel

Market Market recently featured a short 10 minute skit about pain and what it does which I first saw the video from Lunch Break Blogger. It made me think a bit - pain may come and go but it doesn’t have to keep you down. It doesn’t have to be the boss of your life – dictating what you can and cannot do. It shouldn’t stand in the way of having a good time. It may come in the form of body pain, headache, toothache or even dysmenorrhea or what Advil people have creatively called: the League of Pain. Just like what you see on the Flash Mob video below. 

Any of these types of pain can be one of life’s unwelcome distractions. Just when you think you can plan smoothly or work non-stop, along comes this body pain. Instantly, you lose your concentration and your speed of thought becomes jagged. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so they say. With the EVIL that the League of Pain brings comes the GOOD that medicines can offer. 

There are now medicines to combat this kind of condition. Medicines in other forms can be ingested but take considerable time to work. This is where Tablet Man failed. Good intentions sometimes do not make the best the solutions. Thank goodness there’s Advil Liqui Gel. It’s a revolutionary new medicine in gel form that works fast! Pain sufferers can know kiss their agony goodbye. There is no need to wait in for Advil to take effect and save the day. With Advil Liqui Gel – the League of Pain becomes a thing of the past.  
July 17, 2011

Oxford Medical

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It is said that learning never ends and at Oxford Medical, nothing could be truer. With state of the art facilities and a dynamic curriculum, they make sure that you are always at the top of your game. Oxford Medical is committed to the service of providing superior Teach the Teacher courses to enhance knowledge and increase awareness in the field of science. Oxford Medical understands the constant need to identify the latest innovations in technology and medical research which is why their curriculum is based around the Medical Competency Leadership Framework.

Today’s world is so dynamic. Everything happens so fast that literally new discoveries are made every second and breakthroughs are revealed every moment of the day. Don’t get left behind! Let Oxford Medical be your guide to success. Constantly develop and hone yourself. Take the concise Medical Management courses and ensure your expertise with crisp and to the point Teach the Teacher Courses.

Apart from their outstanding short courses, Oxford Medical also offers Consultant Interview Courses along with various tools and tips to ensure your continued success. Expand your horizons further and improve your area of specialization with Oxford Medical courses; your ally and companion to career growth and development.
July 11, 2011

Mobile teaching program “Text2Teach” to expand in Visayas and Mindanao

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Signing the Memorandum of Agreement for Phase 4 of the Text2Teach program are (from L-R):  Nokia Corporation Directorfor Community Involvement Gregory Ephinston, Ayala Foundation Co-Vice Chairman Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, DepEd Undersecretary Yolanda Quijano, and Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu

Innovative mobile teaching program Text2Teach is set to go nationwide as it targets 850 new public elementary schools in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao for English, Math, and Science lessons beginning this year.

The plan was announced during the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) for Phase 4 of the program. Signatories are Department of Education Undersecretary Yolanda Quijano, Ayala Foundation Co-Vice Chairman Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Nokia Director for Community Involvement Gregory Elphinston, and Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu.

The fourth phase, to be implemented starting July, will finally make the program available not only in Luzon but across the country as the proponents work to bring Text2Teach to Visayas and Mindanao and to upgrade the 205 satellite schools from the earlier phases. By the end of Phase 3 in August, the total number of Text2Teach-enabled schools will have reached 555, benefiting about 40,000 pupils, and almost 1,800 school heads, teachers and DepEd officials.

Text2Teach Phase 4 also marks the beginning of a stronger partnership with the local government units. DepEd regional offices will play a vital role in teachers training while LGUs will provide bigger counterpart funding for the program. Phase 4 also sees Pearson Foundation returning to the program as a key component in developing new downloadable educational materials for English, Science and Mathematics.

Since its Philippine launch in 2004, Text2Teachhas been aiding in improving the performance of students all over the country, particularly in the three basic subjects through downloadable educational videos using Nokia mobile phones and Globe internet connection.

Using the power of mobile technology, Grades 5 and 6 students can watch any of the almost 400 educational audio and video materials loaded in the Nokia N86 8MP phones and equipped with the Nokia Education Delivery (NED) application. NED allows teachers to download and easily access educational audios and videos on Math, Science and English specifically designed for the project, providing a highly effective visual aid for teachers. It also creates an interactive, student-focused learning environment in the classroom which makes the students eager to go to school.

Aside from the Nokia N86 8MP phone and educational videos, Text2Teach recipient schools also get a Globe SIM card provided with P150 worth of free pre-paid load monthly for one year, a 29-inch colored TV, 3-day teacher training and teachers guides.

Alma Abalos Fernandez, a teacher at Carael Elementary School in Dagupan City, pointed out that the effectiveness of the program is evident in helping students appreciate a complex subject like science.

“Before we had Text2Teach, I had to rely on my imagination. I gave a lot of examples and used a lot of visual aids to make sure they understand the subject. But with Text2Teach, there is a better appreciation of what is being discussed. You can also see that the students learn faster. Just show them the video and you capture their attention. The students also retain the lessons better because they can see actual images on the video. And we don’t have to spend much on visual aids anymore,” Fernandez related in the vernacular.

Aside from improved performance, Text2Teach also helps minimize student absenteeism since they are now excited to go to class and watch the videos.
July 10, 2011

Gap - A Brand of style, Comfort and Uniqueness

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Donald G. Fisher and Doris F. Fisher established The Gap Inc. in 1969 mainly an all American clothing apparel and accessories retailer in the mainland of San Francisco, California. It has been reputed as the one of the major specialty retailer in the United States.

GAP Fashion, Gap

The name of the corporation is based on the market trend wherein most of its clienteles are the younger generation, hence the name Gap. When it was first settling in the market is sported the signature look, that is, the basic blue jeans and the plain white shirts. As did Levis, which had difficulty in going with the current trends in terms of innovation, Gap, though becoming a common word with the young generation, had a predicament on how to methodize the assortment of jeans and thus it came up with a strategy by selling and distributing their jeans in clothing outlets. With its strategy being successful, the discrepancy deficit with the innovation problem was surpassed enabling it to expand is line of products catering to all ages of clients.

Starting with its frontline jeans, Gap started revolutionizing by launching new brand names like banana republic and Old Navy. Banana republic was procured by gap only in 1983 as a small time retailer distributing clothing themed on safari designs. Old navy, on the other hand, was released to the public on 1994.

Gap has also its share of depression in its profit scheme due to the competition and slow turnover of sales so it tried go out of its unisex streamline and focused more in making lines exclusively for women placing more items available to the female gender and renovating stores to conform to it.

Their new line of jeans carries the slogan “Born to Fit” with jeans that has a gratifying fit to a comfortable and suits the body right.
July 07, 2011

Online Universities

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Online Universities are not new concepts when it comes to getting an education. This innovative method of making online degree programs possible has enabled hundreds of individuals to pursue the goal of education in the comforts of their home, at their pace and on their own time.

Education is the most powerful tool anyone can ever hope to wield effectively and people who have successful careers do not get to where they are by chance. Luck has absolutely nothing to do with it. Somewhere along the arduous climb to success, intensive training and skills enhancement were necessary to jumpstart their careers.

There are challenges however that prevent others from availing the wonderful opportunity of getting their online degree programs in business administration for example. The usual concern is looking for just the right fit among the many online universities which are listed on the net. The choices are simply overwhelming which is why the College Navigator was launched.

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