July 28, 2016

About Sporticos – Football statistics in infographics form

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Are you a football fan and have you ever lost your patience while trying to collect all the statistics you need for a certain game from multiple different sites? Sporticos’ goal is to change that. As an innovative startup from Poland, their target is to become the number one source of football information worldwide.

Sporticos gathers and analyses up-to-date football statistics and turns them into beautifully designed, visually appealing infographics, each of them available for downloading, embedding and sharing. These infographics are very diverse and reach from match previews, betting tips, weather information to team comparisons and many more.

Not only big competitions like Euro 2016 or Champions League are available on the website. For example, you can also find the WK-League, the top level women’s football league in South Korea.

To reach the biggest possible audience, Sporticos makes the website and every graphic available in eight different languages: English, French, German, Indonesian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. For each of those languages, partnerships with publishers, websites, experts and the like are being built.

This leads to a great amount of valuable content from the partners that can be found across the internet. The content ranges from long, insightful articles to short previews of the next club game. You might well come across one of them today.


As you can tell from the exemplary image above, one of the post-match report graphics shows the user all the key statistics from the past game. Implementing it in the latest blog post would instantly lift it to the next level. Not only does it support the writer’s content, it would also give the reader a quick overview of the most important facts in just one image.

Everyone, whether a football fan or not, is very welcome to check out the website and start using Sporticos content to their own liking and needs. Maybe the next viral football article will be created by you?

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