July 31, 2022

5 Fun Online Activities to Do with the Family

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There is no reason to stop doing fun activities with the family even while you continue to limit your time outside and opt to stay at home. May this be for a self-imposed quarantine or due to the school break, there are numerous fun online activities for the family you can enjoy together. 

Although you have different interests or preferences, the internet is a treasure trove of safe and fun online activities for the family. Among them are: 

Playing Free Online Games 

Solitaire game on solitaire.org 

Online games are always a hit with kids of any age or for the kids at heart. Many websites offer free online games that you can enjoy with your brood. If you are interested in old-school card games like Solitaire, Blackjack, or the likes, you might want to check solitaire.org for hours of serious gaming. The little ones will find these games interesting as they are way too different from the RPG games they are fond of playing online. 

Letter Scramble Game on solitaire.org 

Apart from the card games, solitaire.org offers an assortment of fun online activities for the family. They have a wide selection of games ranging from logic puzzles, word games, and hidden objects, to name a few. You are sure to have hours of fun with the family as you try to beat each other's scores at every game. 

Joining a Virtual Tour of a Famous World Attraction 

If your gang is up for an adventure, you may want to try joining a virtual tour of a famous attraction. When the pandemic broke, several world-renowned attractions began to offer free virtual tours. This is so the people can still wander into their beautiful premises safely in the comforts of their homes. Thus, you can now visit the Louvre or the British Museum, the NASA Houston Space Center, or the Walt Disney World without having to leave your living room. You can even opt to view the lovable pandas at the Atlanta Zoo through their all-day Panda Cam. 

Enjoy Watching Videos on Tiktok 

Tiktok offers a ton of videos on virtually any topic. The whole family will be amused by watching clips of lovable dogs and other pets, cool people busting their favorite new moves, or influencers sharing their latest finds or discoveries. There are also several funny clips and skits that you and the entire family will surely enjoy watching while laughing together. 

Making Fun Reels on Instagram 

Instagram Reels is a feature that you and the family can explore together. Have fun creating your reels and make it a perfect bonding activity. You can brainstorm ideas and pitch on which topic to choose and which props to use. You may also decide on which music or effects to add to make your reel stand out. 

Watching Tutorials on Youtube 

Spending quality time together does not just need to be entertaining. You can also turn it into something educational. For your next bonding activity, opt to learn a new craft together. You may want to try learning calligraphy, drawing, or watercolor painting. You may also try learning exercise routines or cooking a new favorite dish. The only limit is your imagination since you can easily search for these tutorials on Youtube and have hours of fun and learn with the rest of the family.
July 25, 2022

6 Tips to Design Your Home Office to Increase Productivity

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The pandemic resulted in people from the workforce opting to work remotely to prevent the spread of the virus. Even now that the number of cases has considerably decreased, more people are still choosing to work from the comforts and safety of their homes. 

Therefore, setting up a specific workspace at home has never been more important. As the homes were originally designed for the utmost comfort of the family and rarely cater to work-related pursuits, it is a must that we redesign our home office to help increase our productivity and accomplish our work-related goals. 

Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can design your home office to help improve your productivity: 

Buying a new home to accommodate your home office 

Not most of us would readily have the extra space to create a work haven at home. Consider buying a new home as a last resort. A lot of factors will go into making this decision and it is best to consult with the family and your real estate agent before coming up with one. You can also use this Mortgage Calculator if you need assistance in computing your new home mortgage. 

Go for ergonomic furniture 

Make sure to invest in chairs and tables specifically designed to give you comfort while you work for long periods. This will not only considerably improve your productivity but will also lessen the aches and pains brought about by prolonged sitting. An ergonomic desk will go perfectly with an ergonomically designed chair. You may also add in an ergonomic keyboard or mouse to complete your setup. 

Minimize clutter 

Nothing thwarts productivity better than unnecessary clutter in your workspace. These items, like extra picture frames or trinkets, can distract you from work and affect your productivity. It would be best to relocate this clutter to other parts of your home to keep your home office spick and span. You may also find creative ways to dispose of them by donating them or having a garage sale. 

Maximize the use of natural light 

Tapping natural light will not only result to improve work productivity in your home office, but it will also allow you to save on using energy or electricity. Positioning your desk where it can get the maximum amount of natural light could help you focus more on the task at hand. 

Dedicate a private space for your home office 

Designating a part of the living room or a portion of the bedroom for your home office space may not work, especially if there are a lot of people or a lot of activities going about in your home. The best option is to assign a spare room in your house for a much private home office. If a spare room is not available, you may also choose to install a partition in one of your bigger rooms to create your workspace. Of course, if you are planning repairs on rented housing, it is best to consult with your landlord beforehand to prevent disputes or violations. 

Incorporate green in your workspace 

While some people find the color relaxing, studies have also shown that being around green plants and having access to green or nature views, increases a person's creativity. Therefore, it is highly recommended to utilize the color in your workspace or to incorporate houseplants into your home office interior to help improve the quality of your work.

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