December 12, 2007

Trip to Bansalan

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Our trip to Bansalan was a very memorable experience for me. A good way also to forget the very bad day I had last December 6, 2007.

It was actually my second time to visit the place. The first, we just stayed for a couple of hours to visit a nun celebrating her birthday back then when I was still working in the RVM Provincial House. Now the most recent one, we stayed for 2 days and 2 nights at Mona's House to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

my friendsANG MGA LAAGAN: May, Me and Asvi

December 10, 2007

Christmas Wishes

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December is the month we've all been waiting for. Not to mention the bonuses, the 13th month pay, the gifts, the vacation and others...

As for me, I am hoping and wishing that I will finally have these things this Christmas:

1. Computer - every IT student should have this. It has been almost 4 years where I am going to internet cafe's and to my friends and classmates' houses just to use their computer. And I tell you, its really really hard especially these days.

December 01, 2007

A bit frustrated

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I am a bit frustrated for the results of the PSITS sportsfest for our department. We lose in the different sports events and i think it was already 95%. It was an elimination/knock-out system so basically if you lose, you will never have the chance to win.

I was so determined to win because (hopefully) it will be my last semester in College. I have been playing for Track and Field, Basketball and Volleyball for a couple of years already in the ITE Department and we have never brought any "gold" for Volleyball. We had it almost (1st runner-up) during Intramurals 2006 .

What frustrates me most was the fact that, we had 3 varsity players but we still end up as losers. Yeah, its really hard to play a sport when you are with a team. That was why the word "teamwork" was invented.

I'm planning of trying other sports now. I've been doing track in field ever since I was an elementary student. Volleyball since I was in high school and basketball in college. I'm considering ping-pong, badminton, extreme sports and someday swimming.

Oh I almost forgot, freesbee also. Sway and other graduate students have always been inviting me to play this kind of sports but someone just hinders me from doing it. I don't know why I should let myself be affected by him. It still hurts.

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