February 26, 2010


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This is especially dedicated to all my SocialSAM Friends. Music from the hit TV series Glee.

February 25, 2010

Withdraw PayPal Funds in just 1 or 2 days using your EON ATM

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I am a PayPal user for almost 2 years now. And for all this time, I have been paying $5 for every withdrawal that I made using my EON ATM. An option which is not really favorable for all PayPal users outside the US. All the more, when we will have to wait 4-7days or at most 2 weeks before the money will arrive in our bank account.

But hey, I shouldn't have experience all these things if I have only pursued in using my EON ATM as a Local Bank in the Philippines. That I should have called PayPal or Unionbank to ask why the funds I withdraw to my local bank account had been reversed. (I tested this when the 2nd option was first introduced but I care less)...

So guys, I don't want you to REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKES that I have made or that STUPIDITY (Gosssh, I am so harsh with myself but no worries = Hehehee...)

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February 15, 2010

How to Call PayPal for Free

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PayPal logoIf you are already desperate to find the reason why the funds you withdrew from PayPal has not yet arrived in your EON Bank Account. Then it's time for you to call PayPal for a faster solution. Don't worry you won't be spending any money for doing that call because there is an option to Call PayPal for Free by using Skype.

Below are the steps:

1. Log-in to Your Skype account and then find the View Menu. It is inline with Skype, Contacts, Conversion, Call, View, Tools and Help.

2. Go to Call Phones and dial 1-888-221-1161. Make sure you select United States as the country or so you will not get an error message that says invalid number.

3. Prepare your Secure Web Pin. You can find this in your PayPal Account. Just go to Contact Us Page and you will see 6 digit numbers.

4. Prepare your bank account number, PayPal email id/account.

And now, you're good to go. Just make sure you are calling during US office hours so you won't end up talking to an answering machine.
February 13, 2010

Make Money Online from Sponsored Reviews

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Just checked my Sponsored Reviews account and I've noticed that it was actually yesterday (February 12) where I turned my 2nd year in writing reviews from the different opportunities which I got from this site. Wow!

And you know what, it is Sponsored Reviews where I got most of my Make Money Online (so far). Not to mention the year 2008, where I've earned $2958. Hmmn..It was already a big amount of money for me. If you divide it by 12 - I am like getting the minimum pay of a full time employee here in Davao. Cool!

February 09, 2010

My "Not so Good" Transformation

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Simply ME (Present)

I had dinner with my friends last Friday, they said that I look like preggy. :( Others would even thought that I am already married. Gossssh...

February 03, 2010

Melai is the PBB Double Up Winner

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Ako ay lubos na nanininwala na si Melissa Cantiveros or mas kilala sa tawag na Melai ang dapat manalo sa PBB Double Up. Nagpakatotoo siya at talaga namang kahanga-hanga ang kanyang mga ginawa sa loob ng bahay ni Kuya. Marunong siyang makisama at ipinakita niyang hindi siya sumusuko sa anong hamon sa buhay.

Kung hindi man niya nasungkit iyong Big Jump to the Big 4, mapapasama pa rin siya sa the Big Five at siya pa rin ang tatanghaling PBB Double Up Winner! Positibo ako diyan! Hahatak siya ng maraming boto basta huwag niyo lng kalimutan magtext.

Lahat ng may cellphone diyan, magtext kayo. Kung hindi man kayo makabili ng libo-libong load basta magtext lng kayo. Suportahan natin si Melai! Malapit na! Isang linggo na lang. Ipakita natin na mahal natin si Melai. Alam ko na siya ang isa sa malaking dahilan bakit araw-araw tayong nakatutok sa PBB Double Up. Kaya BOTO na!

Photo taken from the Philippine Entertainment Portal

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