August 30, 2008

Missing my students

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I gave up my 8-10pm tutorial to the sons of business parents to give me more time to rest and focus on my new job.

When I told them that I will be quitting, I really thought David and Darwin are fine with it. In fact, during our last tutorial session I can see that they are cooperating - trying to digest everything that I am teaching them that night. I also gave them pieces of advice as parting words. I was really controlling myself, preventing my eyes not to shed tears to make the situation okay.

August 29, 2008

Revolutionize Shopping

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Online shopping is a trend nowadays. And as you can see, hundreds and thousands of websites are sprouting each day just to give such kind of service, offering different kinds of products from shoes, bags, books, magazines and others. Name it!But I tell you getting the best deals for a shopper definitely give a headache for you. All the more when you have to visit all of these online stores and do the compare and contrast. That is why it is really best if you will make use of ShopWiki. A website that has revolutionize our shopping experience. It means they can find anything and everything for sale on the web. Great right?

Women out there would definitely love this site because it makes our online shopping easier. Like if you want to shop for Sony digital cameras, Nikon digital cameras or perhaps Canon digital cameras then all you have to do is type it on the search field and click the button. Immediately after, you get the results.

Interested? Then go and see it for yourself. Oh, before I forgot they also have this gift guides for any occasions just for us. So, check it out now!
August 17, 2008

I got a job

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I got another job again! Yeheey!

I am just so happy because with the first company that I applied for a job, I was immediately accepted. It was Monday night when I send my resume online. The next morning, I received a call from the HR officer for my interview in the afternoon. I asked him if I can possibly have it the following day and good thing, he agreed. Well, I have to asked permission first for my bosses on the sidelines I have.

August 10, 2008

I am a Registered WordCamp Philippines Participant!

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WordCamp Philippines

Yes, you read it right guys! I am a Registered WordCamp Philippines 2008 Participant (Yepeey!) But I am not going to Manila because i can't afford it (honestly) so i will just be joining the WordCamp Davao.

"Lalakasan ko na loob ko, di na ako mahihiya" that's why I am registering myself (Di kasi ako pumunta nung last party ng mga Mindanao Bloggers kasi nga nahihiya). I hope my friends here in the Blogosphere will join especially mga UIC Bloggers para naman hindi ko feel ang ma-OP. (Sorry sa term ha)

August 01, 2008

A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award

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friendship award, blog awardI've received another award from a fellow blogger, Molit. I like them all and I am so thankful. Now, I am sharing this award to both Meiyah and Steivene. I like these two people so much because they always visit my sites and leave comments in my post. Hehehehe.. Thanks guys!

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