May 06, 2019

I tried but I failed

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And so I have tried my luck in taking the Kentico Developer Exam last Friday but unfortunately I failed.

Though I know the chance of getting me not passing the exam is a bit high because some developers weren't able to do so on their first try but I just really want to get it over (in my head and in my mind). I also wanted to see how difficult it is and I want to move on with my training.

Kentico Certified Developer Exam
Kentico Certified Developer Benefits

But before the exam, I scanned some of my notes and reviewed the Developers Preparation guide from versions 9-11. I took the tests and below are my ratings. 

For version 9, I only got 48%
For version 10, I got 63% 
For version 11, I got 87.5%

Version 11 preparation guide is almost similar to version 10 that's why it's quite easy. So basing from from those results, I didn't get an average of a passing rating (70% above). But I still took the exam . I didn't want to prolong it anymore. I also want to make use of the free voucher I got because of the Developer's training my employer has purchased for me. 

The exam consists of 50 questions with single answer and multiple choice types. It is an open-book test. So you can open any resources you want (Kentico documentation, Macro browser, API references, Kentico Advantage or a Kentico site running etc) except for another person. Remember no cheating or sharing! You must take the exam individually. 

Though it would not require you to code but the questions are reallly difficult. Head knowledge and practical understanding of the product feature's and functionality are not really enough. You need to have practical experience and high-level familiarity with the product itself. 

But it's still quite a relief. Because finally, I did it! No more headaches about Kentico and constant dreaming and a bit of anxiety. Hehe. Now, it's time for me to move on and switch to different training. Another headache! Hehe. 

I will finish first my curriculum from FreeCodeCamp site and then continue my C# training (all courses). I want my learnings to be as fast as I can but I can only do so much. There are times that I get tired and sleepy also, got distracted and encountered a lot of road bumps. But as my developer friend told me, I shouldn't give up. (Now, I'm being so dramatic - I hate myself. Hehe. 

But honestly, I really hope that I will thrive in this. This is the only thing that I can think of that will help me and my family's situation turn around. I need to level up. Good luck self! Kaya mo iyan!

Kentico, I will get back to you after a couple of months or maybe a year. We will see. Hehe. Charot!

By the way, if you want to download the preparation guides for Kentico Developer's exam. Check-out the links below (K12 included, the latest version)

Kentico 9 Certified Developer Exam Preparation Guide
Kentico 10 Certified Developer Exam Preparation Guide
Kentico 11 Certified Developer Exam Preparation Guide
Kentico 12 Certified Developer Exam Preparation Guide

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