September 30, 2013

Tattoo launches country’s first-ever rewards program for mobilebroadband

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True to its game-changing role in the industry, Tattoo, the broadband brand of Globe Telecom, raises the innovation bar a notch higher by introducing the country’s first-ever rewards program for mobile broadband services, available to both new and existing prepaid subscribers.

With Tattoo +Plus Rewards, prepaid customers can earn points and freebies by using Tattoo as a means to connect to the internet. Upon activating a new Tattoo Flash or a new Tattoo Prepaid SIM, users will instantly receive 15 bonus rewards points, which they can immediately redeem to register to POWERSURF15, a prepaid data plan that gives them 20MB of internet data valid for one (1) day.

On their seventh to twelfth month of subscription, new and existing prepaid subscribers can avail of a FREE one-day unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail every week for six months when they load at least P50 between Monday and Friday via Autoload Max.  To redeem the reward the following week, subscribers can text SOCIALWEEKLY to 8888.

Subscribers likewise accumulate rewards points when they load their Tattoo Prepaid account, where one (1) point is given for every P25 reload. They can use their points to redeem their favorite Globe services or use them to buy products from Globe partner-merchants such as Ayala Malls Cinemas, Figaro, Wendy’s, Rose Pharmacy and Bench  where one (1) rewards point is equivalent to P1.

Head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Dong Ronquillo said, “From innovative and groundbreaking mobile broadband services, Tattoo unveils its very own customer loyalty program—the country’s first—to provide more value to our prepaid subscribers by rewarding them for their loyalty to the brand. With their continued patronage, Tattoo subscribers can look forward to accumulate bigger rewards as they continue to live without limits.”

Tattoo Broadband prepaid users can learn more about Tattoo +Plus Rewards and check out their redeemable rewards and freebies by visiting
September 17, 2013

Movie Review: The Colony

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The Colony

The Colony starts off with an all too familiar premise- the end of the world as we know it. It is a ho-hum movie that seems to take elements of its plot from previous blockbusters.

We have a zombie apocalypse that is akin to the’ Walking Dead’ or the film ’28 Days’. We see the seemingly irrational beings who turn out to be organized and united like the ones in ‘I Am Legend’. There’s the sudden drop of temperature for the entire planet which is reminiscent of ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

The parallel plot may come across as annoying to avid movie fans but infrequent viewers might find it interesting still. The film is set well into the future where extreme temperatures have forced men to build colonies deep into the ground. Food is rationed and health is of the utmost importance….a simple cold can be reason enough for execution. Then a distress call arrives from a neighboring colony to which selected members respond to and all hell breaks loose. The story develops slowly but eventually gives brief moments of suspense. The chase and fight scenes are enough to get the adrenalin pumping but the conclusion is predictable and expected.

The Colony hits Philippine cinemas on September 28. See trailer below

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September 17, 2013

Movie Review: No One Lives

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No One Lives

Although Luke Evans has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade, his breakthrough role was that of a villain in Fast and the Furious 6. In fact, he was one of the Philippines’ visitors a few months back to promote the film, which ultimately proved to be successful in the box office. It was also during this visit that he sang his way to Filipino hearts by crooning a few lines of Kailangan Kita, a Lea Valdez’ hit.

The success of Fast and the Furious 6, coupled with Evans’ undeniable charm may be the reason why local cinemas thought No One Lives would be a big hit. A movie with Luke Evans in top billing should attract moviegoers, right? Perhaps.

In the movie No One Lives, Evans reprises the role of the anti-hero; cold, calculating, cruel and cunning. He is a lean killing machine who extinguishes lives without remorse…which is exactly like his character in the Fast and the Furious franchise. The screenplay also plays with a lot of violent, bloody and gory scenes, which have a déjà vu feel to it. The ‘kill’ scenes look familiar and the blood, too contrived. The plot is as messy and vague as its storyline and the movie ends leaving the viewer with a lot of unanswered questions. What did the two lead female cast’s identical scars mean? Was Tamara also a kidnap victim? How was Emma chosen? And in the end scene, why did no one see the killer parade around the hotel lobby, stripping off the doctor’s gown and throwing it away?

We may never know and sadly, we will never get back the time and money spent on such an odious film. Kudos to Evans for his effective portrayal…but that’s just about the only positive thing one can say. Truly, no one will live to say they enjoyed seeing this flick.

No One Lives is now showing in cinemas nationwide. See trailer below also:

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September 17, 2013

Globe Community gets bigger

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Globe Community ( is an online portal where both Globe and non-Globe subscribers can interact with each other, resolve concerns and inquiries, and foster relationships. It is built to empower customers to help other customers with non-account specific concerns. Members can also talk about their interests on food, travels, music, etc or read through interesting blog articles written by no less than the members and moderators.

As a symbolic day, September 17 (or 09.17) marks Globe's aim to reach 10,000 members and become the fastest growing telco community in Asia.

To date, they already have 8,773 members who have benefited from intellectual discussions and accepted solutions created in the Globe Community. Get involved by spreading the word to help get 1,227 or more new members until 09.17 (September 17).

Visit Globe Community at and sign up today.

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September 13, 2013

Tips On How To Keep Your Blog Interesting

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One of the things that you have to work hard on as a blogger is to keep your blog interesting to keep the steady stream of traffic and to encourage your loyal readers to continue coming back to your site to read your posts. Now bloggers are humans, too, and we also have what we call our downtime or those proverbial writer’s block, not to mention writing regularly can also be quite a difficult task especially if you also have to do other stuff aside from blogging like performing your motherhood and parenting duties or keeping your regular day job, for example. But you must set out to discipline yourself to churn fresh content at least three to four times a week if you find it difficult to do it on a daily basis, not only for your own writer’s good but more so for your blog’s own good. Read to get inspiration, if you must, and make sure to keep those handy notebooks and notepads available so you can take down notes when the inspiration strikes. 

Here are a few ways on how you can keep your blog, and your blog posts, interesting: 

1. Post about trending and timely topics. The current trending topics are what most people would love to read about, so be sure to include those in your blog posts from time to time. You can probably give your two cents about a very controversial topic or keep your readers abreast with the development on a recently trending issue. 

2. Write about informative posts. Blogs are, after all, a treasure trove of information and it will do you good to keep your readers up-to-date with useful and handy information. Depending on your blog’s niche you can probably tackle topics like reputable New Zealand Home Loans or similar subjects. 

3. Give helpful tips. Tips are always a good read and if you can dish out a couple in your posts, all the better. You can give tips on anything under the sun like how to land one of those Banking Jobs, for example or where to find a good but affordable Online video Production  in your city or nearby, perhaps.

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