June 16, 2015

Perfect Cars for the Modern Woman

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It can often seem like the car market is totally focused on male drivers, rather than women. But there are plenty of great cars that appeal primarily to female drivers. Here are my top picks.

Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta is stylish and modern enough to satisfy a modern, independent woman while also having the space to cater for a growing family. This offers buyers the best of both worlds without having to make any big sacrifices, and that’s exactly what a lot of women buyers are looking for.

It’s a 4-door sedan, yet remains relatively compact. Many sedans can be a nightmare to drive around packed cities, but the Jettas seems to have solved that problem by making the body more slim line. And you can go for the turbo version if you want something a little more sporty and less practical.

Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper has a strong legacy to fall back on, but what makes them so popular with women today, is the fact that they’re comfortable, stylish and easy to drive. They don’t offer many frills or fancy features, but they do exactly what you want from them, and they do it with style too.

The other big attraction of the Mini Cooper is the fact that they can be bought so cheaply. They fall in value quite quickly, making the second-hand models very cheap. But even the brand new Minis are relatively cheap compared to their rivals, you can see this by visiting coopermini.co.uk where new and used Minis are sold.

Nissan Qashqai

Crossovers are a big deal in the car market now, especially with women who have large families. The Nissan Qashqai is easily the best SUV crossover in the world right now. Critics and consumers alike have fallen in love with the car, so it’s no surprise that even more people are now considering buying one.

But what makes the Qashqai stand out even more isn’t the fact that it’s versatile or fun to drive, it’s the fact that the car is so stylish. It has an overall classy look and stands out as one of the best-designed cars to be made over the past decade. And the interiors are even more sophisticated still.

June 16, 2015

Top Tips to Make Your Computer Live Longer

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Computers are expensive these days, but they don’t last forever. Some of the best computers can cost thousands and thousands of pounds, and they will still eventually grow old and slow. Some computers will break down sooner than others, but there are ways you can make your computer ‘live longer’. Use these top tips to help you:

Clean it Carefully

Your computer should be cleaned carefully to keep it in good condition. You can buy canisters of air perfect for cleaning out the keys, and a good cloth should help to keep the screen free from marks like fingerprints and other things. Make sure you buy suitable products and always follow the instructions to avoid damaging your machine.

Perform Maintenance on it

Maintenance needs to be performed on your computer to ensure it’s clean and running at it’s best. You probably have a ton of things on your computer that you don’t need or use, so make sure you clean it up. There are systems you can download on your computer to do it for you, or your machine may already have some installed. Some machines don’t require any maintenance at all, but those are top end machines.

Protect it from Viruses and Hackers

Your computer must be protected from viruses and hackers if you want it to stand the test of time. Not all computers need anti-virus software installed, as some do the job automatically. Again, these are the top end machines. To protect your machine from hackers, make sure you avoid dodgy looking sites and always have a different password for each platform you use.

Don’t Open Strange Messages and Emails

With social media and emails, we can get strange messages from people we don’t know. These messages might contain links and other things, with a provocative message trying to get you to open. It might say something like ‘is this you in this photo?’ with a link. This is usually a ploy to get you to click the link, so avoid these messages like the plague! That isn’t to say you can’t fix a computer after a mistake like this, but it can be expensive. A good computer repair company should be able to help you.

Watch Your Drinks

Sounds simple, but having drinks near your computer could be a disaster waiting to happen. I know this first hand. After purchasing an expensive macbook, I went to take a sip of my pint of water and spilt it all over the machine. As you can imagine, it all ended in tears and I had to get a new machine. Lesson learned! Eating near your computer can also be a bad idea if you get crumbs and other bits on it.

If you make sure you’re careful and use the tips in this guide, you should get the most out of your computer. They don’t come cheap, so do what you can to ensure a long life. Do you have some tips of your own? Share them below in the comments section!
June 05, 2015

How To Get Incredible Mileage From Your Car

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It seems like every week we pour more and more money into our cars. There’s nothing worse than spending money on fuel; it feels like empty money. Prices are always getting more expensive, and the cost of running a car is higher than ever. But, don’t worry, there are some tricks and secrets to preserving your fuel and making it go further. If I told you it was possible to squeeze an extra 25% out of your petrol, would you believe me?

All you need is a few simple tricks of the trade. Most of the things on this list, you could start doing tomorrow. Trust us, it’s easy when you know how. Without further ado, here’s how you squeeze fantastic mileage from your car and keep costs down.

Keep it well maintained

Not every car owner is comfortable opening the bonnet and fiddling with the engine. And, don’t worry, we’re not asking you to pull the engine apart! Your main priorities here is checking the fluids, particularly the oil. When the oil runs low or old, each of the engine parts rub over each other, causing friction and grinding. That makes it harder for the engine to move the car forward. Check the oil, along with the coolant, every two weeks. Replace it every 3,000 miles. Next up are the tyres. Keep them at the recommended pressure for optimal fuel use. If they’re slightly flat, the engine has to work harder to move the car.

June 05, 2015

The Geek's Guide To Car Buying

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Buying a car is never really easy. There’s so much rigmarole to it. It’s like a ritual more than anything else. It can be a little confusing too. There are so many abbreviations and backwards talk to it. Trying to get a straight deal told to you in plain English can be a real hassle.

A reputation will speak for itself though. Technology can give you a helping hand in figuring out what exactly is happening. Not only that, using your instincts to feel the place out can help too.

Flex your geek cred a little bit and get onto the computer first of all. Find some car review sites. From there, start thinking about what kind of car you want. Are you looking at a four door or two? How about space in the back? Maybe a Vauxhall?

Get to grips with what you’re looking for. Then, find a selection of cars that fit your criteria. From there you can check the reviews to see what the professionals think about them. Just don’t go looking at supercars. The previously mentioned Vauxhall might be more your speed.

Always be sure to look for a price and performance balance. You don’t want a rubbish car on the cheap, but you also don’t want a great car that breaks the bank. Then you can start to find out the average between these reviews. Basically, find the car that best suited the price/performance balance and see where all the reviewers agree.

June 01, 2015

How To Start An Online Business And Earn A Good Living

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Selling online is one of the best ways to make a good living these days. So long as you follow the right steps, you could have a profitable small business on your hands in a matter of months. After speaking to the experts, we’ve come up with a basic step by step guide that should help you to get started. No matter what you plan to sell, the information on this page will make your life easier. Working for someone else your entire life will never allow you the same freedoms you might experience when running a business. The best thing about focusing your operation online is that you won’t have to deal with astronomical startup fees.

  • Decide on what you plan to sell
Before you do anything else, it is crucial that you identify the best products to sell online. If you’re an especially creative person, you might decide to design something completely original. For everyone else, browsing through bulk buying sites could be a wise move. You just need to find products you can purchase and sell on for a profit.
  • Build a functional website
Your website is important because it is the tool your customers will use to make purchases. Unless you know how to create professional designs, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the experts. You’ll find thousands of web design companies online just waiting to hear from you. Take some time to read through testimonials from previous clients if you want to make sure you select the most reputable firm around.
  • Develop a smartphone application
Mobile application development could make a huge improvement to the amount of money you make. People like to use their smartphones to shop these days, and so you need something that showcases your products. Again, you’ll find lots of suitable specialists online. You just have to do some research to find out which is right for your business.
  • Concentrate on marketing
Your approach to marketing and promotion could make or break your company. It is essential that you identify the most lucrative avenues if you want the best results. You will also have to consider the size of your budget. Putting thousands of pounds into Google Adwords only makes sense if you can afford such an expense. There are lots of other strategies you could use if your budget is small. For instance, many website owners find that social media accounts are beneficial.
  • Offer impeccable customer service
People expect a high level of customer service when buying online these days. For that reason, it makes sense to add a live chat feature to your website. That will allow people to get in touch in real time whenever they have a question or concern. You should also aim to provide Skype details for anyone who wants to get in touch via that platform.

Presuming you’ve understood the points we’ve just made, you should be in the perfect position to succeed in the online business world. Just try not to get ahead of yourself. The most prosperous internet entrepreneurs know that running before you can walk is not a wise move. You need to start small and build your business slowly for the best results.

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