September 16, 2015

Movavi Video Editor for Mac Review

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Do you feel that you aren’t getting the most out of your Mac because you’re not making use of its video editing capabilities? If you wish you could but are turned off by the steep learning curve that is often talked about in relation to editing videos – the solution is simple: Try out a more user-friendly software such as the Movavi Video Editor for Mac.

Instead of having to jump through hoops and leap over hurdles to edit your videos, the Movavi Video Editor for Mac will make the process as painless as possible. In fact, in most cases the features that you’ll use will be extremely intuitive and straightforward.

Because of its emphasis on providing video editing software for Mac that is easy to use, it should only take you a couple of minutes to come to grips with the user interface – and soon after that you’ll be able to figure out most of the features.

Don’t be fooled by how simple it all seems however – the truth is that the Movavi Video Editor for Mac is actually very powerful and brings tons of great features to the table, including:
    • Trimming out unwanted video footage or merging video clips together by cutting and combining them as needed.

    • Fixing color settings and tweaking them accordingly to enhance the overall video quality and appearance.

    • Jazzing up the video with a bit of polish in the form of stylish transitions between scenes.

    • Adding background music or a voiceover by inserting audio directly into the video timeline.

    • Conveniently saving the video with the help of presets to optimize it for your platform or device.
In a nutshell, you should have the tools that you need to create a professional-looking video for work or personal purposes. What you do from there on out is up to you, but if you feel that it is good enough you may even want to upload it to YouTube or Facebook to share and show off to your friends and family. Who knows – you may even want to start producing more of your own content on a regular basis.
September 07, 2015

The Best Gifts for Female Gamers

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Gift buying can be incredibly hard. You need to buy something that suits the interests and personality of the person you’re buying for. Here are some ideas when buying for a female gaming enthusiast.

Gaming-Themed Jewellery

Yes, there is plenty of gaming-themed jewellery out there. It’s a great way of combining your friend’s love of gaming with the conventional gift of jewellery. It puts a new spin on an old gift idea. The internet is literally packed with different kinds of gaming-themed jewellery, so you definitely won’t be short of choices. You can get little earrings that have little gaming symbols on them or characters from different games. They’re fun and interesting, and they make perfect gifts for gamers.

A Gaming Chair

Every gamer, whether they’re male or female, needs a great gaming chair to relax in when they’re having fun on whatever game they’re playing. Gaming chairs can be found in lots of different price ranges nowadays, so you should be able to find one no matter what your budget is. The best ones are equipped with all kinds of gadgets and accessories that hook the chair up to the games console. Alternatively, you could buy a gaming desk or other functional items that are essential for gamers.

Super Mario Chess Board

The Super Mario Bros chess board is incredible. If you know someone who is obsessed with that little Italian plumber and they love playing chess as well, there really is no better gift than this. I want one and I don’t even know how to play chess! Each character from the Super Mario Bros universe is represented with their own unique chess piece. They stand in for the usual piece you get on an ordinary chess set. It’s not particularly expensive either, so it makes a great gift.

Gameboy iPhone Case

We all need a case for our phone. They get damaged really easily, and the last thing you want to deal with is a cracked iPhone screen. So, why not help your friend out and buy them a cool iPhone case as a gift? There are lots of gaming-themed cases out there, but my favourite is the case that makes your iPhone look like a retro Nintendo Gameboy. If you were a kid when the original Gameboy was released, you probably had one at the time. It’s a blast from the past that could be the perfect gift for your gaming friend.

Tetris Lights

Tetris lights work the same way as all other kinds of lights. They’re a great way of bringing some extra colour and brightness to a dark room or office. But the difference is, as you may have guessed, the Tetris lights are shaped like Tetris blocks from the classic game. Tetris was undoubtedly one of the most addictive and frustrating games in history, but people still love it. You can stack the Tetris lights in different ways, the same way you can when playing the game.

Hopefully, these cool gift ideas will have given you some inspiration and helped you find the perfect gift for the female gamer in your life!
September 05, 2015

How We Use Technology to Enhance and Advance Our Lifestyles

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Technology is so prevalent in modern society that its influence can be felt everywhere. There are so many ways we use technology to enhance and advance our lifestyles. Check out some of these ways right now.


Communication is the key to a functional society. You have to make sure you are able to communicate whenever you need to. It could be with friends, family, or clients. But you need to make sure you can communicate. Well, the good news is that technology has made this much easier to achieve. You have smartphones that let you stay active on the move. You can choose the perfect laptop for home emails and Skyping. There are so many communication options thanks to technology.

Running a Business

A lot of people these days see themselves as entrepreneurs. The small business market is flourishing, and every week more and more people launch new businesses. And these days it is impossible to make a business successful without the use of technology. Think about all the most important components relating to your business. You'll need an excellent website, client communication, and a great marketing strategy. And the only way to get all of this is through the use of technology. You’ve got to make sure your business is active across a digital platform.

Getting Around

You might not have considered it, but technology is vital for us getting around. Think about how many transport networks run on technology. And think about the transport you use in your daily life. Whether it’s cars, motorbikes or SegBoards, they all need to use technology to run. In fact, even using a bike you’ll probably require some form of GPS system. Technology is crucial for getting around on a daily basis. So this will help you to develop a

Connecting With Strangers

We all use technology daily, and one of the biggest things we use is social media. Can you remember a time before social networking sites? Most people won’t be able to. And there is a debate about whether social networking is a positive or negative thing. This is largely a moot point. But one thing’s for sure, it has enhanced our lives. We can use these sites to stay connected not just with friends but strangers from across the globe. It’s an excellent form of keeping up with what’s going on in the world.


One of the major uses of technology these days is for entertainment. Think about the interests most people have. Everyone enjoys movies, music and television. And all these things rely on technology. You can get online now and watch things too. Whether you’re on a tablet, a smartphone, or you’re at home in front of the television technology is vital. And due to the way it’s developed it has transformed the way we observe entertainment.

As you can see, there is no doubt that technology has had a huge impact on our lives. It’s almost impossible to conceive of a time before the internet and smartphones. We’re so reliant on them that they dictate the way we live. Make sure you understand all the ways technology influences your existence.
September 05, 2015

Bring Your Car Into The 21st Century With Some Simple Upgrades

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Unless you drive alone at night, you will come across other cars on your travels. And when you do, you always see a car you prefer than the one you currently drive. It cannot be helped because it is human nature to want something that we cannot have. But, instead of pining for a car and settling for another that is not quite yet in the twenty-first century, you can make yours better. Let me give you a few examples of how to get the job done.

Get Better Tires

Whether you have an old banger or a brand spanking new car, you can always change the tires. In fact, it is something that I would suggest you seriously consider. Tires can make a massive difference to the handling and the performance, and you can install them on any car. As the thread starts to wear, the tires become less effective. The car won’t stop as quickly or do as it is told, almost like it has a mind of its own. New ones will negate all of this for the cost of fifty pounds per set.

Get Better Brakes

Again, brakes are another massive accessory that has an impact on performance. And again, they are something that is easily remedied. When you think about the twenty-first century, you think about advances in technology and safety, especially with regards to cars. The safety aspect, in particular, is something that has come along astronomically in the past couple of years. Just by installing new ceramic or metallic brakes, you can enhance the safety ten-fold.

Splash Of Paint

In modern society, there are a lot of emphases placed on looks, and cars are no different. Most people will just look at a car and take to it because of the colour or the style. Forget about what is under the hood; all we are bothered about as a society is what is on top of the hood. So, to make your car look the part, you don’t even need any performance enhancing upgrades, just a paint job. Paint jobs are not hard to come by, either. Just check out the packages at and Auto Body and pick the colour scheme that you find the most attractive. Easy!

Add The Right Gadgets

The time of looking at a map or an AZ is long gone. In 2015, we have gadgets that will take you to your doorstep from any place in the world. Of course, satellite navigational systems are so standard that even car manufacturers install them for into the fixtures. But, there are other gadgets that your car can have that will enhance your driving experience. For example, you can always add stereo speakers into the interior or TV sets into the headset. Maybe the most important of them all is the portable phone charger. Although it says phone charger, any electronic device with the right fitting will work.

If you don’t like what you have, do not settle. Always try and push yourself, and your car, to be better.
September 03, 2015

4 Ways That The Internet Can Help Your Business Achieve Its Goals

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There’s no question that the internet has changed society greatly over the past 20 years. And businesses have been one of the main beneficiaries.

However, the World Wide Web isn’t just a great communication tool. We can achieve far more than sending a few company emails. The internet is a powerful resource and you should be using it to help your business thrive.

Here are just four ways that it can improve your operation.

Increase Customer Base

The most important aspect of your business is the customer. Finding new and effective ways to increase your numbers is a must, and the internet can help you greatly.

Your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal, so make sure it has a good design. Meanwhile, you can improve its visibility with SEO. In turn, this will increase your sales both online and offline. Don’t forget, people still use the internet when searching for local products too.

Moreover, social media campaigns can cast your nets even further afield. You won’t get that from more traditional marketing schemes.

Increase Workflow

Most businesses now use computers to some degree. For many sectors, they are a crucial piece of the operation. Computer technology already sends our workflow through the roof, but wouldn’t it be even greater if you could step it up another notch?

You can! Blue Star Technology consulting services will help you find the best way to make your IT solutions work harder for the company. The increased workflow should result in improved productivity. In turn, this should encourage bigger profits.

As well as helping productivity, outsourced IT solutions could also help lower your overheads. What more incentive could you need?

Assemble A Better Team

Recruitment is a vital part of being a great boss. Your ideas and innovation will only go so far, and you must acquire the best team to make those dreams a reality. The internet will be of huge assistance throughout the process.

In addition to posting vacancies on various online job boards, you can also use freelance directories to find people yourself. This gives you a much better chance of finding the best candidate for the job.

Best of all, some employees won’t even be required to turn up to the office. This can lower equipment costs and other overheads such as insurances. Most importantly, though, the right team of employees will get the best results for your business.


Anybody that has ever applied for a job will know that good organisational skills are a highly sought talent. There are solid reasons for this, and essentially staying organised will help the business thrive. Once again, the internet is your friend.

Nowadays, you can pretty much make your office go paperless. You’ll no longer have to waste hours looking for a misplaced document. And as we are all aware, time is money. Meanwhile, it saves on the need for loads of storage space.

For the more environmentally conscious owner, it will reduce your printing output too.
September 02, 2015

How To Deliver A Killer Presentation (Even If You're Shy)

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Many people dread the idea of presentations. They hate standing up in front of people and speaking publiclly. It can feel terrifying, with all eyes on you. Suddenly you forget how to use your mouth. And, what do you usually do with your arms?? You start to sweat, and words tumble out of your mouth. If that sounds familiar, you need some killer tips to improve your performance and confidence. If you’re running a business, it’s likely that you’ll need to make a few presentations. Are you prepared? Personally, I quite enjoy doing presentations. So long as I am well prepared, it’s empowering to give a good speech. Here are some of my top tips.

Get to the point

Even the very best public speakers struggle to hold people’s attention throughout the whole presentation. As an audience, we get distracted, and we start to think about other things. That means you’ve got to start with a bang. The first few seconds are the most important. So, get straight to the point. Give them what they came for immediately. My favourite tip? Start with the conclusion. Give them the headline conclusion right at the start. Then, you can go into more detail. But grab their attention first.

Tell a story

After the crucial introduction, the tricky part is weaving a compelling central part. This is where you’ll start to lose your audience. It’s the dense part of the presentation where you discuss figures and case studies. It’s not easy to make this part compelling. One trick that most of the best orators use is storytelling. Weave an intriguing and captivating story. Base it on real life, and use it to hold your audience’s attention. Throughout the story, you can inject the necessary facts and figures.

Personality and performance

This is the hardest part of a presentation to teach. For some people, performing and public speaking come quite naturally. Now, I’m not saying you need to be the world’s best comedian. You don’t need to jump around and act out the presentation. I’m talking about the way you tell the stories and deliver the headlines. Simple variations in voice tone and facial expression is enough to keep the audience listening. Use your hands, and move around a little. Demonstrate passion and excitement for the subject. Avoid a dull, monotone delivery.

Use visual accompaniments

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well, it’s certainly true when it comes to presentations. Why would you reel off a long list of figures when you can quickly display them on a chart or graph? Speeches and presentations are for persuading and convincing. It needs to be crystal clear and simple. So, if there are any complex figures or issues, use a visual accompaniment. Use projectors to display graphs and case studies. Use a handout or brochure to show your full product list.

Leave them with a powerful thought

All that’s left to do is wrap up the presentation in a way that connects with the audience. I find the best thing to do is leave them with a thinker! Change their perspective on something, or show them a new future. Leave them inspired and thoughtful.

That’s all there is to it! Make it concise, compelling, and always leave them with a powerful thought. Got any other great tips I should know about?

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