November 28, 2011

KC finally breaks her silence on The Buzz and confirms break-up with Piolo

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Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion aka KC Concepcion finally broke her silence about her break up with Piolo Pascual on national television, over a taped interview, last Sunday, November 27, 2011.

KC was seen crying almost at the whole duration of the interview with The Buzz co-host Boy Abunda. She confessed that she did everything and that she played a fool in her efforts just to save her relationship with Piolo, whom she calls as PJ.

KC admits that it was her first serious relationship; she reveals the countless sacrifices not only as a girlfriend but all the more as a woman.

November 23, 2011

How can we use the broadband internet in ten years time?

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While the world of broadband Internet is generally pretty good at the moment, itlooks like those things could get even better in the future. Indeed, within the nextdecade we would all be using a very different internet world to make the most ofour digital lifestyles.

A new way

With modern technology moving so fast, the internet is likely to be a lot fasterby the year 2020, with ever improving networks around the globe that will beincreasingly dependant on fibre optic cable to beef up the speed and efficiency ofonline content. There will also be a greater emphasis on mobile communicationstoo, with more of us using tablets and the like instead of traditional computers.

High-tech hits

Gadgets will continue to become all the more compact and powerful, with theemphasis on harnessing the improved power and connectivity of the mobilenetworks. What’s more, we’ll also be using mobile devices for many more dayto day tasks, such as paying for goods and services with the mere swipe of asmartphone that uses Near Field Communication technology.

Stream content

Many of us are already enjoying lots of on-demand content from the internet,but that looks set to increase immeasurably in the next few years. Chances arethat traditional television programming will be a very different thing by 2020,with the majority of us enjoying our online content when and where we want it.With mobile networks improving, this is likely to mean that we’ll be able to enjoydigital content no matter where our location happens to be.

November 15, 2011

The True Lead in Security Awareness Training

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In most corporate settings, administrators, managers, employees, or even ordinary employees must know how to protect the confidential matters especially those important documents of the company wherein they are practicing their professional careers.

Programs of this type is essential for the company’s good but on the other side, will cost much of their time for annual training programs on security awareness or even formal courses to be taken by an employee regardless of position.

Need not to worry for company managements these times because online programs have been in existence and takes the lead proven by the over 3 million users worldwide. This program, being tried, proven and tested was named as the most comprehensive security awareness training program made available over the net.

There are a variety of reasons which points to this program as the best of the several millions which exist nowadays. The program includes materials good for a seven-year series of annual training. Not only that, the security awareness training was made not only crafted to one specific nationality. The medium of instruction is in English, Spanish, French German, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Korean and other international languages. This is one way of showing that they cater to a mixed kind of customers worldwide.

November 09, 2011

Protection at its best for your children and your own computers

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Due to the advancements of new technology, gaining knowledge for youngsters has been made easy through the use of the internet. But at the back of this positive and beneficial innovation, children below 12 years old are prone to the influence of the negative and malicious contents in the World Wide Web.

children playing computer games

These children of the vulnerable age cannot determine the difference between good and bad. You should remember that the internet has it all and any child can click and log-in to any available site.

Psychological studies have found that the images children see will remain in their minds and the child has high chances of imitating the act. Sad to note that some child offenders of this present time were influenced to commit inappropriate acts against other children by what they have seen in the sites they have logged-into a couple of times.

November 08, 2011

Classroom Audio Systems from Roemtech

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Teachers have a difficulty when it comes to capturing the attention of students, all the more in sustaining it. According to recent studies, the typical students from high school and college do have an attention span of 10 to 15 minutes. This causes the students not to learn and gain knowledge for attending the class.

Among the reasons that a student gets distracted from listening to classroom lectures is the noise from the surroundings, both internal and external. If a student cannot hear clearly what the teacher says, a student might resort to do other things and end up, not focusing attention to the lesson. But a sure solution to this problem is the purchase of good equipment for classroom audio systems.

Roemtech, a lead company that designs and manufactures quality and efficient audio systems, suitable for your classroom audio needs such as plenum rated amplifiers, mini amps, and speakers. You can access the site at, and it showcases an array of equipment made available internationally through the internet.

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