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Learning Kentico: Online Marketing Essentials (the things I love)

Howdy! Happy Monday everyone! Hope you are all doing well and had a wonderful weekend.

New update for today! I have briefly mentioned in my previous post that I have taken the opportunity to check-out the Online Marketing Essentials course also.

I don't often go to this section in Kentico because most of the support requests I received from our clients are site updates, bug fixes and help request on how to do this and that. So I was surprised to know that there are a lot of very nice features Kentico has developed that any Digital Marketers/Marketing Manager/Sales Manager in a company would surely love or find it very helpful.

Below are just some of the features: 

1. Marketing automation - very useful feature which you will truly love. You can set-up different steps for your marketing emails like if you want to send:

 a. an abandon cart email - email triggered when someone starts to check-out but doesn't finish
 b. browse abandonment email - trigerred when someone on your email lists visits a product on your website but doesn't check-out
 c.  we've missed you email - known as winback campaign, when someone doesn't come back to your store after 60 days or so, so you will send an email with a coupon to bring them back

marketing automaticon
marketing automation

2. Contact Mapping in Forms 
- I haven't noticed this since I was checking forms but it's good to know that there's this feature that you can use for your marketing activity. You can also create custom fields here like if you want to add a Bonjoro (an app you can use to send personalized videos to your contacts/leads). 

contact mapping in forms
Contact Mapping in Forms

3. A/B Test Feature (both in Pages and in Email Campaigns)
- a great feature that helps you optimize your website's peformance. Tests which will help you see which variants bring the best returns. :)

In Pages application, you can find this in the Analytics tab then select AB Tests.
See results example .

A/B test in Kentico

While for the email campaigns, just go to Email Marketing, select the email feed/campaign you want to test, edit email (click the pencil icon) and create A/B test.

A/B Test in Email Campaigns
Create A/B test in Email Campaigns

4. Lead Scoring - cool feature to analyze your visitor and identify the customers who are willing to spend money (hottest lead) on your product. :)

You can set-up rules like when they provide email address, considers large purchase and assigned score values. You can recalculate this and view the activity that lead to the scores of your contacts and find the most promising leads. :)

Lead Scoring Kentico Feature
Lead Scoring

I think that's it! Nice features right? Kentico is truly your all-in one CMS, E-commerce and Online Maketing platform. If you want to know more details about this or the rest of the Online Marketing features, why don't you check-out the Kentico's Online Marketing course also. 

Bonus:  Another thing that I learned. When setting up email campaigns using macros and your subscriber didn't provide a first name, this will not look good on your email. So you can set-up a condition to this or a default name like "subscriber".

This can be done by selecting the macro and go to the code tab. Then insert your condition like: IfEmpty(FirstName, "subscriber", firstname). Check-out video below for more :) 

Next, I will review the two developer courses and hopefully resolved the macros exercises. :)

Finest gifting ideas can make a lifelong impression with Loved Ones

Everyone wants to have beautiful relationships in life. Be it to your friend, family and most specially to your special someone. The latter, being in love to that someone is just one of the best magical feelings.

And when you are in love, you can do anything to make her feel happy. Like surprising her with romantic gifts or ordering online cakes for your celebration on various occasions. The decision is on you, on how you want it to be memorable for your loved ones. 

And below are just some of the gifting ideas which you can make a lifelong impression with your partner.

Flowers for Expression

Flowers are one of nature’s beautiful delights which spread the sweet aroma around us. Everyone appreciates the beauty of blooms on their memorable occasions. Most of the flowers inlaid with meanings of love, affection and happiness. There is nothing special expression of love than colorful flowers in nature. You can have different flowers bouquet based on your recipients. If you want to dedicate it to your life partner, then you can arrange red roses for the beautiful floral arrangement. It will be the perfect gift to express your deep feelings for her.

Chocolates and Soft Toys

Most of the people love to eat mouthwatering and crunchy chocolates. It can be one of the best food gifts for your loved ones. You can make a hamper adding some favorite chocolates to surprise kids on their birthday. There is also an option to make the chocolate bouquet to dedicate your loved ones on memorable occasion. You can also go with the cutesy and adorable teddy bears to surprise your girlfriend. Try to choose lovable teddy of their favorite animal to create beautiful memories of the day.

Box of Sweets

Most of the people love to celebrate their memorable days adding some tasty sweets. It can be delicious desserts and sweets which they like the most. You can also prepare a mouthwatering cake to celebrate a memorable day for your loved ones. If they live in Bangalore, you can even surprise them with online cake delivery on their birthday occasion. They will surely enjoy the delightful moments with favorite flavored cake. You can also dedicate a personalized photo cake on their memorable events.

Trinket and Jewellery Items

If you want to gift something precious, then go with jewellery items. You can make some designer or personalized jewellery sets to dedicate for your loved ones. It can be gold or diamond trinket to surprise your partner on a memorable occasion. Try to make a particular jewellery item which they are planning for a long time. It will be the best gift to make a lifelong impression with the receiver. They will always remember you for giving the precious gift on a particular occasion. 

Gadgets and Accessories

Gifts selection should be according to the required items of the recipients. You can dedicate gadgets like iPad, laptop, and mobile phone, etc. to your loved ones. The best idea is to gift particular items which they need in the present time. You can also choose some essential accessories like belts, tie, smartwatch, cap, and bag, etc. to surprise your partner on his or her particular events. It is also one of the best ideas to give something useful from your side. They will also appreciate your gifts selection to mark their occasions. 

All of these gifting ideas can help to make a lifelong impression with your loved ones.

Learning Kentico: Content Admin Essentials (the small things)

Hello March! How are you? 

More than 15 days have passed since my last blog post eh? Yeah, I'ven been focusing reading and learning a lot about Kentico stuff. I checked out their Kentico Advantage site, their webinars (Kentico 10-12) and some other Youtube helpful videos including the tutorial videos prepared by a former colleague. Getting overwhelm with too much information eh? But I'm trying to manage all those stuff.  

And as part of my review and effort so I can really digest all the information. I went back to learning the basics also. I take the opportunity to check-out the Kentico Content Admin Essentials course. Although I'm already familiar with the Kentico Administration interface since version 7 (now it's Kentico 12). I just really wanted to check what's inside it. (if there's something that I missed or didn't know about

And yes, there were small things but important ones that I missed or should I say overlooked or didn't just bother about it before. 

1. The Compare Option in Editing Multilingual content - I didn't know that there's a handy compare option where it easier for you to update changes and you can even compare it horizontallly or vertically. I surely overlooked this feature. I remember I was working on a website of a client before and I was switching back and forth to different cultures. 

compare culture content

2. Anchors in Text Editor - I always get a request to create anchors and I would always do this in the source option. But didn't know that there's actually an anchor feature where you can use when you set the HTML editor toolbar to Full. Hehehe. 

html editor, anchor

3. The colors in the Language Status Overview - when you go to the listing and click on languages, I didn't know that there's meaning to the background colors of those flags in each culture

green -  page is published 
red - page is not published 
orange - published but outdated

language status

4. The pinning and managing of applications in the Dashboard - yeah this one is very basic, but I didn't really bother about this because I always have the option to search apps in the Dashboard by clicking the Kentico flower or logo (full list of apps)

If you want to configure your dashboard, you can just make use of the pin icon, the gear icon (found at lower right) and drag and drop apps etc. 

Kentico Dashboard

So that's it! But if you are new to Kentico or will be working as an Editor or an Admin I would suggest to really get the Kentico Admin Essentials course. The ones I discussed where my "small things" version only. But inside the course, you will really learned a lot of GREAT STUFF like:

Kentico Administration 
Website Structure 
Editing content 
Storing Files 
Creating New Pages 
Page Design 
Online Forms 
Workflow and Versioning

And their quizzes for each topic? Oh, I really loved them. It's tricky and you will need to be very careful. It would be good if you get the answers the first time. But if not, you can always retry. 

Bonus Small Thing: The Screen Lock 

This one is not discussed in the course but this is very helpful to all editors and admins. You will encounter this screen lock message all the time and quite annoying that you have to always click Cancel. To disable this, just go to Settings -> Security & Membership - Protection and uncheck the Screen lock option. Or you may refer to the screenshot below. :) 

how to disable screenlock in kentico

Next: I will check the Online Marketing Essentials :)


Learning Kentico: Component Events

It's a good day today! Yey! Because I was also able to make the Component Events exercise working. 

At first, I encountered an error that says SelectDoctorEventArgs missing  a directive or assembly reference (screenshot below) 

missing a directive or assembly reference
missing a directive or assembly reference issue

And I tried to search a solution online for that until I saw this Dec 2015 Components article from Kentico Devnet site which is very helpful. He discussed about a common scenario where component events are being used (like in a communication of two webparts in a page), the explanation of the parameters, how it works and some example. 

So I tried to apply it. I have now the two webparts working separately (the doctor's appointment form and the appointment list) but the next challenge is how the two will communicate. I should be able to display the appointment list based on my selection from the doctor dropdown list. 

From that article, I was able to correct or do the ff: 

a. in registering and raising the component events, the component name is the web part id 
b. was able to use the tip that he has provided when using ArgsType method which was my problem (as you see on the first screenshot above)


I've finally Get it! (Of Kentico Web Parts & Widgets)

Oh my gosh! I've finally get it! 

Yesterday, I blogged about not being able to resolve the 2nd exercise for the Web Parts for quite a long time. (The reason why it was still on my draft and why I have opted to study on C# Programming course by Mosh instead - because I was stucked on that exercise ). 

And today, I have finally able to make it work (while I was studying about Macros). Yes, I'm right! As I have predicted it. As you have known, the course will give you reference links or other sources when they discuss a particular topic and it really paid off if you check all of them and study also. 

web parts

It brought me back to review about widgets. I was thinking perhaps I should make the AppointmentList web part to become a widget. And so I did but it is still not showing. Why on earth????

And then I realized as I re-read the instruction: it should be Filter Doctor property only. I added an Appointment list property in the web part before and my query again is incorrect. (Argh! Need to pay attention with this)

web parts

So happy now! Will try the component exercise next and then continue studying Macros. :) 


Learning Kentico: Web Parts & Widgets

Wow!This topic has been on my draft since November 2018 but was never published. So I revisited what I have learned from Web Parts and below are some my notes:

Web Parts
- user controls (.ascx) that needs to inherit from Kentico base classes to ensure that the web part will be properly displayed and that you can manage its properties.

kentico base class,  CMSAbstractWebPart
CMSAbstractWebPart - Kentico base class inherited (for standard listing)

- used on the Design tab of the Pages application
- components that allow you to easily introduce built-in and custom functionality on your website

How to implementing a custom web part?

1. Register in web part in web parts application
2. Make sure the web part created inherits to the right/suitable class

- each widget is based on a web part
- needs to be placed inside the widget zones
- called as web parts with hidden properties because this is used by non-technical users (they can only access the important properties but not the advanced properties)


How to Fix Restore & Overwrite Database Issue

I'm making this blog as sort of my repository also for all my learnings in becoming a Web Developer (someday - change career?) so I'll try my best to document those things.

This one is what I encountered just today when trying to restore a database. The error says that the back-up database file cannot be restored over an existing file. (see screenshot below)

database restore failed
(Unable to restore database - click image to enlarge)

So to fix this, all you need to do is just go to the Options menu and then select the Overwrite to an Existing Database. (screenshot below)

database restored successfully
(Database file restored successfully - click image to enlarge) 


Hello February, please be good to me!

My blog post title, it's familiar right? We often see that in a lot of Facebook statuses but that's what I am really hoping this February will turn out to be or even better because there were just quite a few of unexpected surprises and some of life's detours last month. 

First, I have already set my schedule to use the 2nd week of my  holiday off for our medical check-ups and work on some papers for my family (it's my chance, no need to file a leave or be absent from work and have salary deductions hehe) since government offices etc are now back but I had to reschedule all of them. 

We received a news from my cousin (the one helping me at home) that the brother of my mother had died (only brother left at 86 years old, he attended the Esencia Clan Reunion last December). And she requested to stay longer at the province to help. She was supposed to be back after the New Year. So I had to cancel everything and stay at home to look after the needs of my family.

death of a loved one
My mother togethere with her two sisters and the wife of my uncle
And of course, my mother really wanted to see him even for the last time. So the little money that I have saved (supposed to buy a new computer) was used for our travel expense (Thank God, I still have that money). I booked a private vehicle because I can't leave my father and brother at home. We need to travel as a family and it's hard if you will travel using a public transpo especially with our situation. 

But before that, I also encountered ATM problems. I withdrew money the night before our scheduled travel.  Unfortunately, the ATM didn't dispense the money. I was really worried. Though I still have a little cash to pay for the van, I was worried about the money that I am going to use for our food etc on the next few days. Good thing, it didn't take that long before the money was returned. It only took 2 days. It was faster because I withdrew the money on the same bank where my account was opened. 


Hello 2019! But allow me to lookback at 2018 first

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all are having a great start this 2019!

It's been a long time since I blog about personal stuff.  I wanted to remember or recall what happened to me in 2018, so here I am! Back to blogging but allow me first to have my year-end review while I'm in the mood cause I know I'm not religiously doing this. Hehe. 

January 2018 -  March 2018

visiting loved one in a cemetery

- seems not much had happened on these months. But we went to the cemetery to celebrate my Kuya's birthday. This was his first birthday since he passed away. :( (Excuse my camera-shy brother). 

April 2018

attending a wedding
photo courtesy of Mokki Photos 

- I  attended the lovely wedding of my college classmate Roanne. I think this was the 4th wedding that I have attended. (first was from Gracie, next from Mona and then Catherine)

celebrating anniversary with colleagues
photo not mine but from my colleague Paolo :) 

- Illumedia Outsourcing, the company where I am working for (here in Davao) celebrated its 7th year anniversary and we got to enjoy these delicious foods :) Yey! (caught in the action eh?)

May 2018

my bosses visit to the Philippines
 More photos found here from the post of my boss here in the Philippines, Ms. Eliza. 

- my bosses from New Zealand visited us. Finally able to see my colleague Matt in person after so many years of working together online. Hehe. He is so handsome and very bubbly! And of course, Jono also (equally good looking :) )

June 2018 - not much, just ordinary days. :) 

July 2018 

my father and uncle

- my father celebrated his 61st birthday. Yep, he is already a senior citizen (which now reminded me to work on his birth certificate late registration). Yep, I was surprised he doesn't have one when I tried to claim for his authenticated birth certificate. Beside him is their youngest brother.

my colleagues

- we also had our team building at Eden Nature Park and Resort. It's great  to be able to bond with your colleagues and at the same time enjoy nature! :) 

August 2018 - November 2018 

dinner with my friend

- seems like ordinary days also but started my meet-ups with Gel's sister to give my batchmates donation for her treatment. 

December 2018 - lots of events! 

my classmate's wedding

- I attended the wedding of Yvon, my college classmate and former colleague at JairoSolutions also. It's my first time to attend a wedding in a Baptist church. :)  Fifth wedding! Who's next?

my bestfriend's wedding
with my friends
lovely photos taken by Dennis (Leizl's boyfie)

- attended the wedding of my two closests friends - Fritz and Rose! They were both my colleagues from JairoSolutions and Rose was a college classmate too. It's my first time to be a bridesmaid and I had so much fun. 

I get to learn details about wedding preparations. I'm so naive. I didn't know that only single ladies are qualified to be bridesmaids. Hehe. That's why I was wondering why Roanne and Catherine were not in the list. 

And I have so much appreciation to all the people working behind the weddings. Lots of things to do! Like waking up very early in the morning to have our photoshoots etc and the night before that we had to practice our dance number also etc...I was just at awe at everything. Kudos to all of you guys! And thanks much to my two bff for inviting me and for this wonderful experience. :) 

- also this month, we had our get together with my high school batchmates from The Sisters of Mary School (batchmates that are from Davao). Just so great to see them after soooo many years. Remembering our high school memories and knowing some of my batchmates from boystown also. Hope next time, marami na maka-attend. :) 

reunion with my relatives

reunion with my relatives

- very grateful to be given a holiday break for more than 2 weeks because I get to prepare for our clan reunion (mother's side). Last year's venue was in our humble abode so I needed to do some house repainting (we used charcoals for years before for cooking so the house really needs repainting). 

- Though only few have attended because they live in far places but I am still happy because my mother's brother and sisters were all there. The smiles I see in my father and brother especially my mother are what matters most. They really love to have visitors or people visiting them and events like these! (you know videoke, parlor games, food etc? we all love that! hehe :) )


How To Simplify Your Relationship With Your Smartphone

Ah, smartphones. They give us a lot, don’t they? We’re carrying out all the knowledge that’s ever been recorded, in a tiny little piece of technology that fits in our pocket. Yet while there are, of course, plenty of advantages to these smart devices, they’re not perfect. There’s a growing number of people who are becoming uncomfortable with the amount of time they spend staring at a screen, and some are even addicted. It’s important to remember that our phones are a tool, however, and it’s how we use that tool that’s important, not the tool itself. Below, we take a look at how you simplify and improve your relationship with your phone. 

people using smartphones, smartphones
Image Source:

Limit How Much You Open It 

Have you ever reached for your phone, unlocked it, and then stared dumbly for a minute, before realizing that you hadn’t even planned at looking at the device, yet for some reason did? The number of times people unlock their device can be shockingly high, and they’re doing it almost as a reflex. Once the device is open, however, it can be easy to lose forty-five minutes or more. So look at limiting how much you open your device. If you’re more conscious about it, you’ll find that you’re spending less time on it. 

Delete The Apps 

Of course, it would be much easier to spend less time on the device if there wasn’t all that much to keep us occupied installed on there. So why not go through your list of apps, and see if it’s really necessary to have all of them installed on your phone? If all of the apps you have are constantly sending you notifications, it’ll be a wonder if you ever get a minute for yourself. Delete them - you can always reinstall if you feel inclined to, but chances are you won’t. 

Change Your Plan 

There’s no getting around the fact that smartphones are expensive. And it’s not just the device itself - the plans we need to stay connected can be expensive too! And that means that we can feel compelled to use them. After all, we’re paying a lot of money for the privilege. But what if you weren’t paying all that much? Net10 plans are much cheaper, and if you opt for a pay as you go tariff, then you’ll only use your device when you consciously want to. No-one’s going to leave a device that they’re paying $70+ to use each month just sitting in a drawer, but they might if it’s not costing them anything. 

Cut Off Hours 

A little bit of discipline goes a long way when it comes to controlling your time. If you set a cut-off point for your smartphone use, you’ll know that once that time has arrived, you have to do other things. If you’re just saying “I’m going to read a book and not look at my phone,” then you’ll fail. Set a hard and fast rule, and you’ll most likely succeed. Give it a try!

Driving Tips for Senior Drivers

senior drivers, veteran vehicle, retirees

Whether you have elderly parents or are getting up there in age yourself, it’s vital that senior drivers evaluate their habits behind the wheel, as well as their health, for the safety of everyone on the road. Driving tips designed specifically with elderly motorists in mind go a long way in providing peace of mind and making elderly individuals feel confident in their ability to keep driving.

Work With a Physician

Aging motorists who are still able to drive themselves to their doctor’s appointments should ask if they have any health concerns or complications that may make it hard for them to operate a motor vehicle. Joint pain can make it hard to maneuver a steering wheel and use mirrors while behind the wheel. Motorists who don’t have as much energy as they used to may be better off limiting themselves to short trips, and the stress of traffic and certain driving conditions can make existing health conditions worse.

Acknowledge and Respect Limitations

Senior drivers and those who plan to get a car before retirement have to acknowledge the fact that they aren’t as young and physically capable as they once were. There comes a point where reaction times start to slow, vision starts to go bad and driving becomes a hassle. For that reason, elderly motorists who notice they don’t drive as well as they used to should increase their braking distance, brake earlier when approaching red lights and stop signs, and avoid driving in high-traffic areas even more than they did when they were younger.

Have Your Hearing and Vision Regularly Checked    

Speaking of limitations, senior motorists should keep up with their vision and hearing tests to determine whether they still have the eyesight and hearing capabilities necessary to be safe drivers. Those who have already been diagnosed with vision or hearing complications should be sure they always have their contacts, glasses, hearing aids and the like with them when they drive. Those with poor hearing should keep noise, music, and conversation inside the car to a minimum so they can hear emergency vehicles, other automobiles and car horns.

Read Medication Labels

Senior citizens who are on medication and also drive should give their labels a thorough read through to ensure they can operate a motor vehicle while taking their prescription. Taking this a step further, even if the label doesn’t specifically mention any restrictions on driving, elderly individuals should closely monitor their condition while behind the wheel and alert their physicians if they feel the medication could be compromising their ability to drive.

Consider Taking a Senior Driving Course

After driving for several decades, one can start to neglect some of the basics of good driving. It’s a great idea for elderly motorists to enroll in a senior driving course for a refresher, and so they can have someone evaluate their driving ability to let them know if they can keep driving. Just as there are new distractions for drivers, there may be new driving rules or trends that older motorists aren’t aware of but need to be if they’re going to keep driving.

There are more alternatives than ever for those who don’t own a car, can’t drive or shouldn’t drive. Even if they can still operate a vehicle now, senior drivers should start looking into transportation alternatives to make a smooth transition from driver to passenger and pedestrian. 

Learning Kentico: Scheduled Tasks

I was supposed to blog this last Friday but I ran out of time. Spent trying to resolve the issues I encounted and was only able to fix it just at the nick of time (before the office closes at 6pm). Whew!

There were quite a few errors I encountered when working with the exercise including the practice example and below are some them:

a. When trying to follow his example about importing products, I couldn't seem to resolve the ERPProductHelper does not exist in the current context issue. I used all the namespace he used but still the same. I couldn't find ERPProductHelper in the Kentico Documentation and tried other solutions but still no luck :(

ERP Product Helper does not exist in the current context
So I just skipped this and didn't include in the project. But if you know how to solve this, feel free to comment below. 

b. The No Definition found for Set Doctors issue. Remember I skipped the 2nd exercise of Kentico API because I got confused with it? In here, I have really no choice but to do it. 

No Set Doctor Method
And I learned that I don't need to modify the previous code generated in the DoctorInfoProvider class which I did in Custom Module exercise and that I only need to add a new public method Set Doctors. And it resolved the no definition issue. :)

c. The next one was File does not exist issue (when I ran the Import Doctor scheduled task)

File does not exist

I couldn't really understand why the file is not found. I've placed it in the App Data folder, created my own folder and placed the Doctor List.csv.

I rechecked all my steps for creating scheduled tasks:

1. Create a new class implementing the CMS.Scheduler.ITask interface - done
2. Add the RegisterCustomClass assembly attribute above the class declaration. - done

 [assembly: RegisterCustomClass("ImportDoctor", typeof(ImportDoctor))]
Import Doctor not found

At first I didn't wrap it in namespace and then tried wrapping it to see if it's fixed the issue because when I reset the executions I got this error above) 

3. Implementation of scheduled task - register it in the Scheduled tasks app and configure the settings (execution interval etc) - done

register scheduled task

I have also asked myself it it has something to do with the Task provider name because mine is only showing custom classes but in his example video, it is showing the name he specified. But's not. 

And you know the culprit? It's because I didn't specify the task data property. Noticed in the above screenshot, the task data field is emptyJaaahhh...he didn't show this on the video. Huhu. Perhaps that part, he didn't just capture it. But at least, I know now. :) Hehe. 

Task Data location

Now import successful! 

scheduled task, import

Till next time! And for reference about Scheduled Task properties. check-out this link


7 Causes of Poor Personal Finances in Our Modern World

There are several reasons why someone might struggle financially in our modern world. The primary culprit is the fact the cost of living is higher in many parts of the world than at any other time in recent memory. Many individuals don't have family in a position to help them get started on the road to financial independence, and the result is an inability to get ahead. 

Here are some of the other reasons why you might struggle to maintain your personal finances: 

Reason 1: Too Much Debt 

Today, if you want to have an education to find a good job, then you will probably have student loans that are a significant portion of your monthly salary. For many individuals, the student loan payment is more than their monthly rent on a tiny apartment. This definitely makes life financially difficult, and it is often impossible to have this monthly debt reduced. 

Reason 2: An Expensive Addiction 

When you have financial difficulties, you might try to overcome the stress by drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs. Unfortunately, an addiction will make things worse for you because you will want to use more of a drug or drink more alcohol, often at the expense of paying your bills and saving money. Most insurance plans will cover treatment at a center for alcohol detox or drug addiction recovery, so those with coverage ought to seriously consider getting help before their substance abuse problem lands them in bankruptcy, followed by an early grave. 

Reason 3: Cost of Transportation 

Most people don't live where there is public transportation such as commuter trains, subway cars or public buses. This means that they must have a vehicle, leading to a monthly payment for the item along with the cost of insurance and an occasional repair. In many geographic regions, an employer won't hire you unless you have a vehicle available to get to work.

Reason 4: Having an Apartment 

Most adults can't live with their parents, and they may not have other relatives to live with either. This means that they need an apartment. Unfortunately, the average cost of rent is skyrocketing in most cities. A landlord will want a deposit before a renter moves in, and you must pay rent in addition to utilities such as water, electricity and natural gas each month.

Reason 5: Paying for Phone Service 

While you might be okay with only having an inexpensive minute telephone for minimal communication with others, an employer may expect you to have a smartphone with all of the extras on it so that he can communicate with you at any time. Smartphones can become expensive when an employer expects you to have extra features. 

Reason 6: Identity Theft 

If you have your identity stolen, then it can become a financial nightmare as your credit score becomes lower. An identity thief can apply for numerous credit cards or hack into your bank accounts, leading to financial devastation. While you can report these problems to the local police department and the credit bureaus, it can take years to resolve the situation. 

Reason 7: Wanting to Have Everything Now 

When you aren't satisfied with wearing clothing from garage sales or buying furniture at a charity store, you will buy everything new. It is expensive to shop for the necessities for an apartment, including basic appliances, dishes, and cookware. This can lead to applying for charge cards, and overspending for the best or trendiest items can lead to a financial overload. 

Seek Professional Help 

If you are having financial problems, then seek help from professional counselors before you begin to make more bad choices.

5 Ways To Cultivate The Perfect Company Image

When you’re trying to market your business, the product is obviously important. But consumers often make their purchasing decisions based on other things. That’s why your company’s image is so important. Consumers want to deal with responsible companies that give something back to the local community. They’re also sometimes reluctant to buy products from smaller companies that might not have that much experience. That’s why it’s important that you give the impression that you’re a large, well established company and you cultivate an image of responsibility. If you’re worried about your company image, here are some simple ways to improve it. 

Website Landing Page 

The first thing a potential customer will do if they want to get to know your company a bit better is go to your website. The landing page on your site is your chance to make a good first impression on them and encourage them to browse your products. If you’ve got a cheap website that looks like it was made in the 90’s, people are going to assume that the quality of your products and services matches the website. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re investing a decent amount of money in web design. It’s always good to make a landing page that’s a little bit different so it leaves a lasting impression, but remember that functionality is always key. If people land on your website and they can’t work out where to go next, it’s going to put them off. Always have clear menus and search functions on the front page, otherwise, you’ll look like you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Now that you’ve got a good landing page which screams professionalism, you need to start attracting more visitors to the website. There’s no point investing money on a great website if nobody is seeing it in the first place so make sure your social media marketing strategy is in good shape. 

Charity Partnerships 

Companies that put something back into the local community always do well. When customers buy your products, they get the sense that they’re part of something positive rather than just giving their money to a big company and lining somebody’s pockets. That’s why local charity partnerships are a great way to boost your image. Check out to see just how beneficial charity partnerships can be. Reach out to local charities in the surrounding area and see whether you can start some initiatives together. 

Virtual Mailboxes 

Trying to give the impression that you’re a large, well-established company is hard if you’re running the business from home or out of a tiny office building. When people see your address, they’ll immediately be put off because they’ll think that you don’t have much experience. There is a simple way around that problem though. Visit to find out about virtual office services. You’ll be able to get an address in a large office building and have all of your mail sent there. Then it’ll be forwarded on to you so you can operate from a smaller premises while still giving the impression that you’ve got the money to hire a big office building. 

Positive Working Culture 

People love to moan about their jobs and now that social media is a thing, that moaning is broadcast to the entire world. That means if you don’t treat your employees right, they’ll tell their friends and family, and the rest of the world, how much they hate working for your company. Nobody wants to buy products from a company that doesn’t treat their employees well. That is, of course, not the only reason you should treat your employees properly. Employees that are happy will be more productive, the positive image it conveys is just an added bonus. 

Useful Content 

When you’re posting things on social media, you need to be careful that you aren’t bombarding people with marketing materials. It’s important that you post information about your products and any deals and offers you’ve got, but if that’s all you post, people are quickly going to get bored. What you need to do is establish yourself as an industry leader and a trusted source of information. Make sure that you’re posting useful articles that are valuable to your customers without shoving marketing materials down their throat all of the time. 

You should always let your products speak for themselves and invest money in marketing but it’s important that you cultivate the right image as well. Even if they love the product, they might not buy it if they don’t think that your company is right for them.

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