August 30, 2007

I'm Joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit

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Mindanao Bloggers SummitI first read the Mindanao Bloggers Summit from the blog of my teacher.

I find it very interesting to join because I will get the chance to meet my fellow Mindanao Bloggers. Aside from that, I know I will learn so many things from the summit. The last time there was a gathering for Davao bloggers which was held in Netfront Internet Cafe, I was not able to join. Hopefully, this time around I could really go.

I want to join my different blogs in the Mindanao Blog Awards especially this blog on the personal blog category but on a second thought I said to myself "huwag at next time nalang". I have so much to learn especially in writing. There are even times that I get confused with my grammars. Like I doubted if my grammars were correct? My composition of sentences is good enough? Yeah, stuff like that.

Besides my blog will just be turning 1 year old. You know, what had happened? Remember the katangahan at maling akala?

I am now congratulating ahead Usual Suspects for organizing this event. I know the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit will be a successful one. Thank you and Congrats again guys!

1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit Sponsors:
**Updated: some websites are no longer active 
August 22, 2007

My Retreat Experience (Trip to Digos)

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It was actually my first time to experience a retreat.

rosary, St. Benedict's Retreat House, Digos CityI remember when I was still an elementary student I used to go to Betania Retreat House (now UIC Bajada) everytime there is a retreat because i would help my mother prepare the room of the retreatants, go to the kitchen and help the cook and lastly wash the dishes. I am always very happy every time I looked at the bulletin board when it will be fully book because i know for certain that sumptuous food are always prepared and we could bring home some food also. At a young age I also wonder what was happening in the sessions of the retreatants because most of the time i could see them crying.
August 12, 2007


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The event happened last June 28, 2007 and Im sorry for posting this late. I was a bit busy that's why my blog is no longer updated.

Anywayz, as Araphoenix
mentioned in her blog the ITE Acquaintance Party '07 was really a success. It would not be possible without the excellent preparations of the ITE Program officers spearheaded by Araphoenix herself.

As I've mentioned in my last post, I consider the event as the happiest Acquaintance Party I ever had in UIC. Everything was well set. From the venue, the sound system, the presentors, the Mr. and Ms. ITE contest, the games azz in everything talaga. Although the program started one hour late we were still able to manage it to the exact time it should end.

I can see that all students including the faculty did really have fun especially in the last number, where the CLAN B presented the MTV Spoof. Although I am not that contented with my performance because I was conscious with my miniskirt which my classmates forced me to use but I am still happy. It was actually my third MTV Spoof presentation.. With regards to the second spoof unfortunately no one has able to catch a video of it. Sayang! Iyon pa naman ang da best!

Anywayz, you can check out the video by visiting this link! Be sure to load it first.

August 04, 2007

What's up?

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Hi, its been ages nba? Hindi pa naman.

What's up?

Oh, my life has been very busy the moment I enter the life as a senior student.

Wow! Ang sarap talaga ng feeling! Nakikinita ko na ang mangyayari...I am marching and my mother is crying while handing to her my diploma. Kasi naman, sa hindi nakakaalam at hindi pa nakakasubaybay ng life story ko MAGNA-NINE years na ako sa College (seems like MAGNA CUM LAUDE bah?). I was 2 years in Accountancy, 1 and a half year in Medical Technology, and in my 4rth year in Information Technology (back to 1 due to my scholarship). I just counted the 1 and a half year where i stopped and worked as a full time tutor. So, getch nyo na talaga age ko? Oks lang, batang-bata nman sa personal diba? Nafeel niyo ba kung gaano kasaya at kafulfilling iyon? (Hinggang malalim...) At last!

A lot of things I realized also in my journey.

Like, it's time for me to try to make the most out of my last year in College. Before, i decline to run in any office whether in a club or in our own program but right now I am an officer of two clubs. Active parin ako sa mga sports event like Volleyball, Basketball and Track and Field. I still want to join the Folk Dance and Firing Line competition for the upcoming Intramurals. I hope sa lahat ng events na kasali ako, panalo ulit kami like last year. Champion na sana ang ITE Program sa lahat ng categories. Hmmnn...plan of joining the Ms. Intrams sana but i don't know with Sir Ex kung bakit ayaw niya akong piliin. (Kapal Muks bah?, i think meron nman ako ng mga qualitites dba? -> hehehehe)

The start of my journey was a bit rough considering the left and right responsibilities that i've had from home-school-home. When my uncle died a baton has been given to me without him, even saying it. A bit tighter with my budget because i am now sending one of my cousins' kid to school. The feeling is very rewarding, honestly. I feel like I am a practicing to be a mom now. I just really love kids. At school, I was a bit anxious with our unfinish task and I just hope we could settle it out. On a lighter side, I am extremly happy with the outcome of our Acquaintance Party last July 28, 2007. I am proud to be one of the emcees of the said event special thanks also to my very good partner, Ryan. It was the happiest Acquaintance Party that we ever had. I also felt like i should really developed my hosting career.

Thank you always to this special person who always give me appreciation and honest criticisms, my angel and my mentor. I really thank you for choosing me and for everything. I consider the event as one of the happiest moment of my life. The oppurtunity of entertaining my fellow students. Ganun nga talaga noh? Ang sarap ng pakiramdam na napasaya mo sila.

Lastly, I have opened my hearts for forgiveness. I was able to reconcile with my college bestfriend. It was again him, my angel and my mentor who pave the way to let me realize that who am I not to forgive her? I have been into those situations where she had also. Instead of criticizing her i should accept what had happened and let bygones be bygones.

Pagpasensiyahan niyo naha, unorganized ang thoughts ko. Free flowing lang iyan.

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