January 27, 2011

My New Year's Resolution

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Here are my New Year's Resolution. I will just focus on these 3 things for this year.

1. Save 20% of my salary per month - Last year, I didn't save much so when something happened - I ended up having lots of debts.

But before I can save 20% of my salary per month, I need to settle my debts first. There are still some outstanding not to mention the bill that I have to pay for my stolen phone. It has a one year contract that's why I have no choice but to pay. I have not been using the service for 3 months now and I have to pay up to April plus the expenses the thief had incurred before I was able to block the outgoing calls and text messages. :(

Globe Tattoo SuperStick, SuperStick
2. Blog a day – My blogs are not updated, most of them are dormant for months now. So for this year, I’ll do my very best to blog everyday. I will just make use of scheduled blog post feature so it will be updated daily. As you know, my net connection is just terrible. If I get extra funds, I'll buy Globe Tattoo SuperStick as my back-up connection. I learned that it is the newest offering from Tattoo Broadband and it  is faster than any sticks out there - in fact, up to 3mbps. And having it will definitely be a huge help for my work which is always done online.

3. Do best with my work – the most important of all. I need to improve and get out of my comfort zone.
January 04, 2011

Online Degree

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After graduating from college, there are four things that fresh graduates usually do. There are those who find and get a job right away, there are those who take some time off by having vacation, after long years of studying. And there are also those who don’t get tired of studying by getting another degree and lastly, there are those who get married right away. In which do you belong?

But whatever happened to you, I’d like to emphasize that we should not get tired of learning and studying. If you end up being a single mom, got busy taking good care of your children and really want to study or finish school – there are sites that offer getting a degree. One good example is EarnMyDegree.com where the schools you can find are fully accredited and they don't do the so-called "diploma mills" offering worthless certificates for a few dollar.
I know you can still manage this because you can just do it at the comfort of your home.

So if you are thinking of studying for an online degree to improve your market value or boost one's self confidence or just for your own interest and satisfaction, visit the site now. If other working professionals can do it, why not you? In fact, they take time to go to school during weekends just to get a master's degree.
January 01, 2011

What I want to have this 2011

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A vehicle is what I want to have this 2011. As you have known, our new house is already located far from the city and having our own vehicle would really be a huge help. Not to mention the monthly check-up of my brother and father, grocery, malling, paying bills, marketing and other transactions that we can only do in the city.

But based on the salary that I am earning and with all the bills and other expenses that needs to be paid, I can't afford to buy a brand new car by cash. Although it is what I hope, wish and dream but I will just have to settle in selecting used cars for now so we can at least save on the transportation expense.
Ayos Dito, used cars
I've Googled marketplace sites in the Philippines and AyosDito.ph is what I find interesting. It's design is simple but what I love the most is the easy navigation and searching of products. That's why I immediately find the multicab which I love to have  today. But funds are not yet ready so I just hope I can find a good deal in this site when that right time comes. 

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