October 23, 2010

Tutor Jobs

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I was a working student back in College and one of the jobs that I have is being a tutor. I was able to teach elementary and high school students. And every after class I go to the tutorial center. It's like a classroom settings but you are limited to handle certain number of students so you can really pay attention to their needs.

During weekend also, I have a tutorial job. And most of these students who hire me as a tutor have difficulty with their Math subjects. A few examples are on how to solve Algebraic equations, linear equations and how to write standard form equations. As you know even if they are still elementary students, they already have these kinds of Math questions. All the more when they reach high school and college.

But it was a bit hard working on that kind of scenario. As I need to travel from one place to another and pay is not that good. So it's better if you are in a tutorial center or you teach your students online. In that way, you no longer need to travel and you are able to save more.

If you are interested to learn more about online tutoring, you can visit TutorNext.
October 07, 2010

Online Business Basic Set-up

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Here are the basics steps:

First, you need to find a suitable domain for your website and make sure that it still available. After accomplishing such task, registering your desired domain name will come in handy.

Now after acquiring your own domain name, your next task is to get a good web hosting. There a lot of online sellers available in the market which you can find for this but choosing a web hosting service that is something superb is quite challenging. So you need to make sure that the server is fast, reliable, and comes with all of the features you need. It should be stable also and if the services they offer is worth the price for small to medium businesses. And of course, look for a web hosting company that gives you an excellent customer service.

But if you are looking for other than basic, try managed hosting, dedicated servers, VPS, colocation and others.Go check it out!
October 05, 2010

Become an Online Tutor

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There are a lot of job opportunities which you can find online if you want to start working at the comfort of your home.

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They are not only IT related but also other jobs such as an article writer, a virtual assistant or an online tutor. The latter, most of my friends who have this kind of job are English online tutors and they teach Korean and Japanese students. They follow a lesson for the basic grammar but sometimes their students would request to have it more like a chit-chat. They discuss any topics be it from politics, entertainment, life or love. As long as they talk in English and correct pronunciation and grammars are always followed.

Other subjects which have a higher demand of tutors are Math and Science. It's a known fact that most of the students find these two subjects really diffficut. And it is beneficial if students get Geometry help, Chemistry help, Physics help from their tutors.

October 02, 2010

News Drama

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This week's news on TV was full of drama.

There was the house demolition where you can see people lying on the streets - crying, throwing stones with the demolition team and others were running around with their knives. It caused heavy traffic in Metro Manila and there was just no crowd control and enough barricades that's why a lot of people had been injured too (so depressing) 

Second was the bar exam bombing where police said a member of a fraternity may have thrown a grenade at a rival group. It could have been a jubilant ending for the aspiring lawyers but it ended in a tragedy. As you have seen it on TV, you can see lots of stanchions in the crime scene and there were 47 injured students including one who was amputated with her two legs.

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